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I added AI, feel free to recycle my code, dear devs: https://gist.github.com/iwanPlays/eb38d6184ef79232100519fe22ae1da2

awesome work!

Maybe this stuff (codeword realtime fft) https://answers.unity.com/questions/1113690/microphone-input-in-unity-5x.html

Very atmospheric!

much fun!

cool survival mode. but omg the inventory management (not dropping empty clips? :D)

*slaps jet engine* this bad boy can suck up so many ravens and not crash.

Check out my first video of the Version on Steam! Giveaway coming in next Wetwork video!

This mod is currently in development. Let's see where it goes.

with unity and some free assets

very nice.

lovin' it

yes ok

Hey, a year later I tried this game again after playing a similar 1-level game :) Still cool!

Quite awesome!

Freaking. Creepy.

It'd be interesting to film many FPS players' first reaction playing this game. I for one get physically ill due to the slow movement :)


downloads are missing, use browser incognito mode to confirm

Nice atmosphere. Volume seems way too quiet compared to any other media on my computer.

Also not sure whether it's possible to go back to car before getting all clues and getting alternative ending.

If we are talking about the "I repaired the engine but first mate tells me to repair engines" - I did not get stuck in the sense of not being able to do anything: I got stuck plot-wise. I can quit the conversation and walk around and pick up items and drop them. Loading the game places me by the elevator too.

But the first mate never realizes that I already fixed the engines.

The problem exists both full and nonfullscreen. I was probably playing fullscreen when I was rushing to get to the pirate ship for my planned second video.

This is different from the way I got stuck on the pirate ship on my first play attempt (as seen in the video I made).

Sorry, didn't pay attention to any of this. I think I just went down - might have talked to first mate and engineer, both might have told me i have to give chip to engineer but I'm sure I installed it myself and talked to engineer again, might have done other stuff. I can still load the game. I have 2 chips, but it doesn't seem to matter whether they are in a locker or in my inventory or only one. First mate only tells me I have to give it to engineer.

You could get a github account and request documentation for installation at https://github.com/tenjou/meta2d

I think you should download (top right corner) the repository from https://github.com/tenjou/meta2d and then start a http server and put it in the respective folder, then open F12 console /inspector in chrome and try to fix issues (perhaps you'll have to move files around the folder tree)

Here's one way to run a local http server (two similar explanations)

I had to try the new version (0.3). On one hand more satisfying. On the other more frustrating. That's a thing games do so well done.


Finally recorded and edited! Looking forward to being able to finish ^^

(have fun at that dev conf)

I am also loving that familiar sprite in your avatar :D

Another problem: I speeded through another game (having used incognito mode in my first play and closed the window since) and after installing the chip and talking to engineer, first officer reacted as if I had not installed it yet and after I said that I have the chip (I had 2 left still), he now only gives this option https://imgur.com/1DLv3BM , making using the computer to fly away and get shot the only option.

I recorded a video and had multiple issues.

1. Some quests repeat themselves (get bat)

2. I was super confused by the locked chest and whether or not I have to use keys/cards manually

3. Really not sure if I can reach the spinds on Orion without lockpicking

4. I got stuck multiple times. This might have been related to consuming water or perhaps with characters standing on other levels under/above me(??) really not sure about this.

5. Kinda weird that me saying that I'm gonna sabotage another ship defined it as my goal. But perhaps I was still able to solve otherwise so that's fine I guess :)

6. Came to a standstill here: https://imgur.com/Wwq480E - I can hover and press buttons but nothing happens. I did not talk to that location's boss yet.  Here's an error I see in the console but not sure it's related (not sure when it happened):

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined
    at t.show (Dialog.js:445)
    at Array.window.ui.ports.toMngDialog.subscribe (Dialog.js:33)
    at Function.onEffects [as func] (ui-bundle.js:5960)
    at A3 (ui-bundle.js:763)
    at onMessage (ui-bundle.js:5743)
    at Object.callback (ui-bundle.js:5785)
    at step (ui-bundle.js:6322)
    at work (ui-bundle.js:6364)

A little back I also had this in the console:

game.js:434 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'info' of undefined
    at onMapLoaded (game.js:434)
    at Array.resources.onLoadingEnd.add (game.js:112)
    at meta.Channel.emit (old.meta.js:1)
    at t._updateLoading (old.meta.js:3)
    at Object.success (old.meta.js:3)
    at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (old.meta.js:2)

Really no idea if this is related to my issues though, I only started checking once I got totally stuck here.

7. Suggestion: while in pick-up-items dialog, pressing "i" should not open the inventory but just  close the pickup dialog (just UX optimization, no biggie, very happy with the optimization/ability to double-tapp I to get out of the pickup menu)

(ignore this ;) 8. Even more optimization would be to not have the pickup menu slide in but this is really asking too much now. I want to optimize searching containers but come on, me - it's a game, not spreadsheet software!)

Video's coming soon-ish.

Hey, I finally wanted to record this but the download windows game doesn't do anything when i press start and 'continue' opens credits.

Cute! Freaking adorable!

believe, now.

*copyrights a person*

(1 edit)

3. If I own 2 light engineer suits and wear one, i can't put the other in a locker (it doesn't appear in the list)

EDIT: this also applies to dialogue. If I wear a light engineer space suit, then I can't give my second one in dialogue options. I have to unequip it first.

2. Black font would benefit from a differently-colored outline at times

1. Allow shortcuts (C, I) to not only open their respective panels but also to close them.

oh, whoops, didn't see that play button on the starry night :)

Download seems to be hidden

PS: the controls are killing me. (just trying to look left/right)