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Here it is

Only complaint is that it felt like I was walking on ice, and with only 1 health, it felt unfair to die from sliding into the enemy.

Would of been nice to have a trajectory line or a slower bow. It could get tedious sometimes. But pretty juicy and very fitting for the restriction(except it was a restriction, not a theme, but I'll give you a pass)

Great animal

Also car AI cool

Race countdown is infinitely juicy. Music rocks. My camera kept lagging behind, and those damned corners...

Very chill. No violence whatsoever. The art is too great for those square particles, they deserve more love.

If you didn't participate, but want to be a judge, hit me on discord.
Also, I will stream your games once the rating ends. I will announce a date for that and give the prize afterwards!

Don't worry :)
Post a link to your game's itch page and the reason why you couldn't make it.
I will reply with a link for you to submit.

Yeah I know this is a bit low effort, and yeah I know I basically missed Cicada's birthday for one of his songs' anniversary.

What browser are you using?

Yeah, I was waiting after I play all the games, but actually, I'm going to play it in an hour.

Xanderwood and Xanderwood 2 are the same person.

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The game describes my mood, but you have to get it.

Flarbleball is the best sport, thanks for sharing the passion for it and introducing many to it.

What do you mean?

The voice was DEEP! I don't know if the game was though.

I will probably play all your games, but if you send your game here, I'm going to send you a highlight!

This is deep! Also, pretty cool that it turns into a platformer!

It's pretty cool actually when you get it. Although I would add a white outline around those small enemies.

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Everything was intentional and meaningful.

Thanks for the feedback, level design is hard.

What did you see? It happened.

You got it!

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Lol the entries are either truly high effort games, low effort games orrickrolls.

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High effort jam is a low effort  jam, no? Right?

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And I could literally write "At the beginning there was nothing, but then..." on my entry and it would fit for this jam, but I am too lazy to rebuild and reupload my game(It's also a Low Effort Jam entry, I have to respect the tradition)... And it kind of feels cheap. Should I anyways?

High Effort Jam community · Created a new topic Darn it

I made a low effort game for the Xanderjam, and I was saddened this was a high effort edition of the low effort jam... Until I realized I was fooled a few minutes ago.

I sent the clip on your game page

Yeah I realized it on my second playthrough lol. But the scoreboard is broken As promised As promised! As promised As promised. As promised As promised. As promised. As promised. As promised