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I wish my computer had exaust pipes like that

A topic by Hernz created Sep 17, 2022 Views: 64 Replies: 1
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So in addition to making nice retro shooters you can also make damn fun platformers ?! I really liked Nutlet. For me the graphics and the music (especially the music) captures the glory era of retro 3D platformers. It took me 3 good minutes to get a hold of the controls but by the time i finished the game i started it once more to try to speedrun it... to no extent :(. Concerning controls, it felt weird to have the camera Y axis inverted by default but there was an option to change it so it's all good. Running on the left button was also a bit tricky to access for me especially when jumping at the same time. Would have been great to be able to remap the controls ! Camera snap was very usefull. I found the second level easier than the first one for some reason. Even after replaying the game. Oh, a tip to make all cartoony run cycles instantly better is to add a little particle emitter that emit some smoke at the feets of the characters. Works 100% of times. I'll try to finish Office Point: Arcade some time soon ! Keep at it Liam ! :)


Ah man, thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback.  I'll hopefully come back to this one someday.  Needs a lot of work.