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Here it is, if anyone wants to try it out:

Thanks so much for the feedback! I was so anxious that people wouldn't really enjoy the music or pay attention to it. This warms my heart!

I did't focus on making a goal, because I preferred focusing on the music for now.
The thing is that I planned from the start to make a new version with a way to defeat the boss, since there's another jam that happened to start at the same time as this one.
So I just quickly made a temporary score system with a timer and slapped it in for now, but that was not the best idea... Considering I left the text at the beginning untouched.

Thanks for the advice!

Really nice game!
Although one thing I would change is the controls.
I am so used to both space and W being jump keys that I keep mixing the swap with the jump.

I'll try again tomorrow then haha

I didn't really understand where I had to go, everything killed me.
Did you use Time.deltaTime anywhere in your movement script? If not, that explains a lot. You should check that out.

The gravity mechanic is not just very original, it's pretty fun too!
Good job on your game.

I was going to say the fact that you can swap gravity midair makes it too easy to cheese the levels, but the spike tunnel made me change my mind.
Also, what's the message that's written in the spike tunnel that you can miss very easily?

Very original, 10/10!


Hahaha, thanks for playing.

The only problem I had with the game were the awkward controls.
Other than that, I really liked the puzzles!

Yeah, I made it so you retrieve your momentum if you jump and ground-pound before swapping sides. Although it was a bad idea, as I can see.
Thanks for the feedback!

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You're right. Text for the link was right but not the link itself.

16 on my first try :P

Lux Jam community · Created a new topic Top 3 - Day 2
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My top three for the games I played in the 2nd day of voting.
Feel free to do your own top 3 in the comments!

1. LampLighter(
Short, but has its own unique visual style that really makes it shine (no pun intended).

2. LifeLight(
One of those games that perfectly fits the theme while still being really fun to play.

3. So Anyway I Started Blasting(
Really fun to play with other people, but also fun to play alone, because of the physics (it's an online game).

Great concept, fits the theme perfectly!

Beautifully crafted game.
The perfect art really made a difference.
Doesn't need to be too long, since it's a jam game. So the length's perfectly fine.

Thank you! I put the game together really quickly, since it was made for Trijam and there was only 4 hours remaining when I started making the game. So I just tried to come up with some sort "reversed" horror game, if this makes sense. Obviously, it's lacking in every way and is more like a concept since I had barely no time to make it.
But thanks so much for the feedback!

Very strange, but thanks anyway.

Really fits the theme, good job!

Lux Jam community · Created a new topic Top 3 - Day 1
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Here is my top three for games I played in the first day of voting.
Feel free to do your own top 3 in the comments!

1. Light & shadow(
This game was so addicting, I came back a few hours after rating  to play again.

2. Lux Ducks(
Really polished and fun puzzle game, one of the first games I played, and it is still in my Top 10 (Actually, it's in my top 3 haha)

3. A World of Order(
Nice art and a story that leaves you wanting more. Definitely go play it!

Perfect game for the jam!

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Oh, I just realized, I had a force field between the two buttons, but it seems to have disappeared in the build.
Basically, you're not allowed to go left, you have to press shift or left-click.

Oh, I just realized, I had a force field between the two buttons, but it seems to have disappeared in the build.
Basically, you're not allowed to go left.

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(Also play my game haha)

Yeah there's one thing missing: the ability to have a name tag haha

I really like the concept.
I had an issue where I can simply put the torch in a corner of the screen, and it never follows me in bat mode.
I might have used it when I had to much of a hard time haha, but I tried playing normally.

Hey, Imma play your game, here's mine:

Really like the mechanics and the art, but the battles were a bit too easy for my taste.
But I love the concept overall.

Nice concept. I had little issue one in a while where I would die even if the light barely dimmed, but it was fine most of the time.

I really liked the dialogues at the end!

I think it's the game I played for the longest in the entire jam.
It's really simple, but really addicting.
I had a lot of fun playing with the physics, shooting the black ball and hiding from people in the labyrinths.

The mechanics felt a bit weird at first, but once I got the hang of it, I had a lot of fun!
Also, I really like the graphics and the music.

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You have to jump on the big "button". There's two white rectangles("buttons") on the ground, and one is already activated, the other is pressable.
If you already did that, you have to press shift or left-click while on ground to go under the room.

Yeah, I saw your message on discord. I had no issues with Unity 2020 before the jam, but I guess I should've been more vigilant.

I really want to remake the game some day, and making music and sounds for it is what motivates me to do so, since I didn't really have time for that because I was short on time.
Also, I didn't really want to add checkpoints, because the game is actually pretty short if you get the hang of it, so I was scared people would judge it's length, but if I remake the game and make it longer, that's definitely something I will add. Thanks for the feedback!

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It's not supposed to do that. Sorry, I can't help, since I never had that issue myself.

Thanks so much!

Really like the game and the puzzles.
Just after my first mess up, I was so relieved to ge the ability to destroy balls.

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It's so addicting, I had the urge to play it again!
Also, what makes the game end? Is it an hidden timer?

I would really want to see a Human VS Human version, or a version where you have to fill 90% of the game, or even a full game with additional stuff,. But maybe that's just me.