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Short puzzle game about a girl searching for answers.
Submitted by Willowblade, D4yz (@D4yz_Ag0) — 41 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline
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I loved it! At first I felt a bit lazy about gathering everything, but I got sucked into it fast, and the atmosphere is great. The end was a nice touch. I wish it was a full game!


I can only confirm to what others have already written before :) A very good looking and good sounding game. Great atmosphere, definitely one of the best entries I have seen in this jam.

There are a few issues, like the at times very precise locations for navigating the maze and levers that are a bit annoying. And me, being impatient, have so far kept crashing the game on one of the dialogues because I can't resist going faster through the text (especially parts I have seen already) and running into the 'answer options not initialized' bug... But these seem very minor bugs compared to the beauty of the game itself :)


Hey man, thanks so much for the kind words and enjoying our game! I just pushed a hotfix that fixes the dialogue issue you've been experiencing, along with the tooltip clipping issues and the levers.

I'm still looking into the other freeze issue that people have noticed when skipping dialogue too fast at the start, but it's less straightforward... The maze will also be done in the next hotfix.


It's a really cool game, liked the idea, great visuals and a nice little story.

it seems tho from what i got to play(which is like 5 minutes before it bugged on me and froze to death) is that you didn't really have much time for play testing, or at all... I would suggest for the next game you make like that is to add a little circular shadow to the character, one that resembles the collision box(only more circular) in order to help navigate through the world easier...

Over all a really solid performance and fun experience, neat soundtrack that simply blends in the whole deal and helps to present the situation which the hero is in quite nicely.


Hello! We're very grateful for the kind words, and that you enjoyed the game.

How did the game freeze for you? It's a known bug (but a nasty one) where the game freezes at the start of the game when skipping dialogues too fast during the wake up sequence.

Reaching a deadline is always a bit cutting corners, and we just rolled with some things like the maze, focusing on stability first.  I hope you'll replay it once I've ironed out the wake up freeze bug and made the maze more playable :).

Adding a little shadow is a great idea which I'll be sure to experiment with later today.  


Well, at least it is a known bug, the game froze exactly when i woke up...


I think you already know how much I liked this game earlier from the stream. It has a weird surreal quality to it that is awesome, and the original spritework is extremely consistent and reminds me of an old GBA or Super Nintendo type of game. Definitely some Yume Nikki vibes and other stuff in that genre. You guys did a wonderful job, and playing it through to the end was absolutely worth it. I almost wish the time lasted a bit longer because I definitely would not mind spending more time in this world you guys made.

I think my only complaints relate to collision. There's a lot of wonky collision that tripped me up in a couple places, probably especially during the hedge maze area. Fitting into those corridors was so precise and lag I was experiencing made it hard sometimes to squeeze through it... especially fast enough to complete some of the challenges. I feel like this would immediately be improved by either reducing the size of the player hitbox a little (gives some margin of error) or by making it a circular shape and using move_and_slide() so even if you're a little off you'll sorta slip into place.

And sorta related to collision was that I noticed some objects, like the levers and the items you are searching for, have weirdly and awfully specific areas where you're allowed to interact with it even though you seem to be looking straight at it. But then other times, like with certain doors, I can be standing several tiles away and still interact with it.

But those complaints are very minor compared to my overall impression of this game. I really want to see you guys do more and hopefully do a full game in this kind of style with more time to polish it. You got the mood just right, and the heart of the story definitely comes through- it's easy to tell you put a lot of love into this.


Wow! Thanks a lot for the feedback! It is very much appreciated. We put a ton of time and effort into this thing, even up to the very last minutes leading up to the deadline. We certainly gave it our all lol, albeit with some bugs that we 100% plan on ironing out! ^^;

I know exactly what you mean regarding the maze, that was pretty rough during the play testing in the final minutes. But our main goal was just to make the game and story as complete as possible. So we had to sort of prioritize our time. But we're still play testing it and fixing the issues!

We actually weren't 100% sure about the story at first. And then this whole concept sort of came to us piece by piece 2 days in with a good bit of programming prep work done by Willow and I think 0 art assets for me at that point. xD Turns out, I can't create anything without a narrative lmao

We are really proud of what we managed to put together this week. We'll continue to polish this little piece until we are completely satisfied. Sincerely appreciate all the kind words!  ^^


Overall it's a cool game. The art is nice but I feel that the map is a bit empty, I enjoyed the little puzzles and  the story (and the humor). Sadly I didn't get to the end  because the game froze when I was waking up for the Xth time.  On the game desgin side I feel it lacks feedback, for example when the timer ran out the first time I didn't know what was happening. Adding sounds and visual feedback would greatly improve the experience.


Hey Noe, thanks for playing and for the feedback! Do you remember what you were doing when this crash happened? Initially we wanted to let the last hour of the game (so 11PM to midnight) have more pressing music, with the clock turning red, but this didn't make it in the final scope. Do you think this would be fine or do you have more ideas we could put in a post-jam version?


Yeah that's a really good idea, and for the crash...I  was basically waking up in the bed , skipped the dialog and then I couldn't move, but the music was still playing...


Aw, that sucks =( I played for over half an hour and was able to get to the end without any problems with the game crashing or not doing what it wasn't supposed to. Could it have possibly been the browser you were using or did you play the download version?


I played the game in Firefox.


I didn't have time to play this game all the way through, but what I did see I liked!  It follows the theme very well and the graphics are cute!  I did run into a bit of an issue where pausing the game didn't seem to pause the countdown.  And when I was in the middle of a dialog and the time ran out, the dialog continue after being "reset".  I think an update to fix these issues may help others enjoy the game even more.  Thanks!


Hey! Thank you, I'm very glad you enjoyed the game. I've pushed a new web build which fixes this issue and allows pausing during dialogues, where pausing actually stops the clock!


I really loved the  game! It felt very put-together and complete. The art was beautiful and to avoid spoiling it, I really loved the story and as a full game would be fun to explore the "specifics" of everything in the story. The puzzles were fun and challenging, took me forever to get one of the pieces lol.  I think it definitely nailed the "short on time" concept in both game-play and plot, so it was awesome! 5/5 <3 

Just a little tip, when you're doing the gate puzzle at the bottom of the main map, always check the gates before going to look for the levers because sometimes on reset some of the gates stay open or some of the levers for that puzzle don't reset. It's a minor thing, but something you wanna be wary of so you don't end up re-opening and closing gates accidentally lol. ^^'


Hello! Thank you for playing, and thank you for the kind words!

I'll be sure to investigate the gate/lever bug after reset, thank you for bringing that up.