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Fractal OdysseyView game page

A game about orbital mechanics and gravity with fractal environments.
Submitted by JackLefev — 5 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version


Game Description
A spaceship game with graphics made from fractals.

Discord Username
A Toaster

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Second time

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Graphics, and the soothing music made this feel relaxing. Loved the fractals.


The overall quality of the game is impressive and I always love fractals, but in my opinion it was quite difficult to get the hang of the controls. Still, the game had a great atmosphere, good job!


Glad you went with this control scheme instead :) Feels great, looks great, sounds great! And so relaxing :)


I loved the graphics and the music <3 just amazing


I'd be impressed if you had done this with blender. The quality of the game, combined with the fact that it was done with ray marching just makes it all the more impressive. I loved using retrograde to shorten my orbits and do KSP tricks. I had a lot of fun with this one!

Submitted (1 edit)

Incredible! But quite difficult. Congrats on making such an original game! :-)

BTW, the Linux version is just the Godot binary, and is missing the .pck file that has the actual game data. The MacOS zip has the .pck, so I was able to play by combining the .pck from the MacOS zip with the Linux binary.


Thanks for letting me know, I must have messed up the latest build! I'll fix it ASAP.


Incredible job!  My KSP loving heart couldn't be happier.

The fractals looked good, although after the first couple of levels I had to reduce the resolution to stop my computer from exploding.  The controls felt intuitive.  I do wish there was a time acceleration mechanic, because there were a couple of points where I was just waiting for my ship to get to the goal.  The music was nice too, very calming.


Love the fractal graphics, overall a cool game.


Interesting technique! I enjoyed the mechanic after trying the download. The music seemed a bit too saccharine... maybe something more minimal would be fitting, but could just be me.

Submitted (2 edits)

I love the green fractal planets look like broccolis. Graphics 5/5!

Is it able to toggle 1st person spaceship driver perspective? Just to feel the universe

Since stage 5 it is really difficult to control the spaceship. Just like a SPACE-X simulator, patience is the key to pass the stages.


Thanks! The broccoli planet is one of my favorites too.
There is no first-person perspective, but that sounds like it would be a really cool angle. I might add that after the jam.


I can't play it on my OSX :(

Will check out Windows later


Really interesting game,  quite challenging. Had an issue with the pause menu, exit to menu button and close button didn't work and when you change the resolution it changes the menu size too, at the lowest res you can't see the menu any more without scrolling. Odd issue, not a big deal.

Really great work for 9 days! I enjoyed the levels I managed to beat.

Submitted (1 edit)

Testing machine: OSX catalina , 32GB Ram, 2.9GHZ Quad core I9

Testing results:
Chrome browser - dead

OSX - unable to support Catalina

Windows - will test tonight

Fun game! Really helps if you know your orbital mechanics on some of the levels.  My favorite level is  the Newton's Apple Tree.


Aaaah we've been wanting to test it for the whole jam ! It's amazing what you did in 9 days. It looks like you really had fun with this theme (even tho we also wanted bread to happen). Good job !