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neat little game :) super fun to try to balance rocks on the dino's head, then fling them away.

Thanks for playing and for the really nice review!  Also, really glad you liked the ending.

Thanks for playing! I agree that the game can feel a bit repetitive. It was a game jam game and like all jams, we weren't able to add all of the other features before the deadline (more tricks, ability to plan out the tricks for the show, ability to customize the tricks, etc).   

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing! We definitely weren't trying to go for a classic Castlevania feel and were shooting for a more modern and easier-to-control playstyle, but we've got a lot of feedback that we didn't quite pull that off. So if we actually keep working on this game that's where we'll put a lot of focus into that.  Thanks for the feedback!

If we decide to keep going with this game we will definitely tighten up the controls, especially the jumping and overall speed. Sounds like a lot of people got lost so we'll have to deal with that too. We considered a minimap for the jam but cut it due to time. We also plan on trying to add better landmarks to make make it easier to know roughly where you are. 

Thanks for playing!

This is a pretty polished experience and a fairly challenging metroidvania.   very impressive!

Story: I think I read in the comments/discord that you had a lot more story planned. What made it into the jam version seemed like a good start and while it wasn't a super deep story, rescue missions are always enjoyable.

Gameplay: I have mixed feelings on the controls. Neither KB+M nor the Controller options worked well for me. I am horrible at using WASD or arrow keys for platformers so I tried the controller. However I couldn't make left bumper for jump work for me very well either.  I resorted to using AntiMicro to map the KB+M controls to different buttons on my controller(mainly mapping jump to A and mapping mouse moving to the right stick, which was clunky but worked).  This allowed me to more naturally play. I think due to the way you need to aim the gun/sword you really should consider a button remapping system since I don't think a one-size-fits-most approach will work for this game.

That said, holy cow, the overall 'feel' is really great! especially the sword. You just feel so powerful and you can bounce around like crazy and it's really fun.

One issue I did have was that for some reason it took me 30+ minutes to finally find the final boss after getting all of the powerups. I don't know why I had such a tough time and finally had to resort to creating a paper map.  

I thought the miniboss (to get the wall jump) was really tough and it took me several tries to win, but it was super satisfying when I finally beat it, so I'm not sure if I'd recommend changing much or not since I think having some hard challenges is fun. I think it just felt a bit stressful that I was forced to keep fighting the boss over and over till I killed it since I couldn't go back.

Also, I watched my brothers play and it looked like a few times they got to the mini-boss room with no mini-boss and were stuck till they restarted the game, so not sure if that's a bug or not.

Graphics: I thought the graphics were really good. Everything fit together really well and all of the extra fx (background parallax, chains moving, etc) were great touches. 

Audio: this was my favorite part of the game. I think your sfx were perfect. Everything that needed sfx had it, and the quality was top-tier. 

Enjoyment: I enjoyed beating the game and loved how powerful I felt with the sword. beating up on the enemies was fun and it was fun trying to learn to use the sword and gun to access different parts of the level to overcome the normal jumping limitations.  For a one-month jam this game is seriously impressive.

Wow this is a really well put together game/experience!  I think everything looks/feels/sounds polished.

Story: fairly light but kudos on incorporating the theme :)  It's funny to imagine that Sal has to head into the jungle to fetch ingredients for each customer.

Gameplay: In general no major complaints here.  Treat most of the following as minor observations.

Sometimes it felt like there were no good options in some situations, making it a bit frustrating, but maybe those were situations that I got myself into :)  

It was sometimes frustrating that I couldn't place the pan down where I wanted to. Seemed like I could only do it from standstill, or the height of my jump. Sometimes I wanted to place it at half the jump height but it didn't work.

I really loved the knife/wall jump. That was pretty fun. However I kept wishing for a way to just 'drop' from the wall straight down. seemed like I always had to jump off which made a couple situations awkward. 

The hammer didn't feel as useful as the other two items.  It just seemed like the end-game way to reach the final ingredient. Sure, I could also get a few other tomatoes, but by that point I seemed pretty OP.   I like the fact that the game is pretty non-violent, but a part of me wanted to be able to attack the enemies. Maybe the hammer could scare them away instead of hurt them?

Graphics: Really great job here. Everything looked sharply defined and it all fit together. The multiple zones were distinct and looked great. Nothing stood out and everything looked great together. 

Audio: I think the audio was fantastic. Multiple music tracks along with all the right SFX really enhanced the playing experience. fantastic job!

Enjoyment: I think this is probably my favorite game in the jam :) everything about it is very well done and at the same level. I think it's a bit on the 'easy' side due to the infinite lives and generous auto-save, but for a jam game I've found that generally making the game a bit easier makes it a lot more enjoyable to maximize the number of people who are able to fully experience it. very well done!

For some reason the game kept crashing for me (as we discussed on Discord) but I was able to get it to work on a different PC.

I really enjoyed playing and winning this game. 

Story: well, there's not much story here. I can kinda infer what might be going on, but nothing in-game really had much narrative.

Gameplay: the controls were pretty solid. Jumping felt good. double jump was good. the bombs worked fine. I kinda wished I could have used the joysticks on the controller to move, but DPAD was fine.

The only enemy I noticed were the square fires(?) and I thought it would have been nicer to make that more obvious that it was dangerous. However, I'm assuming that because that was the only enemy that fighting/getting-hurt probably wasn't a priority for the jam.

I liked the level design and how there were multiple flavors/colors. By the end I was getting excited when I saw Purple and heard the purple-room-music.

I really liked how after getting double-jump and leaving that room, you immediately get a payoff to use double-jump in the next room to pick up some Food.

I was kind of hoping that the score would factor into the game more or maybe show a leaderboard or something. Also, when I beat the game I realized that there were other places I could have still gone to pick up more points, so could have been nice to have the option to keep playing to find all the food (or even tell you "you haven't found all the ingredients yet. Do you want to keep playing?"

Graphics:  pretty simple for the level and the bomb and the bombable walls, but the foods were quite detailed. might have been nice to see cracked walls for the bombable ones and maybe having some more exciting explosion gfx/sfx for the bombs going off.  I liked the player graphic.

Audio: I really liked all the music and how each color room had its own. I especially liked the sound of the purple level music since it made me excited to see what I was going to get. sfx were good too.

Enjoyment: although a short experience, it was fun to play through and win, so I did enjoy playing.

Overall this was a fun experience. 

Story: Definitely a unique story with some interesting backstory that I was hoping might be fleshed out a bit and left me wanting to know more. 

Gameplay: I think others already mentioned the acceleration was pretty high which made precision difficult. Also the player hurtbox range was pretty small so it was more challenging to fight quick battles forcing me to try to be more careful. Probably just needs a bit of tuning.

Having a lot of jumps was pretty fun. initially I tried timing the jumps to try to get as high as I could but eventually realized I'd get much higher if I just jumped as fast as I could. 

Minor issue with an enemy dying outside the walls so the pickup was inaccessible, but because enemies respawn that's not really a major issue.

I talked to you in discord about the keyboard/controller issue. It was probably an issue on my end, but it wasn't super intuitive that the global option to use Controller didn't seem to override the player's save-game if they started a game with keyboard controls (then saved).  

It would have been helpful if there was a better way to replenish life other than grinding droid/probes.

The ranged attack was really interesting but sometimes it felt like the range-aimer thingy wouldn't disappear fast enough so I could move again. this mainly impacted me on the boss where it seemed to stick on the range-aim mode long enough that I'd get lasered.  wondering if maybe moving could insta-cancel the range-mode.

For the blocks that took multiple hits to break I thought it might be nice to make them change color or texture to indicate how many hits they'd taken (and when they were one hit away, make them look like the one-hit blocks maybe).  kinda minor since in the jam version the blocks weren't a major factor.

Graphics:  I think the overall graphical appearance was pretty consistent. I really liked the background (and the parallax in the far background).  The droid/probes were simple but looked fine. I liked the elevator drone.  

Audio:  I really liked the music and I think it fit pretty well for exploration. the sfx for the player were pretty good and I liked how the boss had its own music.  I agree with comments that it might be good to have some sort of sfx feedback for damaging enemies. I didn't realize I was even damaging the miniboss till I finally noticed the enemy health bar and that it was depleting.  Same for the boss; might have been nice for some audio feedback since you could hit the boss offscreen and only knew you hit it if the health bar went down.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed playing and was glad that I beat it. I felt like I'd accomplished something which is a testament to the challenge feeling fair and interesting. I'd love to play an updated version if you keep working on it for SMVM

I think most of my comments were covered by other commenters, but I'll lay it all out here anyway.  Full Disclosure, I wasn't able to get very far.

Overall I think there's a lot of fun stuff here and I'd love to play an updated version if you decide to keep working on it and submitting to a future SMVM.

Story: I liked the overall vibe here but I think would have appreciated a bit more "show" rather then "tell". the intro cutscene was pretty cool but I think it over-explained some things and could have been reduced to about 25% of the current length. then you could sprinkle in more of the color-commentary later on.  I also would have appreciated the game only triggering a cutscene a single time per 'life' so I didn't have to hear about the red fog power so many times :)  

Overall there's a lot of Lore here and it really makes the world feel unique and somewhat mysterious.

Gameplay:  The controls felt a bit floaty and I felt myself wanting to 'feel' more in the combat. The sprites changed colors when getting hit or hitting monsters, but for some reason this wasn't enough for me to really feel like I was engaged in the fight.  I think SFX would help and maybe some sort of 'force' when sprites are hit to push them back or stop momentum.   

I think adding some screen transitions would be helpful.  Same for music transitions. maybe fade the old track out as you fade the new track in. 

I had a pretty inconsistent experience with jumping. Sometimes I could jump really high and sometimes I could barely get half as much airtime. I thought maybe it was momentum based, but that didn't seem to be it. Also, I think adding some sort of 'coyote' time when walking off ledges would be very helpful. The edges of the ledges are often lush grass, which sometimes makes it difficult to know where the true end is so coyote time (allowing the player to not start falling immediately after walking off a ledge) could be helpful to provide a bit more forgiveness for some of the jumps). 

Had one situation where I left the game for about 5 minutes then came back and died then when it respawned, the game was entirely black.  I managed to get it back by (I think) trying to walk out of one level into the next then back).   There was another situation where pressing the dash button always respawned me back to level 1 (with the vertical column of light scene playing like I was respawning again).  I was unable to reproduce both of these issues.

In the High Boots level, I couldn't read the sign in the bottom left since it was behind a parallaxing tree. 

Minor gripe that when I would jump on the roof in the starting locations and leave the screen, I would spawn in the new screen at ground level, not on the roof (from a gamedev perspective I get why this is happening but as a player I wanted to still be on the roof :)).  

The intro cutscene said that I was brought back but part of the contract was to give all of the Souls to the demon who brought me back.  Maybe I never made it far enough but I wasn't able to figure out if Souls were something that was actually part of the gameplay? or if that was just flavor text.

After finding the High Jump boots, I was not able to figure out how to exit that level.  I kept trying to make the jump to the far right to get out of the level but it didn't seem like the boots were making my jump higher and I wasn't able to leave on the left.  There was another jump in the top middle that I tried to get to but it also didn't work.  I'm hoping to try to play again sometime to try this out some more but I'm open to tips (either here  or you can DM me on discord).

I agree that the insta-death is pretty tough, but I think with maybe some intermediate checkpoints or not always playing the voiceovers every time could help that feel less frustrating. 

Graphics:  really solid! great style! I love how this game has a very distinct feel to it that I don't think I've seen very often.  The player art is great and I really like the parallaxing effects.  

Minor gripes that some of the button text doesn't quite work when everything else is so stylized, but I'm assuming that's probably due to the one month limit. Hopefully something could be addressed if you decide to keep updating the game. 

Audio:  I loved how there were multiple music tracks for the various areas and they all felt distinct yet connected.  See my comment above on maybe considering some better music transitions between levels.    

You really need some SFX though (which I think has been discussed below).  When I first killed a skelly I didn't really realize the stuff it spit out were actually pickups and not just random graphic bits that it dropped. I suspected they were pickups and when I finally stared at my HP/Stamina meters while picking them up and seeing them change, it confirmed it, but I think it would have been more satisfying to hear some sort of audio cue when picking them up.   Similarly with the combat, having some sort of 'hit the enemy' sfx and 'enemy dead' sfx would have helped the combat feel.  

I did like the player sfx (walking, jumping, dash, fight) so I think you are on the right track there.


I had fun playing but due to dying a bunch and the handful of glitches and having to sit through the cutscenes (after restarting the exe, or in the red fog level), I had a hard time grinding through the learning curve to make it very far.  However that said, I really really want to know more about the story and this player. What is the ulterior motive of the demon who brought the player back to life? what other sorts of moves will the player learn? etc.  So I hope you keep working on this and I'll keep an eye on your studio and this game in case you make an update for a future SMVM.  

Thanks for playing!  Yea, we spent WAY too much time on the lore and what made it into v1.0 was barely scratching the surface.  We had to narrow our scope quite a bit so I'm really happy that you could sense the bigger story that we weren't able to delve into much.

A common feedback was that it was easy to get lost. I thought that the various zones were distinct enough but it's clear that I think we need more landmarks and, as you said, tile variety to ensure folks don't get too lost.  We also are considering adding a mini-map which I think could help as well.

The solar dash is a controversial power-up since most people have said it's OP due to not having enough downsides, so your comment about it feeling too risky to use is very interesting.  We originally had an MP system planned but scrapped it due to time and just played around with the casting delay to try to make it useful in countering Flyer dashes and the Boss dash/bolts, but we didn't spend any time on the post-dash, so thanks for that comment.

Agree on the controls. We did spend a lot of time dialing things in  but many people had the same comment to reduce slipperiness and make the jump not momentum dependent (seemed like a fun idea at the time! :)). 

Thanks again for playing!

Finally beat it :)  

Story: pretty basic but rescuing someone always feels satisfying after you had to work at it.  

Gameplay: not too bad actually, but I was unable to play with a KB+Mouse. I had to use antimicro to map the controls to a controller (otherwise I could barely play since I'm so bad with KB+Mouse).  My thoughts;  sometimes it seemed like pressing Up (W) helped me jump higher. This wasn't noted in the  pre-game instructions and I was never sure if maybe I was doing something else that was giving me a bit of extra 'oomph' for some jumps that I couldn't make from a standstill without pressing up/w.   Double jump worked pretty well. Sophia told me there was a jetpack but I never found it (despite beating the game and finding Dad) so I wasn't able to test that.  when fighting, sometimes my sprite would face the opposite direction after my first swing. I think this happened mainly after an abrupt stop (maybe?) but I wasn't able to reliably reproduce the issue.  I learned that I needed to give myself more space when engaging in enemies to compensate.  I've run into similar issues myself so it might just need some extra tuning.   

I agree with the comment to consider ways to block/break bullets with an attack but this only came into play against the Double Jump boss and his floating buddy with homing gumballs. I seriously had a tough time with this guy and had to basically do laps, clockwise, around the level to lure to little guy up (so the top platform would block the gumballs) then when he got close, I could drop down and smack the Boss a couple times before doing another lap.  I kept wanting to be able to get a few more attacks in but the homing missiles were too much for me to stand still for long. Maybe even just making the homing missiles breakable would be enough. 

I also think you need some level-switch transitions and/or allow the player to use doors rather than making them insta-use. if they are instant use, definitely need a transition effect I think. either a screenwipe/fade or something. not a huge deal, but would smooth out the transitions.   Ditto on the music transitions. either let the music keep playing, or fade out one track before fading the next track in.  

Minor gripe that some level text was blocked by the hearts.

Minor gripe that I wasn't able to 'feel' getting hit. either with a graphic, or getting pushed a bit, or some other visual feedback (sfx feedback discussed in music section).

I liked the level design in general since it was simple enough that I could "almost" keep it in my head, but in the end I resorted to Old-School paper maps :)  there's probably mixed opinion on that but I did enjoy trying to map out all of the connections, which helped me realize when I was backtracking into earlier sections (music helped here too!).   I did like that the rooms connected so that you could backtrack a bit into earlier rooms, but it did seem like as soon as I got the Double Jump and Wall Jump that it was a little too obvious on where to go next, which made the game feel a bit more linear.  But for a one-month jam that's a tough thing to balance. To me, it's obvious you were on the right track with the earlier parts of the game and I'm assuming you ran out of time to keep that approach more consistent for the later part.

Graphics:  I think the graphics were pretty consistent and fun to look at. Your enemies and your player were the strongest. The level graphics were ok but there was a lot of variety.

Audio: I really loved the main track and I especially loved how the further you went, the track slowed down and changed up.  It helped provide additional audio clues that I was progressing in the right direction. After getting the high-jump boots I managed to get back to an earlier room and the music sped up to the original song which kinda reminded me that maybe I'd been here. After consulting my paper map I found out that I was indeed in the older section and was able to quickly decide to go a different direction.

I really missed SFX though. as I said above, it was often tough to know when I got hit unless I saw the hearts actually disappear at the top of the screen.  For a short game this wasn't too bad, but the lack of SFX was definitely noticed when juxtaposed with the really great soundtrack.  In my experience I've found that a few SFX can make a huge difference so definitely something to add to your gamedev toolbox sooner rather than later. 

Enjoyment: I enjoyed playing! the music really really helped and I'm still humming it in my head, and hearing the various variants was really fun too.  I'm glad I was able to beat it and would definitely love to play an updated version if you decide to polish it up and submit to a SMVM in the future. 

Good News! we may have figured out your graphical glitch issue!  This appears to be a WebGL issue. The textures for the banish trick are HUGE (> 9000 pixels.  blame bad jam design decisions!).  WebGL has a value called: Max Texture Size. Often this is set to 16384 pixels, but we've noticed that sometimes this value can dynamically change. You can see the current value for your browser by heading to:  If the value is 16384, you'll be able to play OK. If the value is 8192, then it won't load properly.  The weird thing is, we've seen it at 8192 (causing the black box issue) then if you close all browsers and applications and open a fresh browser, it goes back to 16384 and the game plays fine, so while The Internet says this is a value set by the GPU, it seems like that value can dynamically change.

So one solution is to just close all applications and reopen everything. Or play a downloaded version. 

Anyway, sorry for the issue back when you ran into this but at least you'll know what the issue might be if you run into anything similar in the future. 

Thanks! I agree, there were still too many villages at the end. The original idea had about double (4 towns around the castle) and we had a lot more content planned to make it more interesting to travel around the kingdom.  However late in the week we realized we weren't going to have enough content so we cut by half and yea I agree that we could have cut some more. If I could go back in time I would change it so that you needed maybe 3 positive shows for the castle to let you in. 

Thanks for playing and for the comments!


hah ok. makes sense :) it adds a bit of risk management to the mix. really hope you make a v2. I'd definitely play it.

That was quite a unique experience :) I think I managed to win without getting poisoned (and I think I picked up all of the powerups).  SFX and voiceover were really well done as well as the overall look and feel.  Definitely a memorable experience. Nice game

Took me a while but I finally beat level 6! I'd also like to think I beat the secret area too: 

Fun little platformer that was actually fairly challenging at times and made me want to explore to see if I could find more hidden areas (I managed to climb on top of the Cave/Desert part of the middle of level 6 and *almost* tried some leaps of faith with the cloud to try to find other areas, but I didn't want to prematurely end my (finally!) good level 6 run.

Nice entry, especially if it's your first with godot. 

Very nicely done :)  Graphics were great, Music and SFX were on point, and everything Just Worked as you'd expect in a classic JRPG.   I had to reload to figure out how to get vengeance on the deathwurm (and barely beat it!).  I really enjoyed Burg. The feeling of flying and soaring felt right and it was nice to have some help in the battles.

The only (minor) things I noticed were: sometimes I had to press spacebar two times to advance the dialogue (wasn't sure if maybe that was for dramatic effect?) and I got a little confused on the directions since it seemed like the first temple was West, not East, but with Burg, navigation was a breeze.  Finally, I was wondering if it was intentional to have two Heavenly Slams since that's what the final Tengri gifted me with.  But like I said, these were all pretty minor.

I like what you have so far but I got overwhelmed with information overload trying to figure out which actions to prioritize. I agree that a tutorial (difficult to do in a jam) would be very beneficial to be able to slowly introduce all of the concepts at a pace the player can more efficiently absorb.  I would definitely play again if you decide to update one day. 

I liked the idea of having to keep the song playing or you lose but I agree with others that it would have been useful to have more indicator on how long the song was.  I like your response to Borza on having instruments drop off one at a time (so long as they are distinct)  since that seems like it would be really clear. 

Really great sound and a pretty original idea.  It didn't take long to get used to the controls and once I figured out how to use the airship I had a fun time romping around the clouds.  Nice entry!

Fun (but short) experience with nice art and sound :)

I really liked playing but I thought it was pretty difficult.  It was satisfying picking up the food but it wasn't clear at first how to drop-off and pick-up folks at first (the instructions on the page helped though). I still never figured out how to use the metal except for buying food.  I'd definitely try it out again if you ever decide to implement the rest of the items on your to-do list.

I had a really fun time playing this! I got to 1.3 million and found it difficult to easily make more money so I blew all the money on upgrades then accidentally closed the game a while later!   Just wondering, how does the high score get saved?  In the next game I played my score was only 87,000 so I didn't know if I was supposed to submit it in-game or something.

I played the windows version and the mouse wheel didn't seem to work for zooming but +/- did work (though I wished it would have zoomed out more).   For a jam game I think this was pretty great and was scoped pretty well, but if you ever decide to add more, I think it would be cool to see occasional deals in the shops where some resources could be on-sale to make you feel like you were getting a deal (rather than set prices).

I think the music was great and the overall experience definitely made me feel like I was a lonely nomad cruising space.  I agree that K.A.R.E.N. was kind of annoying, but honestly, the game would have been super lonely without her :)

I enjoyed playing but I did feel confused a few times since it seemed like the win screen for each level had the same white fade out as the blizzard lose-screen.    it was really fun trying to clear-cut every level and I was happy when I finally found a shop to start buying upgrades.  I'd definitely be interested in playing more levels or checkout out different kinds of upgrades if you decide to keep working on this. Nice entry :)

Interesting concept. I liked blowing up the walls and sneaking outside the map. I managed to walk all the way around but didn't manage to find any extra secrets :) I had fun romping around. 

One minor suggestion is to look into the Godot YSort node so you can make your character walk in front of and behind the flowers. It's a pretty cheap way to add a bit more graphical polish (and check out #help in discord if you run into question).

I think you really nailed the feeling of playing as a mech/robot.  I got lost a bit but was always able to manage to find my way to the next spot and was happy that I finished the game. Made me wonder more about the apocalyptic backstory.  

I like the direction this is headed. It's really fun to try to pick up the stuff while you run. Really hoping you decide to add more one day since the idea of mashing together a runner with crafting sounds pretty interesting.

I really enjoyed the sense of humor with this one with special mention to the music :)  Also, it was very satisfying to attack slimes with bees. I usually can't play platformers with KB but I managed to do pretty good with this one (my controller was on the fritz). Nice entry!

Yea, when we realized that we didn't have time for more tricks we tried to compensate by making the game a fair bit easier so that folks would be able to win faster to at least see the ending.    Glad you enjoyed playing. Thanks for the review and rating!

Thanks for playing!  And yea, we overscoped the initial idea (which had a plan for 10+ tricks that you'd mix and match for each show) but had to start cutting stuff early to ensure we were able to finish. I think our original idea had some of the ideas you suggested.

And whoops! yep, looks like the connection between those two cities was broken so, uh, I suppose that's just the result of crumbling kingdom infrastructure :)  Thanks for reporting that!

Thanks! yea, our secret, apparently, is No Sleep. Glad you enjoyed the challenge. Adequate is the perfect word. On one hand the game is trivially simple once you've practice a bit, but on the other hand, it seems kinda overwhelming at first.  Balancing jam games has proven to be very difficult.

We've never seen that particular graphical glitch so that's somewhat concerning.   We mostly used Chrome browsers.  If you don't mind sharing the browser and/or OS, I'd appreciate the info.  Definitely hope it's isolated to just you (sorry!) but I'll fire it back up and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback

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Hah such an unexpectedly fun experience :)   I wish there was more!   (agree with others that the wall jokes were on point)

really neat concept and execution. I had a tough time getting used to the controls and I never figured out how to drop eggs into the 2nd and 4th slots, so I kept smashing my middle egg slot a bunch. whoops!  music was catchy and helped with the timing for sure. 

neat game :) I agree with some of the comments that I had a tricky time learning to calibrate my eggy-aim, but after looking at the leaderboard I  know who ask for slingshot lessons :)  I had fun trying my best but I didn't rescue many eggs.  

Everything felt spot on and worked very well. The radio was probably the best part.  Did the Setup button serve a purpose?  Anyway, overall a very charming game and experience :)

yea, we disabled stretching so we didn't have to mess too much with ensuring the dual viewports displayed properly when stretched.  Just didn't have time to do the legwork and didn't want to spend any time trying to fix any bugs related to it. But I agree that it looks kind of odd, which wasn't ideal.

Thanks for playing! the idea was that it's easier going "downhill" to the fishing hole vs going "uphill" back home.