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Whoa, cool game! It feels so great to throw the fork around.

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!!!

A lot of people asked me about checkpoints, but I think that would break the flow of a stage. I believe the bigger issue is that the game can be quite challenging and there isn't a lot of time for the player to really learn the mechanics before things start to get crazy. To fix this, I'm plan to make a few more stages and smooth the difficulty curve between them. 

The ghost highlight is indeed a bug, and I found another bug with the vases by watching your stream :P. I'll get them fixed in the next version. I'm hoping to do a small QoL/bugfix update and a larger one with more content.

Yeah, that's a bug!  The second level is quite bugged to be honest. I'll be releasing a bug fix patch later today.

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Thanks! Crypt of the Necrodancer is certainly and inspiration. Fun thing is I didn't play it either hahaha!

Yep, an slower introduction of the enemies is a great idea and would certaintly smooth the difficulty curve. I guess there's quite a bit of information with each enemy introduced, so there really isn't much time for the player to really learn their behaviour. Thanks again for the detailed feedback!

Hey, thanks for playing! Each enemy has a fixed pattern, so the idea is that the player has to learn them and roughly map what's  going to happen on the near future. I think the "going back and forth" strategy probably wouldn't work as you progress in the game. I do agree that there is a lot more space to be explored. I'm a bit curious, how far did you get? Also, thanks for the feedback!

Pretty good for your first game in godot. Too bad about the project corruption, but congratulations on finishing something despite the adversities!

Thanks! I had a lot of fun with the designs, I'm glad you liked the ghost haha.

Thank you! I really liked the graphics on your game too :)

Yeah, I know the time limit can get pretty tight to do art, music and programming, specially if you're going solo. So good work on managing to deliver a complete package in the end! 

On another note, not sure if you synth your own instruments on lmms, but there's this great synth called Vital, and it's completely free. Maybe it'll help finding the 'right sounds' in future projects! It certaintly helped me.

Thanks for playing! I have a little problem with balancing, but I'm glad you had fun in the end!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I guess I'll add a mention to the borders in the tutorial, and maybe something visual too.

Thanks man, I loved your game! I was so sure people would find this one to be easy :'(

Very stylish, I really like the visuals! The ambience is also quite good.

Hahaha I'm happy to hear that! Well, unfortunately the only tip I have is: keep making stuff! Jams are great for that since you can try so many different ideas without having to commit to a bigger project.

The slashes are sooo satisfying! I also appreciate the variety in enemies, and the hability to switch weapons. Well done!

I really like the visuals! The mechanic is quite fun, and it feels great to get those 'perfects'.

Very fun and original! The heart beats felt so satisfiying. Also, the page looks awesome!

This is so funny, I loved the voice lines and the little coments! I wish there was a little more feedback when clicking the buttons tho, I never knew if they were truly working (until the patient died, lol).

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the music. I kept pumping the difficulty up since it felt so easy, I guess there's a reason one shouldn't playtest their own game hahahaha. I'll release the (not very big, to be honest) soundtrack after the voting ends.

Glad you had fun! Hahaha that's actually kind of a bug, the idea was so that the player had to press just before the beat. But in the end I think it's better this way, since the timing was quite hard.

Hahaha thanks! I'm particularly proud of the yellow dudes.

Heeeey, thanks!

Yeah, the tile highlight was a must since stuff gets pretty chaotic. I also really like the "disco" vibes it gives. 

Haha thanks so much!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked the dynamic music :) 

Whoa, this is crazy! Great surreal atmosphere, and the mini-games are quite fun.

Lovely music, and the main character is great! The sfx are a bit too loud tho.

The sprites and designs looks great! The music is also nice, but it got progressively more annoying as I explored the world. I think something more ambient and calm would be a better fit for this kind of game. I really liked finding the fire punch upgrade, felt very rewarding!

I really like the character designs and the sprites!

I loved the visuals and the music! The procedural levels are cool, but I think handmade levels would really bring the game to another level. Also, those shadow enemies scared the shit out of me hahahaha.

Thanks Mr. Pdrin, I'm happy you liked it (even though those damn vases are bugged).

I'm glad you liked it! We focused quite a bit of our time on music so it's nice to hear it paid off.

Thanks for playing!!! 

Maybe I should have made it clear that the borders deal damage haha. 

Very challenging! I The main mechanic is cool, and I enjoyed the level design even though it felt a bit unforgiving with the collision boxes. I gave up at those blue spikes on level 4.

Pretty fun, and quite challenging! Are all runs winnable by the give information, or is there a luck factor?

Wasn't expecting a comment here 2 months after the jam ended hahahahahah. Anyway, thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Nice to see you're still making updates! Keep it up!

HAHAHAHA, he's just a little oblivious.

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Fantástico! Muito profissional, ambientação muito agradável, visuais lindos e musica que encaixa perfeitamente. 

Minha unica critica seria pro level design de algumas telas:  Algumas das telas são impossíveis de serem concluídas de primeira, já que é necessário tentativa e erro pra descobrir qual luz abre/fecha qual porta. Acho essa uma forma barata e desnecessária de adicionar dificuldade.