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Impressive how much game is in the demo!

Weird. I like weird. The anime eyes clip is very cool.

freaking adorable

Nicely done! Didn't figure out how they work but managed to get out eventually!

I think the target radio tower has the bug of not providing a map. other "house icon" towns' radio towers however do work. use those.

The ending was freaking hilarious

Finally made a gameplay video! As I say in the video - something about Local Airspace just tickles me in a good way :)

Pretty cool game, pretty stupid human. Delicious!

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It seems like in 1.01 I can't craft the better antenna . Or I can craft it infinitely?

EDIT: I can craft it infinitely but it never becomes yellow.

There's bugs with spawning on the wrong end of the map when going to fast travel sometimes.

Not being able to delete saves is a problem.  Solution - delete Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\sokpop\deadrun from registry

EDIT2: despite all this, I was able to win in v.1.0.1 (and I'm sure it's possible in v1.0 as well)

Totally unrealistic - can't sit on couch!

j/k - cute game!

quite nostalgic :)


what... what is new in v3?

Very nicely done!

Plays. Iwan, plays - accidental professional bedtime story reader.

Hey, thanks for sharing! ^^

if you go away from the garage and come back there seems to be more. Maybe other towns have garages as well.

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It's quite impossible to find the target though. is the question mark "dot" the location? the world map zoom level is too high. Do upgrades help with this?

EDIT: It is also impossible to find radio towers in other towns. Is there a trick or do they just not exist? - Also, the radio item doesn't do anything? Using it does nothing. Is it supposed to control music? Or do you have to use it near the radio signal? Or near radio towers (not found any except initial one)


So atmospheric with so little

The DBZ is strong with this one

I managed to finish. Lvl2 and 3 were hardest to me, lvl1 was easy so I expected it not to be too hard at lvl2. Lvl2 took me the longest probably and I concluded that trying every combination is the only reliable way, which felt dissatisfying. Knowing your previous games motivated me however. In either lvl3 or 4 I realized that I can estimate somewhat and don't 100% have to try every combo. Final level I felt confident again. The atmosphere was great.

Here is a walkthrough: (for v2) alternative solutions are also possible I am now realizing.

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Thank you, without this comment I wouldn't have figured it out.

You have to click and drag it and drag it all the way down. lacks feedback, yes.

I can't yet figure out how to "win" lvl 2. but not giving up yet.

I thought I'd try it for a few minutes and now I'm about 3 hours into the game. wow

I know the devs know but perhaps some people looking forward to future demos here didn't see it yet :)

So very unique. Looking at the screenshots, I probably should have been more patient...

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I also thought this was really cool!

Made a video that includes my note-taking process (did not do a great job xD):

This is cut down from 1h27m of my 2nd playthrough.

- Sometimes the game lags, for example when making connections between pins, it freezes and then deltas to last mouse movement. got really bad in explore mode.

- I didn't notice anything different in explore mode compared to the final state I left things in. Does that mean I got all docs?

- Totally could have multiple endings, based on what direction the research takes :D (hey, maybe there is and nobody found it yet).

Lovely demo! Curious about the plot development!

Nice! I played 75 hours of Reciever 2 so far - this is totally up my alley.

Beautiful weirdness

thanks for letting me know! will check it out

freaky controls* - nice and crisp game - amen!

*read: controls that make brains used to other controls freak out in a good way

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car = g(l)ory

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This. Was. Fun.

Only thing missing: audio, fuse mode: proximity/collision & time-of-day controls

Amazing. I had not dreamed of such complexity!

Love it!