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Nice game and good level design!

Thanks every one for your answer. I'm happy my number of ratings is almost the average now :)

I wanted to make a more appealling thumbnail, I'm sure that was a key point, but I was quite busy and could not make it. I'll make sure to have a better one next time!

Extra impressive game! Thanks for the video, it helps to understand how such an impressive game was possible to make in such a short period of time!

I had a small (very annoying) bug, quite often I would instantly die as if I were touched twice by the same enemy... has anyone experienced the same ?

Nice art and game. I liked the combo with twined light and hexagun, where the former would attack the latter. Otherwise, sometimes the battle are a bit long, when the heroes do not attack often...

Sure, I should get used to shading ! every sprite were placeholders ;)

Sorry to hear that! I'm using Godot, I would not know what to do to make it playable under win7 :/

Wow! It really is a GOOD game! (I hope the next one will free me ;))

Nice game! with lots of glitches :) I got stuck at the platforming puzzle, I could not figure out the way to the red phone, I thought I tried everything...

Hello community!

I made a game with I think a good and creative core mechanic. However, the art is inexistent, so the screenshot are not appealing.

I made 25 rating and feedback, but got only six in response. It is already available in the browser, and native for windows, mac and linux. How to get more feedback?

Thanks in advance for your answer !

(I will rate back people who leave comment of course :))

Great game! I liked the idea and it fits the them. Maybe, it could have been a bit clearer when a column is disappearin, for example by making it blink before, that would have made the game clearer. But overall, great job!

Take a genre (tower defense). Inverse the goal. There you have it, a nice and polished (for a game jam) game that fits the topic!

Yes you can make a game in 72h ! It's more "bring the flag to the boy" than "bring the boy to the flag" though ;)

Really impressive! I had a bug at the stage with fire circle shooters (segmentation fault), but loved the ambience and mechanics. A bit more feedback would have been welcome (for exactly how long are the ghosts invicible, when you touch them while dashing?)

Nice game, but maybe the child will be unprepared for real life later ;) Very calm and athmospheric!

Nice game! I failed many times :)

Thanks a lot! The game mechanic was a good surprise to me as well :)

Thanks! Yes, I think the idea proved interesting in terms of gameplay, it would just need more polish :)

I think footnotesforthefuture already commented my comment on wall jump :)

Unfortunately, I could not pass the first serie of wall jumps, the art and music are great, I wanted to see more of it!

Impressive art! Very polished game, impressive for a 72 hour game jam. Not the most creative take on the topic, but fortunately there is new mechanics added each time :)

Cool game, with both incentives to be aggressive and careful!

In level 2 I jumped into the pit and was disapointed no to die ;) Otherwise cool small game and music

Nice art and very nice narrating :) I understand the combat system is sometimes buggy and lacks some animations, which makes it hard!

Nice game, I like the final twist! Fortunately I already had covered almost all the spikes :)

I like the pixel art! The minigames gameplay is not extra fun but the situations are fun ;)

Nice twist on the "snake games". The second level feels the right difficulty for me. And awesome music :)

That's quite a lot of medipack in the air! Fun twist on the genre.

Nice idea, I got stuck at the wave of daggers :) You should polish it, it's a cool concept! (Maybe with an ability to recover some missing parts sometimes?)

Nice game, maybe the enemy should be more threatening more quickly after an upgrade !

Very hard game ! :)

I would like to have an AI like this with me in real life...

Nice game! I liked the last level, where you both needed to avoid the fire and look for it.

Good game, a bit hard and frustrating at some point :) I could not go past the moving platform though...

Nice game, Gneiss kitty :) The camera make it hard to play it was extremely sensitive for me... Also, I think it needs more feedback when you hit or is hit!

Nice game, right on the theme :)

Nice idea, too bad it's a bit hard to control the clones... but I still managed to finish it ;)

Very nice game, with original concept and visuals! A bit dark when shooting the drone. Might be good to have more feedback on how many drones there are: sometimes it is hard to tell if it is really efficient to kill them

Very well made. And confusing :)

I love when the theme is part of the gameplay. Great job! Also, I liked the hidden gems :)

Great! I found another one, so that's three :)

Great game that kept me until the end! The spikes could be less unforgiving: the kill even if you touch them when the gravity does not push you in their direction...