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Thanks! I just used a layout picture from wikipedia, it’s not meant to be completely realistic but thanks :)


In what way?

Thank you for your feedback! It can be a bit tricky with the sniper guys, you’re supposed to get closer to them by parkouring and you can rocket jump by shooting the floor and jumping to catch the explosion. Still, it needs some work for sure.

Oh yeah I wanted to switch to alt+enter, I’m currently using F11 and you’re right mouse sensitivity is needed!

no I guess it’s just a result of the fact I’m only doing the calculation if I detect I’m hitting the floor directly

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice concept and cool fights! I’d love to be able to activate the platform without having to put my mouse on it. The line is already showing me which platform I’m going to use so the clicks should do the action imo. Congrats for your entry

Refreshing art style and cool fights, congrats!

I enjoyed the game so much! I love the core mechanics and how it’s used in various fights. It’s super polished and it feels awesome to play. Congrats for your entry!

Good job with the game! I’d like to see more impacts on the boss attacks though

Really cool!

Incredible game! It’s just really well made, congrats :)

I totally agree! I want to rework them

Thanks! Yeah I agree. I have a tendency to make hitboxes too small. I should definitely make it even easier for the player. I was thinking of adding a subtle hint that your bat would it when a projectile is close enough. I think it would help to know when to attack.

The boss needs better behavior. It can be extremely easy if you’re lucky and sometimes he get crazy and keeps spawning saws

Oh yeah it’s coming from the limitation of the art pack I had to use for a private jam and it was the closest to a danger indicator, but I do agree it can be confusing ahah.

Thanks! Yeah I added the toxic attack to force the player to move but it’s not intelligent enough so you can get lucky and just stand in a corner if you want

Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for other uses? Yeah unfortunately I had a time limit for a private jam so I only had time for one boss.

All of the sounds? I feel like the movement of the boss is the biggest culprit

Should be fixed now if you want to try again!

Sorry about that! I just pushed an update, it should fix it

Thank you! I can think about that yes. I was thinking of doing upgrades between phases but I don’t have the time right now. I might Give the player the ability to have more heart when retrying the boss or something like that

Sorry for that, I’ll try to fix it asap

Arf, I’ll try to fix it asap. If you have any error message, let me know!

Cool concept and nice execution! I would have loved to have a slightly more difficult loop and maybe different hazards or mechanics to make the gameplay more interesting. Good job!

Thank you! That were the two main things I wanted to get right :)

I totally understand, it’s a bit rough at first! The ammo count is visible on the weapon itself, it’s the little cylinders on the side. Adding some vfx and smoke to it might make it more visible.

I kinda agree with you, but at the same time, I wanted to not restrain the player too much because the rocket is so much fun. I might try to design the enemies in a way that pushes the player to use the normal shot more. As you said, just a cooldown by the weapon literally being overheated could also work. I’ll try! Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed!

I just updated the game with some fixes and automatic reload :) Health refill is coming with the melee attack. Melee is there but it’s not refilling health yet.

It’s a great idea! I’ll probably never do it to be honest, but we never know ahah

Hi, I’m using the “Collect by, paid later” option to make it easier for me, but the fact that I have to ask manually for the payout is bothering me.

I think it would be a good idea to have an automatic monthly payout option. It could be initiated if the amount is superior to a custom threshold to avoid initiating small payouts.

What do you think of this?

Lovely game with a cool concept! Congrats for your entry :)

Cool concept that fits the theme nicely. Congrats for your entry :)

I love it! Nice concept and it feels so good to kill people (I’m talking about the game don’t worry). Congrats for your entry!

Very cool! love the concept and it fits nicely in the theme. Congrats :)

This is a truly great entry! The concept is cool and fits the theme nicely. I love the art and the overall presentaton of the game. Bonus point for the simplicity of the input. Congrats!

Cool concept and great execution. I like it! Congrats for your entry :)

Great idea, great execution, great art! Congrats for your entry :D

Cool concept and nice presentation! Congrats :)

This is really cool! I love the idea and the presentation is top notch. Congrats for your entry!

Cool concept and great execution! Congrats for your entry :)

I loved the idea and the execution is great! Congrats for your entry :)

I have to admit it took me a minute to understand what I was supposed to do ahah. Cool idea for the theme. Challenging but enjoyable, congrats!