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As you said - imba. Still fun! Couldn't figure out how to play the other levels though...

Check out the latest Ravenfield news!

& remember to subscribe :)



As per viewer request!

There's news on the front!

Three hidden weapons, one of them revealed for the first time! :D

gave it a shot :)

I livestreamed reaching 3000 subscribers (thank you so much!) and celebrated by loading up a helicopter with 3000 missiles to shoot at them reds! :D

A very nice little twitch pixel RTS!

This is a pretty aweseome way to teach building your own rig! Thanks for releasing!

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I'm afraid Blender actually crashes. (Windows)

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Nice train ride.

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This looks awesome but the edge slipping makes me fail utterly :)

new bug: returning from settings in 1920x1080 doesn't show UI

Created a new topic Download Link Gone

Hi, there is no more download link/file. What happened?

Created a new topic Gameplay Video - Epic Visuals!

This game looks quite epic!

Created a new topic Gameplay Video

Played this a while ago :D

This is quite complex!

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A very stylish game, for sure.

I hope this helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7e37KIsE6Y

very impressive minimalism! You can ask people for joining a match on our discord: https://bit.ly/iPdscrd - the one in the description wasn't as responsive.

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This is quite fun! (feel free to use in description :) )

I'm still very impressed by this unique style!

Very cool! Love the pixel art!

The latest edit of an online match!

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Airports in Ravenfield!

Nice little prototype!

there's supposed to be a trick at >60fps hitting the jeep you're in but couldn't figure it out :(

Well, I tried it. It certainly has style.

Fan-invented game rules about epic showdowns in the desert :D

SteelRaven7 spilled the beans about new additions to the Dust Bowl map. Cool cool cool!

If you're wondering about the release date of Ravenfield on Steam, watch this :)

Yeah, the thing available here on itch is the most full thing you can get right now. If that's what you mean, here's a guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCfSAq_OcLk else just wait till he announces the release :)

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It says Soon.zip is 0 bytes?

Well, here's a little guide that might help you out. Basically step 1 is to reduce sensitivity


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we're testing it right now, you can chat with us in https://discordapp.com/invite/4UCPmcb (it's over now but it was quite fun and I'll make sure to make a video either based on the gameplay I recorded or additional games if I get to arrange anything!)

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5v5 with complete map takeovers (island: no vehicles, dust: normal)

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I ADORE the voice acting and writing in your work! Wonderful music, scene compositions and use of light as well!

I finished the full game, it is magnificent!

Not much I'm afraid

How do I insert coin?