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Discover the depths of antarctica and find the missing pieces of an old machine.
Submitted by Raffaele Picca (@MV_raffa)
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Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Godot Version


Game Description
After finding a strange, massive wall in the middle of antartica, a group of scientists found out there was something strange waiting in the canyons beneath the wall. A lot of the team died to the strange spores living inside the crater, but one was smart enough to wear a mask!

Discord Username
Raffaele Picca (graphic, code, game), Paolo Dollorenzo (music)

Participation Level
first time

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Wait did you create all the art from scratch? That's pretty amazing, it looks gorgeous. Very polished game. I think the controls could be pushed further, it was a bit too easy to overshoot or slip down. Other than that great concept and realization.


Yeah, the controls / movement still needs some work. 

The art was created from scratch (aseprite is such a fantastic tool that saves sooo much time).


This is phenomenally impressive. The controls are a little finicky and the game is quite unforgiving when you're trying to get out of a tight spot, but honestly, I'm just blown away by how well this is presented. In terms of graphics and audio, it's in a class of its own.


Updating a game after the end of the submission period is not allowed in most gamejams. The reason is pretty obvious : people are not rating the same game depending on when they play it during the rating time. I'm sad to tell I have reported your submission. I have played the previous version of the game and though the art and sounds is amaizing the game was unplayable due to crashes and bugs. The new version is amaizing and clearly deserves to win this jam, which is why I am sad to report it. Anyway, you have great talent and I can only congratulate you for the quality of this game, and i'm encouraging you to continue to make games !


Hey Hernz, 

I talked to the organization and I was told that rules here are not so tight about fixing bugs after the end of the Jam. 

But hey, we will see, I didn't update it because of crashes... Didn't have a crash before or right now. It was more of player control which was bugged and to introduce the tutorial as I seemed to underestimate the complexity of it and the need to explain them more. 

But hey, we'll see. I did not take part to win here but to learn and have something finished! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The game is almost perfect (there are some crashes :p). 5/5 in all categories. I love Dead Cell, and there is the same feeling! It's very impressive, I will continue to follow your future work.  Bravo !

(Deaths: 31 - Time: 36:50)


Oh, crashes? That's bad! Can you name a situation where it crashed? 


I don't know, it's random, the game spontaneously exit.


Hmmm, seems I have to look into getting some kind of crash report log thingy for the future! 


Oh and great to see you made it through!


This game is absolutely stunning. The best audiovisuals I believe I've seen in any jam game before. I seriously hope you two get hired for an awesome game company because the visual polish here is top notch.

The only part tarnishing this game is that there's a lot of jenk surrounding the mechanics. I'm not sure if you didn't have time to implement it, or if it's just a bug, but climbing ropes is impossible and it just respawns you as if you had died. I was really looking forward to getting to the end to see what the ending is like, but I just don't think it's possible when I can't use ropes to climb back up!

I look forward to seeing what you make in the future.


Thanks for the great feedback! Glad you enjoy the audiovisuals so much!
I have found the bug that you explained, check out the latest version to have a much improved version :)


okay this is amazing considering your participation level, hope that you will submit next jam!


Thank you! Well, it was quite exhausting, so maybe the next time I will participate finding a team :)


What to say.. the art style is amazing! When I first launched the game, I was really pleased with the look and animations, so huge congrats for that. The music is great too, and fits the ambiance. The controls and mechanics are great, but not obvious, I was a bit lost at the beginning. I think you fit the theme and I liked it, well done!

PS: Where you inspired by dead cells? The revive animation reminds me of that game.


Thanks for the nice words. Dead Cells is a fantastic game and an inspiration for sure!

I reworked a lot of things, so if you enjoyed it, check out the new version :)

Everything was wonderful except the fall damage and the fact that you can't cancel a ledge grab. Good job!


Hey, thanks!
Check out the newest version, it has a tutorial level... you can cancel a ledge grab by pressing down :)


Wow! Great experience




Amazing graphics and really cool idea! 

I was confused on what to do initially until I found the help menu (ESC in the main level, but on the first screen ESC will kill the game).  Shooting the ropes and climbing around is really fun but I wasn't able to progress very far (despite many replays, all of which were pretty fun, just extremely challenging for me). 

I can see myself coming back to play this again since I really want to figure it out, but I also I think I would enjoy a free-play mode where I could explore at a less frenetic pace.

The music was great and I really liked the sound effects. 

Overall extremely well done in all categories.


Thanks for the feedback!

Maybe check out the latest versions, a lot of movement bugs and the rope mechanics were fixed.
And there is also a tutorial level explaining the core movement mechanics.



Amazing visuals!


Thank you! :)