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Hi! I was just wondering if there were any major code changes I should be aware of from 3.0, from the GDScript side at least. Obviously the difference between 2.1 and 3.0 was basically an entire overhaul which makes sense, but will 3.1 basically work with all the documentation for 3.0?

Thanks! Glad everything worked for you and you liked it~ Yeah if I had more time I probably would have found a way to toggle the buttons so they still show you info but not let you equip the item, when you only have 50~ hours you gotta make do though.

Also grats on the first person outside of our testing group of friends to report a Secret% run haha ;D

Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it~!

I went ahead and just took down the Win64 version because although my musician says it indeed has sound working, it was the least tested over the course of the jam (besides MacOS). Does anybody who is more experience with Godot maybe know why only one version of the game would have problems like not playing any sound? Like it doesn't sound like these guys even got any error messages or anything.

Thanks for the feedback! Out of curiosity, do you happen to know what version you were playing? We were able to directly test the Win32, Linux 32, and Linux 64 versions and it sounds like a big bug especially since sound was such a big part of the experience as we made it.

Hello! Here's a sample of a sprite and a character sheet I used to make the sprite below, if you think I could be of any service please feel free to email me. If you need more info you can check out my website and please keep in mind I'd be willing to negotiate discounts or a contract assuming this is going to be a large order or a long term project you need me on call for. Thanks!

Full Info Here!

Hello everybody! I recently started offering Pixel Art and Cartoon commissions from my website and I am looking for work, either for short term or long term projects.  Here are a couple of cards I made up including a couple of sprites I did, the character sheet I used to create that sprite, and some general info on my freehand drawing commissions. I can also do free hand animation (I don't have a sample of that ready to publish yet) and in general I know a lot about what goes into actually making a game as well, so I should be more than capable of working within the limits of whatever project you have. Either respond below, DM me, or email me if you have any offers or questions. If you want a unique and surreal style to help your game stand out from the crowd, I'm your guy. Thanks!

Full Info Here On My Website!