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Weird, I’ve never seen that. Maybe you had hardware acceleration disabled in chrome?

Pretty cool. I died a gazillion times to see all the lines! Good work

With what browser did you try? It seems to work fine with chrome & firefox.

Thank you for your comment! Glad you like it:)

Thanks a lot! I tried making the movement as fluid as possible!

Simple mechaninc, well suited for a game jam. It fits the theme nicely. I think it gets repetitive quite fast. You could add some challenge by making the fall faster and faster or by introducting new obstacles or powerups (magnets, shield, etc)

Congrats for your entry!

Juicy and fast paced. The visuals are very simple but effective for a game jam. The controls were quite buggy though, which is a bit problematic for a game solely based on movement.

Congrats for your entry!

Wow, thank you for your comment!

I agree the difficulty was maybe a bit high. You’re right, that’s a great idea! Providing some sort of second chance might have been more useful. That way player can get familiar with the map and retry to beat it if they want.

Thank you for your feedback!

I totally agree, it’s a bit unfair to the player. Unfortunately, I missed it when developing!

Ahah j’suis content c’était le but recherché!

En effet pas bête! J’ai corrgié quelques trucs pour plsu tard et ca en faisait parti. Juste en changeant la disposition de mes conteneurs ca ne gigotte plus!

J’avoue que ca peut être assez dur, j’y ai joué tellement de fois que je ne me rendais pas forcément compte! Et puis c’est court pour régler la difficulté. As-tu joué au gamepad? C’est vraiment plus simple qu’au clavier!

Merci pour tes commentaires!

Ahaha, Gary was not very brave!

thanks for your feedback :)

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Well, that was pretty fun! I didn’t manage to finish but it was very dynamic and I played for a while.

Small thing: when making a game using the mouse like that, I would advise to confine the mouse to the screen. I manage multiple time to exit the game, clicking on another screen.

Congrats for your entry!

Well, that was funnier than I expected! I surprised myself starting again many times to here all of your rants about my stupidity. I wonder if I’ve ever been insulted so much in so little time!

That was a great game, congrats for your entry!

The visuals are quite nice. You committed to a style all along which is nice. The gameplay is interesting but I found the popup asking to continue or quit each time I died very annoying. I would suggest to automatically respawn. If the player want to quit, he will hit escape and quit for example. The music was a bit too much for me, but still a nice addition. Finally, about the controls, I would advise to make the camera more “top down”. I was a bit confused at the beginning. I was not sure where I was going and how I was oriented.

Congrats for your entry!

A bit weird, but I like it! I would advise to make the interaction a bit more obvious. I was not sure my bucket was filled the first time and hit space, to see it being spilled.

Being in the complete dark is a bit frustrating, I feel lost. Maybe you could add some indicators for planets you visited!

Congrats for your entry!

First of all, that’s a very cute game! The art style is super cool and very calming. The controls are a bit frustrating in my opinion. I would advise making the movement a bit faster and the jump a bit more powerful.

I read your explanation about how you fit the theme. While I don’t think it fits very well, it’s not really a problem imo.

Congrats for your entry and your first game! Keep it up :)

Some interesting ideas here. It’s a bit confusing at time but you played with the concept of winning and losing which is nice.

Congrats for your entry!

The overall aesthetic is pretty good. The music is good but it lacks some basic sounds like chopping or cooking.

The gameplay could be funnier with less guess work imo. For the first level, I had to try so many combination before finding the good one. Am I missing something?

I tried to play without the tutorial first but I was pretty lost. Having a tutorial is a good point, but it’s way too long imo! I can’t skip so I was waiting for the most part for it to finish. Also, because it’s not interactive, I was bored and forgot some stuff. My suggestion would be to make a first “introduction” level, where you’re guided at each step.

Congrats for your entry!

Cool concept and the gliding is nice. I would have loved to see another use for the glider, like avoiding certain zone the reach the red zone.

I think having 5 hearts is too much. Two or three would have been enough. Also, having a bit a random obstacles or procedural generation would have been nice. That way, at each run you must adapt.

Congrats for your entry!

I can see how it fits the theme though I think it’s a bit far fetched. It’s well put together with cute visuals and a good UI. Congrats for your entry!

I think the idea can be nice. The controls are way too hard though, they need some work.

With Godot, you can tick the “embed pck file” option under export settings. Also, uncheck “export with debug” when exporting.

Thanks a lot for your comment :)

Yeah, the map is pretty big to load, and the sound behaves weirdly on web build during the loading.

Thanks a lot! Yeah I had more to add but unfortunately I was lacking time!

Thank you for your comment!

Yeah the sound is a bit buggy on the web player due to a too long loading time. With more time I would include a loading screen which should alleviate the problem.

You’re right, a skip button would be nice. Fortunately the cinematic is quite short.

Ahha I’m glad you liked it! It’s a bit weirs but I had a lot of fun making it.

I understand what you feel. I originally intented to give some sort of upgrade at each death. ith the lack of time I decided to drop the idea. I felt it would have been hard to balance to not make the game too easy. I put the boost button just in case it’s too difficult but the button gives you a small speed increase which may be too small..

Thank you for your feedback!

Ok thanks for the answer! I’ll check on Godot’s side. Just by the look of it, it seems to be an openGL error.

Cool game and the mechanic is interesting! It was very nice to be able to play with a controller.

Few problems I encountered: on firefox, the input latency was horrendous. Hopefully this was resolved with the desktop build. Also, playing on an ultrawide, the background doesn’t scale while the rest does, so it was a bit weird, but nothing gamebreaking! Finally, I took so long to kill the boss that I heard the boos music was not looping ^^

Overall a very nice game, well polished and fitting the theme perfectly.

Easy to pickup and fits the theme. I like the art style and the effect you added. I couldn’t reach the last platform on the right of the screen I don’t know why..

Great entry, congrats!

This is a very high quality entry! The UI, the art and the sounds are very well polished, it feels good. I was a bit frustrated with the controls and the time limit is very short imo. I would have done better with a gamepad I think. Maybe an option to have more time to complete the levels would be nice.

The concept is super cool, I think you got a commercial game here!

Congrats for your entry!

Easy enough to pickup, and cool to see a 3D game. I like the ambiance overall, even though the background sound was a bit noisy.

It fits the theme but I feel like exploration is not rewarded enough. Once I discovered 3 crystals, why would I continue to explore? Each time, I have to start again but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Congrats for your entry!

Pretty cool and easy to pick up. I found the powerups to be a bit expensive. The first time my high score was only 180 so I had few choice on what to buy.

Congrats for your entry!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for your feedback :D

Thanks a lot! I had a lot of fun making it :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I’m glad no bugs were introduced ^^

Thank you for your feedback! I agree it’s pretty hard. It’s easier with a gamepad thought.

Yeah I agree! It’s easier with a controller!

I’m really glad you like it, thanks for your feedback :)

I didn’t know it doesn’t work in Safari. Did you have any error message?

Yeah, I love to play games with controllers and this one is so much better with a controller! Were you able to feel the vibration with your PS4 controller? I only tested with an Xbox one.

PS: I deleted your other comment as it was exactly the same. I must have been posted twice