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Thanks! I agree, there were still too many villages at the end. The original idea had about double (4 towns around the castle) and we had a lot more content planned to make it more interesting to travel around the kingdom.  However late in the week we realized we weren't going to have enough content so we cut by half and yea I agree that we could have cut some more. If I could go back in time I would change it so that you needed maybe 3 positive shows for the castle to let you in. 

Thanks for playing and for the comments!


hah ok. makes sense :) it adds a bit of risk management to the mix. really hope you make a v2. I'd definitely play it.

That was quite a unique experience :) I think I managed to win without getting poisoned (and I think I picked up all of the powerups).  SFX and voiceover were really well done as well as the overall look and feel.  Definitely a memorable experience. Nice game

Took me a while but I finally beat level 6! I'd also like to think I beat the secret area too: 

Fun little platformer that was actually fairly challenging at times and made me want to explore to see if I could find more hidden areas (I managed to climb on top of the Cave/Desert part of the middle of level 6 and *almost* tried some leaps of faith with the cloud to try to find other areas, but I didn't want to prematurely end my (finally!) good level 6 run.

Nice entry, especially if it's your first with godot. 

Very nicely done :)  Graphics were great, Music and SFX were on point, and everything Just Worked as you'd expect in a classic JRPG.   I had to reload to figure out how to get vengeance on the deathwurm (and barely beat it!).  I really enjoyed Burg. The feeling of flying and soaring felt right and it was nice to have some help in the battles.

The only (minor) things I noticed were: sometimes I had to press spacebar two times to advance the dialogue (wasn't sure if maybe that was for dramatic effect?) and I got a little confused on the directions since it seemed like the first temple was West, not East, but with Burg, navigation was a breeze.  Finally, I was wondering if it was intentional to have two Heavenly Slams since that's what the final Tengri gifted me with.  But like I said, these were all pretty minor.

I like what you have so far but I got overwhelmed with information overload trying to figure out which actions to prioritize. I agree that a tutorial (difficult to do in a jam) would be very beneficial to be able to slowly introduce all of the concepts at a pace the player can more efficiently absorb.  I would definitely play again if you decide to update one day. 

I liked the idea of having to keep the song playing or you lose but I agree with others that it would have been useful to have more indicator on how long the song was.  I like your response to Borza on having instruments drop off one at a time (so long as they are distinct)  since that seems like it would be really clear. 

Really great sound and a pretty original idea.  It didn't take long to get used to the controls and once I figured out how to use the airship I had a fun time romping around the clouds.  Nice entry!

Fun (but short) experience with nice art and sound :)

I really liked playing but I thought it was pretty difficult.  It was satisfying picking up the food but it wasn't clear at first how to drop-off and pick-up folks at first (the instructions on the page helped though). I still never figured out how to use the metal except for buying food.  I'd definitely try it out again if you ever decide to implement the rest of the items on your to-do list.

I had a really fun time playing this! I got to 1.3 million and found it difficult to easily make more money so I blew all the money on upgrades then accidentally closed the game a while later!   Just wondering, how does the high score get saved?  In the next game I played my score was only 87,000 so I didn't know if I was supposed to submit it in-game or something.

I played the windows version and the mouse wheel didn't seem to work for zooming but +/- did work (though I wished it would have zoomed out more).   For a jam game I think this was pretty great and was scoped pretty well, but if you ever decide to add more, I think it would be cool to see occasional deals in the shops where some resources could be on-sale to make you feel like you were getting a deal (rather than set prices).

I think the music was great and the overall experience definitely made me feel like I was a lonely nomad cruising space.  I agree that K.A.R.E.N. was kind of annoying, but honestly, the game would have been super lonely without her :)

I enjoyed playing but I did feel confused a few times since it seemed like the win screen for each level had the same white fade out as the blizzard lose-screen.    it was really fun trying to clear-cut every level and I was happy when I finally found a shop to start buying upgrades.  I'd definitely be interested in playing more levels or checkout out different kinds of upgrades if you decide to keep working on this. Nice entry :)

Interesting concept. I liked blowing up the walls and sneaking outside the map. I managed to walk all the way around but didn't manage to find any extra secrets :) I had fun romping around. 

One minor suggestion is to look into the Godot YSort node so you can make your character walk in front of and behind the flowers. It's a pretty cheap way to add a bit more graphical polish (and check out #help in discord if you run into question).

I think you really nailed the feeling of playing as a mech/robot.  I got lost a bit but was always able to manage to find my way to the next spot and was happy that I finished the game. Made me wonder more about the apocalyptic backstory.  

I like the direction this is headed. It's really fun to try to pick up the stuff while you run. Really hoping you decide to add more one day since the idea of mashing together a runner with crafting sounds pretty interesting.

I really enjoyed the sense of humor with this one with special mention to the music :)  Also, it was very satisfying to attack slimes with bees. I usually can't play platformers with KB but I managed to do pretty good with this one (my controller was on the fritz). Nice entry!

Yea, when we realized that we didn't have time for more tricks we tried to compensate by making the game a fair bit easier so that folks would be able to win faster to at least see the ending.    Glad you enjoyed playing. Thanks for the review and rating!

Thanks for playing!  And yea, we overscoped the initial idea (which had a plan for 10+ tricks that you'd mix and match for each show) but had to start cutting stuff early to ensure we were able to finish. I think our original idea had some of the ideas you suggested.

And whoops! yep, looks like the connection between those two cities was broken so, uh, I suppose that's just the result of crumbling kingdom infrastructure :)  Thanks for reporting that!

Thanks! yea, our secret, apparently, is No Sleep. Glad you enjoyed the challenge. Adequate is the perfect word. On one hand the game is trivially simple once you've practice a bit, but on the other hand, it seems kinda overwhelming at first.  Balancing jam games has proven to be very difficult.

We've never seen that particular graphical glitch so that's somewhat concerning.   We mostly used Chrome browsers.  If you don't mind sharing the browser and/or OS, I'd appreciate the info.  Definitely hope it's isolated to just you (sorry!) but I'll fire it back up and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback

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Hah such an unexpectedly fun experience :)   I wish there was more!   (agree with others that the wall jokes were on point)

really neat concept and execution. I had a tough time getting used to the controls and I never figured out how to drop eggs into the 2nd and 4th slots, so I kept smashing my middle egg slot a bunch. whoops!  music was catchy and helped with the timing for sure. 

neat game :) I agree with some of the comments that I had a tricky time learning to calibrate my eggy-aim, but after looking at the leaderboard I  know who ask for slingshot lessons :)  I had fun trying my best but I didn't rescue many eggs.  

Everything felt spot on and worked very well. The radio was probably the best part.  Did the Setup button serve a purpose?  Anyway, overall a very charming game and experience :)

yea, we disabled stretching so we didn't have to mess too much with ensuring the dual viewports displayed properly when stretched.  Just didn't have time to do the legwork and didn't want to spend any time trying to fix any bugs related to it. But I agree that it looks kind of odd, which wasn't ideal.

Thanks for playing! the idea was that it's easier going "downhill" to the fishing hole vs going "uphill" back home.   

I agree that this was pretty tough to play. I liked the concept though and wouldn't mind trying it again one day if you happen to revise anything. 

our GWJ game from March featured a ton of 'homemade' sfx. my favorite was the bomb fuse and explosion, so I definitely appreciate the effort you put in :)

hope you figure it out. I'd love to play the full game

me and my kids were playing in the same world and had the same issue with the crafting menu. It showed up one time, but later on pressing C didn't work for any of us...

I saved 4!  Watching the shadows for the bombs helped, though the splash damage seemed a lot bigger than what the explosion visually signified.   Hectic and a fun quick play.

I like where this is headed. I did have trouble playing though since I'm really bad at using KB for platformers.  The special moves for each egg made them feel distinct and I was happy when I was able to use them properly to clear a level, but definitely took several attempts.  

I really liked the idea of this game and kinda hoped that there would have been more crafting options (maybe having multiple platforms so you could choose which crafting dot you wanted/needed), but I *did* manage to win anyway :)  it got pretty hectic at the end though.  Definitely fast-paced and I felt like I accomplished something when I won. 

151. neat concept though I agree that it could be cool to have other levels.  maybe uneven starting positions, wind, etc. fun experience though.

nice tractor sfx :)  neat little game though I found it tricky to control the tractor since my mouse sensitivity was so high.  The music was pretty chill. 

neat experience. I couldn't manage to win but it was fun to try.  one minor gripe was that sometimes I didn't know if I actually caught an egg or not, so some sort of audio or visual cue to indicate a 'catch' would have been helpful.  

I had fun playing and I guess maxed out the number of chickens since by the time I quit I couldn't buy anymore (even with 26 coins) unless the cost of subsequent chickens increased and I missed that.  was there a win condition?   art, music, and controls all felt pretty good and by the end I was cruising around with a ton of omelets ready and a ton of eggs in reserve.  

I really enjoyed playing this game; probably my favorite in this jam so far and one of my favorite GWJ games of 2020.   The levels were laid out very well and each new concept was introduced in a way that allowed me to learn it quick but then struggle a bit in clearing the next set of levels.  Everything was on point and fit together very well (art, music, controls) and overall I had a lot of fun beating the game (and getting chicken #342 back home). 

This definitely felt inspired by Papers Please, so I think you nailed that homage.  I was able to see the cracks in the eggs, but I could have sworn that a few eggs that didn't looked cracked got labeled cracked.    As for the Live Eggs, I got a few failures related to that prior to getting the tutorial lesson (wasn't sure if that was intentional).  Also I had several instances of using the x-ray machine and not seeing a chicken inside, but still getting the message that the egg was live...

I played for quite a while but I wasn't sure if there was a win condition.  Music had a nice chill vibe and the menus and controls were pretty polished.

I liked the overall aesthetics of this game and the concept behind it, but I did have a lot of trouble figuring out what parameters to tweak.  Also, I'm not very good at using WASD for platformers and really missed using a controller (esp since the platforms felt very slippery and I kept falling off).

Music and art were very nice and I liked the level layouts.