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Great game! I'm very impressed with your technical mastery. The procedural fruits are fantastic! Slicing them up feels great.

As far as gameplay, it's a bit challenging for my taste. I might have liked a difficulty option to give me a little more room for error. But tuning difficulty is impossible: you can't please everyone.

Well done!

Nice entry! The endless climbing mechanic felt good. Not too punishing, but some pressure on the player to keep moving. The abilities felt good. Game feel was good. Feels a bit weird to walk through the enemies without harm, but it gives the game a casual vibe which I appreciate. Well done!

Nice game. Great cozy feel. Interesting premise!

Very polished! Well done.

Super fun game! Very polished.

My best speed run is 6:52, including the tutorial. Then I made it to level 9 in the Tower of Pain

No Mac version?

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Nice. I like the walking animation and the background music. 

At first I didn't realize the number keys were working because the tool didn't highlight unless I clicked on it with the mouse.

Probably could have used some better instructions in-game. Or perhaps farming mechanics are pretty standard and well-known by now, so most players won't have any problems.

The ambience was so chill, I didn't expect the unceremonious "You suffocated" ending.

Aside from the lack of tutorial or instructions, it's a pretty solid game!

Edit / Update: I see now that the instructions are on the game page. That's helpful. Thanks

Just need some audio and a bit of story and you've got an epic game!

Love the care that went into the splash screens.

Great game. Very challenging though!

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Wish I could play it. It crashes for me on Firefox on Mac.

Sounds like a great game, based on the other feedback.

Edit / Update: Game works ok on Chrome on Mac. So it's all good.

Lots of love went into building this game. I haven't mastered all the systems yet, but it feels pretty solid with the farming and building and dialog and enemies. There's always something to do and the time/distance pressure is an effective mechanic.

Nice job.

Cool 3d environment, but I got hung up on the controls and a bit on the level design. 

Looks and feels great, but it's hella hard for a bad platform gamer like me.

Great art. 

For gameplay, I would need much better player onboarding, like a simple tutorial or at least some instructions in the game.

Looks like a cool game, but on my laptop the scroll gesture on the trackpad doesn't work. I would have enjoyed it more if there were additional options for the weapon selection.

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Great object hunt. I liked the interactive menu. I liked all the graphics and the audio. The spider webs were inconvenient, but not too punishing. Restarting was no big deal. 

The only major challenge I had was that the window was pure white, so I assumed that was the end of the art, which indicated the end of the level. My own assumptions cost me time, since it took me a while to test those assumptions and actually try going that way. But, if other people are like me, maybe there's another way to indicate the presence of an open window. (Not sure what that would be).

While I'm nitpicking, I didn't love the invisible walls either. Climbing vertically on nothing broke verisimilitude in an otherwise very immersive sim. (But that's a very minor nitpick. And again, I wouldn't have a good solution for that.)

Good job. High marks.

I enjoyed setting up the lights.

I had some challenges with the control scheme, but it was serviceable once I got the hang of it.

My only real beef is that the text was tiny when I maximized my game window.

Impressive time management game. Nice game feel. Core game loop felt good. I always felt a little time pressure. The upgrades felt good and well needed.

Nicely polished, complete game. Great entry!

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I love having the two gameplay modes. Very cool and unexpected. 

Controls felt solid, but at first I didn't realize I should move down to get out of the teleport chamber, so I thought the game was glitched because I was running into a wall.

Game progression might need tweaking: after delivering a few beverages, I wasn't sure if I had seen everything, or if something else was likely to happen. I had money, but didn't see if there was a use for it.

Nice entry!

PS. Seemed to work on Mac ok via the client.

Thanks for playing! Thanks for the very thoughtful review!

Congrats on completing your first game jam with Godot!

Great game feel. Great story. Nice entry!

Less grindy than most commercial farming games. I didn't feel like it was punishing me or wasting my time. Good job!

Fun physics game. 

Like others, I had trouble seeing the menus, particularly after I maximized the game window and the fonts all stayed tiny.

phew. Too hard for me. Thanks for including the speed run video so I could see how it's done.

Really Nice game feel! Well done.

I also had the mouse bug (thanks for telling me to change the sensitivity settings).

Great doom-style FPS. The in-game tutorial is perfect. The sprites are great. Shooting felt good. Movement felt good. I liked the upgrade options. 

In hindsight, I wonder if we made the wrong decision switching our game to 3d models. Originally we had planned on sprite enemies as well. There's something so nice about those billboard sprites... maybe it's the nostalgia talking.

Anyways, great game.

Cool third person controller.

The game gets more fun after a couple of scythe upgrades.

Definitely needs more clues. I wasn't sure how to proceed. I kept pushing souls toward the middle and wondering why they wouldn't go in.

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Thanks for playing

Honestly, I think we used the basic FPS recipe from KidsCanCode. We put that in on day one and it worked fine with Jolt. Never looked back. Jolt doesn't support an endless ground plane, so we had to switch to boxes, but that was the only thing I even noticed with respect to Jolt.

That said, we don't have a lot of heavy physics. Plants are static bodies. Enemies are CharacterBody3D's. We switched some of our bullets from Area3Ds to RigidBody3Ds, so that might be a bit taxing. Jolt seems to handle it well, but I suspect the default physics engine would be ok too.

The tweaking was all about recoil and reload speed, quantity, damage, animation trees, blending animations, and animation timing.

I had trouble getting bullets to aim at the reticle, so I ended up putting a marker some distance down the raycast and made the bullets look at that before moving. (Which caused us all sorts of problems when we realized that plants and enemies were shooting at the player's target as well, because of our inheritance and me messing with the wrong script.) ((Parents, never let your kids give targeting or aiming behaviour directly to bullets. That code should have been in the gun itself. Lesson learned.))

Oh yeah, the web version online worked great. Thanks.  (I've been using the itch client to play games, so I didn't even notice your web version before.)

Fun game. Nice art, good audio feedback. The UI is nice. The rules are easy to understand. 

The game is a little short, with the timer. It'd be cool to have additional levels with some obstacles or other challenges to provide variation.

Nice entry.

Sorry, it didn't launch on mac.

Neat game. I like the three resources and the movement on the hex map. Felt a tiny bit grindy with the low sale price of goods.

Looks good. All the elements are there, except for audio. I liked the nice stretch and squash animations. I liked the parallax backgrounds. I liked the nice movement on the weapon. Looks good. Audio will push you to the next level.

Great game. Great characters. Love the art and animation. Core game loop is satisfying.

I might ask for a tiny bit more feedback when I do something right, like stepping on a seed. Player onboarding is so hard! I looked at the instructions, got scared, played the game, didn't realize I had to step on the seeds, looked at the instructions again, got it.

Oh yeah, that's a really long cooldown with no visualizer. Thanks.

Nice game. Great attack animations. Great character art overall.

Cool entry.

Is there a really long cooldown on the weapons? Sometimes it felt like I couldn't attack, but wasn't sure why.

The mac export doesn't seem quite right. I expected a .dmg file.

Damn, those are some fast mushrooms! Nice entry! Good gunplay, nice building mechanic. Feels good. (I'd like the default move speed to be a little higher. I had trouble kiting the shrooms.

I'm not sure why, but the window was very tiny when I launched it. Everything seemed ok when I resized it though.

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It crashes/doesn't run for me on mac.

It made me question everything I know to be true. Well done.