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I have the same issue, otherwise the game is running mighty fine!

It works!

Dash 'em community · Created a new topic Gamepad Support?

Could you please add game pad support?

Hey! Really cool concept you have here, sadly it does not seem to work on Linux (KDE), windows are popping at random places.

The graphics and the sound design seem cool, but I did not finish the game at all, it kept glitching all the time :(. That's a pity because it's seems like you did put effort in it.

Fun little game, easy to play and fast to finish. I explored the flat a bit and I love the litle details and the humour. I ended up watching danks memes instead of brushing my teeth.

Oooh boy! So this... At first I was frustrated with the controls and almost gave up immediately, but thankfully I kept trying until I got a hold of it. And I find your game freaking awesome! I was plunged into this feeling of wanting to do better, you know this feeling when you don’t know if your still enjoying the game, but you have the need to beat it and when you get to the end of a level, you have this big release of dopamine. Really this has potential to be a really cool, full game. Just one thing: FIX THE PHYSICS. If you don’t do so I will find your address, get into your place, steal your computer, get the code and fix it myself.

Very chill game, I like the overall vibe. Just one thing: You do not reset the score after a retry so did end up with 105 or smth like that :D

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Nice little game, I like the "find the path" mechanic. It's really good for a game made by a 13y old, I remember making games on Scratch at this age :) , Godot wasn't really thing at the time.

Hey! I'm glad you liked it, and thank you very much for the feedback. Once de judging period is ended I will make small tweaks and I'll be sure to change the way how objectives are updated!

Heeey! As this is the first game you made in Godot it's pretty good. If I understood correctly enemies re-spawn after a certain amount of time (making you "short on time") to force the player to act quickly. This is a promising mechanic that could be improved by indicating the time left before a re-spawn wave, and putting some stress on the player with sound and visual effects. And one other thing that would hugely improve your game: Atmosphere. Any kind of decoration, ambient sound and music could really improve the overall feel of the game.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it :D. To be honest I'm kinda new to controllers so I did put the controls that made the most sense to me, but I guess they are not the optimal ones...

Cool game you have here! Kinda trippy to be honest, it's very surreal experience!

The fact that you cannot move in air forces you to  time well your jumps!

A good old school troll game! I had fun playing it :D. (And OMG those graphics is this the Playstation 6?/s)

Glad you enjoyed it! I really don't know about combining the buttons, I wanted the player to be in charge of that.

Heeeey! That's pretty goood! Had fun playing it! It's a simple concept but it works perfectly!

I don't like typing games so I hope my rating is more or less objective... Otherwise it's very nicely done! You made a wonderful use of the midi player in Godot!

The block mechanics are really great, it makes for an original concept. But the controls are very hard to get used to and I feel that the game lacks feedbacks to the player. Overall it's a good game for a jam.

Amazing interpretation of the theme! What you got here is a prototype with a promising game mechanic. One other thing I really liked  about your game is the music, I don't know why but it fits really well.

(PS: My record is 96 s)

Could you please upload a build for Linux?

I played the game in Firefox.

The theme is really really well interpreted, thus giving birth to an original concept. It's a pity that you haven't had time to make a proper game out of it.

The driving mechanics are pretty good but I feel like they should be tweaked a bit. AND... 60 TOKENS!? That's freaking WILD.

Amazing game! I absolutely loved it! The esthetic is top notch and the music fits perfectly to the pace of the game (in top of being a gem). I played it several times with a controller (it’s much better than with the keyboard) but didn’t get further than level 5 :(. The theme is really well interpreted as the remaining time is the game “currency” and you can be a bit short on time when buying upgrades.

Yeah that's a really good idea, and for the crash...I  was basically waking up in the bed , skipped the dialog and then I couldn't move, but the music was still playing...

Overall it's a cool game. The art is nice but I feel that the map is a bit empty, I enjoyed the little puzzles and  the story (and the humor). Sadly I didn't get to the end  because the game froze when I was waking up for the Xth time.  On the game desgin side I feel it lacks feedback, for example when the timer ran out the first time I didn't know what was happening. Adding sounds and visual feedback would greatly improve the experience.

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Cool concept! Adding other types of toys with more/different parts to solder would definitely add to the experience. Then for different toys , having different types of attaches (like screws, nails, etc.) could be interesting . And I don't know if it's by design but having to always click on the tool is tiring, maybe add a shortcut key for it? (BTW sweet programmer art :D)

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Glad you liked it! Yeah... the time bar is not visible enough, my cousin said the same thing. And playing using a gamepad is better I think, but as most people use keyboards I preferred to make it the default option. Still, you can play with a game-pad:

Left-Stick: Move
A: Jump
X: Grab/Drop

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Hello, for the Linux version could you please disable the default full-screen, looks like most of window managers have issues with how Unity handles it (crashed a few times when alt-tabing).

Otherwise I loved it, it's so relaxing and disturbing at the same time :D. I really liked the global esthetic and god the music and the sound design are just amazing.

I really like it! I'm fairly new to controllers (luckily bought one a few days ago) so it's particularly entertaining for me. It's kind of hard to get into it at first, but once you're there you just want to keep striking those input sequences, with tingles just before the time bar ends!

Also thanks for the Linux version!
(et bisous Apollinaire)

Would it be possible to make a Linux build?


Linux build, pleaaaase?

Very cool lil' game, loved your pixel art as always and had generally fun playing it. The puzzles are pretty simple but still entertaining, I think that the concept could be further developed to make more complex puzzles with more elements. One of the rare downsides would be the last level, at first you don't know what to do and that's... normal but then you try to develop a strategy or get through it by learning the the level structure. The issue is that there are no real reference points, so muscle memory is sought very slowly and you usually go for "spam bullets and hope this time you will get trough". Making it very quickly frustrating and boring. Otherwise the music, sounds and art are really amazing, keep it up!

Downloaded and consumed, thanks for supporting our small yet enlarging community.

Hii, may I get a Linux build please?


Enjoyable little game, design, music and sounds are really nice, it's a pity that the gameplay get's boring quickly because there are no real decisions to be made.

I don't understand why the jump is delayed

Thanks! :D Glad this requirement go added to the rules ;)

It was just a joke/troll about the fact that there was nothing about it in the rules, of course I will use Godot! :D