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Deliver mail... in space!
Submitted by kcaze (@kcaze_) — 43 minutes, 29 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version


Game Description
A platformer about delivering mail... in space!

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2nd time participating, I do game jams somewhat regularly.

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I really liked the feel of the game. All the graphics and musics and such really went well with each other! It's a great game you have here!


realy nice graphics , i love it

This game took me back to a time when commandos were bionic. I loved it. Absolutely fantastic game. Contrary to what others are saying, I liked the controls here, so probably best would be to have a mapping ability (it's very easy in Godot).


I forgot to comment earlier - love the graphics here!


Hey! You did a good job. the graphics are nice and the sound design is really cool (especially the animal crossing type language). But one thing that really annoyed me were the controls, I had a really hard time figuring how to use them properly and almost abandoned, but as you said below you will change that in the post jam version :).

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you everyone for playing and for the detailed feedback! I'm also really grateful for the streamers who played the game. It was really helpful to watch a full playthrough!

I agree a lot with the comments about control and precision and want to remove as much artificial difficulty as possible. At the same time, I want to keep the core aspects of the game: platforming challenges that require figuring out how to solve it and then being to execute your solution.

I'm not sure if I'll be expanding on the game content-wise but I'm planning to change the following (unordered list) for a post-jam version as an exercise:

  • Separate hitbox for mailchain to recoil from walls that’s smaller than the hitbox for hitting mailboxes.
  • Slight visual indicator when mailboxes are within reach and a different visual indicator when mailboxes are very close and gives a smaller velocity boost. (probably colored outline + small particle effects)
  • Spikes should have triangular hitboxes instead of rectangular so you can diagonal jump without hitting them
  • Resolution should be taller vertically overall. 320x180 -> 360x240
  • There should be places that let you zoom out to view the area near you and avoid blind drops.
  • Redesign controls so that aiming your mailchain separate from moving. Also add controller support.

Very cool animations, very detailed! I have some complaints regarding the controls and lvl design tho... Overall I liked the grapple mechanic, it has a lot of potential! But the hit box and level design made the aiming too precise in some segments. I think maybe if the grapple was faster, and the hitbox a little more forgiving, or maybe not even that, maybe making the levels in a way that the player has more response time to aim. Vertically, the grapple mommentum seems to have a relation to the distance you grapple the mailbox, where horizontally that doesn't seem to apply, which threw me off a bit (minor detail).

Overall I liked it a lot tho! Great vibes from it, would love to see a more detailed overworld, with different sprites for different levels exploring different alien bioms!


I love all the detailed animations, it really adds character to the game. The grapple mechanic was fun, but a little hard to aim on the more skill testing jumps. I thought the overworld was pretty cool too.


i agree awesome game, love those arrow keys :)

i gonna map WASD and arrows on all my games, there seams to be to camps and i'd like to appeal to both.

sorry drifted off there for a second, loved the grapple mail thing and the smooth movement. the art, audio and dialog is great a real treat, well done.

oh the z and x keys slightly too close for my stubby fingers


Holy cow, this was awesome! I didn't have time to finish it, but I loved every second I played it! Awesome art, cute dialogue, and unique controls.

Speaking of controls, there is one thing I would change. I personally can't stand it when the arrow keys are used, but the up arrow is not jump. I understand that you needed the up button to be reserved to aim the grapple... perhaps you could use WASD for movement, then independently use the Arrow Keys to directionally activate the grapple?

Just a thought. Thanks for sharing this awesome game :)


The grappling was super nice. Good game!


Good game! The grapple mechanic is smooth, and the graphics and sound mesh well to create a chill atmosphere. The animations are smooth and fine-tuned to the tiniest detail, to the dust in the jump to the death transitions. I can tell you planned every part of this!

I also like the overworld! It feels like a level in itself, and it adds layers to the game. I actually had to put some thought before I could even go to a level!

Great game overall!