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Weather RushView game page

Don't let the tornado catch you
Submitted by Dan Waywell — 4 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline

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Godot version
3.1 beta 2

Game description
Run and drive away from a tornado

Keyboard and mouse or controler
Full controls listed in game

Participation Level
Yes first godot wild jam, I joined the last two but ended up not participating

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Very fun, I managed to win with a lucky (and unrealistic XD) long jump. The only thing that I would change is the sound of the engine of the car, that for me was a bit annoying.

Deleted post

Thanks for the comment. I had a look/listen at the problem and found a couple of glaring  issues 1) I had been setting it to play every frame and 2) it was too loud (I did this on the last jam; donig the sound last thing, late at night with my speakers turned down). Apreciate the feed back thanks.


Oh boy I love this game

Really nice physics, I always thought that Godot having advanced car physics seemed kinda odd and specific, but it's a really nice car engine, and this game just runs away with it. (get it?)

Only problem is that you can't always get on the car when you want to, and there's too many obstacles to ever have a chance of outrunning the tornado. But maybe it's better like that.

It's chaotic and lively like a natural disaster should be, and this is pretty much the only game in the jam that captures that. It's really fun, and it was a nice surprise when I first ran it.


I'm glad you finally submitted to the jam, and I hope to see more of this in the future. I hope someone polishes up this game and makes it even better, although I'm certainly not qualified to do so myself.


Thankyou very much for the nice words. Yea I just jamed every thing in to the level at tle last moment and because I knew i didnt have enough time to make more levels I made it a bit more difficult than I would have to give a bit more game play. Thanks again for the feed back and encouragement.

Submitted (1 edit)

Really cool idea and nice execution. I have played around quite a bit with the vehicle nodes myself, you made it work nicely, eventhough i think 3rd person for driving the car would have helped :)
The tiny world you created in 3D is simple, but charming. Nice work!


Thankyou for the positive comments. I couldnt choose between  3rd or first person in the car, I had both almost set up but went for first person in the end just because it was easier to implement. I realy wanted to put both in, so the player could switch between.


A lot of physics stuff made me laugh.




Fun physics playaround ground game and its great.




Kinda fun. I wish it was more obvious when the tornado was about to catch you.


Yea I totaly agree. I wanted to put a bar at the bottom of the screen or even a rear view mirror in the car. Thanks for the comment