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A jam submission

SuperDuperMushroomPlatformerDeluxe5000(GWJAM)View game page

Made in Godot 3.0.2.
Submitted by LiamIsUnlucky — 6 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline

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SuperDuperMushroomPlatformerDeluxe5000(GWJAM)'s page


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Godot version
3.0.2 But will upgrade now as this version has some annoying bugs like 2 scenes exporting eachother as packedscenes not working


Game description
A jump only platformer where you do lots of tricky intricate jumps to get through the levels.

Either Mouse Input. Point and click where the mushroom will jump away from the mouse (away so you don't click of the screen) and R to reload from checkpoint.

Or Controller (Recommended but not limited other wise) Left control stick to aim, To jump is A for xbox or X for playstation. And to reload from checkpoint, X on xbox or Square on playstation.

Participation Level
Yep :)

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Wow that was frustratingly difficult i had to take a coupple of breaks before i completed it. Great game. Art and soundFX fantastic. Quality level of polish.


Thanks and nice that you finished it! :)


Very unique platformer game. I love it.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I'll give a throughout review, not because I disliked it, but because I loved the game and would like to see it improve

controls are tight as hell, it's great how accurate you can get if you use the controller, as I got my controller set up just for this game.

respawn times are amazingly quick, and levels don't overstay their welcome, which is good in my book, kinda makes it like super meat boy.

These are a few of the issues I had, but they by no means ruin the experience.

1. Momentum is completely reset when you bump into something, which ends up being a cheap way to cheat some of the challenges, and an annoying obstacle in others.

2.Hitboxes are kinda too punishing, I didn't know what hit me some of the time.

3. There's no way to tell if a carrot is fast or slow, you have to test it out.

4. Staircases are kinda annoying, as you often overshoot or undershoot.

Also, here's a few changes I would make, that are entirely up to you to implement.

A) make the mushroom's hitbox not expand as much when jumping

B) get rid of invisible walls, put spikes instead.

C) zoom the camera out, I would prefer to see everything in the level at once

D) change the aspect ratio

Loved the game, and spent some hours into finishing it, it was pretty rewarding. Love it!

I wholeheartedly hope you win. 


Also, on another note, I expected a joke game from the name, but I got an Edmund-worthy game. As some have pointed out, the name doesn't do the game justice.


Thanks :))


I agree. Ill add changes


Almost nails every category, only feedback imo would be some kind of aiming indicator.

Developer (1 edit)

Yes for mouse there is none and I shall add it now for future post jam updates but for controller there is one, thanks for the feedback :)


oh played with mouse gonna replay with gamepad then


there's one, if you use a controller.


I don't have many words in my vocabulary that could describe how awesome this game is! From graphics and audio, to immersion and originality,  SDMPD5000 is a pretty solid jam entry that nails it in every category.

The gameplay is very, very balanced and perfected. Many sections at first seem impossible, but after getting to know your limitations you brush through them with ease. Reaching a new checkpoint never felt so satisfying.

I appreciate this wonderful experience and am looking forward to any future updates. :)


I appreciate all this nice feedback


Talk about a hardcore platformer lol good job.


Fantastic Game! I love everything about it. The graphics are gorgeous, the animations look really sweet and fluid. The mushrooms are charming. The soundscape feels very immersive, it is well mixed, i like the soundeffects. The base mechanic works well, even better with controller (love that you support it) and you created very nice levels around it. I can't point out  what to improve. It is a complete package and my favorite game so far in this jam.
To be honest, the name may not do the game justice. I feel like a serious name would suit this very mature jam entry better.


Thanks so much. Yeah I am really bad at naming things and so I chose something cheesy on purpose but I agree it doesn't suit it. :)


I lik the jumping mechanic.