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Wow we never went that far ! We're really happy you liked it so much. Thank you ! 

And I did ! I think I found in my first run then, I cliqued on the puzzle pieces in the wrong anwser and after that the right order didn't worked either. I would have missed that plot twist what a shame !

Pretty cool game, i like the atmosphere. I got stuck in front of a door, I figured I had to do something with the puzzle pieces but could find out what. Nice work, keep going :)

This is soo cool ! Well executed original idea. The music is really nice and ties the game together. I just couldn't stop planting haha. Well done !

Thank you so much ! We're really glad to see you like the game ! We will share the source code of the game after the jam if you want to take a look :)

I'm a big fan of art deco, probably because my first game was Bioshock, so you got me right in the feels for the visuals. The sounds are amazing and the little elevator music loops very well! I found the game pretty hard as i have no memory at all ! It would have been great if i could put little stickers with the right number on the panel, it would'nt destroy the gameplay as the configuration changes constantly. Good job, keep making art deco games please there are never enough !

Well let's make some publicity then ! Here is our entry, a card game where all the cards are not always as they seem...

Thank you, we scratched our head on how to respect the theme for more than a day haha!

Oh, thank you a lot !

Thank you ! Yes i feel the same way about the font, we forgot to change it.

Cool game. I first did not understood i could double jump, a little message box could have helped. The animations feel a bit clunky but the rest of the visuals are great, Good job !

So of course, amazing music and visuals, well done ! It rare enough to mention so also nice animation it is quite rare on jam games. I wish there was a way to quickly skip the dialogues,  I played the game more than once to try everything and it was a bit frustrating to wait for the "continue" button to appear. Great job, keep going ! 

Really cool game! I did not figured how to win, but hey I must not be thinking out of the box enough. A cool addition could be little hints of what to really do, subtile ones of course. I loved the visuals. The coin physics alone keeps you playing . The little music is very simple but blends greatly with the game. Great job, one of my favorites so far. Keep making games !

Liked the visuals on this one ! Seems like you ran a bit out of time for the rest . Good job tho it must have taken some time to make all thoses assets ! Keep going :)

Realy good pixel art ! I loved the little leafs changing form while falling. I did not understand the choice for the key binding. I think "space" or "w" for jumping, "shift" for dashing and space for using the skill would have been a better take. I quickly ran out of charges for my skill while playing with it and didn't found the way to recharge it. Anyway the level desing was pretty good, and again the visuals, waw. Good job !

Pretty fun game ! The controls are a a bit clunky especially the fact that the player stick on walls . The "jump over this hole" made me chuckle when i landed. Good job, keep going :)

Nice game ! I especially like the little music and how it changes when hit an ennemi. Couldn't finish it tho, on the second level i managed to get out of the level by going left, and on my second try i got stuck in the ground at the start of that same level. It seems like you handle collisions in a wierd way too. Good job ! Keep making games !

I really liked the the level desing you did a good job on that ! The player feels a bit slow and heavy perhaps. We did a quite similar game but with a rock :P ! Great job, i had fun.

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That's a good take on the "one bullet" idea. I imagine the little robot too weak to handle the recoil of guns having to grab a new one every time he shoots ! I feel like all the game flaws have already been said in the other comments. Good job, maybe try to polish your game to see what more you can do with this game mechanic !

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Really original idea ! The game is not easy at all even using only alpha-numeric characters as there is a lot of enemis. That's a great take on the typing game genre and it fully stick to the theme. There is sadly a limitation in term of gameplay, the player can just roll his head on the keyboard and win every round. This could be fixed with malus if the player types a wrong key. Great job ! I thing you got something here !

Damn that was fun. That's what she said ! Great game , I had some trouble reading bubbles going to fast, the text becomes blurry when it moves. The fact that the bubbles are moving away is a great idea as this joke is funny only if you say it on time ! Great execution on a original idea ! Amazing work.

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Don't be so hard on yourself, the game is not finished but the idea is cool and the level is quite nicely designed ! On your next games be carefull to handle collition correctly so the player don't stop on a wall but rather slide on it. Good job on finishing your first game, keep going !

I loved that game ! I realy liked the feel of trying to turn my piece of junk of a cab around. Like the rest, I had to get used to the controls and it took me a lap to understand how the physics of the cab worked. The controls might not be the most intuitive but I have no idea how to make it better and I got used to it so no big deal. Maybe some kind of tutorial or explication on how the cab reacts given the wheel position. For exemple putting the wheel on the left makes you turn right wich is normal but counter-intuitive at first. I was impressed on how much work you had time to put in just 48H ! Great job !

I agree with Tricky_Fat_Cat for the mouse aiming. Not seing the distance of the movement didn't bother me as it is always the same so you dash 2/3 times and you kinda know it for the rest of the game. I realy love the art, i'm usualy not very fond of 3D pixel-art but you did it realy well here in my opinion. The dash animation feels really good, a find addition could have been some screen-shake when the player hits an ennemi. Like Mystical_Pidgeon said a smaller cooldown could feel better. I imagine static ennemis disposed in Z-shape for exemple, the player would have to zig-zag quicky to kill all of them, it would feel great ! Anyway that a cool idea, if it wasn't for theses littles things it would have been one of my favorite games ! Keep up the good work (and art !)

That's a really original idea ! Like Epsiom said, the game lack a bit of polish but well made overall so it doesn't bother me that much. I am sure more can be done with this idea in term of level design for exemple. Keep thinking about it you just might have something !

The art and animations are amazing ! I think that the first press on 'e' doesn't work. The gameplay is maybe a bit simple, but hey, i had only one key to press ! Good job, keep making games :)

What an original game ! I love the idea of a knight that juggles with weapon thus killing everyone in its path. The adherence seems to me a little light as it is not the core idea of the game. Good job anyway, keep doing games !

That's a cute and funny game ! I would have loved more ennemi types that do more than just follow you. The graphisms and musics are really cool. Nicely done, keep going !

Great game ! The theme is fully respected. I don't know the original game and I don't know what you changed in it, this bothers me for noting originality. I agree that a quick restart button would have been usefull. The levels are mostly fun (my poor brain struggled when there where too many line cross) and the difficulty ramp is smooth. Well done :)

Voila CA c'est un jeu d'ambiance ! J'ai vraiment adoré, on s'y crois et on a envie de faire plaisir au clients ! Coté gameplay j'aurais aimé qu'on puisse rater les boissons par exemple l'histoire de donner une raison a la partie préparation. Un grand bravo en tous cas !

Putain ce jeu est incroyable. L'idée de gameplay est génial et va parfaitement avec le message. Un très très grand bravo

Une seule chose a dire : Beuéhéhéhéhéhé ! :P

Mmmh, j'ai peu être pas compris quelque chose mais je tue tous les ennemis de la zone, puis la flèche me dit de traverser la rivière mais c'est impossible.

Quand lemmings et portal 2 font un enfant... et bha ça marche super bien ! J'aurais aimé plus de niveaux et surtout des niveaux plus dur, mais c'est bon signe ça veux dire que j'en redemande ! C'est vrai que graphiquement et au niveau sonore c'est pas très fournis par contre. Bravo a toi , tu devrais continuer le jeu je pense qu'il y a des casses têtes sympa à imaginer !

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Super jeu chapeau ! Tu as su mettre les son et les effets au bons endroits pour rendre le jeu très juicy ! Pour le petit point négatif, il y a quelques bugs, j'ai remarqué celui des collisions par exemple. Je ne peux pas aller au delà du premier niveau car je suis sur Firefox c'est dommage, pense a mettre une version téléchargeable la prochaine fois. Un grand bravo a toi !

Le thème est respecté et le concept est sympa ! Comme disais Helgrind et marcan ça fait beaucoup pensé a Tag : The power of Paint et portal 2. Je ne suis pas arrivé à passer les tourelles moi non plus. Les contrôles (notamment le dash) demanderaient plus d'équilibrage. Je rejoins poulpass, une barre de vie aurais été bien. Les sons manques aussi vraiment pour les tourelles. Le niveau tutoriel est plutôt bien fait on comprends assez vite  ce que l'on doit faire. Attention en revanche, tes phrases en anglais ne son pas toujours correctes ^^'.

Merci pour ton retour ! Le jeu est un arcade top-down shooter, le but est de faire un score le plus élevé possible. Lorsque l'on tue un ennemi d'une couleur cela fait monté la jauge de la même couleur. Lorsque certains paliers sont ateints dans les jauges on entre dans un mode "fever" différent ou la cadance de tir augmente notament. Pour finir lorsque le joueur passe sur une tache de peinture, il prends sa couleur et tue les ennemis de cette couleur en un coup. Oui le jeu a malheureusement quelques soucis de performances (crashs et baisse de fps). Sur quel OS a-tu testé le jeu ?

Merci beaucoup pour ton retour ! Les rafflesias sont la justement pour temporiser (gagner des tours).  En utilisant les rafflesias on gagne normalement dans 70% des parties. Mais tu a raison, la difficulté est trop haute pour une game jam. On avait pas prévus que le temps de prendre en main le jeu les nouveaux joueurs avaient peu de chances de gagner leur première partie.

Merci ! Oui c'est normal c'est la description qui porte à confusion