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Sam Hogan

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I'll be trying out some different control schemes thanks to your feedback and others', I really appreciate the input!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll work on some performance improvements, hopefully get it to be playable everywhere. I'll also experiment with some more (less frustrating) mechanics.

Interesting idea! I'll do some experiments, thanks!

Thanks for the input! After a while I'm going to experiment with getting rid of the golf control scheme altogether

I totally see what you mean by the mechanics not really fitting well. I'll definitely try out a more standard character controller and other things. Thanks so much for the feedback!

Thank you so much! I totally agree, movement definitely needs a lot of work

Lots of great points, thank you so much for the feedback!

Excellent feedback! Thanks for taking the time to write this up!

Definitely agree about the controls, thanks for the feedback!

That would be cool!

oh whoops maybe it's impossible, I'll check it out

Definitely a bug, the game's not deterministic (even though it obviously should be). Thanks for letting me know!

You never know what'll happen next. Amazing entry!

So polished and incredibly fun, amazing work!

This game made me smarter 5/5

(Amazing art/animations too)

Oh the rage... 

Love this game, great work guys!

Really fun! Love the simple dual-purpose controls 

Really satisfying to play around with. Nice job!

Really difficult but but I totally got addicted... 

That got out of control fast! Really great concept you've got here

Such a cool game, the art and presentation really make it stand out. Great work!

Really well polished, fun hectic game play - a masterpiece! 

Great level design, really showcased what this momentum mechanic is capable of. Awesome work!

What a great concept adding a character to a tower defense game, and the execution really makes it work well. 5/5 all around

Thanks Ben!

This game is hilarious and the pixel art is very well done, amazing work!

Yep the game should definitely have been deterministic, just bad programming on my end. I hadn't considered your second point, but that does make perfect sense. Thanks for the feedback! 

Oh yep you're right, that's pretty confusing. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for checking it out!

Really loved this entry, the genius part is that it turns your whole keyboard into the controller. Awesome work!

Yeah turns out the game isn't deterministic at the moment (I don't think it would be too hard to fix though). Thanks for checking it out!

Awesome work, this is really fun! I especially love the explosion effects

Thanks! (but there're many better entries haha)

Thanks so much! I might keep working on it...

Really challenging but I got super addicted. Love the mechanic, awesome work!

Amazing entry! I especially love the game juice and art style (although i did feel kinda bad killing the innocent looking toast and donut guys haha)

Yep the game has tons of bugs right now. Ideally it would be deterministic but my hacky solutions led that not being the case lol. Luckily I know how to fix it!

Thanks so much mr mars!

Haha not really. But I might have to add a sandbox mode