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A short metroidvania where you use your enemies habilities to explore.
Submitted by Geminimax (@Geminimax1) — 5 minutes, 3 seconds before the deadline
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It's cursed!

Game Description
A metroidvania where you use your enemies habilites to explore!

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The idea is great, fits the theme very well, the only issue I had was with the controls. The jumps are a little clunky and very unforgiving. Loved the art style, although the audio could use some work (especially SFX). Anyway, one of my favorite entries so far!


Glad you like it! A few people have complained about the jumping, but I'm still not  sure what is the problem. I mean, I get the unforgiving part, but could you elaborate on the "clunkyness" of it?

It seems more like the character is "floating" instead of jumping. Ideally, there are two things to consider:
1. The character should lose speed as it gets higher, so that the player can have a visual feedback on gravity.
2. I've noticed it's complicated to switch direction and fine-tune the jump distance mid-air, which makes the jump very awkward, especially in a pixel-perfect platformer.
There are some guides and tips by acclaimed game devs on this, I'd suggest looking out for a Twitter thread where the Celeste devs talk about some of the techniques used on the game (I don't have a link to it right now). Keep up the good work, I'd love to see an update to this!


Theme: I think this fits pretty well. You get to discover the areas and how you can use your enemies' abilities.

Fun: I enjoyed this, but I found it harder than I would like (especially for a jam, where I'm playing and rating several games in a set time period). I like that when you lose a life you go to the beginning of whatever your latest screen was. But when you run out of lives you go to your latest checkpoint (the stone face thingy), and those are too far apart. Not sure which would be better, but one of these improvements might help: more frequent checkpoints, more lives, ability to regain lives. 

Controls: There were also some parts that felt a little too close to pixel perfect jumps, which I can find really frustrating. I think part of the problem is that because you can travel so far with one jump, it can be hard to land in the right spot. (Not sure if this goes in fun or controls; I'm new to this rating thing.) It might help to allow spacebar for jump and/or to enable controller support. Those concerns aside, the controls worked quite smoothly.

Graphics: absolutely beautiful! I really love the artstyle (where did you learn?). A really good choice of resolution too: enough pixels that you can get some really nice details, but few enough pixels that you still get the charming pixel-art aesthetic. It makes the world feel friendly and inviting, like the world just wants to be explored. One of my favorite parts is the jumping animation for the player.

Audio: the music is great! The audio is chill enough that it doesn't make the player feel overwhelmed by pressure, but bouncy enough that it feels like the game is moving forward. It seemed like there might be different tracks for different areas? That's cool. The only thing this is missing is SFX.

Originality: even though the game is composed of elements I've seen many times before (adventure platform elements, puzzle platform elements, and taking enimies' abilities like in Kirby), it somehow still feels fresh and new. Perhaps because you combine things that I don't usually see combined.


Thanks for giving it a second chance! I'll certaintly pay more attention to the difficulty in my next project. 


Of course! The game captured my attention from the very beginning so I'm glad I was able to get further into it than my first attempt lol


I really liked this game but I wasn't able to finish it. I can't play platformers on KB very well so a controller version would be super appreciated (or maybe add jump to spacebar or allow remapping of controls)

The graphics are really well done and I like all of the little details. Sound is great and the overall look and feel fits the theme pretty well. I thought the concept was very original and everything just seemed to look like it naturally fit together.

Great job!


Thanks! I'll add controller support in the post-jam update.


First, graphic are very good. Particularly, I love the animations :)

The musics are very good too! Add some sound effect could be nice?

I wasn't able to reach the end of the game, I'm not good at platformer, and controls (especially the jump) are a bit frustrating for me (maybe add more air control? I don't know). Thanks you for the checkpoint :)

Good feeling of exploration and respect of the theme. Nice job!


Thanks for the feedback!

 I actually had made some sound effects but didn't have the time to add them :'(. I'll probably do a big update after the rating period adding all the cut content. I had a few complaints about the jumping, so maybe I'll tweak it a little in the future. 


This game is super fun, I like the concept, and gaining and using abilities is interesting. Unfortunately I found it a bit hard for my tastes; especially for a jam game. I believe there should have been a checkpoint on every screen, and falling down would respawn you at the last solid ground. I kept falling at the switch puzzle and it is endlessly frustrating having to climb back up there so I decided not to continue. Which is a shame because I was really looking forward to what was next! Also, when I bought the red ability I forgot I had to put away one of the ones I had so I basically wasted money.

Apart from those nitpicks I will say the game looks and feels lovely. The animations are super smooth and the music is pleasing. I'm looking forward to what you make in the future.


Thanks for playing! I'll admit the game is pretty hard.  I am a big fan of challenging platformers and ended up balancing the game for my own level of skill( which was already boosted by all the playtesting). Hopefully I'll be able to tackle this issue in my next game :D


I don't think it's inherently too hard, it's just that jam games require a bit more effort to maintain my attention. There are a lot of games to play and rate, after all! Lowering the friction would make the game accessible for everyone.


I don't understand the signpost by the blue enemies. Something about x and c? But neither of those keys seemed to do anything. I couldn't figure out how to get past that part. I discovered the "secret tunnel" Merly23 mentioned, and while I was able to go back (the screen does change now, so I guess you fixed that), I still have the issue they mentioned where the red door opens instead of the purple one. What am I missing?


Have you tried killing one of the enemies? The purple door only opens from the other side. I guess I should have made the tutorial more clear.


I haven't figured out how to kill the enemies


Oh. You can attack with Z.


Thanks! I think what threw me off is that  when I got to the signpost with x and c I hadn't killed any enemies yet (I just avoided them), so I thought the signpost was telling me how to kill the enemies. A signpost for how to kill enemies would probably help anyone else who might have the same confusion.


This is simply my personal opinion: 

Theme: It was very related to the theme and exploration was a good added touch to the game. 5 stars.

Fun: The game itself was fun to play but the broken controls and the fact you can't progress futher than the first checkpoint makes me give it 3 stars.

Controls: They need a lot of love and work, first of all jump makes you slide off platform. Secondly screen changing doesn't work properly and even if you moved on to another part of the map, camera is still stuck on the underground part. The enemies are weird on their moves and spawn everytime you change camera even if killed. 1 star.

Graphics: I enjoyed them and they fit the style. The animations were top-notch and I have no complains about them. 5 stars.

Audio: It was good but it lacked some sfx could have boosted the overall. The soundtrack just makes me want to chill and hear it all along a lot of times. 4 stars.

Originality: I didn't understood the whole concept of the game but it seems metroid related and thats it. There isn't much except it's a metroid platform, like something to shine and stand out. 3 stars.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey there, thanks for playing!

Could you elaborate on the screen changing part? I know there is a specific spot that's bugging, but did it happen more than once for you?

(1 edit) (+1)

On the first part before the second checkpoint, where there are two blue kirbies with legs and a spike in the middle. If you go through the secret tunnel and try to go back. The screen just doesn't change. Also purple door doesn't open, instead red one does.


Oh yeah, that's the bad spot :(. I have already fixed it.

Anyway, thanks again for playing and for the detailed comment!