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Dan Waywell

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Love the art it's super cute. Pheonix was my first idea for this jam so I instantly felt a rapport with this. Keep up the good work!

Thankyou and thankyou, such nice comments from everyone :)

I wish there was more variety too and I'm not sure why the controller didn't work, thankyou for playing tho.

Really nice comment, thankyou :)

Thankyou very much, I'm glad you liked it.

Thankyou for playing.

Ha ha XD, thanks for the comment.

Thankyou and thanks for the feedback.

Really good game. I've been playing it for over an hour and still want to keep going to get that totaly dominating hord. Love the art, the little people and their animation and the title screen animation are just quality. Theres excellent attention to detail, with the blood splatter and particles on the floor. And the music and sound effects are fitting and effective. Nice work!

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Thanks :)

Yea sure, I've just uploaded the source file to the games page.

If you have any questions about the code or sugestions on what could be done better, I'm happy to help and/or learn.


Thankyou very much :)


Thankyou very much for the feed back.

Yea I should of/will change, the keyboard controles to how you say. They were hastely added in the last dash with the questionable decision to try and cater for diferent keyboard types. If I had the time I would of liked to add a menu and the ability to change the key bindings.

Thanks, the music was very hastily made on beepbox, an in browser chip tune making tool, i have little music making skill and managed to make some thing that passes as music, i highly recommend it.

D'oh I left the "cheat mode" on the well level.

And yea totaly the case with the boss, just didnt have time.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for the feedback.

Thank you so much.

I will continue to work on this game :)

Thanks :)

Thankyou :)

Cheers, appreciate the feed back :)

Thank you very much :)

Thanks for the comment. I had a look/listen at the problem and found a couple of glaring  issues 1) I had been setting it to play every frame and 2) it was too loud (I did this on the last jam; donig the sound last thing, late at night with my speakers turned down). Apreciate the feed back thanks.

Thankyou very much for the nice words. Yea I just jamed every thing in to the level at tle last moment and because I knew i didnt have enough time to make more levels I made it a bit more difficult than I would have to give a bit more game play. Thanks again for the feed back and encouragement.

Thankyou for the positive comments. I couldnt choose between  3rd or first person in the car, I had both almost set up but went for first person in the end just because it was easier to implement. I realy wanted to put both in, so the player could switch between.



Yea I totaly agree. I wanted to put a bar at the bottom of the screen or even a rear view mirror in the car. Thanks for the comment

Hay this is quite addictive, nice feeling controles.

Great art work, I realy like the style.

Excellent atmosphere

Fantastic game. Love the graphics and very good mechanics and polish.

Realy trippy graphics and epic background music. Good one button mechanic. Nice work

Like the concept and the art and background music are quality. Nice work.

Nice art and off the the hook story. Lots of frantic clikcing. Like the comedy.

Cool mechanic. Good puzzel platforming and use of one button.

Crazy game, nice work. Realy good weird factor.

Interesting mechanic, nice sound and graphics. Love the boss at the end.

Wow this is a fully featured game. sound and graphics 5 star.

Quality game, good controls and hilarious. 

Nice work. I liked the two types of key, and how it told me to plug in my controller when i unplugged it.

Fun, nice range of attacks and enemy types. I like how you get to retry the same set of enemies.

Nice game. Simple and to the point with good instructions. good job.

Cute little game. Love the background music and the story is a nice touch. Good clean and simple art. I like it alot.

Wow that was frustratingly difficult i had to take a coupple of breaks before i completed it. Great game. Art and soundFX fantastic. Quality level of polish.