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Thanks a lot for the feedback ! :3

This game has a real potential. I really like the mechanics and the overall style. It's a pity that the controls are very challenging, perhaps using the mouse would be a good alternative ?

Very cool concept, the mechanics are not obvious at first but I quickly got a hold of it. Good Job!

Very polished ! From the menus to the freaking reflection in the sewers, the game just looks amazing . Hats off! Moreover the music and sounds are super cool, very fitting .

Oh and the news headlines at the bottom are a nice touch.

(I also did not get onto the leaderboard cause I kinda suck 😭)

I think that different types of enemies would be nice. As for the environments I don't really have any ideas 😅

Really unique game mechanic ! I has a lot of potential.

As a I see it's your first jam right ?
My advice for future ones would be to make these kind of games level based and thus with an ending. It gets usually the player more invested in your game.

Hello ! I'd love to play but the HTML5 version is quite laggy for me to the point that it's barely playable. Is there a way to get a Linux build ?

Loved the mechanics ! The music and the ambiance is really good it's a really nice prototype. I could see this a "wait and play" on mobile.

My only complain (?) is that the game was a tid bit too easy. Some more challenge would of been appreciated. Perhaps I was just really lucky ?

Cute little platformer ! Good job on your first Godot Wild Jam ! My only complain would be the jump sound. It get quite annoying after a few hundred jumps x)

I really liked this one ! I'm a sucker for "collect and upgrade" games. The cave system is impressive and the fact that you can dig you own path is a nice touch. 

I had an issue at the end tho, even when I had enough resources I couldn't build the teleporter...

Great atmosphere ! I would have loved some kind of puzzle mechanics à la Tomb Raider. Perhaps in a post jam version ?

Wow that's one solid game ! Very polished !

I love the fact that the level selector is also "part of" the game !

It's a pity there was no music :(

Damn, the atmosphere is awesome.  And the PS1 style graphics... muah 👌!

My only complain would be the turn base system for movement, it got quite frustrating at times.

Nice and short management game. Well done!

Very short but interesting mechanic.

Thanks ! Yes they do :P. With the exception of Benjamin (he's not a penguin)

Cute little game ! Good job on the procedural generation. At first I was afraid that I'll get frustrated by the dead ends but in the end (lol) it was nicely balanced.

And of course ghost and ghoul are the perfect couple !

Damn ! This i a really really cool game ! The ant simulation is splendid ! I'm simply amazed !

Too bad I got blocked just before the end ? I couldn't sacrifice all the 100 ants the remaining one did not want to follow the pheromones and I eventually ran out of food :(

Cute little platformer. I find the stick mechanics quite refreshing. The overall art style is polished and the music is very relaxing : good job ! My only complain would be that the hit-boxes can sometimes be a bit unforgiving. 

I'm a sucker for this kind of games ! It reminds me of a game I used to play as a kid where you had to get a rocket to to the moon.
And that's why I'd love to see a specific objective in your game (and thus an ending), I think it would get the player even more hooked.

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Noice ! The game is quite addictive I must say. Reminds me of amusement parks x).

Feedback :

  • It would be nice to add some kind of power ups I think  would add to the fun.
  • It's a pity there's no music, It would of added to the ambiance.

Oh and strangely the game doesn't work in Chrome but does in Firefox (usually it's the other way around)

Cute little game, would be great on mobile.


  • I think it would be neat to have some kind of trail of the previous path to have an idea of where to correct it.
  • The spiders are a bit hard to predict (but that maybe on purpose ?)

I really liked the digging mechanics (If I may ask how did you implement it ?). The fact that you can choose to go out on the surface to get better food at a higher risk or is a nice touch. Overall it's a solid jam game. My only complain would be the controls, they felt a bit clunky at times. It felt like if I was floating or swimming in water.

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Hey! Thank you for your comment.

We used the Dialogic  system, at first I was planning to make one on my own but in order to coordinate properly with our writer we settled on using this plugin. Would I recommend it ? In the current state of things no, because we had quite some issues with it, and  required patch-ups here and there. But apparently they're working on a 2.0 version that seems promising.

As for the use of the wild card I cannot tell you because it would eventually spoil branches of the story. I can only say that the interpretation of the wild card is not  literal.

And If I may ask were did you get stuck? Ideally DM on Discord (to not spoil the game here :p)

Quite an original game, nice use of CSG! I guess I learned to identify gems x). But honestly I did not get to the end of the game (if there is one). I managed to have two successful gem cuts but failed all the others. I just find the gem cutting system very hard to use and it got me quite frustrated and after 20 minutes I simply abandoned. I guess I'm not cut out for this :p

This is a really cool platformer, I love the level design, it's very polished and the difficulty curve is top notch. The game is very readable (for me at least) as the game mechanics are pretty much self explanatory thanks to very good visuals. Oh and the music is is liiit.

I have no complains  :p

Nice little treasure hunt game. I really liked the level design, the environment is quite readable ! I just let my instincts guide me and I found all the treasures, but at the same it was not too easy. Hats off. Just one small thing : I did not really like the math puzzles, but that's probably because I suck at mental math.

Oh and by the way I managed to unlock the last crate at the last second and this happened


Okidoki :3

Thanks for the feedback, I think you are just not in the target audience. Also I made a huge mistake by letting all the levels unlocked, I should of implemented per medal level unlocking. My target audience are "perfectionist" people focused on speed running, the philosophy  is: learn the level and execute it, like in Geometry Dash for example.

Cool concept, an undo button would be welcome.

Interesting intinterpretation of the theme! Very cute!

Very Good interpretation of the theme, I really liked it!

Hey! Super cool game mechanics, very solid proof of concept, this could be a really good casual game for portable consoles.

To give you a bit of feedback: 

- There would be more visual feedback overall, like animating the rising of the walls for example, or visually showing the connection to the points. 

- And I feel like the game is a bit too flat, some shading could give it a more pleasing depth.

Otherwise great job, I really enjoyed playing this, music was fitting and smashing the walls was satisfying (good use of the 2btns card btw). Really kept me in the flow.

Really cool concept! Unfortunately Some parts got stuck in the second compartment and were impossible to get out :/

Thanks for the feedback, I was thinking of making a "practice mode", where you could wander around the level and learn the sequence, kinda like in Geometry Dash (if you know that game).

Nice game mechanics with great visual feedback. I really like the electricity effect. One thing : I didn't get how to play it at first, it was pretty confusing, so maybe try to improve that :).

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Oh my god this is such a cool concept and it's so cute and so heart-breaking T_T.  Love the level design and how the mechanics are introduced. The voice over is so cool! Vraiment du beau boulot, ça fait ultra plaisir.

Iwas very confused at first and then I read the description. Very cool puzzle the atmosphere feels very nice.

Well that was weird... :D I like that old PS vibe and my god the textures were so trippy (* ✪▽✪)

Wow! Really Cool concept. And as it is your first game mad with Godot hats off! Just one thing : the lack of sound was really noticeable.