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the dl link is dead :(

Cool style, I was expecting having to type though :)

And now the actual game:

t'was a delight!

Still fantastic

fantastic game!

You thought this was up my alley. Turns out you were right.

hm hm hm idk about that performance in the outside areas :D looks cool though!

Performance very low on gtx 970, stuck at are by containers.

I managed to compile using docker - that one works on my system

BlockAttack - Rise of the Blocks 2.5.0+1 - Windows without installer
works as well


This has been a long time coming

I played this back in '17

Pretty good, especially the music!

I tried this back in '17 

I tried this back in '17 

I tried this back in '17 

Dragons Drank my Beer community · Created a new topic esc

i pressed esc and it lost all progress o_O

Glad to hear it! I made most models (for example robot and drone) and they made me remember mechwarrior3 (an old 3d game) so much that I'm playing it right now :D

Cool, looking forward to it.

Weird story, I like it! Great voice acting! Needs fully voiced and voice acting tags

Chaotic and cool. I got stuck or couldn't find level end though.

I enjoyed this!

delightful! in case it was unintended: the "thank you for visiting..." has no voice

ah I see. I was jumping downward ^^

Heh, indeed I'm using 1809! Time to update I guess

reading the other comments - amazing for for being 'new' to this ! looking forward to your future games!

ah, looks like i was shooting signs, so there weren't any left to jump on them any more.

Is there doublejump? It seems to not always work. missed a jump cause of that when the first block of many signs ends. Maybe I shot too many signs again though ^^

the part where these start appearing:

yeah, so I didn't figure out how to get that number higher

(1 edit)

looks like controls don't work?

Kinda nice too bad the tutorial didn't make it into the game yet :)

Is there anything you can do other than talk to 2 people?

Are there any controls other than lmb?

I think I killed most enemies by blindly shooting upwards. not sure though. Also once the signs appeared I was unable to jump on those. Not sure if I did something wrong


Anyways, once I figured out there's about 3 keys for attacking, it was all right

*facepalm* I thought it was a banner XD

oh no, i just realized i was killing civilians left and right

uncommon way to distribute a game but works using miniweb:


mashing buttons allowed me to win it too!

Cool stuff but couldn't manage to find all the body parts


cute cat tho and the rest of the art too!

cool art and music!