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It's time to get retro!

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Very cool! Love the pixel art!

Created a new topic Gameplay Video

Thanks for sharing the tipps for finding the secret levels (light is only clickable at 4:3 resolution it seems :) )

I so look forward to the snow map... it makes me nostalgic...

Amnesia ultra-light. Nice!

I enjoyed the style and atmosphere a lot! Thanks!

Very cool. As you said, you can really feel the non-optimization ;)

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Needs parallax :) (2:10)

Love the idea. The head is so stupid though :D (0:30)

oh boy, so sloow.. well, that's the point, isn't it? :) (3:07)

Nice start, at least it runs ;) (26:53)

I'm afraid it might be broken (16:04)

Reminds me of Hammerfall/Hammerfight. I couldn't get used to the controls yet but it took me weeks to get used to Hammerfall so what am I complaining about! :D (16:14)

Seems buggy but I had fun with the bugs :) (19:59)

Created a new topic Video

Love TD, not sure about having to build the attack path yourself though. (20:14)

Pretty crazy, the physics feel weird though :) (31:02)

Swimming feels nice but no air control feels bad. Also 'up' for jump is unbearable on an analog stick :( (24:20)

Created a new topic Video

o_O is this love2d at all though? (5:48)

Sure it will, just check out all this recent development news!

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Very cool! I was confused at first but then impressed! (2:34)

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Nice puzzles! (18:31)

Very nice, too bad it's so short :) (33:06)

Loved the wolf sfx! :D (23:40)

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Confusing at first and then very nice! Although too hard for me anyway :D (31:46)

So cool, I was so convinced there would be a horrid ending but it was all just [spoiler]*********** ******* ******[/spoiler] :) (14:33)

I LOVED the dialog! I wish the text would stay longer though :D (3:43)

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I loved this! It just needs an ending (16:35):

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Would be awesome with sounds! I made some while playing it ^^ (28:40)

Thanks, It works for me now as well.

oh, I thought it was a feature :)

Here's a guide for people who can't quite figure out how to play!

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[fixed] The zip seems to be corrupted (second time I notice this today, might be an itch issue)

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[fixed] 7z claims the windows zip is corrupted but extracts anyway. Default windows unzip can't open it at all. Options don't work. Please allow to change resolution (just keep the resolution selector before game start?). The game starts into a blue scene when pressing any button, no controls seem possible.

Very pretty!

The hate. The hate! THE HATE!

I hope you're real proud of yourself. The freezing of the end screen, the lack of restarting, the requirement for me to ducking start the game again manually. That ducking cursor walk of shame, it makes me extra salty.

No seriously. Good job. Good ducking job. (ಠ_ಠ)

I just quickly tested it :)

Very nice, here's a starter guide that explains the different classes and weapons.

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Thanks! It also seems like the server browser might not be working. I'm going to host (and livestream https://www.youtube.com/user/iwanPlays/live ) a game in about 15 minutes though and we'll do voice and normal chat via https://discord.gg/CN2MYQc (discord is a modern alternative to IRC, primarily for gamers) we'd be honored to have you there if you're available :D