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Thanks, this was designed to be relatively hard but if I revisit this as a standalone game I will definitely smooth out the difficulty curve!

Nice, that's awesome to hear! Good luck with gamedev, it's a ton of fun!

Awesome job on collecting all of them and thanks!!

Hi! Thank you for playing! The final answer word was used during the actual puzzle event to progress, but there isn't anything in the game itself for it.

Hey there,

Unfortunately I'm busy with other projects and haven't worked on Dicey Dungeons modding in a while, so I'm afraid I can't help much. If you have any specific technical questions about how things were done for this mod or about making a character mod, I can try to answer them though!

Best of luck!

Amazing mechanics! The first 11 levels were really good and I loved how you introduced all the nuances of the mechanics with seemingly impossible setups.

The other two mechanics introduced were also really neat and it feels like there's a huge possibility space to explore! I'm guessing due to jam constraints the level design there was rushed though; I managed to solve level 13 without using the new mechanic at all, by making a horizontal 2x1 block and pushing the vertical 2x1 block over.

Hopefully you expand on the second half of the game since the consequences of the mechanics are so cool :D

A small hint is that there's a reason you start off in a tunnel to the left (aside from forcing you to pick up the blue block).

Congratulations! Thank you for playing through all the way ❤️

Thank you! Level 2-star is very hard; there's a reason for the small alcove on the left.

After you make the vertical shape with 3 blocks and the player block on the top, you can hold shift and rearrange multiple blocks at a time to make the L shape you need.

I don't currently have plans to make a walkthrough for the entire game, but I'm happy to give hints in the comments and others are free to write out level hints or solutions too!

Wow this was quite scary, especially when I triggered the follower for the first time. The music and the sound effects really contribute well to the horror. Definitely left me with questions about what the follower is and who we are.

Mechanics wise I think calling the follower was a pretty good mechanic. It seemed like you only ever needed to call the follower once in a given level but I think you could design levels that required calling the follower multiple times.

I think it would have been cool if there were some levels where the follower patrolled on a fixed path so you had to do time when to sneak past. I'd also love for there to be some unsettling messages -- perhaps documents dropped by former scientists at the facility or something.

Very cute! The levels felt a bit open-ended and it was nice to feel like I came up with my own solution that may not be exactly how it was intended. I think large open levels where you have to devise some solution, similar to World of Goo could be really fun!

I got recommended this game since it's similar to mine and it's really cool to see another puzzle platformer where you adjoin blocks. You take it in a completely different direction though and I'm impressed by how many mechanics you managed to pack in! A lot of the levels also had really clever design and I'm a big fan of the idea of destroying the middle block and leaving two separate blocks. The level you used to introduce that concept was fantastic.

I also saw that your game can be run on the GBA. What kind of engine did you use that allowed for that? That's really cool!

Amazing how many small stories you told in such a short game. This was really short but it felt like a work of art :)

This was really unique and cool. I loved the setting of the same island but in summer(?) vs winter! The graphics and level/environmental design was fantastic and you made nice use of switching between the two islands.

The only issue I had, which I see other comments also mentioned, is that you can't really hold forward and jump since colliding into a wall seems to set your velocity to zero. I had to jump first and then hold forward at the apex instead. I think all that's needed is collisions with objects to let you slide up them instead of stopping your movement completely.

This was short and sweet. I liked the smooth graphics and the sound effects. I think this could also be really cool if the two courses were the same so you could get the golf balls to bounce off each other.

And as others mentioned, the game crashed my computer though I was able to complete game before that happened.

Really good puzzle design and mechanics, and there's a lot of content for a game jam entry! I really like how the latter puzzle designs mix up when you want to hold onto blocks with the magnet and when you don't. The retro Game Boy aesthetic is also really well done and the visuals area really easy to read. The current difficulty is pretty good I feel and it would be interesting to increase the difficulty via either additional mechanics.

I think with the current set of mechanics, one thing to explore is levels that require you to have magnets attaching other magnets (IIRC none of the current levels have that?)

Cute idea and I definitely see the potential for a lot of secrets to be hidden this way! The game felt very short though so hopefully you make more levels / content after the jam :)

It took a little bit of time to understand how the game worked, but once I understand what was going on it was a very atmospheric and fun game to play! It's neat that there's a mode where you want to push the clouds together and then a mode where you want to dance together to make it rain. The overall presentation was really good; great graphics and fitting music!

I tried so hard to be a good rain god but was apparently too stingy T_T. Maybe the villagers can get some rain from my tears haha.

Yep, I saw that on stream just now. Without it though I did manage over 250 just now :D

Using enter to quickly refresh the board to look for molecules in high demand is also a pretty good strategy, since ammonia when it's in high demand is worth 60.

I haven't ever been able to get methane though, so maybe some feedback is to roll a die and with low probability, modify the board after generation to put hydrogens on all 4 sides of a given carbon?

This was a lot of fun! I really like how real-time this is compared to other games in the "matching" genre. I managed to get 168 in my time playing, but it seems like there's a really high skill ceiling after you memorize the types of molecules and understanding how to leave atoms isolated for stability.

I'm definitely interested in going back to this and get a higher score. What's the highest that you guys know of so far?

This was a super relaxing game and very thematic! All the little things you can catch in the sky and the funny randomly generated constellation names are so charming :)

Amazing amounts of polish and the visuals and sound work perfectly together!

Pretty neat take on the tethered together mechanic, it's cool that the other entity being tethered is antagonistic! The music sounds great and I love the little voice sound effects :)

One possible idea to try might be a risk reward mechanism where you can pick up multiple spirits at a time but there's a tradeoff of it being much harder to control.

I love the idea of having to pick up ammo and your ammo being able to also act as a shield! The game was short I had a lot of fun while playing it :)

I'd love to see more bosses to fight!

Great, thank you for the recommendations, I'll be sure to check them out!

Amazing game, definitely one of my favorites from this jam! The idea for drawing with letters is very unique and fun and the game is oozing with charm from the visuals to the sounds made by the little guy and the letters.

The fact that there is a custom level maker and leaderboard makes this game really shine I think. I played through a few user-made levels so far and the quality is really good! This definitely has the potential to take off with a dedicated community making high quality art in this unique way :)

I'm really hype for the new Metroid Dread so I recreated the E.M.M.I. in this game :)

Really love the visuals, sound, and atmosphere! The mechanics are interesting and have quite a bit of depth, though I don't know if I ever fully understood what the pink bubbles do. It seems like they always activate gravity in a certain direction after you pull yourself towards them?

I love the messages that appear as you progress through the level and it really gives a sense of lore. The graphics are also nice and readable, it's fairly easy to tell apart all the different elements on screen.

The game also reminded me a bit of, but you go in a pretty different direction with the rotation and large expansive levels.

One piece of constructive feedback for the level design might be to unify as many red patches as possible and to remove the ones that are not part of the level. In a lot of the levels there are red patches along the same wall that are broken up where it wouldn't have affected the solution if you joined them together. The inaccessible wall elements used for aesthetics also often had a lot of red patches which made the level itself a bit difficult to read.

This was a cute game, I like the graphics, music, and all the voice sound effects! It got pretty difficult trying to managed unsynchronized paths so I ended up stopping there but it definitely feels like something I could get better at by just playing enough. It was also great that you had a decent amount of leeway on the paths so that the timing isn't too strict.

Great puzzle game that had lots of clever ways to break symmetry and each mechanic felt unique and synergized well with the other mechanics! The game felt very polished and the difficulty curve ramped up well.

As other's have mentioned, an undo button would be great for the post jam version!

I got stuck in a later level (I think 3 levels after introducing kill) but I plan to go back to it and finish the game. The final screenshot looks like a monstrous level  :)

Ah okay, I need to go back and solve it properly then :)

And thanks for playing Shuffolks, I'll definitely try to squash those bugs in a post-jam version!

Very polished and fun to play! A lot of clever game design things like using the skeleton to help introduce the left and right edges being joined together. The visuals and music fit well and the theme of the minotaur in the maze is on point as well!

I did the last level using an "advanced" technique of swapping tiles midair; curious if this was the intended solution or if there was a simpler solution that I missed.

Really neat game! The core concept of your health being synced with your environment is really unique and the introduction of many different ways to "desync" the two in order to solve puzzles is great.

I think there's a lot of potential for even more levels here and would love to play through an expanded post-jam version!

There was one minor glitch where I could pass through a wall tile. Was the intention of this puzzle to allow you to walk through the tile? I only stumbled upon this since I couldn't figure out any other way to complete the level.

I really like all the small aha moments in each level; it felt like there was also something new being introduced! The sprites and background music are also great!

The only small piece of feedback is that it would be nice to have some feedback (maybe a bzzt sound or an animation where it rotates and then bounces back) when you try to rotate incorrectly. I thought it was the game being unresponsive at first but then I realized I was just trying to rotate into an illegal state.

Other than that, it was a great game and I enjoyed playing through all the levels!

Yeah, the second level can be a bit of a sticking point. The key is that you can rearrange multiple times while holding shift.

Great puzzle game! I liked how much there was you could do with a single block + object to rotate around. The game length and order in which the levels were presented felt perfect.

 I wonder how much more depth there is to explore by having multiple claws per level?

A work of sublime genius.

Amazing visuals, I would definitely love to learn how you achieved this visual style! The gameplay is good, it's a neat momentum platformer and the levels are a lot harder than the cute visuals would have suggested :p I ended up giving up I think 8 or so levels in, but enjoyed my time playing!

One thing I felt was really important later on was timing the angle of when you let go. The level where you had to cross a really wide and tall gap with a single feather really demonstrated this since you want a combination of vertical and forward momentum. However, I think the pseudo first-person view made this really hard to judge and I wonder if doing a 3rd person view that's centered on the anchored bird but can rotate around would have helped. The way the game currently is I just had to roughly time how long I fall and how long I've spent tethered before letting go.

Anyways, this was a very impressive jam game!

Cute aesthetics and a simple but effective mechanic :) It would be cool to see more levels and maybe some additional mechanics!

I think with just these mechanics there's definitely some interesting potential for more platformer-eqsue challenges where you launch up and try to land on another platformer or avoid some danger tiles.

Maybe something like raindrops / a water tile could be cool; there could be flowers that need water to grow and you have to pass through water tiles to water them.

Really neat to see actual knots and ropes in a puzzle game! I've managed to make it to the last 2 levels and might go back to try and finish it off later :)

Controlling this in a puzzlescript format is probably the main issue which you all have probably already gotten feedback on. I think the difficulty ceiling could be expanded lot further if the game has graphics that make it easier to visualize things + controls that make it easier to grasp how to manipulate the positions of entangled ropes (it took me a long time to understand how to do the "cross" level in terms of just moving one loop of rope around another loop).

It was a lot of fun though and really neat to see a puzzle game that uses rope and knots in the knot theory sense!

Almost forgot to mention, the music is lovely and fits the game theme well. I'm a big fan of it!