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The concept is really interesting and fun.

But i just completed the game with One block, you can just place and destroy the block over and over

Maybe if the block had a little cooldown that problem wouldn't happen

Overall it's a good puzzle platformer

Fix to the crash uploaded, thank you for the feedback

Fix uploaded, thank you for the feedback

Fix uploaded, thanks for making me aware of this bug

I think we had a similar idea, but with very different results.

Nice job

It's about freedom and creativity. I posted 4 gifs where's the first level completed each with a different way

At first wasn't intended, but it was really cool to see this kind of interactions. Also the second level. You can use the Fire element or The Water and then the Rock to break the Ice

I'm aware that you can finish the game without using the water element because the last level I planned to be completed with all 4 abilities, but it looks that it isn't the case lol And I don't think was a bad thing.
I Haved another plan for the water ability, to grow a plant and use it like a platform. The sprite is in the game and it's coded... but I didn't add the level

And yeah... that crash :c I know it's happening and I know why, just didn't noticed before uploading the game

Thank you so much for the feedback ♥ Really helps me to see what can I improve

One thing I was going to do is that you could select them with the numbers or something like that

But I just didn't had that much time

Yeah :c I know the bug, i was investigating that before... It was due a change I did on the last time and didn't noticed

It's fixed but not uploaded, I think it's not allowed for the Jam

Another Great Pico-8 Game ♥ Really good job

A really curious combination of Billard and Arkanoid. I lke the particle effects

Maybe some sound effects improves the experience

Thank you so much for the feedbak ♥
Just now I was writing what needs to be improved and what you have written really helps me a lot

I noticed the sound effects in the player when I was working on it but it was something I learned in this project and due to time I couldn't correct it much

I'm really surprised that people liked the art style and animations. I'm not an artist, I really tried hard in the whole artistic section

And what you mention about the movement is something that I was in debate at the beginning of the development, doing the first level. I didn't want people to just jump into the waterhole and not use the item mechanic but I also didn't want to make the player slow and clumsy... So I tinkered until it was like it is now. It's not perfect, far from it, and you're really right.

Full 5*? Wow... I don't know what to say... I'm glad that you enjoyed my game ♥

The Bgm was added like 3 hours before the deadline and it's the only thing i didn't create myself

I'll still working on the game and make a full post-jam release. It won't be a big game, but at least more polished and completed

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At first the game was extreamly dificult... but then i read that you can move forward and made the game easier

The game is really fun and unique

Bad feedback is how you learn to improve. If we always receive compliments and hide the bad, we will never learn
To Both us as small developers and large companies or professional development teams

You also have to know what bad feedback we can take as useful

Obviously it's always nice to read what people like and know that they are enjoying it, but you have to know where we failed and how we can improve it next time. That's what Game Jams are for

The concept is one of the more creative of this Jam. Needs a little polish like the collisions and if you die just try again without hearing the start of the music over and over

But Really cool game

Really fun! I love it

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My brain is melting, omg

I think in level 7 there's a lot of things going on simultaneously and I can't see what's going on

Overall it's a really good puzzle game! Congrats

Thank you really much!

Oooh that makes sense, Yes I had many more tasks to complete so that was probably the case

Thank you so much! Really means a lot for me

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It's Intended!

Plan the game to be completed in many different ways

And I love that you tell me that because according to me the last level was intended to be completed (normally) using the four elements. If you tell me that you did not use the element of water, it means that you have been creative and were able to save it, congratulations!

Uuuuh Really?  I didn't have much time to playtest and the respawn was the last thing I added so maybe there's the error... Thank you so much, i'll fix it as soon the jam votes ends

Thank you really much!

I'm not that good artist, I just did my best with the pixelart.

Thank you so much for the feedback ♥

Really good game design ♥ The duck is cute and the levels are challenging

Very nice work

The thing that the rock can't be place near the walls beacause it's a quick bug fix, it used to get stuck easily

But I'm glad that you like it

Some hitboxes are kinda bad and you can easily get stuck. But it's a great idea with cute cats 10/10

I haven't see that comming to be honest

Wow... It might be the fact that you're using Windows 7 but I can't tell exactly why... I'm so sorry

But don't worry, i'll make it playable in the browser soon

I love to Min-Max in games and this game it's perfect for that. Really well done

Really? I just thinked "Nah why buy fertilizer?" 

I'm surprised of the quantity and quality of this game, with a little polish and some more gameplay variations, it can be a full release

In the first level? Uh that's something I didn't though about but you're right! Thank you so much for the feedback, i'll totally update the game soon

It reminds me to the final dungeon on Zelda Skyward Sword, where you have to do practically this.

Very creative game, makes you think outside the box.

Only one little thing... The green on the level transition is very bright and can be unconfortable to other people.
Just that, the aesthetic of the game is awesome

Simple and fun. Very nice work 

I loved the intro, was really funny

But I literally cheesed every level, i don't know if it's intended but due that your "stamina" recharges instantly and you can move the slopes below you, makes you fly breaking the puzzle solving.

Sorry I just love play with this type of "hidden mechanics"

The game is really cute and i LOVED the music, kinda like Animal Crossing style

You can stand and place blocks around you  or shooting in a straight line where the enemies appears and you'll never die

Thank you so much! More levels and mechanics are planned after this Jam, I want to complete this game, just a little bit

A tutorial was planned but can't reach the deadline :c

The little Slime Ploo is very cute ♥ Love the aesthetic of the game
But the platforms are very sensitive

This might be a good Mobile Game

At first it's hard to know what's happening and why do I have -50 ponits

But luckly the game is short and can retry as many times I wanted. So i figured out

Nice game, really good job

Oooh i think I didn't notice that
Thank you