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you can hold the buttons on snail part so it works better :D, we should have been clear with that Here is the vod

THX for submission, i didnt have time for everyone but ill maybe continue tomorrow(not promise tho), ill submit the vod here

stream is on 

You wanna see your game played by me? Your game has web build? If yes then submit it down here or just come to visit chat! Ill play games for like 1,5hours and will play many games as i can. Stream can be found at 

Also I would appreaciate if you would rate my game, thx

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Nice visuals nad polish but gameplay doesnt stay interesting for long sadly. Maybe some more feedback/juice would be fun in this kind of game. 

(btw rate my game if you feel like it, my sfx broke but otherwise its pretty fun one)

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Quack was the best feature and won you a lot of points.

Jokes aside the idea was pretty wholesome and clever use of not intelligent AI. Controls were nice and only problems i had was with big buttons being dum and pressing down accidentally.  The wiggling character felt nice to control and AI followed paths badlyu enough to make me able to skip some buttons that made game just funnier:D. 

I suppose you havent done jams a lot and even if you have, I need to say you have great talent of ideas and polish, next time something little more unique and less buggy and bueno!

(btw rate my game if you feel like it, my sfx broke but otherwise its pretty fun one)

Sequel we didn't expect, we didn't deserve, we weren't ready for. But still it tops the first one, tops all games in this jam and should totally win the jam. Last time in 2.0 people didn't respect your work enough but now this year, it's time for your redemption. Just amazing.

(Also I had played the first 2 years ago(that was my first jam back then btw) so cool to see you back:D)

midi file is incomplete in shelly fire

both true and both we are very sorry for

Oh player 2 stamina doesnt refresh :(

so well polished and good looking game with celevr idea and clever puzzles. I think the best part of this game is when most puzzlegames have planned amount of fails you need for each level, this you can continue and move pieces around and there is no "right answer" to finish nay level. Also i collected 9/10 poitons becouse lvel 9 is so hard. Also i didnt have time for bonus levels for now but i may od them later. THis has potential for bigger game and is almost perfect jam submission

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they kind of stack/goes on another hay bal. yeah its little bit unclear.  

thx for playing

Nice game with awesome idea. I liked normal mode a lot and wanted to do challenge mode. Then i realized im not a pro gamer LMAO. Yeah pretty nice jam submission overall

It has kind of poor graphix and idea is simple but good level design and controls saves the game and makes it really enjoyable experience. Thx for that

ITS AMAZING AND INSPIRING.  It has so great atmoshphere with music and everything. Sadly music wasnt made by you but it fits game so good and  i need  to listen that music more becouse its so beatiful THx for this.

Its creative and original in its own way but i just dont like chat games so much so game wasnt for me. There was still good jokes i liked. And polishing is just amazing. Also GLITCHEON RULES!

Im currrently streaming to twitch:

If you want to me play your game the best way is come to chat and link it there. You can also link it down here but im not gonna send you vod of stream so better to be here on time.

Also play and rate my game:

One of my favourites so far. Awesome idea with good level design and difficulty curve was good for me. Maybe there could have been one more checkpoint between first and second one but it was okay this way. I also like art and sounddesign. Very solid and nice jam submission in every way.

I seee there is lot effort put in the game but i just dont get every point of it. I mean its very hard to understand with all complicated bonuses but then i just started placing sloths randomly on area and realized that game is so easy that i dont even need to care about bonuses. Then i just bought more sloths and slots and won rounds over and over again and nothing interesting happened. SO yeah i didnt really get in your game but i can believe with some adjusments and better tutorial(like not just text) it would be great game

i mean, i dont think i can make copyrights claim for menu button:D Feel free to use it then.

Thx for feedback

Yeah making games is point of jams and if you manage finish a game youre already a winner. Keep that mindset, its good mindset to have! 

Pretty decent game with great idea. If it was longer or had more mechanics or something i dont know it would be cool game. Idea has potential. Art was nicely done. Just one thing that i hate is "DO NOT PUT EVER TIMER ON A GAME WITH THIS MUCH RNG" yeah i tried to be fast and startyed hate game more and more becouse progression is just rng lmao

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Okay so game started out nicely with bit of confusion like every game, not knowing what ius best stradegy etc, then around round 4 i realized that i want to die a lot to make turrets and stop them getting to even close to crystal. And it was nice realization and it worked. Problemn is it was the same thing i did over and over again and around round 12 it started to get boring. You should have just ended game earlier becouse it gave no difficulty boost(or made different enemies and variety but becouse this is gamejam, shjoretr game wouldve been okay). So yeah great concept but too long and not enough variety. Btw sometimes audio was pretty terrible becouse so many enemies are dying same time. And your pretty good with art also:D

I love these puzzles and ghames idea, goes to my favourite games so far. Not much else to say

this game has great concept and idea but it has one thing that just makes it boring. You have to always walk from beginner and its pretty slow and boring and its the main problem of the game.  I think you didnt playtest enough to realize how boring it is. But dont worry, just remember to playtest more next time. And otherwise its nice game

How i give 6 star on sounds....

this is so original and creative and kind of fun,m and i laughed so hard and wtf youve done. Thx for this experience. Game is pretty slow paced so i didnt have motivation to see what kind of routes there are(i did first one right and second one wrong by accident and got the ending) but it wa salready enough to me. Awesome game. I dont know can i give you 5 stars on wowie becouse game is so weird but maybe ill even do. Im just speachless of this lol.

nice story writing there and i like the games idea. Saddly puzzles were kind of easy and i managed to cheese(wait thats wrong word for this game, i mean like cheat) some of them with weird box puishing collisions. Also color scheme isnt the best in levels so you could have focussed to that bit more to make game look better. Still very cute game that i liked very much

In moving and jumping both there is No really accelration. Like when you try to move just little you go already fast and if you try to go fast it doesnt give you that opportunity.  What comes to jumping is that the character is really heavy and jumps way too fast. I mean if i wanted to do like 'medium height jump' it was extremly difficult becouse if i hold even a little its already full jump, and just tapping jump wasnt enough. Get some playtesters and watch youtube videos about platform controllers(game makes toolkit has some coom analyses of platformer controls, and I also recommend to watch jonas tyrollers '5 reason why your indie platformer sucs' its great video). There is many ways to do good controls so there is not a right answer what you need to do but there is many good options you can do to make platforming feel better. 

Let me just yeet those games on my, 'going to play' list. I have played about 10games so far so I cant say my favourites but maybe end of the jam. Btw if you have time can you check my game also. I dont want to just be 'link spammer' but just saying:]

It is short but its someway amazingly better than some buggy games ive playd on submission: i mean its good idea to not overscoop your skill level and make something you can finish on time. And yeah this is finished game and i bet there is none game breaking bugs. Nice work

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Got the "true game but you still ded haha lol" ending and i fucking hate you lmao. No in all seriousses great concept with great secrets and endings(is there more than 3 btw(4if just dead counts))) and all that stuff. Im not sure did i enjoy running on my house and work but i still did it like 10 minutes for some dum reason. I got hooked lol.

I dont know do i have any feedback for this kind of game. Its not perfect game but it doesn what it inteds to do. 

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Im maybe wrong people to judge this becouse i didnt complete first level, first of all game is hard to understand and its just bad thing on gamejams. When i finalkly got the idea the gamne was just slow with no juice, feedback, enemy health, and it was very unbalanced becouse i think enemies did nothing and  i got just moving cards in some turns so killing enemies was slow.... got boring pretty quickly. One last thing i need to say is wtf is this post processing, i see there is good models behind that color mess and its realy sad to not even see models clearly.

Sorry if i was too straight with my points but i dont wanna give honest feedback. Dont feel bad, its learning experience, i think you may have overscooped and run out of time badly, next time try something simplier or justy make sure you have enough time:D. Wish you all the best

I like the game and it actually reminded me of my own with grid based movement. Pretty clever idea and you had many very clever puzzles there. Just enough content. Maybe you could have used some time for polishing instead of level design but that wasnt big issue. Bigger issue was that you cant hold to dircetion to move so i needed to press every single step and it was annoying(and im saying this becouse it was one of first things i prioritized on my own grid movement) but yeah gamejams are learning experience so dont worry about it. Also step count at end was nice 


yeah cool game. I likes mechanic, more enemies and maybe weapoins or something to make game more interesting wouldve been cool. still nice idea 

I like metroidvanias and overall your game was pretty clever and fun to play, there is sopme things i want to point out but remember that i liked your game and this is just feedback for future:

-watch videos about good platformer controls becouse character felt kinda bad to control sometimes, especially with jump mode

-making some textures change in different part of world woudve been nice becouse now everything looked realy much same

-gun is op and shooting is just boring obsticle

-collectables were awesome and well hidden, found them all. Nice work with them

nice simple game with nice simple idea. I suppose youre beginner with game making and i give you all my respect for joining the jam and finishing the game. Its also cool to see ways to make game fit the category with simple mechanics. 

Btw game has bug that if you break certain wall spot on level 1 game crashes, happened to me 2 times

wanna hear secret?

haybale stack was first a bug that my coding skills werent able to fix and we were just like "its mechanic now"

:( No idea why that happens. What bowser you are using. I dont know does that matter tho lol

Very nice and well polished game. It just lacks something to be good and fun. I mean after playing it 2minutes i had already seen everything game has to offer. Still very good for jam game and it has some nice polishing and satisfaction with dashing and killing enemies