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this is what i mean :)

Created a new topic Flip a tank

Flip flop

Created a new topic Crossover episode

in which we realize that you can move turrets

best screenshot 1 ever ^^ (not a bug)

I love the music! Was it made during the jam? What Instrument? :D

I took a look!

I really hope I got the message right that this was about awkwardness.

I took a look!

Created a new topic Turret War (Crossover episode)

Crossover episode

Created a new topic Custom Weapons vs Skeletons

haunted, modded edition

Created a new topic Stop shooting, build houses!

yes, really

Created a new topic TEAM WEAPONS

Check out the canon vs chaingun team weapon pick games!

so do we play the one without the version number or 0.1? :D

I adore this crazy RPG. Would be nice to have a 'censor' setting but hey.

I found the secret! And I finished the game! It's excellent! :D

Bases can jump around or fly around. let's take a look and also learn.


So cute! 

I love the derpiness!

Created a new topic Old Time Weapons!

Fantastic new game feel with slow reload and stabbybois

Created a new topic STAR WARS WEAPONS & MAPS

This collection is massively impressive!

Created a new topic AIRHORN.MLG ONLY

nothing but air horn.

EA5 rocks

Created a new topic HAWKS?

Are you ready to believe in the 3rd team?

Created a new topic Steyr AUG

New custom gun

Replied to Marco in Easy Red comments

I don't think I mentioned any spelling errors, so great!

Many people liked the game and decided to download it. Hope the itch.io issues are resolved now :)

made a video. As long as it takes to get to the beaches and as strange AI is at times, it's quite fun! :D

Just a small beta branch update that makes a lot of difference though.

i'm a fan

Created a new topic KNIFE BATTLE!


Created a new topic Minecraft Weapons Mods

check those out

Created a new topic WW2 Mods

awesome feel-changing items thanks to workshop

The full one is just fantastic!

that first puzzle is pretty much crazy hard and I can't see the symbols.

pressing start on xbox360 when it says 'press start' doesn't work and pressing multiple buttons crashes the game. also B is pause menu. right analog stick can't move camera and there is no jump button, took a while to realize i have to use kb/mouse

looks very nice though

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seems frustrating. once you have two tracks running you can't hear any additional music unless perhaps you're right on top of it.

EDIT: very pretty though :)

can't work without data see 


The latest update is pretty cool!

Them custom guns are here!