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Indiana Stallone and the Paper of TruthView game page

Find the Holy Paper in an ancient pyramid
Submitted by MVP Good Games Easy (@mvpggez) — 3 minutes, 7 seconds before the deadline
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This was a fun game!

Indiana Jones Stallone definitely fits the "discovery" theme, although it might have fit a little better if we didn't know what we were looking for and had to actually discover it!  Theme -- 4/5

I had a good time playing.  Destroying the mummies felt satisfying, and exploring the levels didn't feel too tedious.  It was a pretty good length for a jam game too.  My only major complaint was the lack of a pause button.  Fun -- 4/5

The controls felt great.  The movement speed was good and point-to-aim felt like the most natural choice.  Controls -- 5/5

Very impressive graphics for a week long jam!  I thought everything looked good, and the Godot logos in the floor were a nice touch.  Graphics -- 5/5

The sound effects were pretty good, although the gunshots sounded a little muffled.  The lack of background music or ambient sounds was a little disappointing too.  One or the other could have added a lot to the atmosphere.  Audio -- 3/5

I can't really say this game is original in any significant way, being a pretty standard dungeon crawler/infinite shooter.  Originality -- 2/5


Moin! Thank you for your extensive feedback! Did we give away too much? We thought that the "Paper of Truth" would be ominous enough, and we really needed a suitable subtitle for this game. 😁

We have a pause menu in our current version of the game, so it will be in the "after-jam-version". Background music is one of our main weaknesses right now, we definitely need to work on that.


Infinite ammo really sold the 'stallone' vibe :)  I had a lot of fun clearing out the mummies. I agree that some background music might have been nice, as would some variety in the enemies. Maybe something as simple as different color mummies that had different behavior or HP.

I enjoyed playing and would check it out again if you decide to keep working on it.


Moin! Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, we thought that it would be more fun if you don't have to think your ammunition all the time, but now the enemies are not really threatening. Maybe we can tweak this part a little more. We talked about a bossfight in the last level, but as we have still a big project in development and some minor stuff besides it this feature was not feasible for us in that jam time.


Daamn that shotgun fire rate, made me laugh so hard ! First of all, congrats on making a 3D game with Godot! I really like the meshes, i'm less fond of the textures but they do the job alright. The HUD is not scaling on resize which makes it too big on small windows. The audio is quite good but not everything as a sound which is a shame and the audio balance needs more work. I also would have liked to hear some music. The game is fun, maybe a bit too easy but that's alright for a jam game.  Anyway I enjoyed it, well done ! Keep going, we need more 3D games made with Godot !


At first, thank you for your feedback. The points you have mentioned are on our list of things we want to fix after the voting has ended. We are happy to hear that you have enjoyed our game. :D


It fits the theme and you applied non verbal, so congrats for that! The game is easy to apprehend and there’s some content, which is nice! I like the effect when the enemy die. The sounds could be a bit stronger. Especially for the shotgun (which is very powerful btw!), it would give more depth to the weapon.

Overall pretty great in my opinion, congrats and good luck for your entry!


Thanks for your kind words! We want to balance the weapons and add a shotgun sound after the voting period has ended.


No Mac version?


We wanted to export a platform-independent HTML5 version, but in the end our time ran out. We just managed to export for Linux and Windows, as these are our test-systems.


I really liked the matte-shaded artstyle and felt a little bit sorry for the mummies - they were some very powerful guns!


Thank you! We want to add ammunition for the shotgun and machine gun so they are a bit more balanced.  And don't be sorry for the mummies. They want you to feel sorry and then they will get you... :D