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Mostly art. Im terrible at modeling and I'd like to work with someone who could really bring a refined style to the project.


The full game is on indefinite hold until I'm able to either scrap together enough resources to hire a small team, or develop my skills enough to create it all myself. I do plan to return to it one day, but no definite plans at this moment :(.

I don't think my game is crashing, that's just the end lol. The choices are actually made within the launcher, if it's not showing you those after the game closes, that might be a different issue.

Thanks :)

Thank you :). If you're looking for something similar that's way more complete, maybe check out Lunacid!

The boggling has only begun

Thank you! When the time comes, I'll remember to look into GOG, but the game will also be released here on itch!

Thanks! This was the first time I ever made music, so it is what it is 😅

Thank you!

Thank you!

When the full game comes out it will not be free.

Check here for patch notes

There's not an official one planned at this time, sorry :(

I'll make sure to add a subtitle option in the steam release!

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This topic is for comments about the disc, post here to brighten the game devs days!
There is also dedicated topics for Issues and Videos so any issues and videos posted in this topic will likely be deleted. If you want to have a longer form discussion about the disc we suggest starting your own topic.

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This topic is for posting your videos of and about the Demo Disc!
There is also dedicated topics for Comments and Issues so any issues or comments posted in this topic will likely be deleted. If you want to have a longer form discussion about the disc we suggest starting your own topic.

We highly encourage you to make videos and love to see what people think of our work so hopefully we can see this topic full of lovely people playing our lovely scary games!

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This topic is for issues you encounter in the Demo Disc, and also any questions you have about the disc. There is also dedicated topics for Comments and Videos so any comments and videos posted in this topic will likely be deleted. If you want to have a longer form discussion about the Disc we suggest starting your own topic.

Before you ask any questions here please check it's not already asked and read our FAQ here


Q: Does this run on an actual Playstation 1?

A: No these games are all built on and for modern hardware. The demo disc will be a downloadable game for Windows PC's and not a physical disc. Unfortunately due to the high development and testing requirements of releasing 18 separate executables on windows we also will not be able to release for Mac or Linux.

Q: Will there ever be a Physical Release of Demo Disc 2020, 2021, or Spectral Mall?

A: No. While we have received a lot of messages over the last year about people enthusiastic to help us do a physical release of the first demo disc, we have thought long and hard about it and decided that no matter what a physical release would involve money which would inherently conflict with the goals of the HPS1 remaining a free community run for the love of low-fi 3D games. 

Q: Are all of the demos for full games?

A: While we cannot guarantee all of the games will make it to a full release, they are all currently intended to be full releases eventually.

Q: Do all the demos have PS1 inspired graphics and are they all horror games?

A: Not Quite. Despite the name the HPS1 is a community where we try to accept all low-fi and retro art directions. As such not every game has to be 3D or have the particular visual quirks of any specific hardware. In a similar way we do not require the games to have a strict horror theme, instead they can be atmospheric, have a slight unnerving twist or even just feel so of the era that we can't resist loving them and wanting them in the collection.

Q: Was this a game Jam?

A: No, this isn't a game jam, while some of the projects may have been in development for short periods of time, there are also many that are just neat vertical slices of longer term passion projects from members of our community.

It's not meant to be exited, you're meant to play it forever.


No C++! It's all written in Godot's native GDScript.

Very bizarre, you're machine is certainly powerful enough to play the game. Have you noticed similar issues on other Godot games?

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Hmm haven't heard of anything like that. What are your system specs? If you try launching the game from the Windows command prompt you might be able to see if any errors are being logged.

We tried making a webgl build, but the performance was not up to par.

Thanks for playing! I'm sorry you experienced the slow down towards the end, we'll look into fixing that.

Great idea using mech weapons as different "golf clubs"! I found it a bit difficult to tune the distance of my shots, but still had plenty of fun.

Amazing! I love the items and extra mechanics. You've raised the bar for jam made MGS-likes! ;0

Thank you! The armor core increases your maximum HP.

None of those errors should be causing the issue you're describing. Sorry, I don't know what's wrong :/

The demo takes 10-15 minutes to play through. The full game is on hold while I try to figure out how to pay for it's development.

No worries! The debug build should have a separate window that pops up, you probably need to alt tab to see it. It will list any errors. Are you sure you extracted all of the files in the zip? 

Did you try the debug build? There should be a console window that pops up with any errors you might be having.

Thanks! My original plan was to let you assign units to cannons to fire back. I was also going to allow you to assign units to instruments for a buff :D. I might come back to this game one day and expand it a little.

Thanks for always checking out my little games! xD

The debug version is just for bug reports, they both have the same content.