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Glad you like it :D

Thanks a lot Juan, glad you enjoyed it!

I did 25 before stomping into the lava ahah

Yeah the starting enemies could be predefined to avoid that for sure. Thanks for playing :)

The controls are weird but interesting. I felt a bit sick playing ahah. Congrats for your entry

Cool vampire survivors clone! I starts pretty slow but it gets satisfying. Congrats for your entry

Coots and treats, neat! Cool concept, congrats for your entry :)

Ahhh unfortunately I think I know what this bug is! I’ll fix it after the voting period. Thank fou for playing :)

Thank you so much!

Thanks a lot, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah this bug happens, I’ll fix it after the rating period for sure! Thanks a lot for playing :D

Thanks! Ah unfortunately I think I know what bug you’re talking about, I saw it only after submitting! Thanks for playing :)

Ahaha good meme game congrats!

Good art and gameplay, pretty cool game! Congrats for your entry :)

Really cool game honestly! I like the artstyle and the movement/combat mechanic. Adding the ability to change the attack direction is a nice feature. Also, I see a game made with Godot, I enjoy it even more :) Congrats for your entry!

AHHHHHHH was my first reaction the first time I fell! Nice concept the only problem was the very slow mouse speed for me with no ability to change it. Congrats for your entry!

I was initially confused but when I understood the use of the laser it becames way better ahah. Interesting concept, congrats for your entry!

I found coots! Cool concept that gets a bit repetitive but thankfully the game is not too long. Congrats for your entry :)

Cool idea and lovely art style! The controls are a bit frustrating but it might jsut be that I suck at it ahah. Congrats for your entry!

Omg coots don’t go into the oven! Fun little game, congrats for your entry!

Simple and effective! Congrats for your entry :)

Thanks a lot, I tried to make it very juicy so I’m glad your enjoyed it :D

Thanks a lot :) I’ll check it out!

Pretty cool game, it’s good to be able to relax and let your pets fight! Congrats for your entry :)

Wow honestly it’s really good! The presentation is really nice and I love the camera shot effect whe nyou finish a level. It’s really polished, with lots of content and different mechanics. Probably one, if not the best game of this jam! Congrats for your entry :)

A bit hard sometimes! Congrats for your entry

Cool concept and gameplay. I’d love to see the controls be a bit more responsive, I feel like I’m walking on ice all the time! Other than that it’s pretty cool. Congrats for your entry!

Cool concept and fits the theme nicely! Congrats for your entry :)

Cool concept but a bit hard to read at first. Also the fact that the cat will continue moving if you hold the key is a bit confusing at first. Congrats for your entry!

Cute game and cool ambiance! It’s giving me some Untitled Goose Game vibes :) By pushing the bin I got stuck and wasn’t able to jump on the wall, maybe the bin shouldn’t be able to fall. Congrats for your entry!

Cool concept and quite fast I like it! COngrats for your entry

I like golfing games and this is a cool twist on the concept! I like the effects and the overall design. Congrats for your entry!

Cool art music and concept! I enjoyed it and the mix of 3D and 2D sprites looks cool. Congrats for your entry!

The gameplay is limited but it fits the theme! I think adding maybe a scoring system would make us want to push stuff more. Also the movement is a bit slow for a cat I believe ahah. Congrats for your entry

Cool idea! Simple and effective and fits the theme nicely. I’m not a huge fan of the low fricion on the cat’s movement though ^^ COngrats for your entry

Fun little game with cute art! Congrats for your entry :)

Cool game with cool art and a story and everything! Congrats for your entry :)

Oops! The yarn balls spawning could be better to make sure player never runs out for sure!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I know this bug unfortunately, I saw it just after submitting, it was too late to fix :( Thanks for letting me know