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(of the steam version):

Never had that before. Which game?

2 years ago it was only 10. then 9. see this thread:

The method I used to create this exe is known for causing false positives: I guess a lot of virus script kiddies also use it and antivirus isn't smart enough to tell the difference between the actual code being run.

So BitDefender, McAffee, Ad-Aware flag rpaex.exe :| damn. I don't know if I would run this if someone else was to give this exe to me now. At least Kaspersky, Microsoft, Malwarebytes, Avast and Symantec don't worry.

Checked out the career mode, pretty cool stuff.

In Ren'Py games?

You need to read this

Is this the Subversive game of 2021 yet?

In love with Eastshade thanks to

right now. I noticed a bunch of tags could be added (for more visibility?) here on itch: Exploration, First-Person, Adventure, Voice Acting, Animals

hey nice music

and the footstep was loud but not the default unity footstep sound which is a huge plus

Awesome music, sound, art + I can't believe I actually made it through 💀

Heh, cool, I practically just uploaded that sound effect. Nice project, I'd add speed change buttons next :D

I just tried in a quite vanilla -but updated - Win10 VM and it worked.

1. Re-download the game, the rpa file might be corrupted

2. Triple-check you drag/give-as-parameter the archive.rpa file and not some other file

3. Ensure the game is off (the file is not blocked?) while you extract

4. Restart windows (yes I know it's 2021 but still), allow all pending updates to finish. Perhaps even run updates to fix things broken by previous updates (Just a month ago I had to help fix a computer that just decided onboard audio doesn't work and windows update "fixed" it)

5. Use the macOS/Linux method (see description)

6. Oh boy. I can only think of tiny RAM, defective RAM, defective HDD/SSD, defective other hardware or simply an environment that is somehow weirding the script out, which obviously is using zlib. Perhaps you are a dev/packager and somehow added a "bad" (read this scrip can't handle it) version of zlib to path?

Dragonunpacker also works when used on an .rpa file, hopefully for you as well:

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First up, try this from another reply of mine:

Put all into C:\test\

or D:\test\, as long as you ensure there are no non-ASCII characters in the path (and no whitespace) and that the path is very short.

The music selection is great!

The writing is fantastic!

The challenge is great!

The title is funny!

The grim reaper talking bone clicking sounds are EXCELLENT! (I recently played a game that had a a horrible talk sound loop thus my excitement)

The icons are well-readable and the colors/shapes are well-differentiable even with f.lux (night mode) on.

Cool teaser!

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Quite the atmosphere. I wonder if I missed notes - boy were they hard to find for me ^^

[had to re-upload because I accidentally deleted some of the most important game audio while editing at first]

This was fun! I get to play as Impostor no matter how many times I restart. The report button seems broken though. Please fix.

Hey, horosho  fan-fangamed.

looks like the game was reuploaded to and seems to perform way too good in search compared to this

looks like the game was reuploaded to

I enjoyed exploiting the attack button :D

Put all into C:\test\

long file paths

non-ASCII characters

I'm guessing those two might be the cause

Cool cult stuff

what do you drag onto it?

make the folder C:\test\, put both files into it. Try then

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I'd ask for sounds but I think that would explode my computer

PS: oh and I might have broken the game

It's not moving any more...

Extremely cool animations! Love the sarcasm all over the place!

This is the most adorable thing ever

Impressive animations and especially the narrator's voice acting! 

This was a lot of fun to play together (without coop ^^)

Gorgeous creatures, environment and audio!

w    h    a    t


what a lovely horror show...

Better love story than titanic etc etc

What a delight. Would have liked to have this powerup at the start of TSP.
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The comments on the video in relation to the timer deserve eyebrow-raising too ^^

Hey buddy, thank you for saving Christmas 2020!