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Day 1 quick gameplay of this fascinating hardcore FPSRPG.

Day 1 quick gameplay of this fascinating hardcore FPSRPG.


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This is really cool! (wegl version could use a restart button)


join the modding fest!

fantastic game!

it has been a while!

freaking epic skins!

this is fun even with bots only. wish it had sound

like this

this game made a cameo in the outro of this video of mine:

(skip to 14:19)

thanks for asking (and thanks for answering, dev)

looking good so far!

this is it

what do you know, survived the jump

human fall flat, horror edition

Who ordered the stale meme?

The title music in Ravenfield - musicified!

I keep falling through the floor

this is just cool


some bugs fyi:

1. pressing esc in intro glitches you into fps view

2. standing in front of the first target makes you fall through ground (i used borderlessgaming to fullscreen so maybe that was the cause but probably not)

3. when I first entered the area where i fight the spider (after which I get the machine gun (#3)) it killed me very quickly. When I respawned, the spider didn't appear any more. I didn't have to fight anybody in that room. Maybe that was the joke and intended - I couldn't follow the text enough to figure that out if it was :)

Very cool action.

cool game but where is the any key - derp

962x627 window on 1080p screen. alt+enter doesn't fullscreen. is that intended?

Also it's funny that this is 2gb (800mb zipped) - if you want to take care of that, you'd have to delete all the unused assets in the project before exporting I t hink (better make a backup of the unity project folder first)

i'm eager to play especially after reading about babycastles :D


very nice. kind of ends after the group of 3 enemies?

if still not clear, watch this video.

aww, missed it :D

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I think we're gonna need a walkthrough (Use stone on wood to make light in cave... nope)

deux to see you, how unExpected. It pleasystems my shockindness.

best biocraft parody, 11/10, would pixel bleed again

non-vr version please

I thought it was cool, so I added sounds & music

Very nice! Too bad there are no sounds!

this little light of mine will keep us safe