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Yes! That seems to have worked, thank you haha. I remember seeing that checkbox at some point but I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together to figure that out myself.

Hi, so recently me and a couple other people made a game for a game jam. One of our goals was to do an HTML export that could be played on desktop and mobile, as well as native exports. And after a lot of work it seems to work fine! However, when loading the game on my Android phone I get this message. I assume this is just automatic for all HTML games on itch, but I am wondering if there's any way to disable it. It won't work for iOS I don't think, but it should work more or less normally for all Android users and I think the casual pick-up-and-play nature of the game would probably work well for mobile gamers.

Thanks for any help you can give me, here's a screenshot as an example.

Whatever changes you made in your last update, I can now actually play the first turn on Linux. I'll do a fuller playtest later for you.

So far from the HTML version though, I like it quite a bit. There are some disappointing glitches/unimplemented rules here or there but it's an engaging concept.

Linux version does launch now :D

...Unfortunately, now it seems like when I try to play a game (in any of the three modes) it defaults to a PLAYER WON state. Restarting does not help either. The HTML version seems to work fine though? Idk what's up.

Here's the message I get:

Godot Engine v3.2.rc1.official -
OpenGL ES 2.0 Renderer: NVC1
file not found
game ended
file not found # Note, I tried restarting
game ended

Just for reference, here's all the output I get:

Godot Engine v3.2.rc1.official -

OpenGL ES 2.0 Renderer: NVC1
file not found

Segmentation fault

Looks like (for at least the linux version), you may have forgotten to add the .pck file? The error message I get is not very descriptive, that's just the first thing I notice when looking at the install directory.

Yeah I have a NVIDIA GT 730 which was a decent graphics card about a half decade ago and seems like it should run this fine, but for some reason it still struggles a lot. Ideally with how low poly the cars and world are, this game should run just fine even on your integrated card with good use of culling and some other techniques to save system resources (although idk how to do those things in Godot).

And yes, having some camera control would help. A lot of racing games actually tend to have a fixed camera that you can switch to different positions with a button (like Y on Xbox or triangle on Playstation). There will be one for facing forward (default), one for reverse, and the fancy ones will even have a first person view from the drivers seat. Maybe that would be overkill, but it's an idea.

If you ever made a single player racing game (or multiplayer with AI or whatever) with more tracks and options, I would definitely check it out though because you got the driving physics pretty fun here. Also if you didn't see it, ereborn from the server did a playtest of your game on stream you might be interested in watching.

Honestly I think your playthrough of it yesterday singlehandedly inspired us to finish, because it was the perfect blind playtest where it seems like all our hard work and ideas were realized. It really just suffers from there not being more to do and a few more options. We'll definitely be reaching out whenever we have an update to try~

It actually turned out that by the end, there was some kind of bug that prevents the game from working outside of debug mode. We're hoping we can fix it at some point post jam.

Thank you so much, that is honestly such high praise~ :D

And I'm glad our name choice paid off. My first instinct was to name it "Memento Mori" but literally everything was named that apparently. Happy accident, since somehow we found this word and it fit the theme basically perfectly.

I saw from your other comment that you ran out of time to add a tutorial... man does this game really need one lol. The concept is very confusing, and after several times of playing I'm not sure if I even completely understand what exactly I'm doing wrong or right even after reading the notes on the GitHub wiki.

That said I did play it several times and it is a delightful little puzzle game. Look forward to some kind of tutorial in the future and maybe some more modes/map types/etc to wring some more gameplay out of this concept.

Assuming you're playing thru the app. Try going to the actual webpage in your normal browser (this is an HTML game) or go to the gear next to "Launch" and then "Show in File Browser" or whatever it says.

For some reason Godot HTML games do that on itch and idk why. They do eventually load, but it takes forever.

I think this is the only game so far that I've seen that actually incorporates the "second chance" as a mechanic beyond like... you get a second life to do the same thing. All of these levels require you to do something on the first chance that makes winning possible. Like it a lot. The graphics, at least the sprite for the character and the cutscene at the beginning, are very funny and cute.

Controls/handling is a bit rough. It feels like every jump in this game needs to be pixel perfect. Personally I wasn't able to beat any but the first level, but maybe that's just me.

I actually liked this quite a bit. I think my biggest complaint (other than the lack of any sound) is the fact the levels are so big and empty, it's sort of hard to know where you're going or where things are. Like the minimap is impressive, but since it just shows a grid instead of like... where walls and stuff is, it's only useful at telling you the general direction something is. I was doing pretty well, without dying, but eventually I got to a part where there were enemies in another area (probably thru a warp) but I had no idea how to get to them. It was frustrating to end the run like that.

The aesthetic of this game is minimal but it works pretty well. Good job :)

Great first jam game! The beginnings of platformer are definitely here, and it has some cool aesthetic choices. I think my only gripe is that there's two or three really cheap jumps on the second level, but other than that was alright~

Really cool game with an interesting concept, kept me playing for quite a bit with a good progression curve through upgrades. Great job!

Unfortunately I got the same error on your game as I did this other entry on Debian 10 stable.

The game does launch and basically works. Unfortunately my computer is kind of garbage and runs the game at a steady 8 FPS, and I also don't have a second player to race with, so this may not be the most fair review ever.

However I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by how nice the controls were on the gamepad. This game doesn't approach anything resembling real car physics, but it's intuitive and I never got stuck so it was fun to just drive around. The ability to undo a major mistake was also nice. I think my only criticism, besides the performance which is more my fault than yours (at least in the scope of a game jam where you can't really afford to add twenty quality options to ensure a wide variety of system compatibility) is that the camera kind of makes me want to puke.  90% of the time it follows exactly where I should want to look, but that last 10% when it feels like it's just doing it's own thing was rough especially at my frame rate.

Good job and thanks for the Linux port!

"You should report this to the Dev of that demo. Official Godot binaries are built on Ubuntu 14.04 and don't have this compat issue."

I got this error running on Debian (GNU/Linux) 10 stable:

./debt-clicker.x86_64: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (
required by ./debt-clicker.x86_64)

(1 edit)

Every time I jumped, it went back to the main menu for some reason :/ Seems like a cool concept though! I also appreciate that you took time to add input binding options for keyboard and game pad

I can't seem to make it past the third jump (where the spike guy is up on a higher ledge). The mechanic of the first spike guy trying to chase you and then becoming a platform seems pretty cool though, and the idea of linking an extra life to a small minigame is very good for the theme.

One other thing that I mentioned to another jammer, typically when the movement does not require analogue control (i.e. pushing less moves less, pushing more moves more) it is a good idea to give the option for dpad use with these kinds of 2d platformer games on the controller. Thank you for at least giving the option for the controller though!

One thing that would have been nice is if run and jump were closer together on the keyboard

What an incredibly cute game. The aesthetic all works very well, it almost reminds me of that hand drawn Yoshi's Island look- which is pretty high praise.

I think my only crtiticism is that there's not really any challenge unless you want to get a no death run or something. By the last boss I had just stopped caring about the gameplay and stood in one place shooting until it was over.

I wish my computer was slightly better, because during the gameplay I was getting like 2-5 FPS no joke. Once I watched the movie though, the game really clicked with me. Like all your other games, there's a certain mood here that is unique to you and I wish I could have appreciated it in it's intended scope.

One note though: weird choice to use arrow keys instead of WASD for a first person camera.

Very cute game. I would suggest in the future to not force full screen by default, give the player an option (or just the F4 button is pretty common). That said I appreciate that it's still possible to quit the game from full screen, people forget to do that sometimes lol.

Any chance for a linux port?

I think a good rule of thumb for controller support is to only use analogue sticks when there's an analogue input (i.e. tilting the stick less does something different than tilting it more). Otherwise the dpad feels better, especially for these kinds of 2d platformer games.

That said I'm happy you decided to add controller support at all! Most people don't do that.

Overall a great experience, the only thing that sort of drags me out of it are how the hexagon highlights draw over the UI and outside of the actual play area. The gameplay is simple but effective, and works well with the theme~

New improvements seem pretty good, and being able to use the dpad instead of the analogue stick immediately improved my experience with the game :D

One pro-tip is that if you force the game to fullscreen on launch, you should definitely give the player the ability to pause and quit at any time... just as a quality of life feature. Either that or you could simply have the F4 button toggle fullscreen mode (which is standard for a lot of games).

Also, I don't know if you knew this, but if you have a button use the function grab_focus() in the _ready() for the menu it's in, then it will immediately highlight that button. This can be useful so that the player can use the keyboard or gamepad to move up and down between menu options, a lot of that capability is actually already implemented by default in Godot... you just have to at least focus some button so it can work!

Great work, keep it up :)

Thank you so much! And yeah, by the time you get to level 5 and beyond, you really run out of things to do. If I had it my way I would have probably added more enemy types or something that starts to spice it up around then, I just ended up not having the time for it.

The pixel art for this is amazing, both the sprite for Santa but especially the indoor areas look really cool. A lot of great subtlety. I managed to deliver 29 presents!

I think my only complaint is that there isn't a heck of a lot of variation so like... you do about three houses and that's all that the gameplay really evolves, but then the game goes on for 5-10 more minutes. I did want to see it to the end, but it would be nice if there were maybe a few other things to do. Also, while it is cute that Santa Time and Ho Ho Ho are bound to the S and H keys, at least for me that was very uncomfortable to try to keep my hand in that position. I have a feeling the Ho Ho Ho was maybe just a joke feature, and also a way to include voice acting, so maybe that was my fault :P

Overall a very cute game with some good Christmas vibes :3

Yeah I'm not sure what the problem is, when I download it I get a .zip file called "" (or for the 32 bit version) and it should contain a folder called "timeshifter" with "Timeshifter.exe" and "Timeshifter.pck" included inside it. I tested this a few ways. Are you sure you're unzipping the file correctly? I've definitely seen at least three people successfully play this on Windows now, and I haven't modified the upload since the official submission day. I don't know why the folder would be empty.

I'm actually not sure. A couple other people played it on Windows, and when I do a test download they seem to have the .exe and .pck in there. How are you downloading it? From the app? Or just from the browser?

No problem!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

And yeah, earlier in development I had this long list of upgrade ideas that involved things somewhat similar to Binding Of Isaac or games like that have- bigger bullets, multishots, faster bullets, more damage, more shield, etc -but because I knew I was only going to have time to basically make an infinite game progression (rather than a fixed amount of levels) I could see all of that causing some major balance issues if the player could buy infinite amounts of each if they played well enough. I'm definitely not really satisfied with the actual upgrades that got in, but I think obviously the proof of concept at least got across to players.

Haha and I'm glad, those voice clips I did basically last second the day before it was due~

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and that it was a fulfilling experience for you heh. Also yes, I am the one who did the vocal clips for it (including the trailer).

I will say though that if the game looks simple, then to maintain your illusion you should not look at the source code XD The source is an absolute pile of spaghetti code.

Ahhh yes that makes sense, I honestly have pretty minimal experience with RigidBody stuff so I can imagine implementing that kind of sliding behavior would probably be a lot different. I would definitely like to see an expansion of the concept though!

To be honest, there are probably some people who would prefer the joystick, but then I think others like me who prefer the d-pad. Whatever "action" you have on the input map for moving left and right, it should be as easy as adding "Gamepad Button: D-pad Left" or Right onto the list of accepted inputs for that action. The default UI controls Godot has by default when you start a project actually do this.

This was such a cute game though, thanks for making it :3