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Horror game made for the Godot Wild Jam 14
Submitted by fedz, Crompwell, lpancho
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fedzel, Ain Od Milvado, Panch

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Nice graphics and 3d environment~ I wish you could've finished what you wanted to make. I didn't find any of the puzzles.


The game looks and sounds very spooky.  The room itself was very plain but the various archways and windows were good.  The monster looks really well done.

My biggest complaint is the lack of instruction.  I played for 5 minutes and still have no idea how to turn on the light or input numbers in the puzzle.

I think if there would be less graphics and more gameplay it will be fun for me. At first it was interesting and atmospheric but at last I just was bored and tired. The empty space and this footsteps sound wasn't much pleasure after few minutes. Even didn't solve numeric puzzle. When i finally found it monster was behind me and I needed to walk from there.


Great Atmosphere and use of positional audio. Solving the second puzzle (the one with numbers) was kind of annoying as my movement input would would be registered along with the numbers. After a few tries I managed to solve both puzzles and escape. Its very easy to walk right by the monster, and I didn't find much use for the flashlight. Still it was really fun and trying to solve puzzles under pressure is definitely a unique and fun experience.


We ran out of time trying to implement things and then had some merge errors so alot of the variables dont make sense and things may or may not work properly, but thanks for playing and commenting


Nice! After a few tries I have been able to solve the first puzzle and made it to the second but there I was too slow and got caught again. Might give it another try after trying to the other submissions to see what the end is like if you win!

The first time the monster caught me from behind and I did not know really why I lost. Maybe adding a small cinematic at the end (force-turn the player in the monster direction with look_at for example) would be nice.

Did you make the wall textures yourselves as well? They look great!


Hey, actually this was something i tried to implement but we ran out of time, and yeah we did everything from scratch and this was the first 3D game all 3 of us ever had made


We have resolved the export issue and things should be up and playable! Thanks for your patience. We can't wait to hear what you think of the game!


I was like:"damn, these guys are good, the main menu is super challenging already!"

Deleted 225 days ago

Due to the overwhelming difficulty of the first screen boss, we have adjusted its difficulty. We apologize for the inconvenience ;)


The 1st part of the puzzle is present in the menu. better find it out! :D

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Unfortunately, we are experiencing export issues with Godot. We will upload a new version once we've solved the issue. Thanks for your patience!


Can't go pass the first screen, the quit button works but not the begin


A new version has been uploaded. You should be able to beat the first screen now ;)