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Since making this game I've started making devlogs on youtube about the things I'm working on:

Since making this game I've started making devlogs on youtube about the things I'm working on:


Maybe a hit to your score if you miss. Cause my score got pretty huge. :P

I like what you came up with, two icon games. ;)

But because of the games high difficulty paired with wasd being awkwardly set in a straight line, I just cheated the heck out of it by just spamming all of the keys, which gave me a pretty high score.

Great concept, needs some difficulty and usability tweaking, but overall I think it's a cool little jam game. :)

Thank you!

Of course I can check out your game. :)

Thank you for the review and the video!

Next game jam I'll probably be doing that instead of just a text review.
Seeing where someone has trouble/issues is so much more useful than just reading about it. :)

Your point about adding more ambient noises, like footsteps that get louder when there's a guard closer and such, is a great point. I'll definitely look in to where else I can squeeze in noises, or tweak pitches for the already existing sounds where applicable.

Thank you!

I've heard a few people say that, but I'd want to add a LOT more content before I'd think about selling this. lol.

Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it. :)

For 12 hours, you got something in, good job on that.

I had the full 7 days and barely got mine in. lol

Thank you!

I spent all of the time I should have spent on the art and music on the level and timing. lol

Thanks. :)

It had a drum beat. lol
(Yeah, music was on my list, but I couldn't make anything I was satisfied with)

Gravity is an acceleration. So it'd be strange if the in game engine gravity was a speed and not the acceleration.

Oh, the camera being offset so we could see more of what we were coming in to would be an excellent idea.

Good luck with it, and good job on your game. :)

Thank you, I put a lot of time in to it.

Of course I can check out your game. :)

Beginning with praise:
-Random layouts are hard, so good job doing that.
-The movement isn't too slow, and feels alright to control.
-The enemies target you properly, so good job there.
-With the collectable gems, it certainly fits the theme.

Aaand the things to fix/improve:
-When you restart from death the music starts, but the music from the last round doesn't stop playing. So it just loops on top of each other.
-The enemies are a bit too much, some rooms had like 5-6 enemies and you'd usually take damage before you got a chance to react.
-The randomized rooms managed to put me on top of a raised block when I moved from one room to the next. So I couldn't move, and got stuck there.

If I join another jam I'll probably do that exact thing.

Thanks again :)

Thank you for the praise. :)

Since there wasn't any combat I had to add juice where ever I could, so thanks for noticing the places it did make it in. :)

Thank you, I realized around day 2 that I picked a SUPER basic concept, and that there will probably be a dozen games like mine. And so I had to make it as polished as I could and that meant sacrificing a lot of the features I had planned for it in order to just focus on making what little there was fun and fair to play.

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Thank you so much for playing and recording that!

Reading a review is nice, but watching one is something much more useful. :)

-The music was placeholder stuff I made on day 1, and try as I might I wasn't happy with anything else I made, so it stayed in. lol
-The cameras and lasers turning off when at max security was because the game got too frustrating with them on, the timer going, and guards in every hallway in later levels.(And I sort of justify it by thinking that they turn them off so the guards aren't constantly tripping them while searching the place.)
-There were more enemies planned, but they never made it in, 7 days sneaks up quick lol. One I even started making code for was a guard that would do a sweep when they came in each room, checking the ceiling and such.

If I had my time back I would have recorded my reviews too, I'm at 60-ish reviews now and recordings might have been more useful than just my text feedback. Glad you're going around doing that for people. :)


How have I not seen this til now?
How do you guys have only 10 ratings?(at writing)
How did you make such a good game in just 7 days?

I spent half of the time with my jaw dropped.

The noises are perfectly pitched.
The attacks are all nice and juicy.
The dash is fun and zippy.
The enemies are interesting and their arrows can even hit other enemies, nice.
You have an upgrade, shop, and inventory system! Holy crap.

The only complaint I could come up with was that the coins should have some magnet pull so we're not wasting time having to actually touch them to pick them up, and maybe improve the sword combat.
All in all,
Well freaking done.

It was interesting, and I haven't seen anything like that in this jam.

-Why is the text at the start so blurry?
-You can beat the majority of the game, with the exception of a couple spots, just by holding D. lol

You got a game in for the jam, so congratz.
But I feel like, later in your game dev journey, this'll be one of those early games that you won't tell anybody about. :P

Thanks for the comment!

Of course I can try your game. :)

Glad to hear you're going to continue working on it, and tweak some things from player feedback. :)

Honestly for the shooting, just making it so the animation doesn't go when you click during the cooldown might be enough to get rid of that awkward feeling. Or reduce the rate of fire for the weaker ones from the start so I don't start off being able to spam. It was just a bit jarring to lose the ability to spam.

(1 edit)

-Oooooh, I didnt realize it was timed with music. that makes more sense then.

-Not that getting to the end without solving the puzzle would be satifying, but not making it at all just wasn't fun. Maybe an indication that the player should go back and try again to have a more satisfying story. It'd be similar to how my game has a base "win", for people to feel satisfied by, and then each level has a "par score" to hit, so they can go back in and try again to have a better experience.

-Oh yeah, more interactions and goals would just be pure feature creep. I get not wanting to expand it out, just thinking out loud how much bigger this game could have been. But of course for a jam game, that might have just been too much :P

And yeah, my dragon dying to the boar was definitely a talking point. I'll not soon forget your game specifically because that happened lol.

I like the look, sound, and feel(mostly) of the game.

You obviously put a lot of work in to it, however...

-The floaty jump suits the game, but the character needs greater deceleration after I let go of the key to move in a certain direction. It feels unresponsive to play because the character is moving while I'm not pressing anything.
-The level/camera design needs work. The area when the lava is rising has an early section where fireballs are shooting and you have to jump to avoid them. But this meant I was above the camera after I avoided the fireballs. And by the time the camera reached me I realized I was being killed by enemies I wasn't able to see.
-Again, in the area with the lava rising. The camera isn't rising with or fast enough for the player, and there are a lot of falling platforms, which meant I ended up in a number of situations where the platform fell below me and I was left just waiting for the lava to catch up and kill me, with no way to recover.
-The attack that splits in to three is nice and strong, but its lower attack rate is awkward and actually makes it less effective than the abilities I could just spam. Starting off being able to spam, and then suddenly having my button not fire every time I clicked felt awkward and again, unresponsive.

All in all,
I like the games look, and sound, and with some more mechanical and level tweaks, I be able to recommend it friends. :)

I like the idea, look, and feel of the game.

I walked away frustrated though.

So here's my advice:
-Lower the sound of the vacuum and moving around, the collectables make a very satisfying sound, but they're over shadowed by the other sounds.
-Give the players warning about where the point of no return is. There should be a very clear indication at what point I don't have enough energy to get back to my cord. As of now the low energy alarm goes off often at some point where I'm too far out to get back, so I have the frustrating rush back with out any chance of getting to my cord. Or worse yet, getting a fraction of an inch away from my cord and failing. If the alarm went off sooner/later based on how far they were away from the cable, players wouldn't have so many failed runs.
-Giving the player the option of the A/D keys, would feel better. The mouse and arrow keys meant I was pulled over to the right while playing, which just felt weird.

The game feels and looks good, but I was left frustrated.

(1 edit)

I like the black contrasted with the lights.

I do not like how difficult some of the platforming is...

Your game really wants to be a slow thoughtful experience, but the platforming on the last level was just frustrating, which pulled me out of the experience because I was mad instead of somber.

So my advice:
-Slow down the speed of the enemies and your character.
-Get rid of the momentum, you slide a bit when I tried to stop, and I died a couple times because of it.
-The text should either stay on screen once it's been triggered, or go away permanently when you walk past it. In one level I was backing up to line myself up for a jump, and the text was flashing in and out, which was very distracting. Maybe just giving the text a fade in/out would solve that problem so it doesn't flash so strongly.

I liked it, and with some difficulty tweaks you'll have a lot more players walking away with that somber experience your game really wants them to have.

You commented on my games art, but we basically have the same character :P

Yup, exactly what I was thinking.

And that would definitely make the statue feel like a heavy statue and the smaller stuff actually feel lighter.
I think I like it, will have to add it to the pile of things to tweak if I go back to edit it. :)

I genuinely enjoyed that.

With more outcomes and some tweaking, I could have been sucked in to this game for hours.

So here's my advice:
-Allow me to click an action to move forward, knowing what I want to do and then having to just sit there waiting for the timer is kind of wasting my time.
-2/3 of the options are to get rid of your item by giving or throwing it at the thing you're encountering which means most of the time people will never get to the end to experience the satisfying ending. I had to "use" for almost every interaction in order to get to the end without losing everything. I'd suggest condensing throw/give in 1 action, and adding a "ignore" or "skip" button so people aren't forced to use up things. The ending is the satisfying pay off, so you really want people to get there more often than not.
-More changes to your character based on the story progression, so maybe instead of always getting the armor and facing the dragon, you could have different paths from that point depending on what kind of items you're holding and that would give you a different character image and outcome at the end.

Oh, and one last thing....
I was so excited about getting the dragon, and I thought I was in the clear to win.... and then my dragon died to the boar when I "used" them..... Sad.

Over all,
I love the idea, and it would make for a GREAT phone game if you had more content and fixed the above issues. Good work. :)

Thank you!

My only regret is not trying to find an artist to team up with. I have many strengths, but art is not one of them. lol.

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Ignore the basement and go straight for the vault in the top floor ;)

(1 edit)

Thank you! :)

I made the first level, first of course, so it was what I was using to show people what the game was about when it was still a prototype, so it just got stronger with each person I showed. lol.

As for an indicator for the amount of clicks til you steal something, I'm thinking about maybe a higher pitch jiggle sound as you get closer, or maybe starting on a lower pitch. I'll figure something out, thats a good call, a lot of people got confused with the bigger statues taking so long to steal.

Thank you!

I love Gdevelop, I'm usually active in their discord when I'm not jamming.
If you're not on their discord you should pop over. The people are pretty nice. :)

That start menu immediately woke me up. lol.

Cute, functional, and engaging game.

The only complaint I can come up with is that there should be some sort of arrow pointing in the direction your chicken is going to go next. I know I pressed the key, and I know he should be going in that direction. But a visual acknowledgement of my key press would be nice.

Well done.
Love the art and aesthetic.
The controls are tight.
The trap and enemy variety keep it interesting.

Thank you for the comment!

After looking it up, they do look similar.  :P

I like the idea, and I did kind of enjoy the first level.... aaaand then lvl 2 started..... failing is just not fun.

So here goes:
-The first level was a good balance of difficult and fun. The second level was not. And in both you essentially have to fail and learn the level by failing over and over again until you know the layout of the level.
-If you miss a collectable, the game keeps going on despite not being able to win beyond that point.
-Slow down the rate that momentum builds. Both going up/down and falling just move way too fast. I'd very often end up flying in to things at a speed that I just didn't have enough time to reasonably react to.
-My personal skill wasn't valued as highly as my knowledge of the level, which I got by wasting my time dying over and over.

All in all,
The issues I have with the game I'm sure would have hammered out with more play testing, and game jams don't really allow for much playtest time. But the game as it is now wastes the players time by forcing them to die repeatedly so they can know the level layout in order to win.

Despite all of the negativity though,
I genuinely think the idea for this game is solid and the levels (that I got to play) were well designed.

Thanks for the comment!

A tonne of people have commented on the fact that I used the mouse at all, when I could have made it a keyboard only game really easily.

It's definitely something I'm going to change when I can go back and fix the game. :)

Thanks for the praise!

I can definitely check out your game. :)

Fair all around, I like to think my strength is in level design and user experience.

I am not an artist in any way, and I'm just too stubborn to use anyone elses assets.