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You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. It's a shame

Fantastic recreation of a Xanderwood classic! I managed to beat the game on the first try with some luck! And I also remember beating the old one so I knew more or less what to expect. I think it's an upgrade in almost every way (no offense Xander, I love yours too) though at the end I would have maybe chose a different color for the tiles as they were the same color as the beams, making them a little tricky to parse. It's a tiny detail though since I didn't die and made it through just fine. Great work!

thanks! You will actually die if you hit the bottom of the screen, and the lower you are the closer you are to spawning hazards, so it’s actually a prettt dangerous strategy :)

Super cute pixel art! I love all the different animal warriors and magicians. Everything worked really well for me without any issues, though I wasn't able to see how much health I had...would have loved that since I died at a place I think might be near the end? Great game!

That's so cool what you were able to 3D scan! I'm a huge Ori fan so I'm excited to give this a shot and play around with it. I love all the models and I really want to see the turtle. Nice work!

Looks really scary! I love the idea of not being able to see the enemies until you put on the glasses. Great horror stuff is right up my alley, nice work :D

Game looks super fun! The music is great. I love rhythm games so I'll give this one a play when I get back home :)

Art is super cool, reminds me of WOW a bit. The gameplay looks and feels great as well! It was fun blowing up some skeletons. 

Moving between the monitor and the plug in keyboard is super cool. The puzzle mechanic itself is really neat as well.  I could see this requiring some really cool strategies down the road! Puzzles and horror mix so well. Great work :D

Really cute game, love the 3D art and the general gameplay. Nice work!

Wow, there is a ton here. I was blown away that we had a game that was 4.5 gigs, but makes sense considering the scope of what you've taken on! The art and levels here are really beautiful. Killing dragons with guns is a sick formula and its really neat how you're able to turn into a dragon and go back and forth. Great work!

Really inventive use of the theme! The bad wifi zones are a neat touch, and I love the effects that you get when the connection gets really bad. 

Very funny game with lots of neat nick nacks to play around with! The radio and lamp are really nice touches.

Super cute horrorish game! I love the art.  The voice acting here is top notch :D Ending was brilliant. Nice work :D

Very interesting take on the theme! Cool game with some neat traps, reminds me a lot of those classic games for the PC, the dungeon crawling ones. Nice :)

I love the art. The puzzles are really cool, and I appreciate a 3D game that takes advantage of typically 2D puzzle mechanics like Sokoban style game. The dog splattering and then the missing dog sign was hilariously dark. Nice job :D

Just played through now that I know everything and it's awesome. Puzzles are great and get hard real fast. Nice work!

Very fun looking game! I would love to play with others when the public multiplayer is available :D

Super fun physics game! Had a blast flinging my other self around the room and going back and forth doing that. 

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I guess I don't have a computer powerful enough to run this one lol will wait for your presentation :D

EDIT** The game is absolutely gorgeous. I'm super impressed you were able to make all of those models in the time limit, not to mention some really well done physics for the cables. It had a really cool game mechanic for the puzzles, I could see this being a really neat puzzle like game like the Talos Principle. Great work :D 

Well the physics in here are hilarious. Makes for a fun casual puzzly game. Despite knowing there was a cable, I spent many minutes tugging fruitlessly on the cable before realizing it was wrapped around a chair. Nice job :D

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The game is so cool. It plays like a fun mix of Borderlands and Serious Sam and I'm here for it. I managed to get to some area that looks like it was underwater but nothing was spawning and I'm pretty sure it may have just been out of bounds, but I couldn't exactly figure out where to go. The game is awesome though.

EDIT** just watched the presentation, love the twist ending!

The game is so cool. It plays like a fun mix of Borderlands and Serious Sam and I'm here for it. I managed to get to some area that looks like it was underwater but nothing was spawning and I'm pretty sure it may have just been out of bounds, but I couldn't exactly figure out where to go. The game is awesome though.

Haha short and sweet and insanely difficult. I managed to beat it in about 2 minutes :D

Hi, game looks great and is fun to play! Love all the art here. Is there a way to repair the ship? I collected the material and couldn't figure out how to repair the ship.

thank you! I think in the jam version, the only way to do it would be to die…but this is certainly something that we should include. Glad you enjoyed it!

Ok, you have no idea how much that means to me. You freaking made my day!! The fact that I had even a small part in inspiring someone to participate in a jam brings me so much joy.  Keep up the good work! This game is a gem :D

My goodness, the number of mini games you have in this is crazy. I managed to get to the fishing game which I failed miserably at and I have no idea how many more there were after that, but I played at least 10-15 of them. But I'm super impressed with everything you were able to accomplish during the jam period! Awesome game!

Wow, stunning use of particles, shaders, and general art direction! The sheer number of things that explode beautifully in this game is off the charts. Playing on a track pad was a little tough, so I'm glad you included the super easy difficulty for losers like me haha but overall I really had a great time from start to end credits. It looks like you're planning on releasing this on mobile, and I really think that's a great fit for something like this. Keep up the great work!

wow that’s beautiful and very cinematic looking! I’ll give that one a shot :)

Here’s mine:

The Game that Combines MINECRAFT and Mario Maker

Hi All!

I’d love to check out your devlogs if you’ve made one showing the development of your game! I’m always on the lookout for great game dev content so I’ll happily subscribe if I’m not already. Even if you have a blog on some other website, I love good reads about game development.

Share your video/blog/website down below!

thank you! It was honestly a soul crushing amount of work, though having two coders helped a lot :) i’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Very cool game! I managed to take #1 spot on the scoreboard (for now) so I have to document it here before someone with some real talent comes along lol

I really like the look of the game, feels really retro. I remember playing games that looked and felt a lot like this growing up back when we had dial up internet and you played games from a floppy disk! The shield mechanic is cool and it's neat to have to protect your backside, though it was also nearly impossible to get any further once your shield was broken...also it seems like the way it's currently set up, whoever is the most patient will win as it doesn't seem to care what heat you're on on the scoreboard. Maybe it does though? I dunno. Anyway, great job!

Awesome game! It was great killing Rick over and over again (was going to add a Rick and Morty meme here but they're all insufferable). Congrats on the great jam game! Looking forward to see what you've got in store for future jams :D

Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and the art was all Punisher and he did a great job. And as you can imagine the scope for this game got away from us a bit, but you can certainly expect those bugs to be fixed in a post jam version. Thank you so much for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

As expected from an Unreal game, it's astoundingly beautiful. Maybe this is grumpy old man Jordan speaking here, but I do find it a little hard to believe that you created the character models since the only external art assets listed are the Main Menu. Not that I don't think you're capable, just the number of animations models, textures, etc. would be a monumental task for one dev if they worked tirelessly for the entire jam period. I'm just assuming your forgot to list them on the credits. Whacking things with a stick was fun. The big boss dude had a cool design, and I do also mirror a lot of the other comments that a bit more light would have probably helped a lot.

Well, I got the Thank you for playing, but to my great surprise I was still able to move around with the little block! I felt very happy to do so. Hope we get to see the full game post jam :D

Just saw the comments so I won't bother telling you that I'm sorry your game isn't working, but I wanted to express my sadness and hope you get a working build to share around after the jam is over :)

That's a bummer, I know how hard it is to lose all that progress because of a last minute bug that makes the game unplayable and then having to submit that. I think it might be against the rules to link an updated version of your game, but be sure to share it around once the jam is over :)