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Not sure if that's intended, but the "press start" button on the title screen is spammable: every time you press "Z", you get extra click and bubble sound effects.

The game itself is amazing: I love the music, the art style, the concept itself, and just everything about it. Looking forward to a full release! :)

I have no clue what I've just experienced, but the juice, the music, the SFX and the overall atmosphere were AMAZING! I just couldn't stop playing it.

Haha, you're not alone. :)

If you made this game in Unity, you just need to change "collision detection" of your RigidBody2D component from Discrete to Continuous. :)

Solid entry! Would be nice to also have a possibility to hold down LMB to shoot. :)

I loved the idea, especially the fact that you can explode in crossroads to open up not just 1, but 2-4 paths at once. In a game dedicated to dying, it would be cool to have faster respawn time, though. :)

I found "the easteregg" and I'm quite happy with it. :)

The game looks extremely nice and charming. At first I got very frustrated with the web version, but then I read the comments and decided to give windows version a try.  I reached the falling spikes and couldn't figure out what to do with them, so unfortunately this game is fantastic in terms of visuals, but the gameplay is far behind at the moment. :(

The "spacebar burst" gave me a an option to deal with harder enemies first, and I think that it was a great design choice. :)

I found out that if I stand in place, enemies have less chance to hit me than when I move. In addition to very low mouse sensitivity, it was much easier to just stand in place and aim from there. This game has some nice potential and the tutorial level was dope, but I had some real troubles navigating the "main" game.

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The glider allowed for some pretty interesting situations in this game. :) If I could suggest something, could you please make the camera follow the player faster? Sometimes when you fall down you just can't see where you'll land. 

Thanks for pointing this out, I'll try to come up with more levels like "Maze". :)

You did a fantastic job with all the art, sfx and storytelling, I loved it! However, at first I felt just as annoyed as that underworld creature because I had to listen to a long speech every 30 seconds. Could you make them a little shorter, please? :)

Thanks a lot for this deep comment! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the art style I chose for this entry. The way I implemented the theme is that when you die, you destroy the hazard you touched and keep all the collected points. This way, you can go in one corner, collecting everything on your way, die there and "teleport" (respawn) to save the time. :)

Thank you very much! I thought about making hazards more spiky, but in my eyes it ruins the "style consistence" you mentioned. :) I think I'll leave it open for interpretation, maybe considering these hazards one-time portals isn't a bad thing after all.

Thank you for going the extra mile to download the game for Windows, I really appreciate that! Wow, I didn't think about exiting the game, because I had no time to finish the "main" menu, just the level selection screen. =P Thanks!

Hmm, not sure how "a jam game" defines which timings are too tight, to be honest. :) Also, every level can be beaten up to 2 seconds faster than the timer suggest, there are just puzzle-ish non-obvious ways to complete them. Thanks for the compliment!

I loved this game, the clever usage of all the acquired mechanics and the general flow of the game is just fantastic. I'd love it if it was somehow easier to switch to the exact skill that you need and I personally had some troubles with the camera, though.

Thank you so much, I'm pleased to hear that! :)

Thank you, I'm very happy to hear that you went this deep into my creation and I was pleased to read that comment! :)

Actually, I tried to make your "death" direction the same as the correct "after death" direction in all of the levels. I made it so that you don't need to switch directions upon dying and can just hold down the same button. In a sense, it's nice that the only (or the most) prominent occasion of that is the Maze level, because it means that nothing bothered you on the other ones. :)

There is, in fact, an "input reset" after level reset or time running out, but unfortunately this command (UnityEngine.Input.ResetInputAxes()) doesn't seem to work in browsers. That's a must in this game, thanks for reinforcing this opinion! :) And I'll have to figure out something about making it clearer that the time ran out, maybe a timer could blink with red color during the last 0.1-0.3 seconds.

The rules are mind-bending, which makes this game a lot of fun!

I found the controls pretty interesting, you can go as fast as you want, but be prepared to face the consequences. :) Would be cool to have a restart button and to reset player's velocity when you respawn, cause this killed me quite a few times.

That's a fantastic puzzle! Destroying the circles attached to you add a looot of depth to the experience and I loved it.

Awesome storytelling and very unique art style! It may be simple, but I loved it.

Ух ты, после благословения от BELONGPLAY нужно обязательно доделать эту игру. Спасибо! :)

Thank you for this valuable feedback!
I've just tried this out and it works like a charm, but I realized that this is actually already in the game. ^_^
The input reset just doesn't work in the browser version of the game. :)

Heh, I'm not sure what to do, since I tried doing that at first, but then it was really frustrating to push "R" to reset a level and then have to push a motion key again. I'm sure you're correct and I need to do something about it, though. Hmm, maybe an input reset should only be triggered by time running out, but not the manual reset?

My mind = blown! This game is sooo much fun! I beat it on one breath, it has a very nice sense of flow and I love it that it's absolutely clear what you need to do.

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you found the controls responsive cause that's the aspect I was worried about the most. :)

Yep, "The World's Hardest Game" is, indeed, my main inspiration for this game. It simply fantastic. :)

Thanks, glad that you had a bit of fun! :)

Thanks a lot! :) The timer does actually start with player's input, you can stay in one place after reset for an eternity and the timer won't start the countdown.

Getting hit in the right spot and at the right angle - I like that concept!

Sometimes clicking on the pistol (and especially the area around it) doesn't have any effect and it got a bit frustrating. Why do you need to click on the pistol if there's no other weapon in the game, by the way? In my humble opinion, you could get rid of the weapon choosing mechanics and focus on the "dodging the enemies" part, which was nice. :)

Summoning a ghost that repeats your actions to aid you is amazing, but the spikes and other things which kill you are reeeeeeally hard to spot for me.

It feels just as if you were programming the level to follow your rules, and that's super cool. However, in my opinion this game requires players to make a lot of not-so-exciting errors to figure out the perfect timing to complete the level, so they understand what needs to be done, but have to go through that trial and error progress which might get tiresome.

The art is very nice, but the explosions are rather unpredictable and seemed pretty random, so it was hard to control where you will land.

My favorite level was the "troll" one, because I managed to stay alive with the other jumps I had. It would be interesting to see you experiment more in that direction of trolling / hard platforming games. :)

This is sooooooooooo incredible, collecting pickups to make yourself stronger but also to give yourself more chances at exploring more of the area is simply genious.