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The latest update is pretty cool!

Them custom guns are here!

Created a new topic Playthrough in 5 episodes

Hey, I finished the game and was quite impressed as well as alienated. I love the Rick and Morty references and Deus Ex inspirations (I may be misreading) the most! 

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I'm sorry but we really need to be able to lower the sound in https://gampixi.itch.io/laser-boogaloo  - the footsteps are insane loud especially on stairs

Still cool and it's funny how the old URL is password protected now ;)

Oh nice, I think you mean 2005, not 2015 though :D

Quite cool! Can't look for some controls be be enhanced and maybe the getting-shot-screenshake not being that insane :D

PPS: here's a livestream archive (will stay online for 1 week) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173442920

PS: here's a livestream archive (going offline in 1 week) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/173437390

PS: maximum sensitivity settings are not enough.

Can you explain how to play multiplayer please?

Not sure if op has the same issue but turning is horrible, as it leads to me losing sight of the player char. camera-to-char should stay the same


the game can't run without the e-ro_data folder. you have to zip them :)

PS: lack of volume controls for music is a bit of a problem for youtubers/twitchers.

Oh, great! That definitely makes it online multiplayer for me! I expected having to get some VPN solution to play games that call themselves "LAN only" :)

heh, the win/gameover overlay is obnoxious but the end drive-away animation was cool. :D

Created a new topic Online multiplayer

Is it still only LAN or can we try out online multiplayer yet?

It's finally real!

It happened two more times when I was trying to record alternative endings so I gave up ^^ I think it might be because I was 1. jumping, 2. pressing left too quick, 3. pressing left too late. But no idea.

I just love the "MY HANDS!" frame.

Finally played it too!


Created a new topic New Gun (M3 Grease Gun)

wrong name in video but hey, still pretty cool pew pew pew

Step back, this one is hot.

I'm quite impressed by your work. I hope you go and make great video games! :D

2/7 waste impossible to find :(

and what is complete extraction even supposed to mean?...

Other than that it was cool but not being able to finish without a warning is frustrating.

I'm confused but I did play it.

Is it impossible to finish the game? One of the light pillars leads to nothing in particular and I can't get up the tower using wings/jetpack.

Quite epic! Looking forward to 2018 :)

oh, and custom maps

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This continues to serve as a free demo for the full game

Created a new topic Gameplay Video

Hey there, we played TurretWar and had some fun!

Only after the video was recorded and edited and uploaded - in another match - one player figured out that you can select and move turrets. ^^ my reaction:

I played for three and a half hours. This is great!

At the end of the video, I try an unholy experiment. It's for the better that it didn't work :)

Both files seem to be linux

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:D haha! love the wiggle! Too bad I don't have somebody here or bots to play this with.

that intro... so long.. at first I thought it's a text-only game ^^

The rest of the thing I was waiting for the jumpscare :)

I like the slightly different colored text for dialog.

really nicely done animations and color composition! And it didn't take forever until I figured out the controls - yay! :D

Can't wait for multiplayer!