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Fantastic game! A ton of fun and a great overall atmosphere.

Awesome! Looking forward to play it!

thanks for replying, I totally missed this post.

Yes. Made with Godot ❤️

Thanks! Having such constraints helped me to focus staying simple.

Thanks a lot!

hm, I actually use these settings...

Thanks for the nice feedback! 😁

Thanks for the nice comment! ☺️

Thanks a lot 🙏

Wasn't planned, but It can hit export and we see if something blows up. I'm away til Friday, when I return, I'll upload it.


Thanks a lot!

Haha, poor Franz!

Will still take a while!

If you can only run GLES2 games, then it is probably that.

I would love to help out, but I don't have a Mac and can't look into the problem you have :(

Hey, thanks!
It was painted in Aseprite :)

Hey, thanks for the positive and interesting feedback!


The Trojan warning is a false positive.

It's so big because of the soundtrack, I didn't properly compress the sound files to a lower bitrate - I definitely have to do that - But ran out of time for the jam.

It was a gamejam game made in a week 😉

Hey Sam,

did you finish the first map?

Because you get the first gun after talking to Boros (finishing the first map).

Maybe it should be more obvious ... 😅

Thanks for the nice comment! That was my goal, total mindless fun!

I will try out the performance on android... tough I have no clue how to make the controls work on mobile.


did you try running it with:

chmod -R +x in Terminal

Which font do you mean?

(1 edit)

There are a lot of control "features" that I think were not good decision. In the full feature version I am working on, the control are completely different.

... and there is a button to remove ropes ;)

Hey thanks for the cool video!

Hey, thanks for reaching out!
I think it's time to post another DevLog on this game and explain a bit what my plans are!


Hey, thanks for reaching out!
I think it's time to post another DevLog on this game and explain a bit what my plans are!

Hey, thanks for the comment!
I don't think there will ever be an update to this game here.

1) It was made in and for a Gamejam and I want to keep it that way 😁

2) My vision for Bottomless changed quite a bit!

I am working on it since I released this version here and my plan is to make a full game out of it.

If you are interested in the "new" Bottomless, join my Discord or follow me on Twitter for the latest updates:

Thanks, it's made with rigidbodies and joints

Hey, Mac is very restrictive.

You could give this a try:

A really great game. It's so refreshing to see something where there is not "one winner, one loser". I really love it :)

Really funny, lovely, cute and I had some really good vibes after playing :)

It is not even difficult, the controls are just not right enough for the game. I'm glad it's all fixed in the version I'm working on.

How do you come to that conclusion? Which projects did you complete in Godot? Would be fantastic if you could share some insights.

It has pros and cons like every engine :)

I like it very much, it feels great to make the game. The scene structure and overall workflow feels very natural to me and works fantastic.

Some things are not perfect but get adressed in the future, the development is strong and has great people behind it.

Hm, that's strange and unfortunate. I don't own a Mac and can't really debug such things :(

Thanks for your comment!

First things first, it's not a demo, it's the old "finished" game jam version of the game that was completed in a week :)

The controls are really strange and behave very unexpected sometimes.

Thanks for the tip and the feedback, glad you liked the art :)

Great changes, looking forward to play this version!

Thank you, glad you like the post! :)