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What did i just play? I think spacespy put it well, "weird but charming". Played through the whole thing :D

Super cute art and music sounds good! Jumping and moving's not always consistent and sometimes get hit because of that, but other than that i think it's great! I also appreciate the warning before the birds come out

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Really nice idea! Level 2 took me a while to figure out but i got there in the end. Level 3 i couldn't finish cause i kept getting stuck in the mirrors and flew out of the level a couple times as well, but i think i know how to beat it. I had to give up on the 10th time i got stuck. Needs some more polish but the idea was really fun! I enjoyed it :)

Edit: Oh and the gravity felt a little weird as well. Don't know if it was by design cause space and all

Thank you! :) Can you elaborate on 'last second decision' ?

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words :) Really made me smile. I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thank you so much! :) I was trying to balance the guards, but they could definitely use some more work. Thank you for playing and thanks for your feedback!

Thank you so much :) Will be checking out your game as well when i have some time

Thank you so much :)) The guard vision thing is a common thing people would like and i completely understand it, just didn't have time to implement something that looked decent. Thought of an outline but it didn't look good at all. Thank you again! Will definitely be checking out your game when i have some time!

Thank yoou! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Ohh no ofc it was the last minute change that broke it haha.. I knew i shouldn't mess with the code :D Literally just forgot to move a variable into the if statement that checks if the objectives are completed and that breaks everything. Thanks for letting me know!! :)

Thank you so much :)

Thank you :)

First time i've heard of these bugs. Do you know how to replicate them? I'm curious

Thank you so much! :) Glad you enjoyed it

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! :) It is written on the screen when you load in, pass out or restart, so i figured just let the player run around, pass out a few times, and they'll probably notice it if they didn't already. I thought about keeping the objectives list on the screen, but it was taking too much space in my opinion and wanted to keep the UI clearish. Making it smaller was not an option because of how i set up resizing to get that pixely look for the rope for example.

You can grab the rope with the same button as you grab onto anything (space), however it's not needed to complete the game at all and it's just there in case you wanna pull the crates from the dark or from another light source to another light source. There are not many uses for it other than that. I planned on making puzzles where you have to use the rope or you'll pass out, but didn't get around to it. Maybe it's still useful for some people thought i don't know :)

Thank you again for playing and great feedback :)

Thank you! :) In the first level you have to also turn off the light, otherwise you can't leave. It's mentioned in the objective list, but i understand that a lot of people missed it and don't know that you can open the pause menu to see the objectives again. Should probably be more clear about that in the future or write something in the description.

You're also right about the music, doesn't fit the game that well, but i don't know anything about music and i was running low on time so i just picked that one cause i thought it was good to at least have something.

And about the robbers avoiding light, you're correct :) In this game you're afraid of the dark, but you're also a thief and thieves usually wanna stay in the dark, so to make the game fit the theme, you must stay on the edge of darkness for those reasons. Would've also loved to implement driving to this, but 10 days isn't quite enough :)

Thank you again for playing and great feedback!

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Thank you! :) I was told the same about the guard detection area by one of my testers and i tried to add something that would look decent, but it just kinda ruined the look so i left it out. Not the best choice i know, but i couldn't come up with a good solution in time.

Thank you again for playing :) Hope you found the light switch hehe

Thank you! I spent too much time trying to make music i wanted and that would fit, but cause i don't know anything about music and time was running low, i decided to use this one to at least have something :)

Thank you again for playing! Will be checking out your game as well when i got some time

Thank you so much :) Will definitely try make it more clear if i ever work on this again

Thank you! You can see the objectives again from the pause menu (escape). I thought about having it on screen the entire time, but i felt it was taking up too much space on the screen, so i hid it in the pause menu. But you're right i should probably mention that somewhere.

Thank you again for playing and i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! :) I made the last level intentionally a little harder cause i ran out of time to make levels, so it's understandable :) You're not the first haha

Oh wow reading this made me smile :D Thank you! There is actually an auditory indicator when your meter's getting low. You can kinda hear a slight reverb effect going on when it's under 70%, the lower the more noticeable. As for the guard's flashlight keeping your meter full, there's a secret location in the 3rd level that uses that exact mechanic. You can't run anywhere with the guards cause the navigation area is sort of limited, but there's a path they can take that leads you there :) It's nothing special but it exists.

Thank you again for playing and making my night! Definitely checking out your game when i got some time! :)

Thank you! :) I haven't even thought of speeding up every aspect of the game. I agree it's a little slow and not really that fun, but maybe that could fix it. And i see the light switches are more of an issue than i thought they would be. I don't wanna shine a spotlight directly into them so maybe a flashing pixels or something could do it to kinda catch your attention. Thanks for great feedback and thank you for playing! :)

Probably the most adorable game in the jam rn. Art's great, music's a little repeatitive but i still liked it. Well done :)

Held my interest longer than i thought it would. Fun little game :)

Here's a new challenge for people. Could've kept going but figured 10 minutes was enough :)

Oh man i feel you

Very cool little game and eye catching art style. I enjoyed playing it :)

Nice! Like the art, music's great and i appreciate you added the volume sliders. Beat the game and found the secret level :) No complaints!

Fun little game! Love the art, music's good but it got a little repeatitive after a while. I enjoyed it! Well done :)

Great idea, loved the art, music and the sound effects. All around a very enjoyable experience! The long row of blue walls was very satisfying to destroy

Fun idea and has lots of potential! I know it's a jam game but i wish the boards had some kinda shortcut to open and close or maybe off the game screen cause i kept having to close them to see what was going on. Well done :)

I really like the art style and all of movement feels good on their own, but i can't really wrap my head around the controls when im trying to avoid things and i keep pressing wrong buttons. Might be just me tho and i need to git gud. I still liked it even tho i sucked at it :) Well done!

This was a really fun idea. Gave me a small heart attack when i went up to the boss cause i didn't know what it was and suddenly really loud music. Wish the platforms weren't so narrow tho, but i guess that'd kinda ruin the theme. Well done either way :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) The guards were a little faster in the early versions, but i slowed them down so they wouldn't be as difficult so more people can beat it, but i completely understand where you're coming from. Slowing down just gives you more time to think :) As for the light switch, i'll probably make a bigger and more noticeable sprite if i ever work on this again. It was kind of a last minute thing i added to make it a little different compared to the other 2 levels.

Thank you again for playing :)

Nice game and the art looks good! Got lost a few times, but that's just me and my poor navigation skills. Jump was a acting a little strange at times and couldn't jump when i was walking around, but other than that the movement felt nice!

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Everything was super smooth, the transition was great and i really like the art style. Wouldn't mind playing more of this if it wasnt for one thing, the chromatic aberration looking effect altho barely noticable hurt my eyes after a while. Probably just me tho! Great game either way! :)

Art looks great, music sounds nice. I'm not really good at this kinda games, but i enjoyed it :) One thing i wish it had was a volume slider, the music was a little too loud. Nicely done