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It might work with the latest version. Please download rpaExtract afresh from here and try again.

Thanks for letting me know. This will always happen for the first few days/weeks whenever there is a new version, until the antivirus databases took time to actually verify it's a safe one.

Should work now. In this case, it seems the first file was corrupted somehow. Empty or nonexistent or with an invalid filename perhaps. Whatever, it works. Also, the less elegant dragonunpacker method also worked it seems.

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Thanks for letting me know. That name is not great for finding but the version numbers helped. I will check.

I had an issue where nothing would happen after "Forcing RPA-3.0". I had to CTRL+C it and then re-start, then it worked. I suspect it has to do with antivirus, while they are still getting "used" to the new version. But that does not work in this case so far.

Thank you for the info! I think the new version I just uploaded can handle this too.

One fun thing about this is that the game apparently uses art under various CC licenses, which prohibit DRM. (Although theoretically it's possible the game author got additional permission from each of the authors.)

By the way, using DragonUnpacker, some (all?) files can be extracted, although it's much less elegant. Guide:

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Thanks for the heads up!

Have you tried the latest version, from here?

If it doesn't work, can you name (not link) a game?

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:thumbsup: on wanting to fix translations! Depends on how it was packaged. Might require another tool/step:

This example shows why you probably don't need to: 

I like this! I hate the movement in tomb raider and the spiritual successors so I'm not the target audience so don't worry about my complaining.

Cool stuff, left me wondering what would be if all shapes had texture instead of mostly grids.

Thank goodness for checkpoints.

Lost patience at the second grappling hook task, no idea how to have enough rope but not fall. Too bad, would have loved checking out the stealth stuff. Might try again (probably not, since I'd have to do the annoying wall climbing parts again [OH WAIT, NO I DONT, nice joob having a save state that works even if annoyed player alt+f4s out of the game :D])

Ok, figured out the rope, had to just release at some point, like Worms ninja rope or whatnot. Ok, more of this . (not falling, just takes forever for char to freaking grab the next thing while i bash space/up/space/up/sapce/up).

Lemme braindump:

Oh no I fell and now I spawned back before the first long jump.... gotta climb all that shit again.

Failed at stealth cause enemies have sharp eyes. I just played metro last light before and was used to that hilarious (but enjoyable) level of blindness.

Took me a while to figure out the pillars are climbable, climbing down was hard, cause I couldn't figure out how to deattach.

Heey I got to use the torch!

Nice! Pretty neat.

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Haha, this was cool, thank god it wasn't too hard (i suck at wallrunning games once it gets too hard), loved the multiple paths (assuming this was planned). THANK YOU FOR HAVING CHECKPOINTS.

Loved the non-meaningful (or is it?) final choice ^^ (I wonder if there are alternative endings)

Level communicated to me mostly well, at one point of the gravity sections I though I could keep going up and find an alternative path there but ok nevermind.

Oh yeah, the first few red walls were non-runnable for me, but I could jump past them to keep going.

Hey, nothing's happening. Are we supposed to finish watching the scene or something?

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Ah, so I *shouldn't* swing my sword at those bombs… noted…

Start felt bit open but 't was clear enough where to go. Liked the yellow markings, the hang-on-rope-and-go-left part was bit painfully slow is all :)

Nice colors, nice architecture, the darkness  bit too dark (and player can't do anything about it). I initially thought my task is to enter the building, so I immediately turned around and fell down for 5 minutes, then I realized that you can't get in yet, so good job on the show-the-door part ^^

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Do you have another computer you could try this on?

Not a clue... I'd restart the PC, do windows update. Then, check if the hard drive or c: is full, then I would check if RAM is being maxed out during the process, which should be fixable by turning off all other applications during the process. Then you could try turning off any anitivirus while doing it and finally I would check hard drive for damages and then check RAM for damages (how do you even do this...)

I can't find a way to get that error. Can you please download the latest version and try with that?

to recover compiled rpyc files, there are different tools available: 

Huh, what does that mean? What does the error message say? Did you download the latest version (got updated yesterday) standard or 32bit version? Which games (names only are enough).

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I updated rpaex, now it should work on your game even if you encrypted/obfuscated the RPA files a little. [I don't know if it will work with all such games]

People who lost their sources and just need to recover some graphics/audio can also use DragonUnpacker.

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Is it possible that this is with a long ago downloaded version? My bad for not properly tracking versions between different builds. Does it work if you re-download rpaex? [EDIT: nevermind, I'm seeing the error too now ......... and i'm investigationing .....]

Huh. that's curious. Which game? (Name's enough)

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It does not. The current version at least triggers virustotal much less than the previous one, you can ease your mind using that site. One day I'll have time to learn how to package this in a way that hopefully avoids all these false positives.

[update] what do you know, I figured it out but virustotal didn't become less paranoid. Not sure I'll be able to make it better than the current files are.

Not hacked (which is what a hacked account would say lol). Check out my top comment for more info.

Not hacked (which is what a hacked account would say lol). Check out my top comment for more info.

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Thank you for reporting, everybody. I can only assume that the method I use for packaging the exe is so common in the world of malicious software, that antivirus software is paranoid beyond max. I'm looking into a promising solution.

UPDATE: Should be better now. Still getting 6/8 false positives on the 64/32 bit versions though on Antivirus. Microsoft defender deletes the 64bit version on download, which can be solved by going to Virus & Threat protection and then Protection history, where you then have to allow the file, upon which you should be able to download it.

This is not great. I hope to have time to figure out how to compile this cleaner soon-ish. [update] I figured it out but not sure it helped.

Thank you for reporting. I can only assume that the method I use for packaging the exe is so common in the world of malicious software, that antivirus software is paranoid beyond max. I'm looking into a promising solution.

Still? After re-download?

I have n int = 3 character and get stuck in dialog often with no apparent way of existing. With the healer, I was able to exit by spamming keys. But in this conversation, I'm stuck, I can re-trigger "so here you are, the chosen one" but not exit.

As long as it doesn't break the game, perhaps a dialog abort feature would be good.

Thank you for reporting, it's me, not you. It should be fixed now.

Thank you for reporting, and providing an example where to get a pickle 5 version rpa sample for testing. It should be fixed now.

Thank you for reporting, it should be fixed now.

Send it to Usually only 5 not too respectable pieces of antivirus get false positives.

Thank you for reporting. I wanted to even support XP and used an old Python3 version. As a result, the new format was not supported any more and I forgot to keep a test for that around.

Anyways, it should be fixed now.


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Now that I needed to upload the old version, that rename made good sense

Sent an email :)

Thank you for pointing this out. I didn't stop to think about which bit version I'm uploading in, so I made a 32-bit version as well ("oldPC"). Please let me know if it doesn't work.

True, the new version might work with non-ASCII paths though.

Thank you for pointing out that it needed an update!  rpaExtract should now work with new RPA files too.

Thank you for pointing out that it needed an update!  rpaExtract should now work with new RPA files too.

Thank you for pointing out that it needed an update!  rpaExtract should now work with new RPA files too.