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thank you <3

Indeed! I'm sorry it's running so slowly, but glad you're enjoying!

Finally got round to playing! Had a good time with it. Some feedback:

Overall presentation was phenomenal.

I didn't use dash that much. I feel it would have been very useful, but there wasn't a situation that made me "learn" it, if you see what I mean.

I got stuck on the bishops and quit after a few attempts. The game before that felt super easy, and then the difficulty ramp up was extreme. I was frustrated that I had to play even the small amount of encounters again to fight the bishops. I was looking forward to learning their movement style.

you're not wrong

As someone who has not played SAP, I was very confused about which order attacks were going to be used in; so I didn't feel I could strategize at all

Light on theme and very simple, but super well polished for what it is, pretty well balanced (if slightly on the easy side), and nice escalation of mechanics. It's a classic game. Enjoyed it!

Actually original mechanics! For that reason alone, props, and loved it.

For me it was a bit too frustrating. I couldn't get past the second level because of the frogs. I found it difficult to understand if I should just glide on through (I'm playing a platformer that looks like I should always be moving); or if I should wait (by alternating back and forth).

After going up the speed levels, my instinct was that pressing the other direction would not switch my direction instantly, but take me down a speed level.

I found it difficult to manage variable charge jump height and 3 different speeds. I was never sure if different speeds were about a trade-off between caution and (obvs) speed, or if it was more like a puzzle where some jumps were meant for certain speeds.

Presentation was great.

I would absolutely love to see this one on stream. Good luck!

As a game this one falls a bit short for me. The minigames by themselves are not that interesting.

However, that's also not the point; the point is to enjoy how silly it is to be speaking into the microphone while seeing what entertaining thing will happen next.

It's a funny game, it's packed with a variety of content, it's presented phenomenally and it's going to do well on stream. I think this one could go all the way. 

Good luck!

Very classic 2d platformer. Difficulty is perfect (for me!). Very good escalation of challenge. Presented well; the 3d environment is well done. Appropriate sounds. Good game!

The only place it falls down for me is the theme; it makes sense, but it may as well be mario / princess peach.

Enjoyed it, thanks for making!

shift to dash

"very appealing despite being about cat poop"

I'm taking this to the bank lol

Simple premise but executed well. I think it would have been nice for things to be a bit faster / harder; and for the player to be able to control speed.

Satisfying sound FX.

Thanks for making it!

ps: the title really got me for some reason - I find it very adorable / funny

Underrated! Of the games I've played so far, this would be my pick for winner.

Actually funny; great escalation; presentation was simple but really effective (the cars leaning when they turn!); just the right length / difficulty. Really great experience. I'm rooting for you!

Some feedback that is usually outside of the scope of jam games but because this is so good I'm going there: the platforming could definitely do with some work. Look into coyote time and jump buffering. It would make it feel much smoother!

I died at the boss. I was frustrated that I went back to the very start so I stopped playing.

Polish level is super high! Really good vibes. Good gameplay. Strong product all around.

Unfortunately I cannot say it is original because it is basically top down Sekiro. Sekiro is a great game though :D.

Scope and polish is really fantastic for this length of Jam. And really decent world design.

To be honest, it falls down on the theme for me. I think you just added a cat companion to Zelda ;) 

Very well rounded experience overall. Polished, fun, funny. I liked it a lot. I think the difficulty could use some tuning; I would liked things to have got a bit more hectic a bit faster :D 

Of the few ww style games I've played in the jam so far, this one has the most interesting mini games imo. It was a bit too frustrating for me because I'm very slow and bad at ww style games :').

Really great presentation!

Visually it's amazing, obviously.

I really appreciate that the rules of the game were original (I think?!). I think that it's difficult to play strategically: right now when it's your turn, you either play a card that can hurt the other player, or you play a random other one. I would introduce knowledge about what's in the deck; and cards that affect the deck; so you can try to guess more accurately what numbers the other player has.

Thanks for letting me try something different!

Fantastic level of polish for a jam game.

Not sure if it was intentional but the idea of coots being secretly a super buff physical cat was very funny; and the music sold the 80s montage vibes. 

Gameplay was appropriately difficult / interesting - I don't think it stands out vs other similar games (but this is a Jam :)).

I did not enjoy that the games repeated. I think play each of the games once then move on. It would end up even shorter; but I think it would be a more appropriate length.

Enjoyed it!

if the shovel is lagging try downloading!

About the point of the game - it's not for everyone! Thanks for trying :)


Uh oh.

Yeah, I didn't know that was possible until I released it and got some pretty interested screenshots in DMs and discord. Keeping it for now because it lets you do some pretty fun things ... ;) 

Ignatious Hamilton is justifiably pissed. I kept putting him on hold and I absolutely got confused by the rotated prompt so I think I just coughed down the phone at him. I didn't like him anyway. The next couple of people got A* customer service because I'm a fast learner.

Voice acting is so rare in small games and yours is great :). 

Play it here:

I also made a 50 minute long devlog condensing 7 years: 

Very nice and calming experience.

If you want to lean into player agency, let the player decide for themselves whether their cairn is good enough. I cheated on the archway one because I just wanted to progress the story and I was already trained that I needed to pass some criteria to progress.

If every time the seal just said "are you happy" - I think it would have been more powerful.

Good job!

What a trip

What a fun and unique experience. 

If you wanted to make it a game I can imagine you playing as a sort of referee trying to spot cheaters. But it really doesn't need that.

Consider me a fan!

As someone who is making a first person movement game controlled only with the mouse - there's dozens of us!

Enjoyed playing around with this.

Visual and audio FX, and music make for some really great vibes.

Love the feeling of passing ammo into my main hand.

The movement system is too frustrating, of course :). I would:

  • Make wall jumping easier
    • increase frames?
    • strong audio / visual cue when you hit a wall?
  • Make movement easier
    • Consider not allowing shooting while on the floor?
    • Consider coming back to neutral if you don't move the mouse?
    • Consider a bit of air control?

Good fun!

I really enjoyed this.

I originally drunk the coffee. I think it would be pretty fun if I couldn't restart the game, and I would never know what happened.

When I was asked the question about drinking coffee, I was disappointed there wasn't some variation on the story based on my answer there. E.g. if I told the truth and said that I didn't drink the coffee, I was thinking I was going to get kicked out of the experiment or something.

Thanks for making this.

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Amazing vibes. Thanks for making this




It's a big compliment, thank you!

We are working on other projects at the moment - but we do have ideas for more levels!


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Looks like it's working, thanks! Looking forward to playing

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Edit: False positive is fixed now

Interested to try this, but Windows flags it as a Trojan:


I'm sure it is a false positive, but I'll skip it for now

+1 for some way to move the guy as well. Would be fun to be able to pick him up and move him

Fun guy! Thanks for making this, bought me some joy. Some things:

  1. He can walk over to my second monitor which is offset lower than my main monitor, and he will float in the middle of the second monitor (aligned to the taskbar of the first)
  2. Would also prefer tray icon