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Yes it is! Good job, thank you

thank you so much!!!

Thank you for the kind words, i made almost all the sounds and music, the only thing not 100% mine is the shooting sound taken from opengameart site and then modified a bit.

The music of your game was great too, it was more of a gunslinger-duel-western style, that I actually prefer. See you around fellow godoter!!!

This game was a nice surprise, I haven't played jrpg in a long time, and this game gave me good sensations, like the music, the art, the story. The overall pace of the game was very well organized, alternating battles, puzzles and cutscenes. A little gem hidden in the jam! My congratulations!

I tought it was better hunting wolves than humans :D. Anyway, this is a game, I would never kill a cute doggy wolf in real life :P. Thank you for playing!

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Thank you. I admit that maybe it was a bit too hard, I'm happy though that you found the game somewhat enjoyable.

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Well, this is not a game, this is art :D

Good story, David Lynch would be proud. :P

Quite addictive, even if the gameplay is so simple. I did two full runs but i didn't manage to reach 10000 on either of the two. I liked the pixel art.

Nice arcade game with so many elements to make it enjoyable. The graphics is great, audio is good. I found the gameplay with mouse (even with the delay of the ship speed) more handy than the movement with keyboard.

I liked so much the ability of customizing the gameplay with so many options, you can make the experience fit you ability (or mood), and it's fantastic. This level of customization it's one of the things that, in my opinion, every commercial game should have; having it here for free it's a huge plus for me.

Well done!

Thank you for the feedback and for the ideas for improving the game! I will consider them if I'm gonna expand it!

Great atmosphere, while playing I forgot it was a 64x64 rez game! I liked particularly the sound effects.

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Thank you for sharing the source code! And congratulations for what you accomplished, it's impressive!

Wow, this is close to a full game, but perfect for a game jam. A bit hard for me, I beated only jupiter and mars, saturn was too much. Well done!

The graphics and lighting is gorgeous, I also like the procedurally generated levels, it fits perfectly the game. If I may ask, what engine/framework/language did you use?

Nice, I like the mechanic, the graphic and the atmosphere... and it was really scary at the start when I didn't know what to expect (fortunately I was not surprised by jump scares XD). After the third level it became a bit ripetitive. I liked also the presentation and the explanation of the mechanics at the start, maybe I should have done something similar for my game!

Unfortunately there is a lot of walking to do, I tried to balance the slow start with the number of enemies and the final boss. I had in mind a slow paced game, that maybe it's not appropriate for a game jam. Thank you for passing by!

Thank you, I don't know if you managed to beat the game, the gameplay range between 2 and 5 minutes.

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Hi, nice game. I like the art style and the graphics. I beat the game at the first attempt! It looks like I'm used to fps games ;-)

EDIT: like others have said I would improve the blurriness and have images sharper.

Overall a nice idea.

The spot for clicking the color was too little in my opinion (and the cursor too big), but I'm not that good in these type of games, I don't play them so much. Music was a bit too low?

Very good, the gameplay is always fair, and every error feels like it's the player fault XD. I liked also the graphics. The music going faster with the speed was a nice touch.

Yeah. The first fast moving aliens looked a bit unfair, but then I realized you can wait them where they change direction, then shoot them with ease.

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Yeah, sorry I didn't get the reloading... now it's much better. Also knowing when the enemy is reloading you can approach them without worrying they shoot you.

Finally I beated the first two levels (yay XD), I will try to beat the last one too.

Cool game, i like the wall jump physics so much. 

nice, i like this stuff

Mario Kart vibes! So simple and so fun! The championship was a glad surprise. Great game.

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I killed 2 enemies at max, when I try to get near with the sword (because pistol ammo ends) they always get me first :/. I will try again later, and try to beat the first one, at least!

EDIT: 2 enemies

Very good roguelike, great little game. Can't find something to point out, it's almost perfect :D

Good stuff, I liked the atmosphere and the music (it's you singing? ). A bit too hard for me :D

It's quite annoying, it happens when the trees die. I'm using windows 10 updated to the last version. In other moments the performance is good, I found the problem only when a tree die.

Nice game, so satisfying... Feels like it could be a full game. Great music and sound effects. Also very good use of 3d in low resolution.

The only drawback is lag in some points of the game.

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The game has a lot of atmosphere and it's very polished for a game jam.

I got this error in the debug window several times, with subsequent 1 to 3 seconds lag:

  At: servers/visual/visual_server_scene.cpp:585 ERROR: instance_set_transform: Condition ' Math::is_nan(v.x) ' is true.

it happened I think when the trees decayed

I used the windows build.

Hi, I played it on the phone,  it was very hard.

On the desktop, after some tries I managed to win.

It's simple but quite fun!

Nice! a bit too hard for me, I found all 4 keycards but then died to the giant alien.

I liked the platform mechanic and the wall jump.

Nice, simple but very effective. Really nice experience.

My high score was 2560  :D It's quite hard  ^_^'

Nice mechanic! I liked also the balance between the different weapons (more time to reload more ammo). The weapons are procedurally generated?

Fits perfectly the theme, the art style is very interesting. Even if there was no sound I could imagine the music and the sound effects... adding them should be very natural and fun.

Top quality,  very nice music. The controls with keyboard were too difficult for me (seemed a bit too unresponsive, or i'm simply too bad XD). Anyway, very polished product for a game jam.

Very addictive!

But the browser version was not working for me (mozilla firefox), in particular collisions were not detected (not with shale not with rocks)

Very fun, I managed to win with a lucky (and unrealistic XD) long jump. The only thing that I would change is the sound of the engine of the car, that for me was a bit annoying.

Thank you