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This game felt way too slow for me. The text scrolling was slow, the walk speed was slow, the screen transitions were slow. I don't think it would ruin the atmosphere to have a button that skips some of this while still letting you read the dialogue text.

I wish I could restart the level instead of the game when I die. The only winning move is to just constantly remind yourself to move slow...which isn't very fun.

I like the art for this, and you have the basic mechanics down. Good luck on your future games!

Nice graphics and 3d environment~ I wish you could've finished what you wanted to make. I didn't find any of the puzzles.

This was a very fun game to play through, great design. I like the simple touches to the graphics, like the stars and black holes in the shadows. The player could use some better animation, and I'd like a sound/animation for dying rather than restarting the music. The dash ability should be nerfed a bit as well since there's no cooldown so I just spam it to move quickly.


This was a surprisingly engaging experience. It took some practice to work out the best strategy. Unfortunately, it gets boring quickly without level-ups or progression. Have the enemies come in waves, different weapons, stronger enemies as it progresses. Still pretty fun already though!

I actually like the way these controls work. It lets you do full 360 degree aiming with only arrow keys. Even though it's a cool concept it wasn't very fun to use. The difficulty curve is also a bit steep, and I kept dying on the level where you can see which enemies you need to kill. If I could restart from the beginning of that level rather than the very beginning, and if the friendly snakes didn't shoot, I would have spent a bit more time trying to win. Besides that, though, I really like the graphic style and ambient soundtrack!

This game seems unfinished. I couldn't get through the tutorial or the first level. I see the potential for a cool puzzle game here but it seems you exported the game before testing that everything works.

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Could you add downloads for Mac and Linux exports?

This is an interesting set of controls. I think it could work better if the camera always kept the player in the center of the screen, and the flashlight could be pointed in all directions (not just four). I couldn't figure out what to do beyond getting captured by the monsters and forced to restart.

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I tried to play the Windows version. For accessibility you should compress your games into .zip files, not tarballs. I'd normally be able to open them but I'm using a public computer, and not many people know what program to install to open them.

The puzzles were quite fun to solve. I enjoyed all the cinematics. There were some issues with the lighting and the 3d primitives were really basic but that hardy detracted from the game. I will just say that I was confused at first because I was able to get past the windows by crouching but it would catch me half the time.

I wish I could play but I can't open tarballs...

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20 questions chosen totally randomly from a pool of 60. I wanted to have some difference of feedback on each answer but it wasn't in the script and I only had a few days. Glad you liked it!

Smaxbat is right, I put in the intro text and since the script was a bit ambiguous I just went with what he wrote. I was expecting some feedback and changes but we were focused on polishing the game.

This is really cool, it has a whole story and menu and you must have worked really hard to fit enough content for a full game. But it still has a long way to go before I would consider it 'polished'. There are several technical hiccups littered across the game and I got stuck at a couple points because placing the components doesn't always work. I wasn't very engaged by the puzzles, the tutorial, or any of the other dialogue. This game leaves me wishing for a circuit board repair game with mechanics that more closely resembled real electronics, since this game involves nothing more than basic arithmetic.

Fun and relaxing to play. You've got the hang of randomly generated puzzlescapes. Overall very well balanced and I played it several times to try out all the abilities.

I noticed a small bug where if you pick up a chain of four items and immediately move to pick up another, the ability you get will be related to that one instead of the first four.

I did a speedrun of this game if anyone's interested! There's still plenty of room for improvement~

This was tough. Thanks for making it optional!
(Video of passing The Floor is Lava in The Anti-Promenade)

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Sorry for the lack of clarity. That's the end of the game. You can then go back and collect all five books. Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

The Linux download still has the Windows files but at least it works :P

Hi, you have the windows version in the linux download. Could you patch it? Thanks!

Sorry I thought you were the developer. You can still find it in the mac .zip

It should have been next to those files after you exported them originally. You might have deleted it by accident and need to re-export your game.

Hi, please export runnable binaries for each platform to make it easier for everyone to play. You can follow a guide on exporting here: Make sure to zip up the Windows and Linux programs with the .pck file too!!

Hi, please include the .pck file with the Windows download, and upload the entire zip folder Godot exports for the mac build! Thanks!

Hi, please include the .pck file with the Windows and Linux builds! Thanks!

Please zip up your Windows and Linux exports with the .pck file, thanks!

All three of your downloads are just the source code for the game! That's pretty funny but totally unnecessary since you have a working browser version. Please remove them or upload a single zip labelled as the source code to avoid confusion please!

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Thanks for joining the jam. Your game was fun to play even if I didn't beat it. Very tight platforming; the player moves really quickly.

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Your game is at 2:23:44 2:26:22

Thanks for taking the time to participate in the jam! I enjoyed playing every entry. Sorry I didn't figure out the controls for your game immediately.

It's not.

Here are the best scores myself and my playtesters achieved. Reply to this if you found a better solution!

Fair enough. A Mac user will let you know if they have trouble.

When you get time please package the .pck file with the Linux download as well. Thanks!

I like that you used .tar.xz for Mac and Linux... I'm not sure that Mac can open that kind of archive natively though.

Please make .zip archives for each platform and upload them individually. It will make downloading your game faster and easier. Thanks!

Please include a .pck file in the Windows and Linux downloads. Just archive it together with their respective executables. Thanks!

If you would be willing, please take some time to export Mac and Linux versions. Also, for the Windows and Linux exports, put the executable and .pck file into a .zip archive and upload that so it's easier for us to download and play it. Thanks!

I won't be reviewing this game on stream because you did not provide a download. (It's only because I'm having troubles with my internet, no worries!) It's a pretty fun game, I like gathering up the enemies in a group or a line and hitting them all at once. Unfortunately it gets hectic very quickly and I'm simply unable to dodge them all or pick up the heart drops in time.