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It's a big compliment, thank you!

We are working on other projects at the moment - but we do have ideas for more levels!


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Looks like it's working, thanks! Looking forward to playing

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Edit: False positive is fixed now

Interested to try this, but Windows flags it as a Trojan:


I'm sure it is a false positive, but I'll skip it for now

+1 for some way to move the guy as well. Would be fun to be able to pick him up and move him

Fun guy! Thanks for making this, bought me some joy. Some things:

  1. He can walk over to my second monitor which is offset lower than my main monitor, and he will float in the middle of the second monitor (aligned to the taskbar of the first)
  2. Would also prefer tray icon

Oh and on a meta note; I really suggest make a WebGL build. You will get much more plays that way!

This is my personal pick for winner.

Looks beautiful; controls are tight; interesting story; just the right length; appropriate sound effects.

More than anything else though, it has a distinct 'personality'. The quality of the writing was really high.

For me the narrator was a bit superfluous. I would just remove him. And there were a few bugs. Nothing game breaking, I'm sure you are aware of them already, and for a jam it's expected.

Very well presented. Obviously the next step there is to get a little character model to really sell things. Enjoyable writing! Good job!

I got stuck on the level with the one torch in the top left. Very frustrated I couldn't figure it out. Low light and platforming do not mix well, I find.

I missed story because I didn't notice at first that text was appearing on the screen and I just walked away from it. 

Very well rounded experience, which is a big plus for me. I enjoyed it.

I think I would enjoy more context. Who is telling the story? Why robots vs magic stuff? etc etc

I didn't finish because I died a few times during the side scrolling bit and the cut scene was too long 

If the text is still crawling, I expect left click to finish the text crawl. But here it skipped to the next text. I missed some stuff because of that.

When I chose to hide downstairs, and it said no, let's hide outside, immediately I felt like my choices didn't matter, and it became not a game but a story.

"Why does god want to send me to lessons" - hilarious, whether or not intentionally ;)

Good presentation, great music.

I don't think the interpretation of the theme is particularly novel or interesting - you have some classic unreliable narrator's and that's it.

But the execution is perfect. This entry wants to tell a story, and it tells it well. No gimmicks. Best story I've experienced so far. Nice.

The circle is full of pizza…with pineapple on it. People are screaming while eating it. It’s a disaster.


For me, it felt more like I was reading a story than playing a game.

I finished it an I'll be honest I didn't really know what the hell was going on.

I loved the atmosphere.

Obviously a really interesting mechanic. I would have loved to have seen it taken way further.  I wish granny could have cooked me up a ladder lol.


Great production value. Interesting interpretation of the theme. The writing was believable; as a story it did not grab me to be honest.

What I absolutely loved about this one was the mode of interaction - stickers!

I would love to see you experimenting with a game where the player is not responding to their character with stickers; but actually driving the narrative with their stickers. Not sure how it would work, but it got me fired up!

Pleasing to look at, good prose, good atmosphere. 

Too vague at a high level though.

1) As a player, I need to have an concrete objective or feeling of what my character would want to do, very soon into playing

2) I wouldn't say the loop didn't fit or came out of nowhere - but it's so light on context that I'm not sure what the point is - I enjoyed theorising I'm a ghost - but if so I'd like it to be clear that I have unfinished business... or whatever is appropriate for your own interpretation :)

The music really set the tone of this one. It completely carried the atmosphere. It was very pleasing to look at also.

The dialogue was succinct and well written. I would have preferred much more context / conflict. Give me some reason why I want to help the pirate, and give me a moment of conflict where we fall out or something.

For me the theme wasn't explored so strongly.

I enjoyed it!

Obviously the statue that only moves when you dont look at it has been done before. But it was done well here. I was genuinely scared! Got me shaking a little bit.

For me, the statue was too fast. I died 7 or 8 times after getting at most 2 keys and I quit because I was frustrated.

Hey! Thanks for this. We used it in a game jam. It's a bit of a weird one:


This is the first game I've played, and it sets the bar extraordinarily high.

The gameplay is simple, but responsive and tight. It feels good.

The writing is succinct and funny.

Thematically on point.

My teammate played as well which revealed that it takes your choice about whether to kill things into account.

Polished to perfection.

My only nitpick is that the hero being invincible undermines the idea that he is lying about how strong he is. I felt if I did have to fight a wizard with a black hole spell, for example, I could just swing away at him with impunity and eventually win.

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Really sick! Looks like random seed (local and global) doesn't affect the various noises

Didn't have anything super specific in mind, but you could have things like:

  • Stun gun (disable enemy but not permanently)
  • Single use  "hack", flick a switch from a distance once
  • Grenade (area kill)
  • Flash bang (perhaps makes an enemy fire wildly in a pseudo random fashion)
  • Short term invisibility

etc etc. Not sure exactly what is and is not suitable for the vibes of your game - just strikes me that there are lots of things like this you could add in a full version

Aye, ratings is down to how good the game is! (And realistically how many existing fans you have).

Happy to help!

I already put vines there :O

one thing I considered but didn't discuss is just continue the path from the bottom of the stairs to the next entry (so the path is on the cave floor), but I didn't want the player to feel so "I'm following this path".

I maintain more tactical heights so the first light spills over the entrance is the way forward

Really cool game. I've seen games with "clones" like this before, but they've always been puzzle games. The scope of this makes it feel more like an immersive sim style thing and I'm very into it.

It's vaguely reminding me of streets of rogue.

The main area to polish is that UX around selecting clones. I would have loved a "clear clone" button. Obviously sound and visuals could use some work but for a game jam it's perfect.

I could see this being a full game with more gadgets and enemy types etc.

Difficulty is a bit high - only because the mental load of keeping everything in your mind at once is quite tough. I recommend making it easier then making extra challenges more explicit (one clone run, no gun run, under x Time run etc)

I managed to get to the central room then died on the laser wire because I was overwhelmed and didn't even notice it.

Shortcuts that are always available, but only revealed by light would be sick. Will definitely be something we try if we revisit this.

I assume you're done with the game but if anyone else sees this, you can lower mouse sensitivity on the pause menu!

Thanks for playing :)

Interesting interpretation of the theme... you absolutely won me over by the unique "vibe" of the game.

Awfully frustrating how long you are stopped from moving when you run out of stamina. It makes sense as a punishment... but oof.

Overall very well presented. Excellent sign posting, visuals, sound, game feel. I had a good time

It's a 2d version of our game! So obviously I like it ;).

I would say - it's frustrating that sometimes you are at an edge that you can't see past, so sometimes all you can do is throw yourself forward and hope that you don't die. Then you do. So it's impossible to complete without dying. Which is a bit frustrating.

(In our game we tried to make it possible to complete without dying because even in the dark you have all the information you need... although our game ended up being a bit too difficult anyway)

I love asmr :D

Shockingly polished. Really really good

Very well presented. Simple mechanics. Achieves exactly what it wants to. Not sure it sticks to the theme though.

This is one of my favourite platformers in the jam because of the excellent pacing and communication of goals - as many of the other commenters have said.

My only criticism is that I feel it is a weak interpretation of the theme; you could have replaced the spikes with a flag and it would have been the same game!

But as a game - great :)

I can't believe more people haven't rated this. It's polished, short and funny!

Breaking stuff when told not to is just inherently satisfying. It's funnier the more absurd it gets.

Some advice about marketing: make a WebGL build, include a representation of the game in the image that is displayed in the big list of games. The hand drawn cat logo does not tell people to look inside!