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Fits perfectly the theme, the art style is very interesting. Even if there was no sound I could imagine the music and the sound effects... adding them should be very natural and fun.

Top quality,  very nice music. The controls with keyboard were too difficult for me (seemed a bit too unresponsive, or i'm simply too bad XD). Anyway, very polished product for a game jam.

Very addictive!

But the browser version was not working for me (mozilla firefox), in particular collisions were not detected (not with shale not with rocks)

Very fun, I managed to win with a lucky (and unrealistic XD) long jump. The only thing that I would change is the sound of the engine of the car, that for me was a bit annoying.

Thank you

Thank you. Health constantly reduce, based on radiation, maybe it's not that clear. It can be a bug, too.

I use resource script (a class that extends Resource, called also scriptable object). I save "user://save.tres" file, the save.tres is an istance of a script ( that extends Resource) with the variable that I want to save. I uploaded the source code, it's not very clear but you can find the save and load functions in the script.

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Hi, I shared the code of a procedural generation test in Godot Engine, that uses one of your tree models during generation. I linked your page under the description of the video, but i'm not sure if I'm allowed to do it.

Let me know if it's ok, or not.

Just for clarity, I didn't share either the .fbx file or the .blend, just the already imported asset in the engine, that can't be modified.

Thank you for your model packs anyway!