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Very well made!

Some really smart level design, well done

Awesome. I already finished it once in the first version, really great job on it.

Very impressive game to do in a game jam. It's really great and feels like a full game. One bug is with the 7 dice, many times the doubling effect doesn't seem to work.

I see, I thought it's a bug because the shelves can be full and you can't get rid of the item in order to fix the shelves. In other words, you can get stuck and wait an unreasonable amount of time, or maybe permanently?

Wow, super good game. I feel this is how it would be to worn at a convenient store. This would be really fun multiplayer.

One problem I think it's not possible to fix shelves while holding an item.

Nice concept! Frustrating but addictive.

Very cool concept, it's clear and enjoyable. Maybe the biggest issue right now is you win too easy, even if I knock down the candle, until it drops I still win.

Awesome little game. Took me a while to finish it.

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Great work and congratulations for winning! I can't make it grow with the RMB in the second stage, I'm playing in Chrome browser.

Edit: Nevermind, I realized you can beat the level without growing there. The game is really fun and polished.

Hi, thanks a lot for the update, it really looks like an awesome tool. I wanted to report the 1.9 Windows Portable download link seems to be broken.

Hey that's a nice idea but I think it shouldn't be randomly generated. I keep getting impossible levels, and even if something is possible I can't really know for sure.

Wait did you create all the art from scratch? That's pretty amazing, it looks gorgeous. Very polished game. I think the controls could be pushed further, it was a bit too easy to overshoot or slip down. Other than that great concept and realization.

Nice job, very engaging game. Also found 9/10 potions, finished it, found 1/2 texts and jumped off the cliff :D

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Really cute art and nice controls! The game felt polished , but here's some feedback:
I think it would be more engaging if there was some danger other than the time limit, some enemy that can harm you that you need to avoid or overcome. Also as a concept it felt a bit counter-intuitive to touch dead and sick rats, my intuition was telling me I should actually avoid them so I don't take damage.

Very nice art, and I liked that the game had a lot of love put into it. From the main Menu, to the parallax backgrounds, to the mouse aiming, it felt you had a vision when making it.
I like where it's going, some feedback:
Difficulty suddenly spiked on the disappearing platforms. I wished they had a different design to differentiate them, maybe have constant distance between them and also they came kind of unexpected.
I got stuck on the second level as the platforms seem to block the jump and I kept dieing.
Very good entry overall.

Thank you so much!

I absolutely love the art style, great job with it! I think some atmospheric sound would really make it shine. I agree with the comments about the controls, it would also add a lot to the experience to refine them. Really cool game!

Hi, nice job on the newspaper art and the game felt pretty advanced while easy to control. Like others I didn't understand how to play very well. There is a counter when we load the birds but it zeros when bringing them to the goal, so I'm not sure what to do. Also it would load birds back when I'm at the town hall.
Good job overal and looking forward to your future games. I also learned a lot on this jam!

Pretty cool evolution concept! I liked the presentation and the gameplay mechanic. It was a bit unclear how to contain the spread of the virus though. Easy difficulty went fine, in Normal I kept reproducing cells that are pretty distance from the plague target but the infection number was quite high. Great job overall!

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Great job! Lovely twists and the game plays and feels right. I liked that it feels real-time but has the tactic nature of a turned-based as well. The game feels fresh and original. The rain got me in the end but it was quite a bit of fun!

Pretty funny! Lovely wordplay as well as actually staying within the theme. It took me a while to realize I had to use the keyboard controls, it would be nice if I could just use the mouse for scrolling. Nice work overall, liked the presentation and it kept me engaged until I finished it.

Really fun game, I loved the aesthetics and it played quite fluently. I agree I couldn't get ammo and the punch didn't seem useful as I couldn't see you and they could drain half of the health if they come close. Hit detection from distance also seemed to miss a lot even though the circle was overlapping with the sprite. But I really liked the time I played, great work!

Nice game but it seems death is inevitable or maybe it's too difficult? I like the idea but it would be nice to have more motivation than the length of survival.

I really like the idea and the infection mechanics fit great on the theme of the game. I also found it a bit too difficult, maybe tweaking the infection rate and the number of tents could have a better balance of difficulty.

Really great art and original concept. I loved the atmosphere, I wish it had some nice music to go along with it. I find it a bit hard to solve in the end, as the hints weren't very helpful. For example I kept getting hints about bacteria even though the research on it was already done. But it looks really polished overall.

Sorry I had no idea, I'll keep an eye on this in the future. It works on Chrome, but I should've probably provided executables as well.

Thanks a lot. Quite a honor to think of Warrioware and nice idea to use it as reference!

Great entry. Really novel theme, and I think the chill music compliments the idea of going through a plague and horrors outside really nicely. The song was very pleasant to hear. I totally missed out on Ceefax but it certainly conveys the experience of another time! Well done.

Thanks a lot! Yes I wanted to add that mechanic if only I had more time, definitely keeping note of it for the future!

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Great game, I loved the art and nice touches like the anticipation of the floating enemy before they shoot you; after I learned the timing I became good at evading them. Also liked that you have finite bullets even though I didn't notice it in the first playthrough. That really adds more depth to the experience.
I agree with other comments that the sound felt a bit off, and I also felt the concept is a bit generic, as if it could fit many different themes shoes by changing the artstyle.

Great work, this is a lot of fun! I noticed the hitbox on the slime enemies is a bit hard to hit, many times I would land on top of them but since it was not centered I would take damage. Also I expected to hit & jump on the bird but it just went through and I died :)

Great concept! Axion Verge meets Groundhog Day. It plays very well too.