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Very fun game! I'm surprised how much it hooked me. I'm really looking forward to future updates if they're in the works. You might think about rebalancing the QA workers, I've ended up just mashing the enter button on the hr screen making them generate the vast majority of my income. Great work!

Thanks for playing! I didn't know there was another Godot game with the same name, what a coincidence! It was just the first name that I thought of the day I submitted it.

The embeded pck option is here:

And the release option is after you click "Export Project" here:

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Thank you! I spent too much time imo working on my level editor to have time to really polish the level design. That's definitely something I'll have to manage better next time.

That was a nice platformer! The only issue I had was wall jumping, especially when I was wall jumping and the screen changed, but I eventually got through it

NOOOOOOO!! That was a good game! With some more polish this could be really great! Looking down at the other comments it looks like you're already working on that, like increasing the hitbox size. Great work!

The music and graphics were so relaxing, and were a great contrast to the panic I started feeling as I got lower and lower on time! I think this would make a really good mobile game. Great job!!

The wall jump was a little hard for me to do well, but everything else was great! I loved the art and especially loved the grapple mechanic! Tons of fun!

That was a really cool idea for a platformer! I would've loved to have some indicator of how big the range to be connected to the cat was to make it a little easier to jugde how much I can move the cat without losing control. Great work!

The way you made the time slow down felt so smooth. Great job! The only thing I had trouble with was when I tried to place a teleporter it wouldn't actually place one and just set my velocity to zero. But I was able to get through without the teleporter so it's all good!

I could be wrong, but I believe you get karma by rating other games.

Thanks! I've already got several ideas for more components to add, and an idea for how to rework the wire bending around corners to make it more versatile. Thanks for playing!

There's been some confusion about that, you don't actually need to put down the plug to activate the components. Once it sparks you can press space to activate them. In hindsight I would scrap that mechanic. Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah there's been some confusion with that control. That's definitely something I'd rework if I keep working on this project. Thanks so much for playing!

Wow that was super fun! I loved the wall jumping and how powerful your jumps felt. And the squishy ball animations were so perfect! Great work!

Oh my gosh, I got so stressed in the last few levels! I didn't quite understand that if you didn't break a wall before the time ran out it would turn into a wall that you couldn't break (cause I rushed through the tutorial. And then it happened and I was like, "OH NOOO!! I needed to go that way!!" Very fun game, great job!

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Lmao that's amazing, your parody lyrics just made my day! I would've loved to add more levels as interesting as that one, but I think I'd need to add other things that you can activate and I didn't have time. Thanks so much for your feedback!!

Potentially long technical part:

In response to your questions, for the button timer I had a Texture Progress node with the texture attached below, set to counter-clockwise fill and a small step size of .01. I then also had a Timer node and in the button's process function I just set the TextureProgress value to the Timer's time_left. I also set the TextureProgress' max_value to the Timer's wait_time on ready.

The sparks are just a Particle2d that I fiddled with until I thought it looked good and set to one shot. Then when I needed sparks to appear, I'd just set the position of the Particle2D where I wanted it and set it's enabled to true. If you want to know the exact values I used in the particles2d let my know and I can send it to you.

That's great! Are you planning to keep developing your game after the jam? Or is that animation for other reasons?

Well it ran just fine on my mac, so no sweat there. It had some really nice art!

As a general rule if there's a download available I try to do the download cause they usually run better than in browser. I'm probably in the minority with that philosophy though

That was great! the grappling was really fun. The only spot I got stuck was where there were 2 spikes really close and you had to jump in between them, but I got though it eventually. Great work!

Teleporting through the portals felt super smooth. Great job!!

Loved the concept and the tv screen look! The recording mechanic was really interesting!

Got it, I'm gonna play again and see if I can finish that level now. Thanks!

Thank you! I'm definitely thinking about continuing working on it after the jam, but I'm not sure if many would be interested in playing it again

Very cute animations!

Yeah maybe it was my computer being weird. I'm glad too, it was a lot of fun!

Super fun!! I wish there was something indicating where the mouse position is, but still very good!

That was surprisingly very fun! If you work on it more in the future it would be cool if there were multiple valid combinations for each word and it was random which one would show up each time

The grappling was super nice. Good game!

Yeah that's exactly the solutions I found

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! I appreciate it!

I agree that the left click to pick up and put down the wire isn't the best. I added that because I was having issues with the wire clipping through the walls after unpausing with your mouse in a different spot than where you paused. Making it put the pug down when you paused it was the simplest solution with the time I had left, and then I had to put in the text box about it since my playtester kept thinking it broke when they'd pause and then unpause and the plug wasn't following the mouse again. If I keep working on this project after the jam I plan to reqork how the wire bends around walls so that it wouldn't be an issue after pausing. Thanks for your feedback!

When I tried to open the application on mac it said "file not found", but I right clicked and went into the package contents and went to Contents/MacOS/Linebirds and opened that and it worked great. Very fun and challenging puzzle game. Good work!

That's a good mobile style arcade game! I liked how the amount of lanes would change as you play

Same thing happened for me on mac. I'm pretty sure we can post bug fixes, so if  that gets fixed I'd be happy to play and rate it

Very fun, I would definitely play more! It didn't recognize my solution for level 7 unless I misunderstood the goal, but I was able to move on with the level select. It looked great and very polished!

When I tried it on my mac the same thing happened. It looks cool though, so I'll try it on my windows computer tomorrow