Submissions open from 2019-12-06 06:00:00 to 2019-12-16 05:59:59
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ABOUT: This jam is a fun and relaxing jam of one (extended week) to focus on ONE single (aWeSoMe) level!!! the rules are simple: use any game development engine of your choice but it must be a PLATFORMER and you should make only ONE level (stage). Why you ask? So you can put all of your focus into one perfect stage! This is just for fun and mostly to improve, level building skills! It will be publicly ranked but purely for fun!

THEME: The theme will be revealed at the start of the jam (it will be just for inspiration!)

RULES: The rules are simple, just make a single level for a platformer with any game dev software you want... Standard jam rules apply (you must start when the jam begins, make sure you own the rights to assets or have appropriate rights of usage) However, since it is a casual jam and the main focus is the actual level you can use a basic platformer template as a basis. But you have to make the layout of the level!

One level to rule them all!!! ;)


THEME How well does your level fit the theme? Mostly for inspiration!
JUMPS - How well placed are your jumps? Are they difficult are there too few, too many or is it just perfect??!!
OBSTACLES - Similar to jumps but includes anything that keeps you from beating the level, spikes, enemies, etc.
CONTROLS - Everyone knows that all platformers need to have good controls, how well do your controls stack up?
DIFFICULTY - How hard is your level? Or perhaps too easy? To find a perfect balance is truly an art of making levels!
OVERALL - This is the main category! How good is your level overall

COVER/BANNER ART BY: The incredible Kenney!!!