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Thx so much. Its very fun to actually see someones playing your game. Ill maybe chec ur other videos too

Yeah but thats not very crative way to gollow theme

Nic e and fun really liked. Levels were good designed

Very peaceful and great game. There is that one scene transistion what is kinda akward but other ways really good game.

Nice little game but some kind of tutorial would be nice becouse it took moment to me realize what was going on. Maybe im just stupid

Very nice and addicting.  Well done. I never got the point of little blue squares so that sold be better visible

game should be pg 13 :D. No not really i dont care of that. Fun game. I liked

the theme of jam was "holes" and i dont think there was lots of holes in game

Nice graphic fun game

Rwally creative idea. Just it gets boring after three planets. Maybe add guns and enmies and everything ad u have viral game. But yeah nice start of a game for jam u can expend if u want.

Last boss felt kinda op but then i found a spot where u can just stay and he wont hit u. u just go kinda inside him and stay still. Just a glitch i wanted tell. Overall game was fun and art was absolutly fantastic.

game was okay. I liked the idea, but was it even yours? Just dont copy other games please thats just kinda stupid. But mechanics worked and art was cool so thats nto end of the world. Andd game should maybe fit theme btw

Yea. Thx

I cant its a jam game. Sorry 

Inspired from what? Thx for feedback

Thx. U meant In this jam? Still big thnx

Nice and yeah should made that more clear. Everyone is saying about that 

Thx for feedback

Yea time was ending. Thx for playing

Cntrl+alt+scroll helps to scale screen right

(1 edit)

Just saying little challenge. Can u get past my 1600 score In my holefall. No need to try but just thinking this is fun way to ad my game so why not. Also if u get past 2000 ur really good. Here is link

Hope u can try my game out too:)

Link there

Comment(and play) to my game and I play yours. Simple isnt it? 

I played android version and it worked well. Very responsive movement and nice level desing. Sounds and graphics were medium. Level desing were good also. Only problems was the buttons were kinda small In my phone(maybe just my problem) and u can think more that level doesnt show it other parts becouse that was kinda akward to see them and yeah. 

Slow moti on is intentional:D maybe I could did it clearer. Nice u still enjoyed

Do u have Discord. If so feel free to dm me so I can try to help. (@tipu#1178)I have been same situations like u In half year ago so I wanna really give my help. (but still im making my own game so be pacient when u ask something and be ready that I cant do everything. I just do Best as I can okay?) 

Ur 12. I need to say respect. If u get anything done u are absolut legend. I am 15 and still feeling kinda young and stupid. Lol. I mean just do something and have fun. And if its too much pressure u can quit. I need to still promise the feeling getting something finished is amazing so aiming that is good idea. But yeah. Just have fun In a way u feel to