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Hey thanks for checking it out! You should definitely try Godot, it’s awesome.

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I’m aware of these problems, I didn’t have enough time to finish it properly! I’m taking notes and I’ll make sure to fix everything for the next update.

Godot doesn’t have that and the other apps available are either too complex or lacking some features. I’ll work more on it and I’ll soon have a stable release.

Thanks again for your feedback!

How did you try? With a second controller you press X (on xbox controller) to join, then use the joystick to select your side, and press A to toggle ready

It’s a local multiplayer game with no AI for now, so you need to be 2 person to play 1V1, that’s why you couldn’t start..

Thanks for your message! I hope you’ll be able to participate in the next one ;)

Oh ok that’s clever! Thanks for the anwser

At first I was thinking of having multiple icone like the “run this scene” icone in godot, but with a small number to differentiate

A bit confused at first because I thought I would have to put the fish somewhere. But then I understood. Cool game, congrats

This is a cool idea and an interesting take on the theme! I enjoyed it and I like the “reverse” highscore, it’s again a nice take of the usual high score system. Congrats!

Fits the theme, with some cool visuals, music and sfx, congrats!

Interesting, congrats!

Very cool for debugging or teaching people what the vectors they are using in code are doing! This could be combined with HyperLog Congrats

This is something I wanted to do, so I’m glad someone did it! It looks cool and it can be super useful to see what scene are taking spaces for example. Congrats

I don’t plan on doing games with quests, but your approach seems interesting! Really good work, congrats

Nice! Can be useful for teachers, streamers or just anyone presenting stuff on screen. Congrats

Seems interesting and well made, congrats!

Congrats for submitting even if you didn’t make everything you wanted. This is really interesting and probably way beyond my skill level! I’m missing compute shaders so seeing your attempt is quite interesting.


I see a lot of potential in Godot for applications that are not games, and this is super useful! I hope to see it in some shape or form being integrated in core in the future. Congrats!

What can I say? This is super cool! Congrats

Nice! Definitely something that will end up in core at some point. Thanks for your work

This is dumb but that’s why it’s interesting! I can see something like this being integrated with twitch. Users could mess with you, or help!

This is cool! Godot is slowly becoming an everything tool, and we won’t have to use anything else to create what we want! Jokes aside, this is interesting and can be very useful. I can see myself using that for small projects and jams.

For bigger ones tho, I still need my data to be accessible, so using trello is still mandatory. Do you have plan on connecting to trello?

Awesome for teachers, livestreamers or whoever is creating tutorials online! Thanks for your work :)

Small improvement but super important for quality of life. This would be awesome for the SmartShape2D addon, when you add a texture, you go though dozens on resource types, its awful!

Congrats for your entry

Cool work and I can see it as useful for a lot of people that might not be super comfortable with threads. Great work!

There’s a lot to unpack here, and with a lot of potential for sure! It’s good you provided some examples.


You know this is something I love because I wanted to do it! My only complaint is that you can’t pin more than one scene if I’m correct. Other than that, really cool addon, thanks for your work!

This is awesome and I’ll probably use it the next time I’m making an addon! Great idea, thanks for participating :)

As you stated in other comments, it’s a niche idea but I see the use as I’m also working in VR. The thing for me, is that I save very often, so it would be very time consuming if it was exporting all the time.

Maybe you could have a different version, where you display a big warning that reminds the users that the project has to be exported since there has been some changes.

Good job and thanks for participating!

This is super useful, and the video is awesome! Having a small demo project like the one in the video would be awesome.

Congrats for your work and your entry!

Cool idea, very useful if you need to update lots of variables. I can think of using that for debugging for example. Congrats on the entry!

This is super useful! It’s so painful to have to go through my font library and copy that to a new project, especially when I just want a simple text. They could probably fix that by using a dynamic font by default tho

Superb idea and well executed, congrats!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add issue on the github page

Exactly what I was thinking.. How do you know when to remove it? If you inject it, users might not be aware of it and then weird stuff can happen

Thanks! Do you have some in mind? I thought that having people use the addon would help me know what to implement

Super useful! Simple and effective addon, I love it.

This is awesome! I know that it might seem a bit niche, but I can see Godot streamers use that to make their stream more interesting. I’m going to use that for sure to customize the overlays I created.

Thanks for you work, amazing entry!

This is as must have addon! This can be super useful for jams, prototyping or to make small adjustments to sprites. LOVE IT!

Wow, this is probably one of the most complete entry of this jam! The work you did is absolutely amazing. I never did a bullet hell game but now I kinda want to ;)

The addon seems very well made, with custom nodes, lots of configuration and possibilities! The fact that you created documentation and demo scenes is absolutely wonderful. The demo scenes give us a very good understanding of what’s possible of not. I’ll definitely try to use this addon on a future livestream!

Congrats for your entry

This is exactly what I envisioned when I said I wanted to see more funny and goofy addons made for this jam! Very cool, congrats :)