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A vampire has a hard time going to bed
Submitted by Ereborn
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Godot Version

On request

Game description
After a long night, Melvin the vampire returns home, dead tired to go to sleep in his coffin in the cellar. Unfortunately the vampire killers living in the very same house are up as well. --- Disclaimer: Learning blender and 3D in Godot was taking a lot of time in this jam period - the game is not very polished. But, still fun!

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OMG MAN ,, I SWEAR I HAD THE GOD DAMN SAME IDEA (2D version, no storyline)

I LOVE IT SO MUCH, it's even way better than the one i was going to make <3


thanks so much! Ooh low rating for originality then :-D

2D could also be nice, though i liked the idea of having the sun ray perspective

Deleted 256 days ago

I really enjoyed this one!  The sounds were good and the graphics did enough to get the point across.  Very bold going 3D on a solo jam game.

The intro part felt a little unnecessary.  I realize it introduced the controls but I think that could have been done with another floor in the house and  it would have made more sense.   There were also a couple of points where the stairs didn't work well which  was a little annoying.


Great to hear you enjoyed it! Going up stairs without jumping seems tough to get right, at least with my little experience. I did not want to spend too much time on it for this game but would like to know how to do it more properly.


I really liked the sun ray point of view when you step into the sunlight. The game in its current state is somewhat primitive but has potential and the its kind of funny.


I enjoyed it! I liked all the puzzles (except the cheese one, that one is a real stinker). And the way you implemented the chicken wildcard was funny :D


Thanks for the kind words! The chicken was a last moment of inspiration :-D

The puzzles were quite fun to solve. I enjoyed all the cinematics. There were some issues with the lighting and the 3d primitives were really basic but that hardy detracted from the game. I will just say that I was confused at first because I was able to get past the windows by crouching but it would catch me half the time.


You should not be able to pass by the first window while crouching, but i did have some issues getting that right. No time to fix all the bugs for the jam unfortunately! Glad you had fun with it :)

This game has one massive design missed opportunity which is doing something to the people. The moment I sneaked up behind a person the one thing I wanted to do was neŭtralize them in a vampire way. Had fun playing through though.


True point, that would have been nice to add! Realize now it could have been done quite easily with the last encounter. Next time :)


Well maybe Melvin just wants to go to sleep and doesn't want to hurt anybody :P