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by the way I feel embarrassed, I said Enter the Gungeon before and I meant crypt of the necrodancer.

Can’t promise that this won’t be another Minijor entry featuring Chester McChestface, but I’ll at least try to have something :)

Thanks for playing through it! Yep the hand can definitely lay down a few cheap shots since it’s entirely random as far as I know. Sorry about those!

you found our secret speedrunning tech move! Yep you can just climb a wall by wall jump and dashing. We thought it would make things easier to climb up once you fell! Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing through it!

Thanks! Foster Turtle was responsible for those amazing parody books. He did a fantastic job.

Super cute! Love the music, the voice acting, the art, and all the cool characters! The way the planet rotates around is super cool too! It gets really hard at the end! I just barely scraped by with a second to spare when the day ended. He said it was my first day but I wasn't sure if there were more days that I missed. Anyway, fantastic game. Great work!

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So I played this one on windows and unfortunately had it crash twice at the same part, right when it says "2 days later". It starts to crash and shows the main title again. Not sure whats going on, but I'll try it again soon because it looks really amazing!

Update! I tried it again and instead waiting a minute or so and it brought me to the main level. Game is awesome! Really really hard, but I managed to beat the transformer guy without taking a single hit (since I only had about 10 health when I finally got to him. Part of that was just cheesing my way through all the enemies and attacking little bits of them sticking out. The fire damage from the rocket was calculated kind of weird and it was tough for me to tell that it was even damaging me since there was no feedback for taking damage from it. Overall though, I really loved this! I'm excited that Godot is able to make games that look like this and every day I get a little closer to trying it out. Great job!

The art for this game is incredible, and it's amazing that there are so many characters here! I want to go through each and every one of them but that would literally take me all night. Game seems to be fairly straightforward where they leave an opening every once in awhile for you to take a punch and you dodge during their moves. I'm so curious if they all have their own distinct AI, because the  3 that I fought all seemed to act quite different. Anyway, great job!

Thanks so much!!!

Such a cool game! I'm a huge fan of Enter the Gungeon, so this type of gameplay is totally my jam. I had a blast unlocking all the cool abilities and showing them off against the final boss who kept adapting to my moves. It felt especially good when you were able to trap a skeleton in a pit. That always left me feeling like a heroic mastermind. If there was one tweak I'd make it would be showing which enemies had more than one health.  If I  knew that I would have been able to create a strategy from the get go instead of resorting to trial and error, which ended up being pretty frustrating. Overall though, a fantastic entry. Great job!

Holy heck this game is freaking hard! I LOVE the way the characters bob to the beat of the music (which is equally awesome). The mechanics I think would be super fun but the area you have to play in is just too darn tight for me to be able to survive for long enough to get anywhere. I tried about 10 times and got to about the 4th change in moveset on my best one. I don't know if there's an ending to it or not, but sadly I'm not sure I'll ever be skilled enough to see it. I'm not sure if you updated the difficulty or not on the MAC build, but I played it on Windows. Great game though!

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Game was great! I'm a sucker for an original incremental game and you had me hooked on this one. The queen bee was a nice take on the restriction! I spent way too long flying around this hive, but I  had a real good time with it! Art is super cute and I played until my eyes hurt from the bee flying too fast

Also should add it looks like the web build doesn't work for anyone who is coming to it, you'll want to download the windows version

Super cool game! The ambience for this was spot on with a really unique horror setting. I think I've been around pools at night time in the past and can confirm there is usually something there that wants to kill you. The tasks were a little boring and hard to find, but I totally get that's part of the game, reminiscent of something like Slenderman. Overall great job here! 

What a beautiful little game! By far the most wholesome thing I've played this jam. I LOVE it! Art style is so fantastic and the music really just adds so much. I just wanted to live on this little island forever. Great job!

Wow, this was truly artistic. Fantastic work! I loved the art, the stills between each segment of gameplay, and even the weird 3Dish game was unique and special. I wish I hadn't just smacked that box at the end...I wonder if I missed a secret ending. Music and sound effects were great, though they were also a little quiet.  Overall just a wonderful experience.

Thanks so much! I’m glad you had a good time with it! 

Thanks for playing through it! I’m sure there’s room to expand on the boss fight with something bigger and longer in a future build. Congrats on getting through!

Super cool recreation of a donkey Kong game! I love all the copyright free versions of the characters and that you get to put an end to those dumb jump men. Excellent work!

Well, I got to a score of 313, the I died and the game soft locked. It's such a strange, weird idea that it somehow becomes really fun. Great work! 

Oh man, what do I say here. This was way more fun than it had any right to be. There was something so satisfying about kicking down a door and knocking out three naked men with moustaches. Serves them right for having a dumb mustache. I didn't even care that the game wasn't finished. I had a blast. I would pay for this game. Fantastic work!

Very cool remake! I never really played the original but i've seen some clips and this looks just like it! I was actually hoping it would play more like an NES game, but seems to be identical to the real game, just with alternate graphics (though i understand programming all ofthis must have been a huge chore, so nice job! I was curious if there were any copyright restrictions but this jam doesn't seem to have any. Overall excellent work!

Nice job! I really enjoyed the   grabbing and throwing! Reminded me a lot of Ape Out! I had a problem where my character just randomly died after getting a box after getting the blue door, but other than that the game ran great. 

Cool game! I always love it when people tackle typing simulator type things within games and have little minigames. I didn't really understand what that toe nail icon next to the coffee did. I didn't get all that far seemed like even when I typed in the correct thing I would still get a strike at the top. Great game though!

Awesome job! The HUD for this game looks great,though I couldn't figure out what the health bar on the top of the screen and the bottom right of the screen did. I had a great time shooting things.  Great work!

Such a cool idea for a puzzle game! I love the way the boxes can move from one area to another. I really wish there was a bit more indication of what areas will affect the path it can slide on and what can't, like maybe the rail lights up a certain color same as the box. I found myself just tugging at the box in all sorts of directions not really understanding the consequences of  the push and pull. This got especially tough in the rooms where the rails moved with the boxes. It didn't seem like there was a reliable way to get it to work.

Great game though! The messages and tutorial stuff was perfect. I really love the testing cube  style thing thats here!

You are completely right. I have a bunch of games on open tabs to play, so sorry about that lol

Holy cow that was WAYYYY too difficult (imo)  I could barely make it through level one and on level 2 I really didn't stand a chance. Would have loved some kind of indication that I could enter boss mode before it was all the way filled out. I thought it would be something like an overdrive where once it fills up you use the whole thing. The pixel art is great and the concept is solid. Great job!

I feel you for sure!  Great job on the game!

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OK, played the correct game this time! Awesome job here!  I absolutely adore  the pixel art. The character's walk cycle is super cute and the boss is just the right amount of jerk. I wish they would tell me what happened to Sam though...conversation cut out too early! I'm guessing he was another poor intern. Anyway, excellent work! 

Nice boss rush! I managed to make it to the third boss but had a really hard time beating that guy. I would always start the fight by ended up in the pit which took out a good chunk of health. The second boss also didn't seem to have a reliable way to beat him without taking damage yourself, though luckily I was able to tank him pretty easily. Sound effects were a bit loud, but I appreciate they were there! Goodjob!

Funny game, feels like my normal day at work but replace coffee with Diet Coke! Short and sweet. Great work!

Thanks so much! We had a ton of fun with the speed running mechanics. Glad you had fun with them as well!

Dang the other guys wanted to give you the parachute early and I argued against it. That's great feedback. Thanks a ton! And  like Sid Fish said, the idea was to make it much easier to climb back up once you had fallen with the new abilities, but it may make for a steeper learning curve than intended. Appreciate you playing through it!

Thanks so much! We were hoping for a smooth learning curve since the game gets a little difficult by the end.  Appreciate the kind words!

It’s Windows 10, not sure about the net framework. I’ll check on that later and see if I can’t get it to run!

in my experience there nothing healthy about my hobby :D but it’s certainly a fun one!

I will start off by saying that the cover image for your game has me perplexed. That being said, I managed to figure out the game pretty quickly just based on playing it for a minute or so, which is great game design! It's like tetris  mixed with a bioshock hacking puzzle! I really dig it! It could certainly use some polish, but there's a solid gameplay loop here that I really enjoyed! Great job! Also, I know how hard it is to balance life and game dev, so props for getting something done!

Really loved the art style! Plays just like a retro game. I think the puzzles might need to be a little more intuitive, like I didn't quite understand why stepping on a root would clear the path in the area above...then I  just had to repeat that same process 3 more times with nothing else changed. Or was there something else I missed? I  ended up getting a game over on the second level because I just didn't really understand why I needed to collect 4 flowers if I was just repeating the exact same actions for each one. But for real, you nailed the aesthetic you were going for and I love the opening cutscenes and different difficulties.

Awesome game! Really neat idea to bounce along the edges of the box. I made it to the fourth stage and got killed by a bunch of dumb lizards. I thought the upgrade system was really well implemented and   the enemies really kept me on my toes. I  think my only complaint would be the aforementioned lizards since they can come out of nowhere without any warning. Originally it seemed like I only had to avoid them on the bottom, but they came out of the top too later on. I also got ambushed by some bats when I was on the top since they spawn above you. Also, getting sent back to the beginning can be pretty punishing, especially since the first part is pretty boring. Would have loved to have kept going from my current level, but I understand that probably wouldn't have worked entirely with your chosen upgrade system. Great job!