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I really did my best to make the game fair so you don't scream at the game, but at yourself. Trust me, in that labyrinth you would get stuck 40 times more often if I hadn't shortened cactus' hands. :D Though this was my first time trying out rigid bodies and joints in Godot and despite all efforts I couldn't handle several problems, like cactus sticking to random surfaces sometimes (mostly experienced in the maze), or when the pot would revolve without the plant moving. Nevertheless it was a fun experience and I learned a bunch about how Godot deals with physics.

Not sure if you actually waited long enough, but there is an ending cutscene after grabbing the final star. Though it's not very rewarding, quite the opposite. But hey, we have far too many happy endings in our games, right? :)

I haven't played a great puzzle game in a long time. This game just resetted that counter. :D

Apart from good graphics and controls, what I'm mostly praising about this game is its level design. You are playing in one big level composed of many rooms, but your abilities in the beginning are very limited and you can't reach them all. As you play you slowly acquire different powers, each giving you a different perspective on the rooms, allowing you to get where you couldn't before. Finally when you get the last power, you enter the endgame state which gets insanely interesting. No room is seen the same now. Hardcore out-of-the-box thinking and big-picture thinking is required as all the rooms are now more connected than ever. You'll respawn very often after several of your strategies haven't worked. And just when you think you're stuck... you'll find a solution that was right in front of you the whole time. :)

Thanks for this lovely puzzle experience. I enjoyed every part of it. And it very much reminded me of a similar flash game called K.O.L.M. I'm very sad that there is no audio at all, otherwise this game would be a masterpiece of this jam. Well done. Really well done.

Sweet! The idea of shooting with music in instruments intrigues me, especially how you can make it sync with the game. Really hope to see more of this.

Story was also sweet, but the ending... Well, at least I now know there's a bigger monster than me. :D (I made a pretty unhappy ending too).

So Iron Snout reincarnated into cactus? :D

Very fun and addictive game, played a lot of Iron Snout before and I find this very similar. Definitely missed some more variety, but for a jam game it's good.

One word:



Should've played this game last, now I'm scared of cactii. :O

Yet another very well made jam game. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere. First you start off in a peaceful state. Everything is bright and you can take your time to learn how the level looks like. When the scary state begins you are being hunted by cactii in pots, casually jumping towards you (how else would they move? :D) when you're not looking. *

This game took a Slender concept and "cactified" it. And IMHO I enjoyed this game a lot more than I did any of the Slender games so far, and even introduced great puzzles and level design. I enjoyed the last few levels very much, especially the last one. Great job creators! I'd look forward to playing and testing more levels if you plan on continuing.

* This tiny detail of cactii jumping effect as they approach is what I specifically adored about this game. You didn't force any scary SFX like most horror games do, yet the tiny jumping sound when not looking did all the work of scarying me, especially when running away. Bravo!

The game feel is strong with this one. You took an existing game and amplified it with a twist or two. Gameplay was very fun and animations and execution pretty smooth. Well polished and self contained jam game.

I agree with everything others said, and I'll add that the game becomes hard a little too fast. 6 colors are hard to manage and over long time you end up with too many of them stacked. Bombs can clear it, but not that well. Just when I start feeling in control suddenly game speeds up and in a few mins I get doomed. :D Perhaps I should play it for longer to get better, but it's hard to plan ahead with that many (similar) colors.

Overall a great jam submission. Nice work. ;)

This was pretty fun! When I saw the ship room in ice I immediately thought of Penumbra. Were you by any means inspired by that?

Nice execution, short and sweet. :)


I'll have to agree with others that it lacks some more documentation, and that the difficulty curve is not good, but for a jam game this is a pretty big accomplishment! Graphics are great, SFX are pleasing, and John never fails to deliver appropriate theme with his compositions. This Age-of-Empires-like atmosphere is what truly won me. It really felt like I played that game, only with cactii. :D

Can't wait for next Age of Cactii.

This is in my opinion the most original and creative game this jam! I loved the simplistic art and wilhelm screams. Even the main menu is fun and closely connected with the game!

Though when I "killed" about 30 enemy tornadoes, people seemed to stop spawning and was left without ammo.

Great job Raccoon_JS!

This is a very fun multitasking game, I completed it several times. And now I really want that options DLC! :D

Like others have said, the game feel is AWESOME! But the big drawback is having to play all levels over again.

This is the kind of a game I would love to see played on GDQ. :D

We've been doing level design the last 12 hours before the deadline. We've focused a little too much on the content rather than the level design itself, which was a mistake.

Playing Flappy Fish on a large screen with a nuke button during a stormy evening in the presence of our allmighty Juan? Yeah why not. :D

Totally nailed the "One control" theme. Great job, mate!

I don't have many words in my vocabulary that could describe how awesome this game is! From graphics and audio, to immersion and originality,  SDMPD5000 is a pretty solid jam entry that nails it in every category.

The gameplay is very, very balanced and perfected. Many sections at first seem impossible, but after getting to know your limitations you brush through them with ease. Reaching a new checkpoint never felt so satisfying.

I appreciate this wonderful experience and am looking forward to any future updates. :)

Simple and small, yet a cute little game!

You managed to fuse both themes into one, great work! I really missed the audio effects, and took me a lot of time to build confidence into axe's hitbox. Other than that it's nice.

I feel the main character's art is inspired by Cuphead. Similar smile, similar straw emerging from the head. :D

Hey there! I did add controller support. I'm not exactly sure how it works in Godot. I've mapped action keys to X Y A B, but it didn't work on my Steam Controller so I was unable to test it.

I went into trouble of getting source code and running the game there.

I really like the concept of rocket-boosted christmas tree deliveries, very original!

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Some say they're still staring at the ceiling to this day...

Short and not very playable, but very polished 2 minutes of story. Rooftop sounds vere super loud tho, scared me good!

I agree with everything Mauve said. Theme, audio, design and turn-based gameplay were awesome, but it became very grindy 5 minutes in the game. And it's missing some audio effects like guns shooting, walking, or button clicks.

I also really like the UI, simple and clean.

Well done overall!

This was fun! It sparked some memories of playing old-school FPS shooters. The graphics, sound, overall atmosphere is very nostalgic. :)

The gameplay is relatively simple and I loved it. Though sometimes the enemies would come back to life and become unkillable, which pervented me from completing it several times.

Oh, Carl, why you? :'(

Jump and dash on your way towards the houses and deliver presents while avoiding wild dogs and necromancers. But beware, some of the houses will require more skills of you as they hide more than just a room with tree.

Gameplay was great, art and music contribute to christmasy atmosphere really well, and the story was intriguing.

And the best part is when you actually deliver the presents. You enter the house. Lovely melody plays. You approach the tree and leave the presents. Suddenly everything becomes lighter and warmer. It's a sign. You did something good. This feeling I'll never forget. :)

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Awesome! The story, the theme, the art, the music, and the idea are all spot on! Really well done.

If you haven't heard "12 Days of Christmas", I recommend you do so before playing, as the concept of the game is based on that song.

Jam-wise, we had the same idea on how to use this song. You actually implemented it very nicely. I really wish you complete this, introduce different stats & attacks for different enemies, maybe some pickups?

Nevertheless, it was a fun experience!

This was a short but fun experience! You are a cat on wheels on slippery slopes delivering slippery calzones to hungry people!

I really love the idea and mechanic of the game, how you have to balance calzones on your back while also climb slopes and jump over fires. Cat throwing calzones in-air, spinning around several meters, and catching them again gave me a good laugh. :D

Though the second level was a little off the learning curve.

I would love to see more of this. Nice work!

Is your loved one worth getting burned for? Yes!

Totally awesome! I enjoyed every bit of this game when it was first submitted for Godot Game Jam, and Enhanced Edition makes it even more enjoyable. From visuals to sound, from gameplay to level design, every corner of the game is well polished.

If you're in for bringing flowers to your loved one in a burning building, look no further!

This was fun! I like how difficulty scales up when number of people gets smaller.

Cool! Nice concept and fun tunes! Totally reminds me of Ski Runner. :D

Great game, well fitting into multitasking genre I like. Wonder what would it be like with 12 thermometers? ._.

Graphics and sound? Top-notch.

Gameplay? Outstanding.

Theme interpretation? Can't get better than this.

This game reminded me of youth when I spent playing flash games on web.

Well done, sir, well done.

Cute and simple game. Well done!

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Well that was scary, enemies spawning right in front of me made me jump IRL. :O


I'm definitely planning on completing it now that it got many positive reviews!

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Since you've successfully found the second one AND made an achieving observation, you get...

Thanks, glad you liked it!

No sound is blamed on my laziness. It would've taken only 30 minutes to fire up BFXR, create some samples, add to Godot and code.

Thomas Was Alone is always an inspiration for platformers, but it's more focusing on storytelling. Also graphically I started with pixel art (like you can see the detail of pipes), but that would've taken a lot of time (I wasted 6 hours perfecting tiles, only the pipes made it through).

Wow! Me making your day made my day today!

It's a thermometer. It will activate when the blocks it is placed on reach certain temperature.

For this level you have to cool off the blocks. It takes a few visits to the cold steam and back. :P

I didn't balance out that level properly. I'll change it after jam voting ends.

Yup, second easter egg can be get in 2 ways, one with, one without mechanics. Congrats!

Nice game! Really liked the progressive instructions and learning curve.