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I'm sorry :c I was trying to export to Mac or HTML, but i had lots of troubles...

I think It could be better the way of explaining what the objective was

About the installer, i change it a day after the submission, i upload a .zip. I know the installer is super annoying, even for me, but i was extreamly estressed for the final moment of sumbit the game and I didn't notice that i exported the game as an installer, sorry.

I 'm gald you enjoyed the game :3 I'm planning for continue this proyect and improve all the gameplay

Thank you so much for the feedback, it really means a lot for me

Fun, challenging and short :3 Well done!

It is a bit hard to remember and change the color while the obstacles are that fast

May be it would start slower and makes it faster through time

Good concept, but i think sometimes it gets a little unfair and frustrating 

You made a good job, overall :3

Did you take inspiration of Battle Banzai of Habbo?

It seems like, but with a twist

A really fun game :3 May be if the counter make the sound every 10 or 15 seconds instead of every second, that would be better 

Fun as a community game xD May be if you have a time limit, it would be funnier, just as an opinion

Extremly fun! I want this on my mobile xD

The combo mechanic is super satisfactory, the game very colorfull and the main character very cute!

Congrats! :3

Interesting haha I think i don't get it, but the cat is cute c:

I wanted to make a tower defense as well 
Your idea is awesome and super expansible to make it better

I would like to have a PLAY button before the figures comes out, to experiment with the light and bullets.

Overall, it's awesome! Great job :3

it reminds me to old classic games when I played whoth my friend on pages like armorgames or undergrounds :3

Really funny! I love it

Thank you c:

Thank you so much! n.n

The game have a good concept, but first, the tutorial have a lot of controls that doesn't help too much to the gameplay, I have a lots of troubles with all the controls, for example, the tutorial said "press MBR" and... I didn't knew what was that, until I figured out.

The first level was too hard to be the first and on the second, I pass trought the lava and had to restart the whole game, not just the level

I looks really awesome, and the colors are unique each other :3 It's a solid game

A super polished arcade game :3 Super fast, easy to understand, colorfull and enjoyable

Pretty nice ! Well done

I really love the game's aesthetic , the gamaplay is simple but that´s fine c: Good job!

Would you play my game? c:

You made an excellent job! :3

Would you play my game?

The mood of the game is pretty awesome :3 Really good job!

Super simple and super fun! Colorfull art and awesome sounds/music

And the name is areference to Bob Ross UwU 5 stars for that

The art super cute and awesome. But the controls are weird and a bit strict when jumping from a ledge

Overall, I think the game is funny :3

Super cool and with good level design

An awesome job! :3 

This game is awesome! The art is cute, the music is very unique, and the gameplay is chaotic in a good way!

Really awesome :3 

This game is super awesome, it feels super nostalgic, like an Atari game

I love it!

Would you play my ganme?

That was the plan, something relaxing but arcade. And I'm happy with the result. :D Thank you so much for playing

Would you play my game? c:

The same concept of my game "Order things by color" but in a really different way
The music is awesome and the graphics are also very cool

An excellent job! :3

Thank you so much! :3 

Wow Really? That's I really I appreciate it :3 That means a lot, this is y second jam and it really helps me to keep making games

The game is very unique, with a good level design and a excellent concept :3 Really well done!

The game is funny but somethimes i think is a bit unfair

You can die while starting a level, may be a countdown before star would be an option for that
And somethimes, i was exploring and an enemy appears out of nowhere killing me, restarting the whole level, I think a lifebar or a a minimum amount of lives would be better.

Overall, a fun game, challenging and unique :3 Good job

Yeah! I'm subscribbed :3 Thank you so much

I'll looking for that c:

When I started, Game Maker 1.8 had assets for platformer and space games

But I'm pretty sure that GM Studio 2 don't, but I don't know
I made all the art with Aseprite and a limited pallet color called Taffy 16, I'm trying to improve my art

Your game is hard xD But i like it a lot 

Congrats :3

That was hard xD

The game with local / online multiplayer have to be awesome and extremly fun :3 Well done

Yes! I think the same :3 

Thank you very much and Good job

I made my best :3 Thank you

Thak you so much for the feedback

Is the art good? I´m not an artist, and I spend a lot of time doing it

When you eat a fruit, there's an icon that indicates the cooldown for eating again

I really appreciate your reply, it means a lot :3 Thank you so much

(I'll change that image now) xD