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Steeam key giveaway participation instructions!

Aircraft carriers are coming!

The latest Ravenfield Weapon News!

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played it with bots

Gave it a test play :)

Hurry to the mountains, you have to save your girl!

God save the queen!

Chaintanks is awesome!

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If the bottom locker is open, bread gets stuck, if it closed, the bread is out of range

At least if the first thing you do is trapping a bread in the bottom one :)

I'll try again!

O_o um. ok. weird. nicely weird. Also unexpected.

So... how to move the stuck camera? It can't be actually relying on Unity's physics to randomly open the door at an angle that will shoot bread towards that particular camera, can it? :)

It's quite nice visually but I'd like to be able to move the camera.

Gameplay-wise there is nearly no upgrading while playing the level, which is boring/frustrating when you're used to TD which allow/require you to continuously upgrade towers and/or build new ones :)

Very interesting. I wish it had sound :)

The feel reminds me of The Fallen and Killbox...

Here's the link. Apparently it's not easy to find. And here's some gameplay.

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that's a mac release, not windows (you marked it as windows :) )

Very nice! Seems to run out of challenge after a little bit though. Reminds me of "Royals"

For easier testing (support old hardware, don't require admin rights - as some computers do for installation), I'd request a 32bit zip distribution :)

Nicely challenging!

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wow somebody delete that spam

I'm still very impressed by this unique style!

wow, looks like i never posted this here :D

Very cute! I can only recommend it in co-op!

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Quite atmospheric and so nicely retro noir.

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Good news, everyone!

Very cool. As you said, you can really feel the non-optimization ;)

I gave it a shot, hard one!


I found the secret! And I finished the game! It's excellent! :D

I caught the lead. But then nothing happened. So I dropped the lead.


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First guide I made!

First co-op gameplay so far!

We had some amazing fun with the classic edition during the last play session!

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Thanks :D

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Best paint gun alien curation simulator out there!

This is quite excellent!

Check out the latest Ravenfield news!

& remember to subscribe :)

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Very pretty! It'd be nice to have up/down movement (q/e?)

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Insanely creepy.


This game is freaking creepy and weird and the narrator language is amazing and also the voice acting.

Just wow.

Very atmospheric!