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Micro chip themed puzzle game
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Oh man, I'm really digging the tunes on this title screen! Cute presentation with the workbench and everything. It reminds me of the computer engineering courses I had to take in college. Haha. 

Oops, if I click it automatically skips the dialogue. I thought it would just finish printing the dialogue! :P

Super cute concept. Honestly it reminds me of that game on Steam called while learn or something. It's to teach programming concepts, but here it's hardware. I love it. It'd be nice to see the pieces on the left revealed at all times, and it took me a second to realize that the info about each piece was at the top and not on the tooltip (hover) of each. Or change the icon of each sprite to clearly show what their + and - are. Only confusing bit imo. Great job! :)


I'm glad you enjoyed our game. There are a few bugs here and there and the game can be improved in many ways but the game turned out pretty well and people seem to be enjoying it. thanks for the feedback!


Well this was just adorable.  The electronics theme is neat, the writing is very good, and the transistor/resistor icons having the number it adds/removes is a great little detail that marks a lot of thought was put into it.  The drag-and-drop controls make a lot of sense and work well.  The graphics aren't incredible, but they get the job done -- that's probably the weakest aspect of this game.

Being a puzzle game the UI and the gameplay are (arguably) most important and I think you nailed those.  New mechanics are introduced at a nice pace, and the difficulty ramp is a little on the slow side but it's not bad at all.     I absolutely would love to see more levels, and more about poor Meter!

As a side note, on Linux, the component's icons don't appear when they're in the sidebar, but they appear as soon as you click and start to drag.


I'm glad you liked the game. we actually had 30 levels planed and even fully designed, but the art still needed to be implemented and we didn't have time for the last 5.  Sadly the levels and meter's little story was cut short.  


I'll just start with what I didn't like, it's a pretty short list - mostly UI stuff.

 On the windows version the icons on the left for components were not visible, so I had to mouse over and read the tooltips. Once you placed a component on the board, it was easy to forget which value the component had since there was no indicator like "+3" above it. And if you mouse over the tooltips too quickly you'll cut off the meter's story conversations. Maybe the component information should've been on its own, like it could slide out from the component inventory or something.

Although the puzzles were fun, it never really got too much beyond keeping a running number in your head. The splitters don't really change how you approach the problem, the dual signal just means start out with double the number. I think as a foundation though, there's a lot of things you could do with the idea, so conceptually it is excellent.

Overall I would say the design and idea are polished and fun, it just needs some technical work and maybe some growth for its puzzles. This was one of those pleasant surprise kind of entries, it was just cute and unique and I'm glad you submitted it!


Thanks for the feed back. it is highly appreciated. I believe this concept has a lot of room to grow so puzzles can potentially be more complicated or at least more creative to keep the player thinking.


Gave it a go, and I am certainly impressed. You had a little narrative and a solid concept and the actual gameplay itself was fun and grew more difficult at a reasonable rate. I also enjoyed the overall design, that said there was 1 small issue. My components on the left, the ones I can choose from, were not visible. I had a number for their quantity, and the tooltip when the mouse was over them was still there, but I couldn't actually see them until I would pick them up. Arguably not a big issue, but I am a very visual person, so it sort of slowed my pace quite a bit. Overall though, great game!


Sadly the components in the inventory slots disappeared after exporting the project, and we didn't have time to figure out the issue. Also each component had a line to signify their value but i guess it wasn't obvious. maybe there can be better ways to show the value of each component.

Anyways thanks for playing. and we are glad you enjoyed the game.


The component lines themselves were great! Contrast could of maybe been higher perhaps? Slightly reducing the component colors saturation and increasing the stripes. Either way, the actual components were easy enough to understand. ^^

As a proof of concept and made within a week this game is good, math puzzles can be fun even for people like me who are very hindered by even the most basic math problems. I'd give it about an 8/10 for a game jam, only docking points for levels being clearly cut short by time constraints and the writing going deeper than it ever needed to.


This is really cool, it has a whole story and menu and you must have worked really hard to fit enough content for a full game. But it still has a long way to go before I would consider it 'polished'. There are several technical hiccups littered across the game and I got stuck at a couple points because placing the components doesn't always work. I wasn't very engaged by the puzzles, the tutorial, or any of the other dialogue. This game leaves me wishing for a circuit board repair game with mechanics that more closely resembled real electronics, since this game involves nothing more than basic arithmetic.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is perhaps the most polished game which also offers a lot of content. The idea is amazing and the puzzles have a nice difficulty curve. Nice gamified spin on how electronics work.


Thanks for the feedback. and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.


I tried the Mac version but it doesn't work. The file is a ".x86_64" but should be a ".app", so it looks like it is the Linux version instead.


Sorry about that. I was rushed to submit everything. I re-uploaded the mac version if you'd like to check it out now.


Thanks for updating the Mac version! I liked the original idea, the graphics, and how you managed to give personality to hardware :) The puzzles were on the easy side though, and I would have liked to see some variety. I had a little bug: components on the left only displayed when I clicked on them. Fortunately the tooltip help mitigate that. There's potential, if you ever want to polish and expand the game!