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Thanks for playing! Loved your game!

Little known secret: melee range is more effective than shooting from a distance. (That wasn't well communicated in the game.)

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Really impressive graphics! Wow. In a week? I'd love to see your process for making things look that good.

I liked the way you show the level before the play starts.

I couldn't figure out why it frequently wouldn't accept my input to jump.

I wanted to love this. The 3d was great. The models and atmosphere were great. Background audio was good. I just couldn't figure out how to get good swinging movement.

Nice 3d entry. Very ambitious.

Great art. I wish there was audio. I didn't hear anything.

Instructions mentioned weapon switching, but I couldn't switch weapons.

If there was progression past the parking garage, I didn't get to it.

Nice 3d submission. Very ambitious. Nice art and audio. Feels like a complete game with more polish, than many jam games.

Not sure how I felt about the gameplay. At its core, it's a relatively slow-paced stealth collector game, so it may not be the right genre for me.

I didn't feel much different after i got my new leg or eye upgrades. Collecting organs felt a bit dull, so I stopped before I got to the cloaking device.

Thanks for playing! Thanks for the nice comments.

We definitely had art-pipeline issues. Might address that in a post-jam version. We're discussing whether the best approach is asset packs, or if we should find an artist.

Great execution on an interesting design.

If I couldn't figure out a puzzle, it was still fun to try to win it by flinging packets out randomly.

Truth. AmerigoGazaway is a pretty amazing musician. He was great to work with!

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Thanks for playing! Those animations were really late-last-minute additions.

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I love me some tabletop RPGs!

I don't fault you for going post-cyberpunk instead of dystopian-cyberpunk.

From a presentation perspective, I would like to see a few things.. 

1. a character sheet (even if it's very simple)  (see PPS at end)

2. two or three sample characters () 

3. a short transcript of actual play (or simulated actual play, if you haven't run it for anyone.)

4. a short piece of fiction to illustrate the mood. - or -

4a. Any kind of visual illustration to capture the intended mood.

I like the novel dice mechanic. Is it intentional that more highly skilled characters have a higher chance of receiving bad omens (snake-eyes)? 

BTW: Have you ever played "The Veil"?

Trading position for Effect feels very much like Blades in the Dark. Was that your mechanical inspiration?

PS. I just noticed: I can't find where it says how to actually build a character. Do you just get one "stat" tag? How many trained skills do you start with? (If that's up to the group, what would you recommend as a default, to get the conversation started?)

PPS. My bad. I just realized that the listings at the end are character archetypes. I assumed they were NPCs, like a monster manual.

Having now reviewed those characters, I'm getting a "The Black Hack" vibe.

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That was fun. High five, you!

Now I want to make a QWOP-player simulator. I'll call it AL

Nice visual novel. Artwork was great. 

At times I felt myself questioning some of the fashion and lifestyle choices, but I suppose they were well-suited to the genre.

Nice game.  Tight gameplay.

I never expect the sheep to respond so quickly, so I kept running into the back of moving walls.

I enjoyed trying to get through levels in as few clicks as possible.

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Nice solid platformer with tight controls and good game-feel.

Well done! Great art and audio. Both felt like they served the game-design.

Love that little bounce on the platforms, and the fact that you can accidentally destroy your own platforms later.

Nice. Next game, the required controls will be alt and f4.

Good thing we didn't give robots the ability to jump. :)

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Great game design. Very interesting twist on flappy-bird.

I gave you bonus points on aesthetics, because there's no rating category for design.

Did you try a variant where the keys had to be collected in the correct order?

Nice game design. I wish there were a couple more levels.

Interesting concept. Wish there was some kind of AI to play against.

This is a nice platform for a future game.

I imagined Shadowrun decking or Tron light-cycles.

Visuals are so polished! This game is crying out for audio!

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Really nice reverse tower defense! Great concept. Nice execution. It was interesting trying to plan a strategy. I really felt like my choices mattered.  Fun learning the mechanics and strategies. Well done.

It's too bad the cyberpunk jam only rates on aesthetics. Your game design and mechanics are very good!

Nice concept, nice execution. Pacing was a bit slow for my taste, but it's probably about right for the genre. Art and music are great!

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Thanks for playing.

You're right. The timer function isn't very clear. It only resets when you go back to the pizzeria and it's probably way too quick.

(The idea behind the timer was: You pick up a bunch of pizzas at the pizzeria and each of those customers expect their pizza within 30 minutes (60s). They don't care how many pizzas you've delivered along the way. Unfortunately that wasn't made clear to the player in any way.)

Fun, short adventure. The platforming mechanics and level design could use a little tweaking, but the game had a charming quality to it.

Nice entry.

Doesn't run for me. (On Windows)

Neat story game. I liked all the options. For a text storywriting adventure, it had great game-feel.

Just wish I got the full transcript at the end.

Everything is great, but I can't in good conscience award 5 stars for an idle clicker game.

Great art, great audio, nice game-feel, nice progression, good story elements.

My mouse hates you.

My only confusion is, it seemed like the design called for solar panels on every other module, but I wasn't sure why I was attaching solar panels to hydrogen cells. Maybe I didn't play it right.

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That's how you make a game!

Great graphics, audio, animation, game-feel, progression, foreshadowing, exploration, puzzle elements, level design. The story blended into the game without feeling too expository. All top notch. 

My only nitpick is that the enter key opens the continue menu, but then I had to hit x to continue. I kept pressing enter.

Sadly, I didn't finish it. I got stuck at the room full of leaping cats after I just picked up the rapid fire. I'll come back to it after I've rated the other games.

And here's perhaps the greatest compliment I can give for a jam game: I'll keep this installed.

Nice to see another godot user here too.

Well done! This should be for sale on Steam.

The art in your cover is really charming. I was hoping the game would be more like that. 

Not sure which art is yours and which came from asset packs or ripped spritesheets. 

The main character could use a jumping noise and a walking animation that looks more like walking and less like fighting. I get that he was a boxer in his life, but surely he didn't always walk like that?

Since it's a platformer, one or two more levels would go a long way.

Not much to say. You already know it's in an unfinished state. 

Good concept. I like the multiple layers of reality gimmick. Crash bug prevented me from continuing after I took a hit in the first battle.

I don't see any install files. Looks like it would be a nice game, based on the screenshots.

Great rolling marble physics game. At first it wasn't obvious that the grey pillars were harmful, so I felt like I died unfairly. Once I figured that out I was good. It was fun pushing down the wooden sticks.

It took me a minute to figure out the optimal strategy to win the second level. Felt satisfying once I got it.

Nice job!

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Fun take on pachinko. Sometimes the predicted arc doesn't match the actual arc, because the ball rebounds off the top edge of the screen. Nitrogen felt like a slog. So I quit after I failed that one. 

The game seems to reward careful, conservative play: Since I could catch the ball, I never felt safe making wild shots.

Great game in a week. Great audio. Great animations. Great mechanics.

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Neat idea. Great character concept art. Nice walking animation. Could have used some fighting animations.

There seem to be a couple of bugs or questionable design decisions. The enemies all turned away from me when I approached. So it was pretty easy to defeat them all. At the end, I unlocked the door and walked far off the map to the right. Then I made the long trek back and won the game. 

At first I didn't quite understand what I was doing. Why am I dressed this way if I'm just a regular guy saving animals? And why are the factory staff all ninjas? At the end, I would have enjoyed some type of animated payoff, with animals running out the back door or celebrating, or something.