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So in addition to making nice retro shooters you can also make damn fun platformers ?! I really liked Nutlet. For me the graphics and the music (especially the music) captures the glory era of retro 3D platformers. It took me 3 good minutes to get a hold of the controls but by the time i finished the game i started it once more to try to speedrun it... to no extent :(. Concerning controls, it felt weird to have the camera Y axis inverted by default but there was an option to change it so it's all good. Running on the left button was also a bit tricky to access for me especially when jumping at the same time. Would have been great to be able to remap the controls ! Camera snap was very usefull. I found the second level easier than the first one for some reason. Even after replaying the game. Oh, a tip to make all cartoony run cycles instantly better is to add a little particle emitter that emit some smoke at the feets of the characters. Works 100% of times. I'll try to finish Office Point: Arcade some time soon ! Keep at it Liam ! :)

Yaaay I got all the stars ! This was very fun, the gameplay is nice, easy to understand. The visuals are clean and juicy. Well done !

Pretty fun game, the gameplay is quite addictive! I was planning on making a big city before making a castle but I "ran out of time" ! That's a shame why can't I play mooore :'( ? Visuals are neat but the game lack some juice. Screenshake, particles, blinky thing I don't know, try to make my brain cells go brrrrr. Well made, keep the games comin' !

This game is so fun! I love how the actions tell a story. At some point we both finished our beer, I loaded my gun while the fool shot thinking he had bullets in his chamber (he hadn't). I then took a shot just before he punched me and finished him off with my knuckles. The variety of oponents is also really cool, especially the fact that they all have different hands. So yea, presentation was amazing. Gameplay wise, I had a lot of fun but it took me way too long to realize there was an help button to know the effects of the dices, i'm not very bright hehe. I managed without though and I think this help wouldn't even have been needed if the game had a bit more juice like big red numbers appearing briefly to know how much damage you've done, maybe sound or animation to show that some actions use courage. One thing I have not understood at all is the action bar on top of the screen that appears when hovering a dice. That's really the only thing I found missing, the rest was amazing. This game is on my top list of the jam for sure. Well done !

I got all dem happy points hehehe. I've seen other games with a similar idea, yours was the best i've tried yet. The visuals are neat and the music fits very well. The gameplay is pretty fun, though some things may be improved. I kept trying to drop the dice I was holding on the floor using "E" when I picked a wrong one. I don't know if i'm dumb or something but it took me a solid minute before understanding it was the number facing me that was relevant and not the one on top... Anyway, I enjoyed this one quite a bit ! Kudos !

Oh my god the animations are out of this world. I love them so much ! Audio and visuals are also on top. The gameplay is rather simple but pretty fun ! Graphically one of the prettiest games of the jam, and the best animation i've seen in a jam game ever. Outstanding job !

Pretty fun game ! It was too hard for me to finish though... maybe with some checkpoints I would have try harder. The music is very chill and made me make a couple more tries to enjoy it!

Pretty fun game ! It was too hard for me to finish though... maybe with some checkpoints I would have try harder. The music is very chill and made me make a couple more tries to enjoy it! 

One of the best game mechanic of the jam for me so far ! The presentation is nice, except maybe the font which is quite hard to read. On of the better games I played so far, well done !

Amazing game, I love the graphics and the sounds. The intro and game over "cinematics" are awsome. The mechanic is fun ! Though I'm not very good at it I didn't go that far. Well done ! Keep making games ! :)

Woaaa the art style is just out of this world I LOVE IT. The gameplay is really fun, the move speed is maybe a bit slow though. The music is great and goes well with the graphics, except the win screen music, it's a bit anoying. Overall this is my top game of the jam so far. MAN THE ART STYLE I NEED MORE

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Great game ! The music quand the visuals fit very nicely together. The gamepay is a bit slow for me but i really like the idea ! Kudos !

Hehe the Count must count, i love it. Fun idea, the overall speed of the game is pretty slow though it can get boring. Still managed to kill the Count though ! Well done for your game, keep making more !

Nice game ! The intro is really cool and the graphics are beautiful. The idea is pretty basic but well executed. The music is neat, especially the title screen one. The sounds of the gun can be quite anoying though, the laser one the most. The laser gun is pretty overpowered btw as it stun locks enemies ! Great game overall, well done !

Fun game ! Could you put the credits for the assets you used ? they are cool and I want to add them to my free asset library :P

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One of the chips yeeeted me out of the screen lol. It's a fun idea but it was way too hard for me ! The enemies move faster than the player so i felt there was no way of dodging them. On my first try I got only downgrades from dice rolls but hey, randomness I guess. I would have been nice that keeping the mouse clic down kept firing. The sounds are a bit anoying. Anyway I still had fun and I liked the graphics overall ! Well done for your entry and keep making games !

Played it to the end, pretty fun game ! The visual cues to know which are the next numbers help tremendously. I like the fact that you can't pass through your trail. Graphics and sound are simple but nice. A little ambient music would have been nice though. Overall I enjoyed it a lot, well done !

I finished it ! The last level was mind bending. Pretty cool idea, and the execution is great, well done ! The controls are a bit hard to grasp at first even more so with my azerty keyboard. Would have been great to have that azerty support. Music's great, sounds are nice, maybe the game lacks a little juice.I don't know some particles, screen shake maybe ? Overall it's great, well done !

It's pretty hard to get into i know ! It was kind of the purpose but I'm aware it's too much

Yea physics was a bit hard to get right with the time i had. When the guy won't accept the dices you need to get it out of the rectangle and in again, that's a nasty bug !

Ah yes gamma calibration seems the way to go. Well one thing to know about the shader cache is that it doesn't seem to work on particles. The godot spatial material is optimised (precompiled I belive) and should not cause freezes though. 

What a great game ! This is the most sophisticated 3D Godot game i've eve played. I encountered no bug at all which is great. Everything feels right, the zombies being dismembered, the gun sounds..! The lights are great, I wished the level with the flashlight was more dark as I could see without it though. A good idea for your next game would be to make a loader with a progress bar when switching scenes. You can do this with godot's ResourceInteractiveLoader and if you're using a lot of shaders you might want to use a shader cache. Here is one of my projects where I implemented both : Circus Daddy Repo.

Congrats, keep doing your thing !

What an amazing game ! I loved every part of it, well done !

Damn this game looks very good and seems fun but I can't play it as I have an AZERTY Keyboard. It makes the controls changes impossible as I admit I don't know the QWERTY layout by heart.

Thank you for your feedback and kind word ! I uploaded a video with all the solutions to the puzzles on the game page, please check it out to see what you missed. :)

Hello back fellow Godot dev !

I find your game pretty polished too ! The light effects are pretty cool and make the overall are shine ! The gameplay is very well introduced and this is very good, a lot of jam game don't take time to introduce mechanics even though it feels so much better when it's done ! The 3 last levels which starts to be harder are nice but they are very similar and I wished they weren't but in the time constraint that's totaly normal ! The animations are well done and the particles are always well placed. The only thing that really bothered me was the jump, it felt somewhat odd. Maybe put more control in air or work on the jump parabol a bit more ( for exemple the ascension parabol is generally wider than the fall one).

Anyway good job. For me, it's clearly one of the better games of this jam !

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I like the voxel art and the isometric camera, it feels well together. The game is really hard ! The enemies are shooting way to rapidly. Also some feedback when shooting would have made the whole experience way more enjoyable.

Well done for making your first game ! The game is pretty fun, i like the concept. The music is too repetitive and annoying but it's very good that you included music in the first place. I found it was pretty trivial to pass the obsacles by putting yourself next to it and going in its direction until you change to the right color, maybe making the obstacles move faster than the player would fix it. Anyway well done again and don't stop there ! Keep making game !

Nice game ! I like the very simple graphisms for this kind of games and the music is neat. The gameplay is very fun overall, exept for the shooting mechanic, stoping for shooting feels very clunky and does not combine well with the two others. I liked the game nonetheless so well done !

Impressive game ! The graphisms are amazing, the game is pretty well polished, it almost feels like a commercial game ! Like someone already said it is often kinda hard to see the emplacements of the hard objects. What i really loved is that sometimes the objects complete the painting when placed correctly and that's just neat ! Very well done !

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Well done on making a 3D game ! I know by experience it requires a lot of work. I'd say the game is pretty good on all aspects with great things and things that could be enhanced all across the board. The 3D are is cool and the amount of different assets is high for a jam that short ! The music fits the game very well. The shooting sound on the other hand gets annoying pretty quickly and could use some variations not to feel so repetitive. The gameplay is pretty standard but the mechanics all well executed. I see your inspiration from the theme so all good on that. Overall it's a really nice study game and pretty impressive for the jam duration, well done !

Updating a game after the end of the submission period is not allowed in most gamejams. The reason is pretty obvious : people are not rating the same game depending on when they play it during the rating time. I'm sad to tell I have reported your submission. I have played the previous version of the game and though the art and sounds is amaizing the game was unplayable due to crashes and bugs. The new version is amaizing and clearly deserves to win this jam, which is why I am sad to report it. Anyway, you have great talent and I can only congratulate you for the quality of this game, and i'm encouraging you to continue to make games !

Daamn that shotgun fire rate, made me laugh so hard ! First of all, congrats on making a 3D game with Godot! I really like the meshes, i'm less fond of the textures but they do the job alright. The HUD is not scaling on resize which makes it too big on small windows. The audio is quite good but not everything as a sound which is a shame and the audio balance needs more work. I also would have liked to hear some music. The game is fun, maybe a bit too easy but that's alright for a jam game.  Anyway I enjoyed it, well done ! Keep going, we need more 3D games made with Godot !

Thank you so much for this very positive review ! We found the game was too difficult a bit after the deadline, it is so hard to balance a game you've made ! I agree with the tile transition being too fast, it needs some animation.

That's a cool game, I enjoyed it a lot ! The graphics are neat and the music fits well. I stuck some pillar between two cell which made me restart the game. I sadly don't see how the game fits the theme but it is one of my favorite of the jam so far ! Well done and keep going !

Nice work on the controls they feel very smooth ! I would have liked to see a game a little more polished but it's pretty good ! Keep up !

I loved that one ! Nice graphics, mouth sounds are the best sound ;). The game mechanics are well put together. The theme is fully respected. Sadly the lack of precise objective made me eventually quit the game but i had my fun ! Very well done, one of the best of this jam for me so far !

I like the mood of the game, the pixel art is simple but lovely and the music fits well. The controls are well done exept for some of the collisions. I think it fits the theme allright but the game is too focused on trading than on exploration. The game is realy fun at first but then it gets a bit boring. Anyway it's good, keep up the good work !