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Anti-clicker prototype for #GodotWildJam №17
Submitted by Maxim Lebedev (@toby3d) — 2 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
Antikliker where you try to get rid of debt by getting into other debts

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Fun clicker! I included it in my Godot Wild Jam #17 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

I tried the macOS version, it launches, but when I click "Plunge into debt" nothing happens…


I tried to rebuild the project. Try again. If it doesn’t work, then I will use the bleeding edge version of the engine.


I got this error running on Debian (GNU/Linux) 10 stable:

./debt-clicker.x86_64: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (
required by ./debt-clicker.x86_64)


Please, see godotengine/godot#31950 issue


"You should report this to the Dev of that demo. Official Godot binaries are built on Ubuntu 14.04 and don't have this compat issue."

Developer (4 edits)

Well, that’s pretty weird. I can try to build a project under the “official” version of Godot, but I can not guarantee compatibility with any linux distributions, even though I work under Arch.

P.S.: Reuploaded to channel. Try again, please.
P.P.S: Oh no, the stable version is unable to process the script that normally processes the latest release candidate. Reuploaded again.


Generally, I actually like clicker/idle games when they're well done. I think this has potential. I like where you were going with it, but feel like it needs to be a little easier early on to get people addicted. I actually think you should continue working on it - that's how much I thought of the potential. Good work!


…feel like it needs to be a little easier early on to get people addicted.

Due to strict time limits (free time after work), I did not manage to pay due attention to the balance and the prototype now issues tasks based on randomness from the set that was originally built in.

But, I think, the basic idea should be clear: I wanted to build the whole game on “second chances” and force the player to lose enough to win, but not too much for this to become a problem.

I actually think you should continue working on it - that’s how much I thought of the potential.

Well, if someone really likes the idea, then I will try to develop it much more than what I managed to do in the prototype. I have enough ideas to diversify the mechanics, terms of contracts and (even) the plot.

Thanks for your comment!


I don't think the Apple export is named correctly, at least - it looks like it was made either for Linux (x86-64), or for Windows (.exe), but not Mac, which is usually .dmg.


I work under Linux, so when exporting for MacOS, I get a .zip file. Should I just rename it to .dmg or do I need to unzip the archive and send its contents to channel?


Okay, it seems it's just a weird naming thing. My apologies! The Mac app works. Will post a rating shortly.