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Thank you!

You know where to find me!

Really nice game! I think it still needs some tweaking cause it's almost impossible to lose if you just place your green cards, blue cards and red cards in that order. I also find the easy mode to be the hardest cause i lost a couple times by running out of space to put my cards on whereas in normal and hard i had too much space. Maybe instead of having all the cards there from the very beginning, you get them 1 by 1 from a deck and then you'll have to think if you should place that card down or not cause maybe the next card will be better use of space? You'd then of course have to implement a skip button and probably change how you can win all kinds of other changes. Maybe it won't work i'm not sure i'm just throwing in ideas :D Either way i liked it!

Don't worry about it :D

Really nice game and i loved the squishy little guy! Tho I think the movement was a little too snappy and the collisions were a bit too punishing. Maybe i'm just bad at games :)

Great time waster!

Not for a week! I'm scared to run the game

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Super entertaining to watch :D Seems like you were playing the jam version (0.1) where the intro is still broken, but at least you found the light switch! Not everyone found it :) Thank you so much for playing, recording it and your feedback!

The song's been stuck in my head all day help

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That's a huge compliment considering i don't know what i'm doing haha. Was struggling with it for a while. Thank you :)

Thank you <3 :)

There isn't that much to see in this update, but hopefully i can turn this into a full game some day :)

Cute game! I really like the idea and it's definitely one of my favorites, but i'm either dumb or the game's way too difficult. There's no time to damage the boss and you just gotta keep healing or you're dead. Overall i think with a little more balancing this'd be a great game!

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Art looks really nice, music's not too bad and I like the idea, but i think the time should move a little faster or maybe have some more things to do a little sooner. I stopped after the first 3 cause it felt like nothing was happening anymore and i was just waiting. Really nice entry though well done. Might give this another chance when i got some more time to spare

Neat game! Got promoted :) One thing i would like to say is the repeating bling sound that sometimes happens when you're filling a paper kind of hurt my ears so less of that, more quieter or a volume slider would be great, but i understand it's a game jam and don't have time to implement everything :) Overall not a bad game! Well done

The ball kept getting stuck on the right edge and had to keep restarting over and over :( Maybe a restart button in the game so you don't have to refresh the page, or maybe slightly angled pieces at the top to stop it from doing that. Movement also felt a little too fast and slidey. But other than that it's a great start and really well done for a game jam game!

The art looks super cool, music sounds nice altho a little repeatitive after a while. Movement felt a bit off and got stuck a few times and i couldn't beat the first level cause the last skelly was swimming in the ground. I was trying to hit it but i don't know if i did cause the attacks didn't have any feedback. I think with a bit more polish it'd be a cool game!

Such a cool game! Love the animations and the art, music sounds amazing. I wish the health pickups were a little more visible and it had some kind of checkpoints so you don't have to keep starting over if you die. Overall great work! Loved it

Really nice game! The movement felt great and i loved the little animation you gave it. Gameplay was also easy to understand. Overall great work!

That's a lot done in 10 days :D Control felt a little off in couple games but overall not a bad experience! Well done

The art looks really cool and the reflections add so much to it! I didn't quite understand what the purpose of the fliers were and sometimes when i was collecting money, it tried to collect it from someone i already asked even thought they weren't the closest person. Also in the tutorial i couldn't stop the nephew from taking pictures and that turned me into Gordon Ramsey! It worked on the second try though. Overall a very nice game! Well done :)

Art is nice and the gameplay's not bad! The level finish sound scared me cause i didn't think there was any music lol. Don't think the music fits that well but maybe that's just me

Really cute game and would make a good mobile game! More levels and maybe more options to use the magic on would make it even better! Great work!

If i didn't break it then it probably would've been a lot easier to figure out cause right now you're just free to run around in the dark and that's not supposed to happen :) And yea the rope doesn't really have much use cause i didn't get to make levels that require you to use them. Thank you so much for playing! ^^

Thank you Wesley! ^^

:D That's funny. You have overcome your fear AND found another way in! Congrats haha. The rope was just there in case you wanted to use it to pull boxes from darkness, but honestly you can beat the whole game without so it's not that useful :) Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you! Wanted to have a quick access to reset, but maybe it was too quick :D. I'll move it post jam :) Thank you for your feedback and thank you for playing <3

Delicious! Multiplayer and everything! Lucky i got to play with a bunch of people. Might not be that interesting alone. Well done :)

Thank you so much! Totally get that the game was a little slow. It was partially intentional to lower the difficulty making it available for more people, but it also unfortunately lowered the fun for some people. The first 2 levels were my attempt at making tutorial levels. Would've loved to make more interesting levels but i ran out of time. Thank you for great feedback and thank you for playing!

Oh no they weren't loud at all which is why i mentioned it. Almost all other games are suuper loud

Oopsie didn't realize there were more text under the image. My bad!

Really nice and polished game! Art looks super nice and the music sounds good and fits the game really well. Those red guys are really tricky and i hate them so much haha. Highest score was like 15k or so and i thought it was pretty good till i saw the screenshot. BAM took a while for me to understand i thought you were just smacking the ground for no reason but i figured it out later. That probably has something to do with me just jumping into the game and trying figure things out myself. Not always the best way to play =) I would've continued playing if my arrow keys worked. Overall great game! Well done!

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Really nice and polished game! The slightly curved screen gave it a nice effect. I also appreciate you not blowing my ear holes and adding volume sliders. The mechanics were nice too. Well done :)

Super nice art and music! Movement felt a little janky but it wasn't too bad. Also one of the items said extra dash and i didn't even know there was a dash in the game. I tried pressing different buttons but none of them really did anything i didn't already know. Another thing was that the health wasn't clear the first run i did, just kind of died without knowing why, but it's not bad if you know where your health is. All that aside it was a nice experience! Well done :)

Thank you so much! :) Made my day

Even with all its bugs i absolutely loved it. Waited through the lag and beat the game! Art was simple and as a simple man it is my favorite kind of art! Well done and bonus points for using godot haha

Really cool game! Art looks good, music fits quite well. I think the collision boxes were a little too big for the enemies though. Sometimes i hit the boss even though i clearly didn't and i died to that so many times haha

I really enjoyed this! Art looks good, the ambient sounds fit the game well and the lighting was cool. Few things i would've done differently are the enemy placements and camera smoothing. Enemies were placed placed in blinds spots quite often where you'll take damage before you even know they're there, and cause the checkpoints were so far apart it was really difficult to reach the next checkpoint. Camera smoothing's just kind of nitpicky, but the camera kept turning even when i wasn't moving my mouse if i held the cursor close enough and i wasn't a big fan of that. Really cool game either way! Well done

Thank you! Definitely not just you and i totally understand it. I didn't have time to make more interesting levels and there are things i could've also done different to make it less boring :) Good time! Thank you again for playing!

Thank you so much :)