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Also it's funny that this is 2gb (800mb zipped) - if you want to take care of that, you'd have to delete all the unused assets in the project before exporting I t hink (better make a backup of the unity project folder first)

i'm eager to play especially after reading about babycastles :D


very nice. kind of ends after the group of 3 enemies?

if still not clear, watch this video.

aww, missed it :D

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I think we're gonna need a walkthrough (Use stone on wood to make light in cave... nope)

deux to see you, how unExpected. It pleasystems my shockindness.

best biocraft parody, 11/10, would pixel bleed again

non-vr version please

I thought it was cool, so I added sounds & music

Very nice! Too bad there are no sounds!

this little light of mine will keep us safe

I think you might have forgotten to include the data folder 

It's awesome how popular the game still is! good times:

Cool game! Here's how i found out about it:

The mods don't stop. Do you? Do You? DO YOU?!

four's the charm



I'm full

Hey this is epic but is there a way to disable music? It just feels so wrong but I'd love to hear the sounds still.

So here's one way to play it

Too many questions unanswered. Gonna play it right about now.

for anybody needing a little help!

Great game and timing, this video is a ~parody!

you gotta install ahk and save my file as an .ahk file run it and press f1 when ingame. I'll be putting a video explaining it soon on youtube

venti like

I like this very venti!


I added AI, feel free to recycle my code, dear devs:

awesome work!

Maybe this stuff (codeword realtime fft)

Very atmospheric!

much fun!

*slaps jet engine* this bad boy can suck up so many ravens and not crash.

Check out my first video of the Version on Steam! Giveaway coming in next Wetwork video!

This mod is currently in development. Let's see where it goes.

with unity and some free assets

very nice.

lovin' it

yes ok