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Sorry not going to be able to finish lost track of tim

Sorry, didn't see that, I'll just do pogodig instead

I pick survive by arnwaz.

Joining in a bit late but I am part of the gdevelop community too

Cringe, and what did he even do to you?

Thanks for the feedback, the game wouldn't fit the theme if the character wasn't randomly chosen though.

The Shake Extension

Good Game and great art. Like others are saying, I wish it was a bit easier. I bailed out on the level "Catch me if you can"

Thanks for the feedback! I wish I thought of that, It would have made the game way more unique.

I couldn't find anything wrong with my hitboxes. They work fine for me whenever I run my game.

Great game! Excelent puzzle design, but I got stuck on that puzzle with the 2 high up dice. Very cute visuals and great polish!

Creative use of the theme! Driving is a bit clunky but fun once you get the hang of it.

Smart use of the theme, and great visual style! I was a bit confused on what to do at first, but once I did, It was pretty fun.

Nice game, unique twist on what other games this jam have done.

Thanks for the feedback! I just used the deafault hitboxes on the sprites.

thanks for the feed back ahnafs! 

There is feedback, maybe I didn't make it noticeable enough?

Nice art and very polished! The idea is also pretty creative. The slowmo sometimes killed the flow a bit but overall a great experience.

Thanks for the feedback! I might give it few updates after the jam ends.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback about the background. For the music, couldn't you just turn your computer's volume down?

Great Visuals! The gameplay was also pretty fun.

Nice Visuals and polish, but it's not realy that engaging since the outcome controls the entire game. Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh.

Cool game! The visuals are very cute. The gameplay is fast and fun! I loved letting the little green guys stack up and then exploding the bomb.

A bit too unfair, but nice and simple gameplay! The music and visuals are also nice!

Great and unique game! Nice and simple visuals.

Great game! The concept is nice and Unique, and the art is amazing! I wish the randomness was slightly in the player's favor, but I can understand why it's not. Great job!

Neat game! It's a bit unpolished and I wish jumping was guaranteed because it's pretty much impossible to dodge without. The gameplay is fun and engaging! 

Not sure how to play or what I'm supposed to do. Nice visuals though.

Very polished and enjoyable! Only complaint is that the voicelines get old kind of fast.

Great concept! Unfortunately, it's a bit unenjoyable since you have to release the space bar to do the action. It would be preferable if the action happened as soon as you hit the key. Other than that, my only small nitpick is that the text explaining the controls is a bit blurry. Great Game!

Neat game and very unique concept! Good amount of polish as well. I couldn't get passed level 3 though.

Nice game and great visual style! The difficulty did really spike up randomly at the (I asume last because of the trophy) level though.

Nice visuals and polish! It is a bit easy but that's fine for a jam game.  For some reason, the redjack minigame seems to be harder in the middle difficulty than the hardest difficulty.

Great visuals and polish! I don't know how to get luck though, but other than that cool game!

Great game! It was a bit hard to understand at first, but the execution is amazing!

Weird, it works all the time for me.

Pretty cool, it could use the theme a tiny bit more but still realy cool. The game is a bit easy, but that complements the story.

Cool game, but I don't really see how it fits the theme (although I definently see how it fits the gmtk theme). Also, the spikes were a bit hard to see and at first I had no clue why I was dying.         

Cool game, only nitpick is that I think that it could be a bit easier, after falling into negative score, I coudn't get back out. However, it is a really nice and polished game.