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I like the concept! With more variety I can see how it could be the base for a really nice mobile game. The pixel art is perfectly fitting, love it :)

That's some great retro vibe there, Impressive graphics! The hack idea is a nice twist in a classic genre, big enemies can make us stronger :)

The way those aliens speed up when you approach is scary! I scrambled to shoot the first one :D The growing part seems underused right now, crops could give some kind of bonus, heal or something. Did you have other ideas you didn't have time to implement?  As others wrote, using the hook is limited by the view. Once you know the map you can roughly aim in the right direction, but it is dangerous when aliens are around! Nice entry overall, it feels like a complete package.

The way those aliens speed up when you approach is scary! I scrambled to shoot the first one :D The growing part seems underused right now, crops could give some kind of bonus, heal or something. Did you have other ideas you didn't have time to implement?  As others wrote, using the hook is limited by the view. Once you know the map you can roughly aim in the right direction, but it is dangerous when aliens are around! Nice entry overall, it feels like a complete package.

What a nice idea! It reminds me bit of King of Dragon Pass: every decision plays a role in future events, and the outcome is not always very clear. It makes it hard to understand how our decisions influence things, but is more immersive. With precise feedback it would turn into number-crunching. you found a good balance here! The visual and audio styles are quite fitting, I enjoyed the atmosphere :)

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I really like this chain idea, nice interpretation of the theme! Controlling it took some time though… but I'm no platformer god :) Kudos for tackling a physics based game. I also liked that you tried an uncommon visual style, and successfully so.

Nice little game with a "Puzzlescript" vibe :) Sad that you didn't have time to explore the mechanics a bit more!

Thanks for updating the Mac version! I liked the original idea, the graphics, and how you managed to give personality to hardware :) The puzzles were on the easy side though, and I would have liked to see some variety. I had a little bug: components on the left only displayed when I clicked on them. Fortunately the tooltip help mitigate that. There's potential, if you ever want to polish and expand the game!

Wow, thanks for sharing the details! You clearly know what you do, it seems your main problem was overscoping, and it's a classic one for game jams ;) I hope to see what you'll do next time!

I tried the Mac version but it doesn't work. The file is a ".x86_64" but should be a ".app", so it looks like it is the Linux version instead.

A nice little match 3, if a bit classic. I would have liked to see a little variety in combos or tile types: what about "bad" combos that make you lose time instead? Or dangerous tiles you must absolutely avoid? I still enjoyed the play, and the experience was nice to the eyes and smooth. Well done!

Oh good catch! I hadn't noticed that one. Thank you for giving it a serious play, for reporting the bug and for your kind words :)

It took me some time to understand how to control units, then they moved by themselves and disappeared from the screen. That's when I understood I could use arrows to move the camera, haha :D (It has already happened to me during a previous GWJ…)
Honestly i had trouble understanding what was going on. It's hard to guess what the critters can eat and like. On the technical side, man, second jam and you make an RTS? Hats off to you sir.

Thank you word your kind words! A distance indication was indeed on the todo list, but it couldn't be done before the deadline. We will definitely add one in a post-jam update!

Nice variation on the match-3 genre! Graphics are pretty simple but they work well, there's a good atmosphere here. At some point I didn't have any possible move and thought the game would be over, but the was board reset, which is nice. So we're chasing a high score, it wasn't obvious from the beginning.

This really need a tutorial, or at least some explanations on this page. I initially gave up because of that, but I'm happy I tried again later :)

So if anyone reads:
- to play click on the non-black grave in the center of the screen (DON'T CLICK THE CARD DECK RIGHT AWAY)
- at first you need to deploy armies. Click on the deck at the bottom left to pick an army, then click on that army to deploy it on the ground.
- move selected armies (highlighted in blue) with arrow keys
- fight by clicking on a enemy in your range
- the goal is to attack the enemy base until it looses its 4 hearts.

A mix of tower defense, card game, and turn-based strategy. It's an interesting concept, and the ingredients of a good game are there. Right now it is a bit rough though, levels are not very interesting, the IA simply rushes to your base… but I'd love to see it refined and expanded as I believe there is good potential.

You have to click on non-black grave in the center of the screen.

Thank you for reporting Cerberus in the wall. It is a bug I only discovered yesterday :/ While testing the levels I just never happened to charge him against a wall. But I'm happy you still found a way to finish the game :D

Thank you ! The rules are inspired by existing card games like Raj / Hol's der Geier, or ...und tschüss!, but designed specifically for this game jam to fit the theme and work as a solo game.

The screen about characters reminded me of a page in Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art:

I think it's one of the reasons pixel art gets so much love, it is easier to identify with the characters we play.

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Oh, indeed that totally escaped me. I'll give it another try tonight!
If you can't do a tutorial level in time, a few paragraphs on the game's page would be enough I think.

I second that, I saw the shadows coming but the characters seems slow to react and swings the torch way too late. In the end I just didn't try to kill them and just ran away.

That said the atmosphere is deliciously creepy! Well done.

Thank you! I can now play, it works fine on desktop :)
Nice, frantic gameplay!

Great puzzle, a new take on some classics! Really enjoyed it. My only serious gripe is that the perspective doesn't help. Also the last level is a bit dark.

It still crashes :( No idea why. But hey it's not your fault!

Same :( It looks very interesting but can't really judge the gameplay.

Unfortunately the game crashes as soon as I select "Play" :( I'm on macOS.

No macOS export? I'd love to play it!

Trying to understand how it works, but I'm a bit lost. Space doesn't fire? What am I missing?

The game is obviously unfinished, but I liked the aiming mechanism. It is a nice way to show how the character needs to steady his weapon to shot accurately.

Haha I feared what I would see as Itch showed me a warning about NSFW content, but it's all good fun :) You have a knack for weird images!
I really like how you managed to give a personality to the Edgy avatar, despite the fact that its face is just an "e".

Thank you for playing and the kind words… and for finding the bug! It also happened to me yesterday while I was showing the game to someone, but I was talking at the same time and didn't manage to see the cards that caused it. Now that I know, I'll fix it post-jam. Fortunately triple ties rarely happen :)

I really wanted to add audio and a few sounds like card flips, I think it would add a lot to the overall experience, but I couldn't do it in time.

Hi! I tried to play your game, but the web version doesn't work right for me. The tutorial works fine, but as soon as I click "Start" the screen flickers and nothing happens.

Also I'm on a Mac so I can't use the desktop versions you provided. Would it be possible for you to export for macOS?

By the way, did you ask about the difficulty selector because you found the game too easy or hard? It is pretty random right now, so a game could be very easy and the next one hard.

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Thank you for your kind comment! I indeed thought about a difficulty selector, but didn't have time to implement it. I even had names for the diffuculty levels, from "freshwater swab" to "bloodthirsty scallywag".
Right now the opponents are pretty dumb, it's obvious after a few plays. I thought about a simple decision tree that would give every opponent better bets and a bit of personnality, more cautious or aggressive. But again I was out of time. I also thought about more opponents, but that was clearly out of scope from the beginning 
Regarding online multiplayer, I guess it could be done but at the moment I'm far from having the required knowledge with Godot.

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Really liked the game! Nice and polished. It's a bit on the easy side for a Sokoban-like, but with all the mechanics combined I think you could create more levels with increasing difficulty.

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Impressed by the level of design and polish you were able to put into this game! The intro was also nicely done and added a nice narrative touch.

Wow, this game look good, but I couldn't figure out what I as doing initially. I couldn't get out of the Evolve menu, so I'm not sure I've seen everything…

Hahaha! Love the zany style and matching music :D Eating the level was the icing on the cake.

Well, "delayed" is a not the right word. I just had the feeling that I missed jumps multiple times even though I was pretty sure I had pressed the key at the right time. It's a matter of milliseconds really. I had to consciously jump a fraction of a blink sooner :)