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I get stuck at "press A". There is no mouse cursor and also the keyboard A does not work. Is that the end of the game or am I not smart enough to figure it out? :D

Unfortunately could not really play it in browser. The audio stutters a lot and in levels 2 and 3 the screen goes shaking like crazy :( Adding Win+Lin+Mac exports should be easy from Godot though, if you want to give us the option to play native.

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This looks real professional! I enjoy the feel of the game and the potential of puzzling it provides.

I take it the levels are generated randomly? I can imagine the game being more interesting if the levels are designed so that there is a bit more to it than just finding the best spot for each tile one by one. I also did not really feel like i needed to use the second chance button. And when the scoring happens, I'm pretty sure there station on the tracks did not give me 2x multiplier.

But i did have fun playing it and would like to get back to it when there is a next version!

Very nice! A simple concept that is well executed. I guess the only drawback I see is that it is quite short, especially if you fail early, like me :D

Well there be an online score board later?

A difficult game! It would be nice to have some health indicator on the boss so that at least you know how far you are in beating the game.

Very nice entry! Unfortunately I missed the screen telling the story, so i was a bit confused when I was suddenly climbing the wall. Maybe you could add a fade out transition or a particular button to click so that people don't accidentally click past the important info. Good premise though in that story, once i read it :)

It would have been nice if there was a goal to climb towards. Dragging the limbs with the mouse is a bit slow, but i imagine it working great on mobile!

I was so impressed with just the menu alone :D including all the settings and in particular the option to rebind the controls. If that's not from the asset store you should add it there! It would be great if this can be added easily to future jam games.

I just had one issue with the controls. Both with controller and keyboard, the game typically did not respond to trying to change direction.

It has all the feel a racing game should have! As mentioned by others, better camera control and some sound effects would have been welcome but it is already so impressive for the short jam time. The reset mechanism as second chance came in very handy.

I wonder whether there is an end to the track? That is, can one of the two players actually win?

Very impressive graphics. I liked the perspective and the attack animations - although aiming the fire ball attack could perhaps be made a bit easier.

I'm confused about one thing though. It seems that killing another soul costs you one morality point, gives you one coin, which you then can use to buy your morality back. To me it did not seem possible to get above the starting 50 morality points that way. Maybe i missed something?

thanks for playing and for the detailed feedback! They are all great suggestions, I'll definitely take them to heart. Some of the suggestions weren't in the game because there was not enough time, though others, like using colour instead of letters, because i didn't think about it :)

Thanks so much! Very glad you enjoyed it. And congrats on having money to spare :-D

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

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Oh yeah, this is a great improvement! I like that I get to retry levels after I fail them. Lvl 4 was a nice puzzle too :) Currently stuck on level 9.

Not sure if I understand why there is a pause button though?

Feature requests would be to have a main menu with an overview of the levels (with opportunity to replay).

Edit: Finished level 9 too now and looped around :) Very entertaining, can see myself playing this as a great timewaster.

I was afraid for that. The game needs the "songs" folder to be in its install/run location. I do not know how this works on Mac. I have added another mac version with the songs embedded in the package. That hopefully works, however you will not be able to add your own songs :)

I can only confirm to what others have already written before :) A very good looking and good sounding game. Great atmosphere, definitely one of the best entries I have seen in this jam.

There are a few issues, like the at times very precise locations for navigating the maze and levers that are a bit annoying. And me, being impatient, have so far kept crashing the game on one of the dialogues because I can't resist going faster through the text (especially parts I have seen already) and running into the 'answer options not initialized' bug... But these seem very minor bugs compared to the beauty of the game itself :)

I like the combination of moving the box with the mouse and jumping around. It has a good learning curve and you can make nice levels that require a combination of skill and insight. I must have been lacking one of those two though, because in the 4th level I don't see how to get the hero out of the room (second screenshot) without dying on the flames (?) that surround the level.

Very good-looking and in handsome 3D! I am very impressed with the present texture and its shiny ribbon :)

Very solid entry! Great looking graphics and gameplay experience. I like the small touches, like you can move a package closer to the present to speed things up and that the ball is rolling away when you drop it :) Also, thank you for letting me restart on the same difficulty level when I fail and not restarting all the way from the beginning. Really important to me at least to keep me going :)

Now I sometimes get confused because of objectives moving to a new position once others are completed. Maybe just replacing the completed objective with the new one could simplify that?

I think you do need one or two additions in order to create puzzles in levels. Some ideas:

You have some ground you can only break through if you're heavy enough, some surfaces that only hurt you if you are too heavy, you can pick up/rescue time in some part in the room, some air streams that only lift you if you are light enough, etc. 

Really great artwork! I like how inside the houses there is minimal colour but enough to set the atmosphere. Also liked the details like seeing the snow fall through the windows, have the snow stop in time and how the snow moves when you fly.

Two things I'd comment are that the game is a bit too easy (i had the feeling i could always just go in, drop presents and leave without needing Santa time) and too long (maybe the eighth hours out game duration could be shorter). Otherwise, really liked it!

Really good use of minimal colours and relaxing pixel art and motions :) i did have the idea that the clouds are not moving correctly to get the "rising" feeling. Oh, and the score is not reset when you restart, so it just keeps going up :)

This was a very cute game. Too sort, i feel like even just adding a few levels with stronger requirements would have given it a bit more of a complete feel, even with just the one toy.

I tried to assemble the toy as poorly as possible but still got 75% quality :) but now i realize that maybe you can also "finish" without assembling the full toy?

Otherwise not much to add to what's already been said.

Really enjoyed the combination of music, visual and voice acting! Very good job on that. I had some difficulty with the platform jumps, they did not always seem possible to me. But it's nice that you can also just walk past them, it seems .

Also not sure if i finished the game correctly or not. I got to the rune gate at the end and the game sort of stopped/got stuck after a while but I did not see a Christmas tree.

Nice concept but like others have mentioned i would like to get a bit more time to gradually build up to the high speed :) good visual feedback on the bumps.a bit more information on the timer that appears to be there could be good. Also not clear what the restart button does?

Really enjoyed the idea you're playing with here. I didn't realize i could use the arrow keys and did have a hard time coming WASD with Q and E in the desired way. Would like to see more levels playing around with this idea, a lot of options are there i think

Thanks! You're right that the story could probably have been made shorter. I do repeat instructions a bit within the game itself as well. Will take that to heart next jam :)

Thanks a lot! I guess one of the time savers i use is taking almost all assets from public domain and cc so that there's more time for development. Though the midis did take a lot of the time.

And thanks for the bug report. Do you recall what happened when it crashed? Just crash to desktop or did it get stuck on a screen? Windows/Linux/mac? Thanks!

Congratulations and thank you for trying multiple times!

If you got a taste for it now, I made another rhythm game a few jams ago that is less christmassy but more funny:

You are right about the mouse vs keyboard. I think what I should have done was make all the dialog and interaction mouse-controlled and only the rhythm part keyboard controlled. There is a bit too much of switching between modes now. Not sure about making it fully keyboard controlled though, personally I'd not like choosing locations on the map by keyboard I think.

Thanks so much! And congratulations for making it back to London :-D

Thanks a lot! Yes, it is hard not to be biased by personal preference in game styles so I understand it can be hard :)

I did everything :D

This was a very funny game. It's almost a pity that the player is in such a rush that you don't get to enjoy the nice pixel art. Also really nice that you can do other things that are not on the list.
Love the tooth brushing!

Not really much to comment. Perhaps the todo-list could be different in each playthrough, so that you have to do different things each time? Oh, and the volume of the song could be louder. But overal had a great, albeit short, time with this!

Very nice! I enjoyed the visuals and particles :) Most things run smoothly, except the sound stutters a bit sometimes.

The WASD controls were not that great in my experience. Often I got stuck onto the floor (sometimes even completely hidden underground in the first level). Personally, I found it hard to control the character accurately and having a "one hit kill" arrow shot with 4 archers was a bit demotivating. I did not manage to finish the game.

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Starts game: What a great menu! <3

Game looks very nice, great sound and voice acting! The bell gets a tat annoying after a while...

The companion can act a bit weird: stopped walking long before he said he would wait. Then, when I found the first key, he hurried through all the gates to meet up.

Unfortunately, then I got stuck because even though I found the first key the gate does not seem to open? :( I want to see the rest of this game!

Edit: When I tried out dying (just to see what happens, I swear!) and "restore checkpoint", the game froze.

Impressive graphics! Are they all your own work? I was not able to find the 4th key location but fortunately you only need 3 then :)

The ending was very rewarding XD

Happy to see you had such a good first experience with Godot! Did you know that two jams ago the theme was "shadows"? Would not have been a bad entry for that one either :-D Game atmosphere feels good, I think even better if there was a bit of a soundtrack/effects.

The game got easy once I realized I can shoot the zombies before they see me.

Very surreal feeling to this :-) And the alarm sound is so similar to the one on my phone it really tricked me into thinking I had forgotten about some timer I set :-D

Would be nice if there was some indicator as to how far you got / how much longer till the end.

Nice - I like how it can be strategic to not take a carrot to take a shortcut :)

Nice graphics and kudos to the voice acting (though Jo's voice is too soft compared to Santa's). It's a pity there is not really any gameplay yet.

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Hooray, I made it to the meeting. After 4 tries :)

Little bug: A and D keys are swapped, but the arrow keys are not?

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Nice, fast-paced game! And it feels well balanced too, good difficulty curve.

It would be nice to have a short textbox when buying the upgrades that explains what it does. For example, it's not very clear to me how the shield upgrade works. I thought it would prevent time from being eaten by the enemy when they hit you, but that does not seem to be the case.