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A bit of blood is not a problem. You need to be over a certain age to use itch, so anyone playing the game should be able to handle a little bit of blood from a horror game. πŸ‘

A few things about the jam to keep in mind:

1.You need to submit both a version here on itch, and one on
2.Your game version here on itch will be locked once the jam timer ends, so make sure you submit your itch game first. Liluo can be done after.
3.When uploading to liluo, there is a genre option for "game jam 3", that'll put your game in a special category with all of the other games from this jam, so be sure to add that as a genre.

Finally, pretend the jam actually ends a few hours before the time on the page and try to submit then. You don't want some accident to happen at the last moment that prevents you from submitting, so don't leave it to the last hour. Save yourself the stress,πŸ˜…

Anyhow, good luck with your games, and I'm excited to see what you folks make. πŸ‘‹

Google play says you last updated the game there on Oct 3rd, 2022.

Sorry, but games must be made during the time set on the itch page to qualify.

This game was made well before the jam began, it does not qualify for the jam.

Game must be made during the 9 day time limit on the itch page.

It's best to upload a html build. There's a video at the bottom of the jam page that shows how to do that. πŸ‘

The game needs to be uploaded to itch and liluo in order to qualify. Sorry.

You can. πŸ‘

You can update the game file and tweak everything as much as you want during the jam start/end date and after the jam. But you can't update your game during the voting period, no new uploads will be accepted during the voting period.

As long as the game you made fits the theme and is made within the same time limit of both jams, feel free. πŸ‘

No, I don't join the jams that I'm hosting/judging.

I prefer to spend that time commenting on and checking out the cool things people are making. πŸ‘

You can all join the jam, but only 1 person submits the game. And then in that game's setting, you add the accounts of your team mates as contributors so they show up on the game page as part of the team. If they're contributors on a game that is submitted to the jam, they can play/rate games in the jam during the voting period. πŸ‘

That would be fine. πŸ‘

As long as the game itself is made in GDevelop, where you get your assets is not an issue.(As long as you have the legal right to use them of course)

You're not supposed to be using itch if you're under the age of 13. You can not join or submit a game to the jam, sorry.

If you add your team mates as contributors to your game on itch, they will be able to rate games in the jam from their accounts.

If you don't add them through itch, then itch won't know they took part and only the account that submitted the game will be able to rate.

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Games submitted to this jam must be made with the GDevelop game engine.

It's free to use, you can download the engine here:

As long as games have some tiny connection to the theme, they won't be 'rejected'. But one of the categories for rating is the theme, so if you have a weak connection to the theme, you'll rank poorly.

I suggest you try your best to make a game based off of the theme. πŸ‘

Each team will have to agree amongst themselves about the split.

We don't do that part. That's up to your team.

Pandako's 3D extension is allowed to be used. πŸ‘


Glad to hear that, we basically didn't sleep for the entire weekend it took to make it. πŸ˜…

The theme will be announced at the start date. πŸ‘

The mage isn't really supposed to kill you, it's slow and meant to force you in to dangerous positions. Sounds like it did the trick. πŸ˜…

Hope you enjoyed the game. πŸ‘

I think it'll be fun, but I'm biased. πŸ˜…

Last game was war with 1 life left sound INTENSE! πŸ‘€

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!
This game has it's flaws, but I'm really happy with how much we were able to make in such a short time. πŸ‘

Great review of GDevelop!

This touches on so many of the cool things being made for and with GDevelop. πŸ‘

You mean from the conviction of gun dude? That's what it's for, anyone who wants to can copy/build upon the game to make their own. πŸ‘

Also check out the "small randomization" video on the GDevelop youtube channel, there are some examples of enemy and object spawning in there.

For turning around? It should be inside of the event group called "wesley", near the top inside the group. With the player movement controls, gun shooting, and so on. πŸ‘

The game example "the conviction of gun dude" in engine does this, you can open it up and have a look at how it all works. πŸ‘

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We'll be hiding the results until Monday, so we have time to make some posts to better show off the winning games. πŸ‘

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!

I would like to go back at some point and rebalance a little bit. It seems to be getting hard a little too quickly, it might be nice to have a slightly slower increase, but then it plateaus a bit... People who do REALLY WELL get ahead of the enemy's increasing stats and can just "go forever". πŸ€”

Thanks again for the feedback, it'll all help with balancing if I find time to come back to this one. πŸ‘

Pretty much! πŸ˜…

Thank you! Obviously I have a few nitpicks that I wish were better, but over all I'm happy with how it turned out. πŸ‘

Hmmm, I definitely have some rebalancing to do after the jam. πŸ˜…



Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

And yeah, I tried a couple dozen different iterations of the flame, but could not settle on anything I liked. I just ended up picking one I didn't hate and kept going with the rest of the game. πŸ˜…

100% the time constraint. πŸ˜…

I would have loved to add more enemies and such. Glad you enjoyed it. πŸ‘

I tried a bunch of things for the flame, particles/pixel art/etc, but I just could not settle on anything for it that I liked. πŸ˜…

Glad you enjoyed the game. πŸ‘

Thanks! It definitely need a little more balancing, some people were able to break out of the curve and get over 10 thousand kills. 😱

Thanks a lot! I still love that old heist game from Vimjam1, but I know how to do so much more now. πŸ˜…

And yeah, don't worry about getting a high score, I thought I added an artificial hard cap on the game by having enemies scale with more health as waves progress, but some people are bashing through that cap and getting crazy high scores. πŸ˜…