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I love the concept, especially the play on the theme.  The graphics are clean and suit the simplicity of the game well.  The sound effects are satisfying in the same way that popping bubble wrap is.  My only complaint is it's a little too simple.  Just finding whatever nail is bearing the weight gets old pretty fast.  Some other challenging factor, like a timer or some encroaching zone that can't touch the hammer would be good.

This is a neat game, having your life as an item in the bag that can be overwritten is a cool concept.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game since in one level I killed all the enemies but none dropped a key.

Excellent visuals and music!  The gameplay is fine, if a little feature incomplete.  I would have liked a list of the potions discovered along with their recipes so we aren't duplicating.  Also a hint about whether or not order matters in the recipe.  Altogether a solid jam game!  :)

This was a neat one!  I love simulation games in general so this was right up my alley.

The gameplay worked well, and visualizing the spreading protesters on the map was good.  The UI was basic, but just enough to be able to know what was happening.  I would have liked to hear some background music instead of the "beep" after every second, that got old pretty quickly.

Thanks, I worked hard to get done what I did!  I really wish I could have solved the unit stacking issue before the deadline but oh well.  I want to go back and fix that (and probably add animations) sometime later.

The missions are all beatable, but really the only way to get through the last couple are to pull back while using artillery to pick off enemy units.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I went with a childish look to help hide the fact that I can't do art to save my life.  Later on I'm planning on going back and fixing the unit stacking issue.

Thank you!  After the ratings period I am going to try to go back and fix the unit stacking issue.

Thank you :) I'm happy the whole child's imagination thing wasn't lost in my terrible art.

Nice job!  It definitely has issues, mainly the unit stacking and the lack of collision with water and mountains.  I'm going to try to fix those after the ratings are done.

Thank you for the comment.  The unit-stacking issue is definitely the biggest issue in the game and I really wish I had time to fix it.  I think I'll be re-working the game after the ratings are done so that's first on my to-do list.

Thanks for playing :)

The Linux version works now :)

This is a fun little game!  I do have a few comments and bits of constructive critisism though.

* The big red bars at the top and bottom are kinda distracting and take up a pretty big portion of the screen.

* You could have put the controls in that opening text.  Saying "click to move" actually takes up less space than "controls in description"  :P

* The pixel art looked really nice!  Making the people who haven't joined you a little dimmer felt like just the right amount of differentiation.

* No sounds makes me do a sad :'(

This is really well done, especially for a solo jam game.

The graphics were really good.  I loved all the animations, everything looked so smooth.   The controls were good, although at some points I wished there was a way to aim more precisely.  

The audio was the only thing that bugged me.  It sounds a little muffled, and the background music didn't repeat seamlessly (there's about a half-second delay before it starts again).

All in all, really great effort!

Thanks for the comment!  I went through a few round of balancing the units so I'm glad to hear it paid off.

Thank you for the comment!  Your strategy is definitely the best one since the AI's only tactic is to rush toward your units haha.

I'm glad I could help you think a little wider.  My original inspiration was table-top war games, which is why I used standard NATO symbols for the units.

If I had more time I definitely would have made the units not able to stack on top of each other, that was probably my biggest problem!

Incredible job!  My KSP loving heart couldn't be happier.

The fractals looked good, although after the first couple of levels I had to reduce the resolution to stop my computer from exploding.  The controls felt intuitive.  I do wish there was a time acceleration mechanic, because there were a couple of points where I was just waiting for my ship to get to the goal.  The music was nice too, very calming.

Holy cow, this is a really well done game!

The controls feel good, I like the arcade-y feel of the turns and the handbrake is a nice little addition for tight corners.  The graphics look great with lots of bright colors and pixel goodness.  The audio is well done, although I would say the default sound levels are a touch high.

My only real complaint is that the AI is not very good, so the game is really easy.

Overall very nice job!

Very nice little game!  I had fun with it.

The graphics are simple but they work well, all of the sprites were easily distinguishable.  I would have liked to have a little background music to fill the quiet between the recruit and cheer sounds.  The game was really original to me at least!

Fire Emblem is one of my favorite series too, thanks for the comparison :)

Thank you!  Art is definitely my weakest skill, but I'm glad to hear everything else holds up.

Thank you :)

I think it fit the theme of discovery pretty well.  I think it would have been nice to have a little more reward for finding things, like being able to name landmarks you discover or something like that.  Theme -- 4/5

I enjoyed the game, but it felt like there was too little feedback for player actions.  I couldn't really tell the difference between a "!" and a "╬" popup when I got to a new place.  Fun -- 3/5

The point-and-click controls felt good, no complaints there.  5/5

The graphics are really nicely done!  5/5

There was no audio... 1/5

I can't say it was super original, but the idea of searching a kingdom for new sights is a neat idea.  2/5

I think this would be a neat game if it were expanded on, adding more discovery-like functionality like I mentioned before and expanding the map.  Very nice work for a first time entry though!

Lo siento, mi espanol no es bueno.

"Descubrimiento" es asi asi, el juego es como un "Where's Wally" con un rompecabeza de logica.  3/5

Es interesante y lo prueba mi habilidad de espanol.  3/5

Los controles de raton son perfecto.  5/5

Los graficos son bonito, pero un poco confuso.  3/5

No tiene sonidas :(  1/5

No es muy original.  2/5

This was a fun game!

Indiana Jones Stallone definitely fits the "discovery" theme, although it might have fit a little better if we didn't know what we were looking for and had to actually discover it!  Theme -- 4/5

I had a good time playing.  Destroying the mummies felt satisfying, and exploring the levels didn't feel too tedious.  It was a pretty good length for a jam game too.  My only major complaint was the lack of a pause button.  Fun -- 4/5

The controls felt great.  The movement speed was good and point-to-aim felt like the most natural choice.  Controls -- 5/5

Very impressive graphics for a week long jam!  I thought everything looked good, and the Godot logos in the floor were a nice touch.  Graphics -- 5/5

The sound effects were pretty good, although the gunshots sounded a little muffled.  The lack of background music or ambient sounds was a little disappointing too.  One or the other could have added a lot to the atmosphere.  Audio -- 3/5

I can't really say this game is original in any significant way, being a pretty standard dungeon crawler/infinite shooter.  Originality -- 2/5

I had a good time with this one.

Exploring and naming new planets felt like "discovery" to me, even if they're really just new levels that all look similar.  It would have felt nice to have slightly different backgrounds or something else that felt new in each planet.  Theme -- 3/5

The addition of progression and plot is a nice twist on classic Asteroids and gives a good incentive to continue.  The plot and dialogue were engaging.  My big complaint is that all the levels felt the same.  Fun -- 4/5

I didn't really have the same issues weith the controls that other commenters had.  They felt perfectly fine to me.  Controls -- 5/5

The graphics were really charming, although the font was a little hard to read at times.  Graphics -- 4/5

There was no sound :(  Audio -- 1/5

Having a plot and progression in Asteriods is cool, but at the end of the day it's still Asteroids.  Originality -- 3/5

I really enjoyed this, and was left wanting more (a lot more)!

This definitely felt like a game of "discovery", feeling similar to Subnautica.  Theme -- 5/5

I liked the puzzle-y nature of figuring out the environment, and none of them were overly tricky or frustrating.  As I said before, the only mark against this is how short it was.  Fun -- 4/5

Controls felt good, and the ability to change the side-to-side sensitivity was a really nice touch.  Controls -- 5/5

The skybox was beautiful and the setpieces were well done.  I think the only thing I would add is some texture to the ground, partly to add some variety and partly to give a visual indication of motion when there isn't anything in view.  Graphics -- 4/5

The sounds were fitting and charming.  The movement sounds never got old, although the game might just be too short for that.  I think a little ambiance music in the background might have been good but I didn't miss it much.  Audio -- 4/5

I've already made comparisons to other games, but purely exploration/discovery games aren't common.  The lack of narritive combined with exploration felt fresh.  Originality -- 4/5

Generally difficult, Souls-like games aren't really my thing but I'll take a shot at reviewing this.

I kinda get where you're going with the whole "discovering ruins" take on the theme, but it would have been good to put a little something in the game to explain it.  Even just a little text at the start would have gone a long way.   Theme -- 2/5

I actually enjoyed playing, despite it not being my usual type of game.  Only a couple of my deaths felt "cheap", and the levels felt challenging but relatively fair.  Fun -- 4/5

The controls seemed fine to me, although I think it was odd that holding the jump button made the character jump every time he hit the floor.  Also the player seemed to stick to the ceiling sometimes?  Controls -- 4/5

The graphics looked pretty good.  A little on the minimalist side, but not in a bad way at all.  I did notice the platforms seemed to clip behind some bits of wall and in front of others, but that's a very minor gripe.  Graphics -- 5/5

The music and background sounds were really nice, but I thought it was sad that the music only played in levels 3 and 4, then went back to the sounds for 5.  Additionally it would have been good to throw a little variety into the music for each level.  Not a whole new track, but something like adding some reverb on one level, using a low pass filter on another, etc.  Finally a sound effect for the player dying (and maybe reviving too) would have been good.  Audio -- 3/5

I didn't really notice anything in this game that felt new or original.   Originality -- 1/5

Thank you!  It was a lot of fun to do.

Arrr, ye think the sea is small??

But seriously, I had trouble balancing the size of the map and I erred on the side of too big, which was a mistake.  Thanks for playing the game though!

Thanks for playing!  I just added a build which should fix the level transition bug.

I've uploaded a new build with a couple of bug fixes.  I can't reproduce the sound issue with this new build so let me know if you're still having trouble :)

Thanks for the comments.  I had wanted to make the islands float away or even disintegrate but I didn't have enough time to make it work.  

Parallax is done using a separate layer node for each portion of the background.  The "scale" attribute is used to set how much each layer moves in relation to the player.  You can check out the "level_template.tscn" file in the source code to see how it was done here.

Also, thank you for playing!

Thanks :)

Most of this was thrown together in the last 48 hours so there was a lot I didn't get to add.  I had to keep it short and simple.

You and I made very similar games, except yours is way better!  Well done on your first jam :)

I really enjoyed this one!  The sounds were good and the graphics did enough to get the point across.  Very bold going 3D on a solo jam game.

The intro part felt a little unnecessary.  I realize it introduced the controls but I think that could have been done with another floor in the house and  it would have made more sense.   There were also a couple of points where the stairs didn't work well which  was a little annoying.

The game looks and sounds very spooky.  The room itself was very plain but the various archways and windows were good.  The monster looks really well done.

My biggest complaint is the lack of instruction.  I played for 5 minutes and still have no idea how to turn on the light or input numbers in the puzzle.

Thanks for trying it out.  You're right that it's not really a shadow, but the game felt really flat without that effect.  Plus it was a good way to practice shaders :P