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Help our dear Mage survive the hordes of monsters, in this micro-vampire-survivors-low-resolution game!
Submitted by inacho_ (@inacho_) — 59 minutes, 29 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (use of resolution)#1993.2863.286

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Not bad at all, with a little more sound and upgrades it would be a lovely vampire survivors clone. The only big thing i can say is that the game is not in a 64x64 canvas (it has 64x64 prepared sprites but the resolution is not scaled), everything else is pretty good for a jam game, congratulations :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Graphics are nice. I respect the use of background dots as a clutter free way to add relativity to movement. I'm sure I don't even need to mention it, but sound, more upgrades and abilities would have been nice. All in all, not bad. I'm curious to see how the post-jam version turns out. 


This is a fun little survivor game. I found the attack rate to be very slow even after several upgrades; most of the time I was just dashing around to run away from the horde. The timer also seems to run slower than real time (and maybe even gets slower over time?). The graphics are simple but clean, and mostly authentic. Nice work!


Good job.


You nailed the simple but fun gameplay loop!! It would be cool if some level-ups could unlock upgrades or new spells :)


That's cool if you made this with rust!
The use of low res was good, however having the upgrades be less frequent and more impactful would have elevated the gameplay.
Also, if you need low res sound effects real quick use Chiptone or jsfxr. It's mostly what I use!


Totally. The source code is available on GitHub as well :)

Thx for the suggestion on gameplay, it's not my strongest skill, so I'm always looking to improve. And about jsfxr/bxfr, I actually had generated a few fx with it but I forgot to submit to the jam the version with audios. Hehehehe, it happens!


Nice to see a game made with rust :)

I do have a couple of nitpicks :

  • the screenshake on hit is a bit to pronounced, I think
  • I sometimes had the same two upgrades on level up :/

Thanks for playing!

Good to know about the screenshake, I definitely need to tune it. The upgrades are a mess I caused, since I am inexperienced with Rust and my "cross-platform" way of choosing with RNG can actually render the same upgrade. Lessons learned!


A fast paced survivor's-like is a cool  little twist that works well in a jam setting. The downside is that the individual upgrades don't feel significant, since you get so many of them. Maybe it would be cool if you got super powerful fast along along with the enemies to make something completely bonkers? Nevertheless a nice little entry : )


Thanks for playing it! 

No excuses from my side: I spent not that much time fine-tuning the XP, upgrades, and how they scale over time. I will DEFINITELY explore this later.