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white rectangle (4th Place Wowie Jam 2.0)View game page

Escape the timeloop of this breaking, glitchy game. created for Wowie Jam 2, the theme was intentional bugs.
Submitted by Federico Calchera (@federicocalch) — 5 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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white rectangle (4th Place Wowie Jam 2.0)'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
WOWIE! (Overall)#44.3934.393

Ranked from 140 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Im rating these last ones fats so i havent time to give full feedback. Sorry. Good game and good idea. 


Great game good respawn system.

(1 edit) (+1)

Awesome music! Also love how the char head adds so much intrigue.


Great concept! Axion Verge meets Groundhog Day. It plays very well too.


Hey loved the game! Gameplay, art style, sound design, everything felt so polished! Loved it! Thanks for rating my game too!


unique concept, super polished, grad checkpoint system. just overall perfect.


Super fluid controls & animation, great match for a theme, clever checkpoints and overall a great game to play! :) I like how changing the level really affects which path the player will choose.


Simply amazing, 5/5

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I really liked the difficulty/power curve.
For example, seeing more and more bugs got be exhausted, but getting the big jump gave me a little break and let me feel powerful.

I really liked the visual effects and the art, but I also really liked the sound effects. I didn't see a lot of people comments about SFX in the jam submissions, and I'm kind of part of the problem, but for your game, I really have to mention how the sounds and music really fits with the ambiance.


Thanks a ton, Jirushi! :)


Wow this was really good! I see lots of potential for a full game release here. The addition of the character was pretty nice to give a hint at a narrative.

I'd love to see more of this. Filled in your form :)


Thanks alot, Yän! also very cool that you filled out the form. :)


Doing my best to help where I can :)


Good job there!! :D polished and on the topic! Love it ^^


I love how the game gets increasingly difficult, but on the same level!


Hoooly shit! That's amazing. 5/5 - best game so far!


:0 thanks, Erik!


Wow great game.
Unfortunately, I didn't have any sound. Games on Mac / Safari. Will test it again later with Windows :)

Even without sound, the game is one of the best I've played in this jam.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback, Dinsaphir! :)

You're the first one saying that there is no sound. I have no mac so sadly can't test. Will check the engines documentation about it.

Edit: I used a file format (.ogg) that safari can't use,  but almost all other browsers. Now that I know about that issue I can solve it and change my sound workflow, thanks again.


You are welcome.
Played it again an adjusted my rating. The sounds are fantastic :D
Yes, this is one of my favorite games.


thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to give it a second go! :)


Maybe this is interesting for you.

I looked around for more jams. When I played your game, I immediately thought of this one :)

love this one. can u try my game


Really cool! An interesting use of the theme


Really cool game!!! I expecially loved how the room was the same, but everytime the platforming increases of difficulty while seeming always fair!!! I had a lot of fun!!

If I can give you a tip, make the jetpack particles a little more glitched... ;)


You are on the road to the podium with this one !

Congratulations, a very good work !


:O thank you!


5 stars all the way!  Loved the music and sfx; great concept to stick on the goal: "our goal is to get to the white rectangle" but each iteration mixing up the level dynamics and glitching more and more - spooky in some ways!  I really had fun.  :)


Thanks alot, John! :)


Really creative game! You have a lot of pottential :3 Keep working!

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