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A really interesting idea :3 

If you polish some little things, it could be a  better game

But, you made an excellent work :D

It have an interesting mechanic

It would be a great complete game! :3 

Your game it's great! :3 I love it!

The random generated maps are a wonderfull adition

Good Job!

It's a really fun game :3 I like the inspiration of the Blue Shell of new Super Mario

This needs more rates! This game is the jam game :3 Perfect!

I wanted to use the same principle on my game... but i was scared that the people thought it was really a crash

BTW,  Game maker has a function called "show_error("text", abort)" , that would help you

You made an excelent job! Keep working! :D

It's a funny concept, but i thing that the  plataform is a bit hard or the respawn is very far... 

Overall, it's a good game! :3

Thank you so much! 

I'll keep doing my best :D 

It reminds me to an Atari game

It's very interesting!

I love the 4th wall break when you go to the "UI" xD

That was the intention, everything interacts... The explosion also destroy the stars

Sadly, i'm not an artist... The fishes and decoration are from Kenney, this asset was free to use

I try my hard to make the bomb and explsion sprite the most similar possible, but as you can see on the Main menu and those things... I have 0 talent xD 

Thank you very much for your rate! :3 Your game is awesome

200 stars!! Wow that's the highest score ever xD Well Done!

Glad you like it! :3

WOW! This means a lot for me... I'm proud of my very first game 

The intention was for the player to lose to show "the bug"

I had a lot of more ideas, but could not put them due to time constraint

Thank you very much to play! :3

I like that you as the player have to discover how to go through some walls :3 Nice work!

¿Podrías echarle un vistazo a mi juego...? Me gustaría saber tu opinión :3

The concept is very interesting, but sometimes i got hit with no reason... I didn't understand

But it was fun to mess around gravity :3

My high score is 46 xD 

It's a very simple game, but very WOWIE! :3 Good jopb!

Un juego bastante pulido (a pesar de "no estar terminado")

Me encanta el humor del juego y perfectamente podría salir completo :3 Excelente trabajo, sigue así

Saludos desde México! :D

The soundtrack it's perfect! I love the concept :3 Nice job! 

I love the buggy plataforms xD This game is very funny, congrats

Wooooow, I love the wheel of bugs

This game is very polished! :3 

Really creative game! You have a lot of pottential :3 Keep working!

Yeah! That's the point :3 Thanks for playing

This game is just perfect! :3 I love it! <3

Great job! It's one of the best of the jam

Blush Blush! -

This is my first public game and my first game jam
I'm 19 years old and just started my career as a developer
I'm studying college and it would make me too excited and motivated to see that my game is in a YouTube video if people like it
I would like to know what I can improve and to continue growing

Here's my game :3 I'll play your's as well

I'm glad that you liked :D Thank you very much!!

I was very scared of any jumpscare xD 

Good job!

Here's mine :3

87! That's a lot xD

Thank you very much :3 

I really love to see everyone's highest score :3 Thank you so much for rate

Thank you very much!

Very fun game :3 I really like it!

you used the same principle (on one level) that I do on my game xD 

80 It's perfect! My personal record is 65 or so xD

Thank you very much! :3

An incredible game for mobile devices :3  Just perfect, I love it!

It's a super simple game but with a great art style :3 Very well!

Here's mine :3

If someone rate me, i'll rate your's

Perfect! :3 Thank you very much!

thanks for the feedback :3 It really help me to improve

Sure! don't worry :3

At first is very easy, but the reload it's slow and the enemies get faster

It's super funny :3

Can you help me rating my game? It would help me a lot!