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If you're a fan of such games, you might want to check this out:

This is a very short and very lovely room escape horror game! Gameplay is pretty simple, and the environment radiates really strong Penumbra: Black Plague vibes. Not a fan of some UI/UX choices made, but overall this is decent. It's nice to see Godot being fully capable of making 3D horror games.
Greetings from Croatia! :D

Thanks! I agree, there used to be the same indicators for players as you get when they have different patterns, but I decided to hide them since the movement pattern ends up being obvious. But I agree, it could induce some form of uncertainty into player. Probably should've added something like a circle around current player, then it would be pretty clear. Too late now for that. XD

Strange, I used the same method for uploading a Mac game file I've used for years. Oh well, glad you got it to work. :D

Hi, I have found what might be the problem and uploaded a new build with the fix applied. Please give it a go now. :)

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This is perhaps the most polished game which also offers a lot of content. The idea is amazing and the puzzles have a nice difficulty curve. Nice gamified spin on how electronics work.

This game is plague; it kept me hooked for almost half an hour. XD

Nice implementation of match 3 game. It has a few quirks, one of which is that 2 blue colors (dark and light blue) are a bit hard to distinguish. Other than that, well polished first jam game!

I second everything uhearbeast said: really polished game, where only complaint is movement being limited to 4 directions. Oh, and maybe carrots getting stuck in trees sometimes. :P

I love how you put the effort into making all the menus and settings, those usually take a chunk of time to make. Well done.

Lovely little game! Simple, great presentation (especially the tutorials), cute graphics, polished experience, and infinite fun!

Amazing graphics and storytelling! Gameplay was nice, tho it becomes repetitive after a few enemies. I managed to complete it without using parry at all. Still, great work for a first game, keep going!

Hey this was fun! I second what John said, entering only the combinations for left-most item made me play it without ease. It's pretty hard to remember which key corresponds to which shape. I had to use a mnemotic to remember: shape colors are in "red green blue" order, which is same as RGB. :D

Another complaint is that sometimes if two patterns start with same shape, the game doesn't allow me to choose which pattern to enter, so I end up making an unintentional mistake.

Otherwise, pretty polished for a first jam game! Well done!

I think he's talking about "Bacteriophage" submission. XD

Had great fun with this one! It has a nice progression and proper ending. I love the difficulty curve and how you gradually unlock new items and abilities. It's pretty polished for a jam game. Kudos!

Loving the hard arcade polish that's been done on this game! It's pretty fun, and I love the creative twist you implemented (you can hack into literally anything!). I only wish there was some small invulnerability when you hack a thing, because in most cases it takes damage instantly.

Very much reminded me of old flash puzzle games I used to play on Armor Games and similar websites. Glad to see you handled Godot's physics pretty well.

Even though there weren't many levels, difficulty curve was pleasant. I enjoyed solving every level. Good job!

A lovely morbid take on 2048! Small and simple, I love it! The only complaint I have is that very often I'd get unwinnable levels. Also movement speed could've been a bit faster. Mechanics are lovely, I can totally see a puzzle game grown out of this. Nice job!

This game is very lovely! I really love the aesthetics, especially the feathers effect, and birds telegraphing their dive attacks. Making a combo feels very satisfying. Well done!

Very nice use of all 3 themes! I liked the fact that levels are randomly generated, which made each playthrough unique. However as others have said, a 60 second time limit is pretty limiting, and as Bitron said it would be nice if you gained some time with every successful completion.

I agree with everything Cryptic Silver said, with addition that I felt very insecure with aim. Sometimes stars would not get destroyed or Pac-Men would not get pushed away. Some feedback on how the gun actually behaves and feedback on hitting objects would've been very helpful.

Otherwise a nice tiny game!

I think I never laughed harder in any jam game. That screaming when you enter the portal is hilarious! :D

Nevertheless I like the idea, but it's a pretty buggy experience, both 2D and 3D. I recognize a lot of assets from the 3D world (and I think I know which tutorial it was). But considering this was your first participation, and you managed to make both 2D and 3D games, this is very nice work. Well done!

For a first game in Godot, this is pretty amazing! Loved the concept and the humor. Only minor downside was the repetitive background music, but everything else was great!

If you're a fan of Metroid, you will like this game.
If you're not a fan of Metroid, you will like this game.

Where do I start?

First off, I spent a minute or two enjoying the main menu before pressing PLAY.

The game has a head and a tail. Immediately you know your goal: find and neutralize glitchy threat. Shortly after your arrival is pleasantly welcomed by the space-facility-like atmosphere.

Gameplay is simple yet fun. You get the hang of controls fairly quickly, and what changes is the environment.

Level design is pretty memorable. Introductory levels make sure you learn to use player mechanics appropriately, and it gets progressively harder (but never too hard).

Random glitchy environments make sure that the game sticks to the "Glitch" theme for the jam, and are a nice addition to regular gameplay.

Sound designer(s) did a phenomenal job on this one. Together with the stunning visuals, they create a fitting and lovely atmosphere.

Once again John, you had outdone yourself. Every game you made never failed to hook me. Surely an emerging gamedev talent.

P.S. EE when?

Nice aesthetics indeed. Very random and creative (and scary :O)!

The detailed and out-of-the-box glitch effects are astonishing! The way this game breaks the 4th wall is pretty creative. Sadly dying makes it extremely hard to keep playing (making it more like a roguelike game) so I didn't play for long.

Fun concept!

This is a masterpiece! I enjoyed every part of the game. Creative and fun implementation of the "Glitch" theme. Visuals and glitch shaders were nice. Level design was interesting and challenging. Nice work!

As commented already, car is pretty unstable, but I understand that making a controllable car in Godot is a pain. ;)

Aside from that, car SFX are a bit too sharp for the ear, and the game could use some HUD indicator where the next checkpoint is.

The respawn animation was pleasant, though it could've been longer and with better camera positioning.

Dang, for a first jam game this is oustanding! The audio, the visuals, the smoothness, the gameplay, the flow... all are great!

Unfortunately even after several attempts I wasn't able to win the game or even get close to winning due to not knowing what's happening. This game seriously needs a tutorial mode or a manual, or at least an easy mode, but I understand that it's a bit hard to implement all this in a short time span, especially considering you made all of this on your own. I'm still amazed by that fact, there's a lot of content in the game, including the AI! :D

P.S. "" was a fun and honest read. :)

After a few attempts and experimenting I managed to master the mechanics and then the game wasn't so hard anymore. It was pretty fun trying to achieve stable orbit, flinging yourself far enough to pick up the fuel, and approximating whether or not you'll hit that asteroid during the next cycle. RNG could use some tweaking but it's bearable. Nice work. :)

I haven't had this much fun with physics in a long time! This felt like it came out of Garry's Mod. And it's awesome!

I spent quite some time exploring your mechanics of black holes and experimenting with chaining them. It was great. And seeing the cat spinning as it gets flinged is hilarious! Also I loved the assisting purpose of flower pots, very creative!

Overall, I loved this game and hope to see more in the future.

P. S. that menu / last level music is sick. :D

Lovely little concept. Controls were pretty great, although there's some insecurity and imprecision in using the super jump. Level design has no progression at all, felt like I played the same level over and over.

Throwing astronauts into black holes felt so good tho. XD

Wow, them visuals are juiced so hard. :D

I wanted to have fun but it just didn't feel that way. Controls are pretty slow for a duel-type game. And having everything warping is a great idea but a bit hard to get the hang of. Also I raged about using number [1] button to shoot.

On the other hand audio is fitting and once again visuals are super sick!

While I haven't spend any part of my childhood playing arcade games, Kugelblitz managed to bring that arcade feel to me. Visuals are great, sounds are satisfying, and level design is exceptional. Really wish there were more levels.

Finally outsmarting that dog after several tries felt satisfying. :D

This is amazing! The way the black hole starts off being peaceful and ends up swallowing the whole game (and you) is super scary and awesome!

I deeply enjoyed this atmosphere. Simple 3D graphics and black hole warping the viewport the larger it grew. Nice job!

I really feel a lot of potential in this game. Sadly it's taken down by the weird control system, which could work if the game were turn-based, ie. you could pause to plan out next few movements.

I deeply enjoyed the atmosphere and simplicity there, and the fact that you made the black hole the "good guy" here. ^^

Visually it's great, and I love the atmosphere. Pretty hard to steer. Also I recognize that opengameart cc0 background music (I used the same for main menu). :D

Agreeing with others, flinging felt too weak. But I had a lot of fun with this one, very creative idea!

I really did my best to make the game fair so you don't scream at the game, but at yourself. Trust me, in that labyrinth you would get stuck 40 times more often if I hadn't shortened cactus' hands. :D Though this was my first time trying out rigid bodies and joints in Godot and despite all efforts I couldn't handle several problems, like cactus sticking to random surfaces sometimes (mostly experienced in the maze), or when the pot would revolve without the plant moving. Nevertheless it was a fun experience and I learned a bunch about how Godot deals with physics.

Not sure if you actually waited long enough, but there is an ending cutscene after grabbing the final star. Though it's not very rewarding, quite the opposite. But hey, we have far too many happy endings in our games, right? :)