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A game where you have to record your actions in case of contact loss
Submitted by panglesd — 1 hour, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version


Game Description
Record the actions of your character in prevision of disconnection

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Submitted (1 edit)

Oh my god this is such a cool concept and it's so cute and so heart-breaking T_T.  Love the level design and how the mechanics are introduced. The voice over is so cool! Vraiment du beau boulot, ça fait ultra plaisir.


Loved the concept and the tv screen look! The recording mechanic was really interesting!

Deleted post

I really liked how you thought about the mechanic but it's really hard to grasp at the beginning without good instructions or a easy way to learn on the first level.
There are some things that contributed for the confusion, like: the CRT filter you applied made the reading instructions a bit hard to read and the audio instructions with the robotic effect (which was great) was a bit hard to understand also.

I loved the feel and I spend a good amount of time playing after I really learned how to. Good job, mate! 

Excellent and creative game! 

Influenced by learning algorithms  ?


Boy, that that retro tv feed looks great. And the gameplay fits the theme perfectly.

I like that you need to record your movements before hand, but I agree that it is a bit too hard and would make majority of players to quit after a few attempts. I could not get past the section after the first checkpoint and I left the screen full of malfunctioning robots... poor things!

Nice work!



As I said in the previous comment, I have to tell that I did not code myself the retro TV shader (though I still tweaked the parameters).

About the part just after the first checkpoint, it is quite easy if you know how to record:

  1. Record going to the right a small time
  2. Record jumping from the bottom, to the platform on the left
  3. Go down without recording
  4. Repeat 2 ., 3., 2., 3. ... until you are out of memory, alternating between the left and right platform

Hope this helps ;)


Okay, it took me awhile, but I finally understood how the game worked. Interesting mechanic! I like the TV-like view, it's like we're watching from a safe distance through a CCTV. The graphics are cute too and fit the vibe well!

Though I think there's a bug with recording after some respawns. That's what I had the problem with last time, since sometimes when I respawn, I would click shift while connected and it still wouldn't record. Great game overall though!


Thanks! I have to give credits where they are due: the sprites come from here: and the TV like view from here: The music also is taken from

I wanted to mention them "in game" but due to lack of time (and too many things to do) I did not. They are mentionned in the project page and the source code though. All the other things (sound, code etc) are from me ;) It's my first game, I could not do everything!

I will try to find this bug, it did not happened to me. Did you have your memory emptied? (Hit q to empty your memory) There is no reminder on how to empty you memory when it  is full, so it is easy to forget. I precise: The bar at the top represents your memory. When you record something, it is filled with yellow, until you stop recording or the bar is full. The yellow represent the actions recorded. When you lose contact, the yellow part starts being filled with red, until you get contact again or the yellow part is completely filled. The red part represent how much of your recorded actions have already being played! (maybe you know very well all that, but it might be useful for someone later, as it seems the game is not so self-explanatory ;))


ah arrow keys, well done sir, i tip my hat to you.

a tough but good game.


That was very pleasant! But i'm too bad to get to the finish xD


What's the controls? I'm clicking every key like a drunk piano player


Arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump. Hold shift to record your actions, they will be played when you lose contact. Press "r" to restart, and "q" to empty your memory.


This is great. Really. When I understood that I need to record multiple instructions by running back and forth it was a solid impression.


Thanks a lot for your comment, I really appreciate :)


Really cool idea. Without checkpoints it gets frustrating fast. Add checkpoints and WASD controls and I'm sold.


The game is supposed to have checkpoints! The big grey squares with a computer on it should become activated when you are closed to them, and when you press R you restart from them. But maybe it was not working on your platform?

I am using an "azerty" keyboard so I was not sure about zqsd or wasd, and as I recorded a voice saying it was the arrow keys I just left it as is. I will update the game so that both zqsd and wasd work though!

Thanks for trying my game and for the feedback!


Interesting idea for a game. The sound was intersting too, but I felt like it became annoying quickly, probably because there was only one recording for each sound, so it lacked variety. Also the voices were quite hard to understand, particularly the ones in the tutorial. The puzzles are interesting but the lack of frequent checkpoints combined with a need for trial and error makes for quite frustrating gameplay.


Ooooh I love the voice acting. It's a bit hard to understand at times but I can't give less than a 5/5 audio rating. The puzzle design however, could be improved.  Since one can't look ahead in the map, it's necessary to use trial and error to know where is the next "control point". 


Thanks :) Yes I'm not a native speaker and the "robotic effect" can make it hard to understand... and 9 days are short!

The puzzle design can waaaay be improved. In fact, this was supposed to be a "proof of concept" level, but I had no time to make a better one so I stuck with this one. I also agree that one should be able to look forward in the map (I now know the map by heart but that does not count ^^)