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I followed the progress on Twitter and I was mega excited to see the end-result. I have to say it was more fun than I expected and I replayed it a LOT. 

5/5 right out of the door: polished, fun, challenging. Also the music, damn. :) 

What the hell just happened? I don't know but I enjoyed some of it. Very very polished entry! Also, I love the simple music.

I do have to say that the orientation with cursor + movement was a bit too much for my morning pre-coffee mind. But maybe if I were more awake, this wouldn't be that impacting.

I love and hate this entry :D

Jokes aside, I played it all and I appreciate how impactful simple graphics can be. Had lots of fun just bumping into stuff also, because, why not? Great job.

It's like playing Pong/Air hockey but a very gore version of it. I love it! Also, your graphics are excellent, surprising amount of details in a 64x64 container.

The variety of patterns for the AIs is really cool as well, not common to see in jam entries and very well appreciated. 

Totally. The source code is available on GitHub as well :)

Thx for the suggestion on gameplay, it's not my strongest skill, so I'm always looking to improve. And about jsfxr/bxfr, I actually had generated a few fx with it but I forgot to submit to the jam the version with audios. Hehehehe, it happens!

Thanks for playing!

Good to know about the screenshake, I definitely need to tune it. The upgrades are a mess I caused, since I am inexperienced with Rust and my "cross-platform" way of choosing with RNG can actually render the same upgrade. Lessons learned!

The polish is outstanding. One of the reasons I really enjoy working with PICO-8 and playing PICO-8 is the default retro look. 

Player movement is outstanding and the feedback loop is really nice. Very hard and had to restart a few times until I understood the movement patterns.

Super challenging and polished! Fantastic job!

Thanks for playing it! 

No excuses from my side: I spent not that much time fine-tuning the XP, upgrades, and how they scale over time. I will DEFINITELY explore this later.

Such kind words! We're definitely planning to do a full mobile version with different ideas and biomes to play with. :)

I can say that I just open this game to grapple my way around the levels. And I love it. 

I think there are a lot of improvements that can be done to feedback but all of this doesn't matter if I can keep grappling.

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Ok, I got the idea after losing for the first time. Switching from blue to red bullets is a nice twist on difficulty since you have to plan ahead from the coming wave. 
A suggestion was to have somehow a way to show ahead the wave that was coming, similar to what Plant vs Zombies does. This would be very fun to plan before the wave even starts.

For this Jam, I think it was lacking the donuts. It's definitely a warzone. The difficulty is also a bit weird since I felt it started way too hard already.

Good concept, mate!

Oi, Jess! I'm glad you had fun! Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks @JaxterMG! I'm glad you liked the Duck, I made sure he had a very strong personality, lol!

Thanks for the kind words @Yalokin92!

Thanks @WildlyAspiringGames! I'm sorry that you felt the game wasn't very much adept to the warzone limitation. Hopefully it was fun and enjoyable anyways!!

Thanks for the kind words, @Finn Truong. I'm glad you had fun with it!

That's very nice to read, @ALDEV! Thank you very much for playing Quack!

Oi, @hoistbypetard! Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you had a good time.

I couldn't get the game. Tried at least five times. Sorry.

Some highlights:

  • Camera and movement are very weird to the point I started having headaches;
  • The suspense in the theme music makes me think is something like a cop/capture-like game but honestly, I couldn't figure it out.
  • As a general advice, if you couldn't put the controls in the game, adding it to the page would be very helpful.

Fun game! I loved the idea of getting bigger as you hit, that gives an interesting twist to the game play. However, there are a couple things I'd point out:

  • The game gets predictable because there's no variation in trajectory due to the players just being stationary. Even without a trajectory trail, this makes very easy to cheese the game into almost always hitting the adversary.
  • I felt that if the players could move a bit before shooting (like Worms) it'd be more challenging. In that case, I'd definitely add a trajectory trail, like golf/pool games or what the heck, even Worms is a good example of that
  • This games definitely combos well with a chill and lounge soundtrack, hope to see it with some soon!

Good job on delivering it, mate.

Interesting idea! It reminds me of a mini game from a Nintendo 64 airship game, I can't recall the name it right now though. I think a couple of things are a bit strange:

  • No visual feedback or at least not clear enough if you're making way through the correct hole. I know that the game displays a meter count but there's so much going on the screen that it becomes hard to tell if you're doing well or not.
  • Also, if you hit something, it feels like a softlock bug because there's no feedback besides a little trembling on the screen
  • And, yeah, the Control + W was really annoying, lol!

Good job on delivering it, mate.

Funny game! It took me two loses to actually understand it and I had to try really hard to get on less explosions with better rank! Unfortunately, the game misses a lot of feedback, visually and musically. It would be awesome with more response. Great job on delivering it. (:

Lovely art! From the visual aspect, I think the only thing I miss is a type of HUD for the player or just a "aim" to show direction and calculate if I'll hit/miss.

The SFX are nice as well. I liked the feedback of hitting a donut and missing it, this made me understand if I was doing good or not.

I'd make the controls a bit more fluid, I don't know if it's the camera, but it takes a while (friction, maybe?) to start moving into a direction.

Good job delivering it!

Loved the intro! I think the main issue here is that I couldn't distinguish what I could interact with, destroy, refill donuts and other possible interactions. The game is lacking this kind of feedback to the user. 

I'd have also enjoyed more "jetpack-ey controls" like Jetpack Joyride, for instance.

Good job on delivering it. 

Simple idea but funny. There is a bit of challenge because the collisions with bombs are not that lenient and the donuts sometimes are hard to grasp visually. Good job on making the entry! 

Very interesting idea. I think the main issue is that it wasn't implemented the best way possible. Because of that it gets confusing whether you're tangling to the other Kites or breaking your own line. That could be fixed with better feedback on "taking damage" vs "dealing damage".

Good job, mate. 

Hi @Cvetk0! Thank you for your kind words (:

We are deeply considering doing a mobile launch of it, actually! I'll make sure everyone knows if that happens. Again, thank you!

Thanks @poudo! I appreciate the kind words.

About the cursor, we want to probably go with something like Peggle implemented. A kind of preview. Hopefully this eases any frustration. Thanks again!

Thanks on the compliment! I'm happy to see such emotion overflowing from my game. :)

Absolutely! Peggle will be the  major reference on Blimp's soon to come update. Thanks a lot for the feedback and generous words @kcaze!

Hi @necco,  thank you for the kind words! :)

Hey @starkle! First of all, tyvm for the dear comments! It brings me joy!

About the mouse, I just wanted to clarify I know there are 1000% room for improvement on the aiming system (heck, I can't even say  that it's a system, honestly). With the time and resources I had during the Jam, pretty much I decided to let this friction hang around and spend more time on level design and general polishing. You know, decisions we have to make. I love all the feedback and ideas that came out on everyone's comment. Those will definitely make Blimp a better game in the future!

Cheers, man.

Hi @gamedevlibrarian! I'm happy to read that!

We do expect to expand it to other platforms, specially mobile! I'll make sure the news are spreaded as soon as this happens.

Hey mate. First of all, your game was great! Thanks for playing Blimp. (:

I felt divided with having a HTML5 export because the native experience is way better but for Jams it's needed, unfortunately. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed. Ty!

Hi opsaaaa! I'm glad you had fun! (:

About the controls, we did receive a lot of good and not that good feedback about it,  which leads me to think it could be more about user preference. That being said, considering the direction Blimp will take to other platforms, this won't be an issue or point of discussion, hopefully! I appreciate the honest feedback. 

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Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

About the skip, it's more of a feature considering we do have speed runners already. Thanks for the feedbak, tho! We really appreciate it.

Oh, ok! I'll play again to see what happened. It felt weird so it might be a bug indeed! Thanks for the reply .

One thing I forgot to mention is that actually the controls are well polished that I enjoyed just swinging on the trees. :)

Those small platforms, dude! Honestly, very fun and I think it brought a lot of the feelings from Win95 back: anger and self-punishment, lol! Jokes aside, very solid. There is the issue of the moving platform where you can fall if you don't do nothing but should be simple to fix this inside Godot, depending on how you made the movement.

Good job!