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Loved the moment when the music kicked in, what a great moment! Really cool mix of a puzzle game with exploration elements.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Yup, I agree about the missing sfx and a lack of a better death screen. They were on the list, but I didn't have the time to do them, hopefully I'll fix that on the post-jam update.

About the "slowness" of it, I'm not sure if I understand it. The game was designed around paying attention to multiple elements: the spawn points, their timers, the charge on each spell, and all of the enemies/hazards on the screen. Since I didn't want the player to be overwhelmed and for them to make decisions consciously, I can't make stuff happen too quickly, so that may explain the "slow paced" feeling you had. But I'm open to any suggestions that could improve on the game feel.

Simple, but really polished typing game. I really liked the music and sfx!

What a cool game! The hand-draw visuals are very beautiful, and the mechanics are fun. I think there's a lot of space for expansion if you guys want to keep developing the game after the jam.

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A nice and complete classical platformer! It has quite a nice amount of content, with multiple characters, music, sound effects, and even control configurations. As others have said, the background is very eye-catching in a distracting way. One way you could fix that is by dessaturating and/or blurring everything in the background. 

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Very nicely done shmup! I wish I could bind the shield to shift, instead of the focus mode, and used X for focus firing instead. But it's a great game: great music and sfx, beautiful visuals and fun gameplay.

Thank you! The Whirlwind is indeed  very challenging to use without hurting yourself, maybe I was too evil in making it last so long hahaha.

Thanks for playing! You can also choose the spells by pressing the corresponding number(1-4).

Quite fun! The presentation is great, and the music is amazing! Was it made for the game?

Very fun! I enjoyed the variety of weapons. Also, "Ending B" was unexpected and quite funny. I loved the main mechanic, but I think losing your wand can be quite punishing if there aren't any nearby. You could solve that by having a very weak default wand, or maybe by having enemies drop wands rarely so you don't depend on the level design to find them. Great job on the game!

Thanks for playing! The wind overload is quite strong, but also very risky. The safe casting range is maybe too small, so I think I'll change that after the jam is over.

Thank you! I'm sad I didn't have thte time to put SFX in, but I finished the game with 10 minutes left on the jam.

Yup, the game was designed to be mentally "overloading" hahahaha. I'm surprised you preferred the safe version of earth as I believe it's charging time is a bit overtuned. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Cute game, but I found it very hard to see the platforms. The charged jump takes a bit too much time too charge. The music and visuals are nice. I got stuck a bit after getting the dash, there's a timer that says "3 seconds", but the platforms disappear after only 2 seconds. Not even sure if that section is completable, but if it is, it's a extremely tight timing.

A quite long game! I got stuck right after the part where a lot of blocks fall from the sky, no idea on how to progress. The music sounds nice, and the graphics are simple but pretty. I feel like they would benefit from a slightly lower resolution. The controls are a bit clunky, the character has very low jumps, even when not burdened. I felt like the main mechanic often required me to have precise positioning of the blocks, but at the same time it was very hard to put them where I wanted due to the unpredictable physics. It's a cool game overall!

It feels like a quite complete entry overall. The music felt repetitive, but it fits the game. It's quite easy to get stuck between enemies, so I think it would work better if there was no collision with them. I was positively surprised by the upgrade system, but I believe it would be even better if they came sooner and were more frequent. The visuals were very charming! I love the vibrant colors, and the crt shader gives it a "polished" look.

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Thanks for playing! The circles represent your crystal's HP, you need to protect it from monsters. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to make a tutorial, but I've updated the game page to explain some of the game concepts.

The C button allow you to use your second equipped soul, after you get a certain upgrade. I'll admit the tutorial is a bit confusing since it explains it before you can actually use it.

Hey eros, I saw your speedruns on candela and animancer on youtube and I think they're awesome! I tried commenting on your videos but my comments kept gettting deleted, I guess youtube thinks I'm a spammer lol. 

I'd love if you could help me testing the newest versions of the game, I think someone skilled like you would have some very valuable feedback. If you're interested, could you give me any contact info?

I do, but it's on a weird state right now, since I've started doing some improvements and didn't use source control for this one.

 I could release It when I finish the 1.2 version.

That's awesome, ou did great!

Unfortunately I was(and still am) working on another project so I still haven't had the time to work on fixes for this one :(

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks for playing, that's a nice suggestion! 

Hahahaha I know. The thing is they're all mostly jam games and I really want to explore each of the mechanics to the limit, which ends up making for a very steep difficulty curve. 

Thanks for playing by the way!

I could do a level progress indicator. By spawn waiting, do you mean the animation when the stage begins?

On level 2 you'll need to attack and dash because there'll be some sub-stages where you need  to defeat all enemies, so the it's a little harder. 

Thanks for giving it a second try!

You do regain your health when you pass level. There's also a checkpoint after each level, there are only 2 of them though. On stage 2 there's a tutorial on how to fight.  

There are levels because it's a rhythm based  game and each level has a unique song and beat, a endless stage would get pretty repetitive. This is also the reason why there aren't checkpoints mid-stage, they would break the flow of the song.

A shame you didn't like it, but it is a pretty hard  game and not for everyone :(

Thanks for playing! I really want to get back to this little project and add little quality of life and bugfixes eventually, so suggestions do are welcome, thanks.

There's one at the beginning, one above the skies and one far below :)

Really liked the combat system! Looks like it could get quite deep as you add more weapon options. Looking forward to the full version! The visuals are great, but I think they'd look even better if the screen resolution was a little bigger and the view was a bit zoomed out. I think the music could use some work, and the sfx were loud and jarring. It's a great demo overall, made me want to play more.

On another note, you can get past the spikes in the right by dashing through them, the tutorial on that screen teaches you how to remove your soul to get the dash.

Hey, thanks for playing :) 

The game is pretty hard and not very long, as it was made in just a week for a game jam. I do wish to revisit this project eventually with new content and rebalancing, but it'll probably be after I finish my current project.

Thanks a lot! I'll try to solve it as soon as possible :)

Hey, thanks for playing! I'll take a look at It, any ideas on how to reproduce this bug?


 Sorry for the late reply, just got some time to play. I really enjoyed the changes, and it feels a lot smoother right now!  

One little piece of feedback I'd have is that, although the platforming sections difficulty is fine, they can be very punishing of mistakes. I'd love if there were less instant killing traps. That could even come with a reduction on total health, that way you could balance how many mistakes a player could make for a certain distance between save points. On that same note, I got really frustrated on a section were a key was far away from the lock (near the elevator area). Having to redo the whole section for every mistake makes it frustrating, so it would be nice if there was some leeway.

As of the last time I played, the visual are great and I love how surreal the world feels! Do you have a release date in mind for the full version?

I love the aesthetics! The backgrounds are just amazing, and I really like how surreal the world is. 

I feel like the platforming feels a bit clunky though. The character feels heavy, slow and floaty(even when he's not floating). I think I'd enjoy it more if the gravity was stronger and the player moved faster. 

The floating mechanic is cool and could lead to some very interesting platforming. I think it would be nice if there were visual changes to the character when his floating time is close to ending. Maybe show the floating time bar close to the character?

I'll be looking forward to see more about this project!