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Thank you!!! :D glad you had fun with your friends ^^

Thank you so much!!! Making games can be frustrating and sometimes through the process you doubt if the game is any good, but at the end of the day when I get this feeling, I will look at those moments and take courage!  Now I can't wait to create more games so we can share beautiful moments like this again! Thank you and your friends who joined! I will never forget your kindness!!!

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wow!!! those names will be carved into a stone up there!!! You did it again ^^

Youuu both discooovered so many things!!! ^^ I love this!!! If you ever want and u are done with the game, you can come on discord so we can play together and show you all the easter eggs and tricks <3

hahaha! Thank you so much! I am glad you and your gf enjoyed it <3 your description fits this game perfectly! I described this game as a mario64 and getting over it mix!!!

I love that you noticed those details!!! there are many more subtle details that no one has ever discovered and they never will! hehe. Those two you found out used to be children like us, the players, but seems like something bad happened to them ^^ I've written some lore on how everything came to be, why time stands still and why the inhabitants of this island are only children.. Let's say that it can be quite depressing so i'll leave it to that ^^ I don't want to spoonfeed anyone the lore, It's up for interprentation.

Again! Thank you so much for taking the time to play this game and write this comment! It made my day a little bit better <3

Hiii! Watching the stream was a such a pleasure!! Yeah the difficulty got pretty rough! I am sorry for your suffering! but as you said, when you overcame the obstacle I am glad you felt this way! 

One of the main mechanics I never explained and that's my fault, is that you could grab each other! if you holded the pickup button "E" or "RB" while standing on a platform, if the other person failed to reach it, you could grab him and save him! If I explained that better you could probably go on top  together!!!

Yeah sadly the servers are region based! But I am glad you had fun even if you played on different servers!

Thank you so much for playing the game and not giving up! Your kindness and enthusiasm gives me courage to make more games!

Thank you! I am really glad you enjoyed it! <3

Thank you so much for your kind words <3 I wish I was online when you played.. damn! hehe. I am glad that you liked the movement! I am probably not gonna continue this game, It's been some months since I moved on from this project ( for some reason I release my games some months/years after I am done with them), but I kept the character movement and all the good stuff for the current one. So I take your words to heart and I will keep trying <3

Sadly not, only one person can play per device and you require an internet connection to play the game so you can't in a classical sense :/

A little work around. If internet is not a problem and your friends have their phones, a little none conventional co-op that can happen, is if they download the game on their phone and use it as a controller while you all watch the same monitor. Which of course is not local co-op in a technical sense but it's a way i've done it with friends which gives a fake sense of local co-op. hehe. 

sorry for that <3

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Thank you tunegoro! I am always having a lot of fun watching you playing my games!!! I wish this game had more content in it but I am glad you enjoyed the atmosphere <3

When making a game you can only hope that someone would have an experience like this. It is so heartwarming. I will never forget this. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I wish I could show this comment to younger me ^^ I worked in this game for a year and didn't show it to anyone, wondering if it is any good, at the end loosing faith in it and abandoning it. I think if I was more open back then and if I had a comment like yours then the game would be completed ;) I am not sure if I could finish it now without reworking most of it, but who knows.. But still I take this to heart and I'll use it to finish the game I am currently working on <3 Thank you again!

Thank you <3

You are right, at least I should close it up :/ but sadly I didn't handle it that well back then and I burned out on it. Regardless, thank you so much for enjoying it. I just used MagicaVoxel for all the assets and Unity for the game. Really nothing special, all the standard features, Post processing, point lights, particles and that's it. Just tweaking the values until the atmosphere was right ^^

Thank you so much for liking my little game ^^ <3  Sadly I haven't touched this project for half a year since I am working on another game so it's gonna be really hard to make a new build right now :( Funnily enough the game was also designed for non-cooperative play in mind, since the score of each one is for his own performance and if someone is out, counting doesn't give him any points, It just gives him a chance to revive and not be bored while others play. So even if he revives the one who got the most correct answers would still be higher on the leaderboards at the end of the game ^^ That's how I competed with my friends! hehe! Sorry, that's just a cheap solution, not a real battle mode, but you can have that in mind and compare your scores next time you play with your friends <3  and thank you again for your suggestion! If I revisit this game I will add an official battle mode for sure :D

Oh please! Thank you so much for playing ^^ This is what makes putting this game together worth it!

Oh! This is heartwarming! Thank you so much!

Hi! I am humbled by your comment. It gives me strength to keep on working ^^ I will do my best for the project I am working right now, to make it an enjoyable experience for you and your friends! ^^ Thank you so much!

Awesome! Great job!

<3 Thank you!

Thank you so much ^^ When I find time I'll make a linux build for u <3

Thanks <3

Thank you for playing ^^ Much love <3



Thank you for playing <3


Thank you for playing!

Awesome! Thank you much! :D


I loved it! First of all I really loved the vibe of the game. The visuals with the tune where perfect match! Also the Telekinesis and the control of the character where really fun to control, they felt really polished and well done. I just love when the main mechanics are fun, you could just give me this control scheme in an sandbox with objects etc. to move around and I would still have fun.  Well done <3 keep on making games I would love to see more! :)

Thank you a lot :D I absolutely agree with your points. Both the cursor and the enemy projectiles should be a different color. There is not content in the game and it get's boring, sadly it took me so much time to build the skeleton of the game that I didn't have time to add content and that's all my fault. It needs a lot more work into it  to be a commercial game. Again thank you for your kind words. wish you the best too ;)

Thank you so much for your words. I knew most people wouldn't prefer the music because it's a little bit uncommon. But I kept it anyway for maybe those few people who would enjoy it as myself ^^ Just because it clicked for me with the character design and aesthetics. You made me immensely happy with your comment ^^ 

The fact that you love NieR makes so much sense! It is something that crossed my mind and some ideas I wanted to steal from it, like to add some more gameplay sections, when you go to the rocket for example to turn into a different game .^^ NieR is on top of my wishlist for a long time, because I played only for an hour or something because my pc could barely handle it. Thank you for reminding me again that I need to play and finish this game, I totally will. 

As for the game.. sadly it's no where near a complete experience, what you say about progression is absolutely right, there must be a sense of progression. As also content and variation! Points of interest, collectables, more enemies and more gameplay interactions with the player and the world. Sadly it took me so much time to polish and find the right mood for the game, that I was almost out of time and I added everything at the last few days. I believe the game could be developed a lot further into a pretty good experience. I was burned out from the last push and didn't continue working on it yet, but a comment like yours totally makes me think of continuing it ^^ 

Take care!

I see! The rotation speed was fine I didn't find it fast.  

Thank you a lot for your explanations! 

Hi!!! Good job in making this game! The artstyle is great! The UI is just incredibly polished and well designed. 

Let's talk about the missed opportunities. The jump sadly doesn't feel good. That's because it's fixed and it's not tap or long pressed based, and also because the animation should be unchecked from being in loop ^^ .  Also the turning around with the mouse firstly it felt odd, maybe because of the off centered rotation but after playing a while I got used to it and I was glad that I could turn this way. So I have mixed feelings about it. My third and last "complaint" is the lighting. It's a missed opportunity because the models and everything if totally fine. At first I was gonna say it's the lack of shadows because the default graphic settings it's the fast one! and that's what most people will play, especially in the windows version it should the polished one since it makes such a big difference! Some extra other small things that could be solved really fast is changing the animation speed while the character is sprinting to a bigger value. Hmm that's all for now ^^ 

The game is totally great and high effort! I understand completely that the time limit was a problem and I feel bad for even pointing out some of the negatives!  Good job everyone in the team! :D

Hi! Thank you a lot! Well the enemy ratio except the first planet sadly is totally random ^^ Wish i put more work on it to scale it up correctly, so maybe you were extremely unlucky, sorry for the inconvenience... As for the mouse you are absolutely right. The thing is because the space is curved, the target of the hero cannot remain flat at the screen because when you aim far away the bullets would not go at your mouse position because of the curvature of the world, so i had to fake a mouse that always stays at the surface of the planet so the bullets go exactly where you aim. Thanks for the feedback ;)

Thank you!! :D I am glad you enjoyed it!